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Click here to meet the team who put together the amazing third series of Love Your Garden.


24 comments on “The Team

  1. I would love a garden make over but i no it will never happen i live in Stoke-on-trent and i am a full time carer for my husband whos very ill and cannot do it himself

  2. It will probably rain cats and dogs before I get a makeover.
    Hi Team, I’m a fourth something lady who would give her wig for a Titchmarsh makeover.
    I was diagnosed in 2003 with chronic crohn’s disease and was fed by tube to put enough weight on for the doctors to operate. I will have crohn’s for life but I’m thankfully in remission due to medication’s and Infusion’s every six weeks.
    My disease has caused other illnesses to occur, I suffer from a skin condition and scalp psoriasis which became so severe that I felt that the only way to treating properly was to shave my hair completely off (hence the wig comment).
    In April of this year I was with my father when he sadly passed away after many illnesses, it something that I will never get over, then in June my mum moved away (they divorced in the 1980s) up North, I work two part time jobs one in the daytime and the second one in the evening which leaves me very little time to spend in my humongous garden. Omg when we first moved in here the garden was like something out of the Royal Horticulture Book , I feel totally disheartened because the garden deserves so much more Please help me. I will even take down my hanging baskets because I know you don’t like them.

  3. May I take this opportunity to thank you and your team for a very interesting program
    It’s so nice to see professional people at work your program is the only one on tv were do work and get your hands dirty I noticed the other day were mr pitchman had sweat down his back due to hard word what a fantastic guy my wife and my self think you and your program should pick up top reward once again many thanks for the best program and team on tv

  4. Hi there I live in the city of Brighton East Sussex this is classed as one of the most deprived areas of the city but where we live we have some greenery which local residents look after for the wild life we try to make this small area nice for the residents as well we would like to make it a lot better if we can by applying for funding from charities and may be local traders I would find it an honour if your team would give us some advice or maybe come and see it for yourselves to see what sort of more things we can do to make it better.May I add that these flats where we live are the two oldest blocks in the city and many of the residents are elderly and cannot do much of the work but I am sure that they would very much appreciate it if you could help even if it is only advice that you can give.
    Many Thanks
    Eileen Pollard(Mrs)

  5. My husband is in a Care Home called Warde Aldam at South Emsall West Yorks. Although they have quite a nice garden the area on which the dept. my husband is in needs a make over. I wonder if you would be interested. Any money raised from this would be shared with the care home and Dementia Reseach. It was the hardest decision of my life when I had to put him into care. Every time I leave him I want to cry but this is something careers have to live with sometimes for many years.

  6. We are watching in America. We just love it. I study your shows to learn about design. I admire your obvious very hard labor for the families your help. Thank you

  7. Elderly mum in despair – Can I get help? She’s worked so hard over the years to build this wonderful garden and now it appears to be all dying from disease – It’s heart breaking. 😦

  8. I really do enjoy watching this program, I get lots of great tips for my garden and enjoy watching the gardens you transform. Keep up the good works guys!

  9. Hi can you tell me the name of the piece of music used to partner David in the swimming pool in tonight’s episode. 02/08/2016.

  10. Dear Sir or Madam, we would like to ask your help. A tree called the Brimmon Oak tree in Newtown, was recently saved (after considerable protest) from being cut down to make way for the Newtown Bypass. The ancient Pollarded oak is over 500 years old. The Brimmon oak tree was voted uk tree of the year 2016. It is curruntly in the European tree of the year, and until this afternoon we were in the lead, but the Czechs republic entrant (last years winner) have overtaken us by a few votes. I’m sure you’d agree that it would be wonderful for the Brimmon oak to win, and also such an accolade would ensure it’s future protection. If there is any way you could help us, whether by publicity, or an article on your website etc, we would be so grateful. Also as a note, all votes have to be confirmed with one click on the email you receive when you’ve voted. Thank you so much for your kind help. Yours sincerely Bryn Dando and Sam Gomm

  11. A massive thank you to Alan and the team who did the garden of Jack king in Eastbourne , this show just been on air July 26 .
    I belong to a group called cofepow ( children of far east prisoners of war ) who aim to keep the memory of all those interned by the Japanese in the far east .
    My father was captured after being shot , and saved by the enemy . He spent the rest of his war in the copper mines in Taiwan (Formosa ), so I know what little things matter to those who were forgotten .
    Many thanks again

    Terry Harris

  12. Please please help me I have spina bifida and lost my leg am due to have major Sergey in London colosty bag soon I will be 60 so my husband brought me a spar as I am household wheelchair user I would lo a garden make over we have been left with a large home 5 ft deep 12 ft wide by the builders we cannot afford to finish this garden make over or have spar delivered paid for as we have no more money wife had 50 0prations in her life and I’m having to take time off wor k I an a bus driver the email application form won’t let us fill in form I live 22 crowland close Ipswich Suffolk ip2 9bb tel 01473 684190 Mrs Diane Hewitt please please ring to see if you can help me I cannot go outside my garden as the spar whole is nearly taken up garden I have tried every in life used all our money for this but it is a disaster I cannot afford to get builders back all for my 60 birthday please please help

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