10 things you never knew about… Alan Titchmarsh

10 things you never knew about me.. by Alan Titchmarsh

1. I can ride a horse

2. My middle name is Fred (no; not even Frederick)

3. My favourite composers are Vaughan Williams and Handel

4. I write poetry

5. I cook a mean roast dinner

6. I have never dyed my hair

7. I run a small nature reserve in Hampshire

8. I love vintage cars and steam trains

9. My favourite wine is Claret

10. I’m a bellringer and ring for local weddings


20 comments on “10 things you never knew about… Alan Titchmarsh

  1. Totally besotted with Alan. I’ve been watching him grow up on the TV all my life.
    My granddad used to tell me I said I wanted to marry Alan when I grew up..Never met Alan but still truly besotted even at 55 years old..<3

  2. After perusing Youtube one morning I came across this guy named Alan Titchwhat? I started watching and quickly became a fan. I watch the show and get ideas and it is very relaxing to listen to that wonderful accent. I’m slowly working my way through the videos and love them all.Glad I found your show.

  3. I too came across the show “Love your garden” by chance on Youtube and have become hooked on the ideas, talent, ease of presenting the information, but most importantly, the human touch shown by all the cast, especially Alan T. (too difficult for a Canadian to pronounce). When I watch the show, I feel transported to a dream like state and wish someone would come to my door with a proposition to leave for a few days and come back to a made-over garden. Thank you for sharing your ideas, humour and kindness with us all.

  4. Hi Alan – My Uncle Fred was a Civil Engineer and has both an electric and steam train that he built himself and are both working models and run on the track around his property – if you would like to spend some time in his garden – just e-mail me and I will arrange it – he also built a Chieftain Tank to scale and a Traction Engine – both working models…

    I would also like to send you some pictures of my ‘way-out colourful’ garden…how do I do this…

    June .x.

  5. I have planted Verbena Bonariensis, which Alan once stated was his favourite plant, so I call it my Alan Titchmarsh plant! I would love to send him a photo.

  6. Hi Alan,
    Would you like to come in Croatia for holliday in my lovely apartment and help me make a miracle in my garden (its not nice now :))… Greets from Margarita

  7. Alexis Sharp
    12/06/2016 09:44
    Alexis Sharp
    Sheryl Martin on May 4, 2016 at 7:15 pm
    Hi Alan, I would Lille to
    Nominate my cousin for a garden makeover. She’s the most inspirational person I have ever known and deserves to have somewhere to sit and relax whilst she endures chemotherapy for
    Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
    She lost her oldest son in a tragic accident over 6 years ago. Since then she has worked tirelessly setting up and running a charity to help other families across the UK who have experienced the same tragedy. She has addressed the Scottish Parliament, which resulted in a law which would help Scottish families get answers if they lost a loved one abroad. She has worked full time and supported everyone through their grief. She had the holiday of a lifetime to Australia in November for her brother’s wedding. Unfortunately she missed it as she was hospitalised due to the lymphoma spreading into her hip and leg.
    She has been through so
    Much and still helps and supports other people, always with a smile, kind words and love. Due to her health she has had to leave work, so her finances mean that she is unable to have her garden done properly.
    I feel that she would really benefit from having somewhere beautiful she can sit and relax. It is only a small
    Space, but could be a haven for her. Please consider her for a makeover. It would really make a huge difference to her life. Thank you.

  8. Alan is a national treasure and a hard working person, always smile never look grumpy, I learn my garden skills from him, never met, love to meet him. You’re an inspired the whole nation, wish you best. Ramya

  9. Hi Alan, love the show. Will you publish any details on how you built the stream for Hari, episode 3 12th July? Thanks, Marlon

  10. He help ours like me I help just ur program s not just love ur garden fabulous he’s made me a better gardener for the children garden at oldham hospital I made it for them thank s for that and all ur team of workers

  11. Tonight’s lovely programme a Japanese garden posed one great problem for us – the planting of ‘mind your own business ‘ . This plant is a thug which takes over every nook and cranny, each year it completely covers our rockery , it spreads with lightening speed engulfing everything. We’re in our seventies and controlling it has become almost impossible. We’ve burnt it, covered it in carpet, cardboard, hit it with weed killer . Any tips Alan on how to finish it off for good ?? I wonder how the sweet lady on tonight’s programme is EVER going to control this pest . All tips welcome . Thank you .

  12. Alan has been an inspiration to all the children at Prince’s Mead School, Winchester ever since they wrote to him regarding the plight of daffodils on sale without water in their buckets! He wrote the most amazing, handwritten response which we now display on our ‘Pupil Voice’ noticeboard. For someone as busy and well known to take the time and trouble to respond in such an amazing fashion was overwhelming, i will be eternally grateful for his kindness which has inspired so many.

  13. Hello Mr alan my mame is Hernán by Argentina i Love your TV program.
    How help the peopel to realis the dreams
    I’m an amateur whit the gardens but i put all my energy in this
    I wahit your resport, sorry but my poor inglish and thenk you for all do you do

  14. Hello Mr alan my name is Hernán by Argentina i Love your TV program.
    How help the peopel to realis the dreams
    I’m an amateur whit the gardens but i put all my energy in this
    I wahit your resport, sorry but my poor inglish and thenk you for all do you do

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