10 things you never knew about …Frances Tophill

1. My middle name is Ruth

2. At school I was always being naughty but never seemed to get caught! I bunked off lessons and never wore the correct uniform but I always got away with it.

3. My chosen superpower would be flight. I think it would just be amazing to be able to fly.

4. When nobody’s looking, I take the phone off the hook and settle down to an episode of Midsomer Murders with a cup of tea and a packet of rich tea biscuits.

5. I’m an absolutely terrible cook. I tried to make a pie once but the crust was all cracked and burnt on the outside and the filling was raw!

6. I would love a tattoo but don’t have the guts to go through with it – I’m scared I’ll regret it.  My friends at university were all going to get one at the same time, but one by one they chickened out… and so did I!

7. Like Katie, I’m a real ale fan. I used to drink lager until I tried Skrimshander, a continental style golden beer, and then I was converted.

8. For Christmas last year I made everyone home-made gifts. My mum got a key holder in the shape of a flower.

9. I’ve always been quite good at crafts – my mum taught me to knit and although I’m not very good I can rustle up jumpers, scarves and hats etc.

10.  My nickname is Frinky. It has been ever since I was a little girl and now everyone on the shoots calls me it all the time.


38 comments on “10 things you never knew about …Frances Tophill

  1. Fancy a date?!! Please read my first book for a very good-and extremely interesting-laugh!!
    Dave Kenneth-‘Winding the Clock Back’ Amazon

    • That’s a really cheesy way of asking a girl out me hearties…..its no good trying to tie one thing with another….one might think you are trying to sell/promote your book rather than ask the poor girl out. If you did intend on impressing her, you could have written a book about gardening/horticulture for starters!!!! Oh Yearsley, you muppet!!!!!

  2. Pingback: RHS Launch School Gardeners Of The Year Competition

    • And…….. you need you leave your My-ais at the base of your vase, which is long as your face, and your comments’ a disgrace!!!!! Give the girl some space, unless your a nutcase, or you will trip over your untied lace, graze your face, and feel out of place……DJ SUNNY OUT, AND PEACE OUT, DUUUUUUDDDDDEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!

  3. Love the 50’s style clothes Frances wears. Gorgeous, cheeky face! I fall in love every time she squints her eyes in the sun.

  4. Very big fan of Frances, she looks beautiful and would be my ideal women, sounds like we have a lot in common. She is the only reason I watch Love your garden, sorry Alan.

      • Sorry I apologise…that should be Frances…you can tell how frsutarted I am at some of the comments used for our beloved gardener!!!!!

      • Why so frustrated about the comments? Let people be free to express themselves. It’s not as if anyone’s been disrespectful. Live and let live!

      • Istheblo calm down, my dear…take a chill pill….you seem to be overheating like that old boiler of ours!!!!

  5. Hi Frinky
    Love your work on the show and now I know a bit more about you, you are equally a delightful young lady. A credit to your family. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Well said Susan, she seems to be well mannered and has a little joke every now and then. Not everyone can present topics on TV with such enthusiasm.

  6. Hi Francie’s. looking very beautiful. Love watching love your garden. Amazing gardens. Keep up the good work. Your an inspiration to the gardening trade. All the best for the future.

    • F-R-A-N-C-E-S!!!!!! Not Francies…and your comma is out of place too!!!! Unless your dreaming of Mafia Don or pizza parlour!!!!!!!

  7. Ideal woman so beautiful yet so down to earth good personality she must be evermans ideal lady if marry her 😍 lol would say your only reason i watch the show but love gardening too your definately why i dont miss it tho 😊😂

  8. Frances keep up the good work, you are inspirational to us gardeners, professional or not. You are another delightful face to the already wonderful Gardeners World team, whihc makes the show even more joyous to watch.

  9. Hello Frances.

    I’m Dean in Essex. I am a keen gardener. Having a 60 x 50 foot south facing rear garden at home.

    The design I did myself. Great in all seasons. Especially Summer. And Our deaf dog loves the garden too.

    Take care Frances….Dean. Xx

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