10 things you never knew about me…David Domoney

1. My most treasured possessions are the medals my grandfather won in WW1. I’m more proud of them than I am for my own RHS medals. (David has won 27 RHS medals including two Best in Show).

2. I bought my Mum & Dad a bird nesting box camera for Christmas one year. It’s amazing how much you can see of the birds building their nests and hatching their young, they loved it.

3. I’m a qualified PADI Master Scuba Diver – and also a qualified PADI Specialty shark & ray diver. I dive all over the world whenever I can and have come face to face with many spectacular underwater creatures.

4. I’m an enthusiastic cook and love to spend time in the kitchen but my real forte would have to be meats; beef, lamb, fowl & game. I love preparing food and dining with friends & family.

5. I am a beekeeper; I have honey bees, solitary bees & lots of bumble bee nests in my garden. Seeing these little creatures gives me an immense feeling of wellbeing.

6. My favorite holiday destination would have to be Italy. I have owned an olive farm on the Adriatic coast for about six years now and manage to get over there usually five or six times a year. I produce some olive oil from the harvest every November.

7. I love a glass of red wine occasionally –  a good Italian, Barolo or Brunello is the order of the day when I have finished garden construction & filming on Love Your Garden.

8. I live near Stratford Upon Avon in Warwickshire and the field next to mine has a massive crater in it left by WW2 bomb dumped by the Luftwaffe on the way back from bombing Coventry probably. I’m always slightly worried about what I’m going to dig up in the garden but so far haven’t had to call in the bomb squad.

9. I love music, but have never played an instrument myself,  apart from my time in the scouts when I managed to master the bugle in the scout’s band!

10. The weirdest thing I’ve ever found at the bottom of my wellies before putting them on was a couple of small black scorpions in Italy one year, from that day I always check before I step into any welly.

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2 comments on “10 things you never knew about me…David Domoney

  1. Hi David.
    You live a very interesting life and do a great job gardeners.
    Succulents including Cactii plus an Orchid collection is my passion in retirement.
    The environment with music compliment each other and are necessary for our wellbeing. Not forgetting Red wine. Try Aussie Shiraz or better still a Morris of Rutherglen DURIF. Cheers from an Aussie DOMONEY who was educated in Royal Leamington Spa. Warwicks.

  2. Hi David
    Nice to finally come across someone who has the same collective passions as I. Love how much you value your Grandfather’s medal too.

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