Thanks Decorative Mirrors Online

The garden mirrors used in last week’s show were kindly supplied by Decorative Mirrors Online.
They offer a large range of garden mirrors which can really provide the finishing touches to your
Garden mirrors are a great way to really enhance your outdoors. From small porthole mirrors which
look great hung on a brick wall or wooden fence to large arched windows which can be propped
against a hard surface and blended in amongst foliage to hide its corners, garden mirrors have the
ability to help create an even more wonderful world with nature than you already have at the back,
front, or side of your home.

All the Garden mirrors offered by Decorative Mirrors Online feature a water resistant backing which
means they have been specially designed to withstand all weathers.
The mirrors featured on this week’s show are:
– Clematis Garden Mirror – £120
garden-mirror.html which has a beautiful Gothic appearance with metal detailing.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 16.29.11

– Crocus Garden Mirror – £84
mirror.html – this pretty little garden mirror has detailed metal work standing proud of the
frame. It works well when you have a set of 2 or 3 of these in a row

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 16.29.48
Decorative Mirrors Online is a UK family-run company offers a large range of indoor and outdoor
mirrors all personally selected by Mark and Sarah Arrowsmith. They are passionate about mirrors
and the transformation they can bring to your home and garden.

Please visit to see their full
range of garden mirrors

Decorative Mirrors Online

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Love Your Garden would like to say a huge thank you to Paloform for providing the amazing firepit featured in Marcellus’ garden. Paloform provide a range of beautiful fire pits for outside and fireplaces for within. With minimalist design and a range of shapes and sizes, Paloform have a range of fire pits that would suit any garden, even here in  rainy Britain! Have a look at their website and social media below for more info:

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 18.48.48.png

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We would like to say a massive thanks to Haulaway for providing a huge number of skips to our Eastbourne build, allowing us to get Jack’s garden up to working order quickly and efficiently.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 18.41.39.png

A family run company established in 1991, Haulaway are a waste management company based in East Sussex and servicing the surrounding area. Quick, affordable and professional, they provide a range of waste management services including skip hire, cardboard collection, tipper hire and more. What’s more, they are heavily involved in local charities and bloody lovely people to boot!

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 18.41.49.png

For further details on what Haulaway can do, please visit their website out – and check their social media out below!

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 18.42.06.png

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Looking for a gorgeous bench to go in the garden? Look no further than, a company that specialise creating hand crafted, bespoke benches from hardwood oak sleepers. All their wood is sourced from FSC sustainably managed forests, so you can keep your garden green! Check out their website below and find the perfect table unit for your outdoor space!

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 12.10.01.png

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We would like to say a massive thank you to Easigrass for providing the artificial turf in episode 1. Easigrass is such a fantastic alternative to real turf – low maintenance, durable and affordable. It’s also a great choice for those of us who may have reduced mobility or aren’t up to maintaining a real (and potentially muddy) lawn. Have a look at their website and social media accounts below for more information on what they can do!

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 12.09.48.png

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Burgon & Ball garden tools get right to the point!

groundbreaker-spade-lifestyle.jpgThe team working on the 2017 series of Love Your Garden has once again enjoyed using high quality stainless steel tools from Burgon & Ball in garden projects across the country. This is the sixth series for which the Sheffield-based manufacturer has supplied tools and accessories, and the team still loves them. The tools are certainly put to the test during the filming – and they don’t disappoint!

This year the Love Your Garden team has used Burgon & Ball stainless steel hoes, digging spades and the distinctive pointed Groundbreaker spades; FloraBrite fluorescent hand tools, secateurs, and gloves; comfy memory foam Kneelo® kneelers and kneepads; and handy Hip-Trug wearable trugs. The tools used on the show are endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, possibly the highest accolade in gardening.

Burgon & Ball has been manufacturing shears in Sheffield’s industrial heartland in 1730 and has exceptional expertise in steelmaking. This expertise makes all the difference when it comes to quality, since many of a product’s most important attributes only emerge when a tool is used. This means, for example, that Burgon & Ball secateurs cut beautifully – not just when the tool is brought home from the shop, but months and years down the line, too.

The manufacturer has won some major industry awards for design and innovation with its tools and accessories; ideas like the pointed Groundbreaker spade, the Weed Slice, the Razor Hoe.

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Special Thank You To Rolawn

Rolawn is Europe’s largest producer of cultivated turf and is also recognised as Britain’s leading supplier of high quality sustainable soft landscaping products, including topsoils, mulches, barks and composts. The Rolawn brand is the recognised benchmark of quality and service, achieved through a commitment to advanced production processes, innovation and attention to detail in all areas for over 40 years.

Medallion® is Britain’s biggest selling and most frequently specified turf, being the first choice for both professional and domestic gardeners who demand the best. The Rolawn brand is the industry benchmark of quality and service.

Rolawn prides itself on providing technically superior market leading natural turf that will adapt more rapidly to the growing conditions in any garden, compared to traditional turf. All gardens are individual, with variations in shade, drainage, planting scheme, percentage of hard surfaces and levels of use, or should that be abuse! Turf that is healthy will want to root quickly and rapid establishment of newly laid turf leads to strong robust great looking lawns, best positioned to take on the challenges of being a domestic lawn.

At the heart of all great gardens lies plants. They are an essential part of our ecosystem and their healthy proliferation is dependent on what they are growing in, the topsoil. High quality, fertile, safe, peat-free topsoil is Rolawn’s other horticultural passion. The appropriate sourcing, testing and blending of base soils and soil improvers to provide a growing medium with the right characteristics to support virulent plant growth is far more complicated than it may first appear. Careful consideration has to be given to the elements that go into making both a general-purpose topsoil and then a task specific topsoil. As with Rolawn’s Lawn and Seeding topsoil, it has a higher sand content than a general soil, with added GroRight Lawn Establishment Fertiliser, to save householders from having to worry about soil nutrient levels for new lawns in their first growing season. All their products are now BS EN ISO9001:2015 and BS EN ISO14001:2015 certified, which gives independent audited proof about their market leading quality and environmental management systems.

Please visit

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Special Thank You To Decori

DSC_0095---CopyThank you to everyone who helped with the stunning final garden – it honestly couldn’t have been done without every single one of you!

The whole garden team would love to give a special thank you to Decori, who provided the amazing piece of metal sculpture work in the garden. They create wonderful decorative metal artwork, which is available directly to you via their online shop.


They create bespoke features for both interiors and exteriors, and have a reputation for working with leading London architects and interior designers.

DSC_0111---Copy-(2)Decori was launched in 2015, to bring decorative metal artwork to home and garden lovers throughout the UK – they belong to a larger group called CEL; a collection of long-established businesses that all have the laser-cutting and shaping of metal at their heart.

They were great to work with, and the piece is truly a stunning piece of modern sculpture that beautifully connects the garden with the surrounding countryside.

Please visit

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Second Nature, A Delight

Second-Nature-eco-chic11146412_780820892025618_11838578181817698_o-2Second Nature we’re an absolute delight to work with this series! They gave us a plethora of beautiful products for our garden in Durham, which helped make the garden extra special for the family.

10003763_802967669810940_423422395942265522_o-1They have a very clear and strong ethic within their company, and this is expressed in both their service and their products. It is a lovely family run business based in Dumfries, but don’t worry because they also have an internet shop where you can find their fair trade, eco-friendly or natural quality products in abundance. They have all sorts of products for your home, including a lovely selection of ethically sourced rugs, check them out here!


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