Inspirational Locations – Episode 1

Inspiration for the Garden Builds

If you’ve watched the show before, you’ll know that we search hard to find gardens and outdoor features which help provide inspiration for the garden make-over we’re about to embark upon. Read on to find out more….

Show 1 – Tuesday 23rd June 2015

Inspirational Garden

3oaThe inspirational garden featured in tonight’s show is the life’s work of garden designer, Keith Southall. Keith’s three acre garden in Worcestershire has been lovingly created over the past 30 years and it is teaming with good ideas. Features include an amazing moon gate, waterfalls, ponds, a cave and a wide range of specimen trees and plants. What drew us in particular is Keith’s clever use of vertical planting to cover the long sections of both bare fence and walls surrounding his home – a challenge also posed by the garden we built.

Whitlenge Gardens is open to the public and also has a plant nursery and tearooms. For more information please visit

Inspirational Garden Seating

3oa(2)Episode 1 saw David investigate different styles of seating for different styles of gardens. For this, he travelled to a number of locations to see what solutions were available.

He started off at the gorgeous Myddelton House Gardens. This eight acre garden was once the home of the famous horticulturist E.A. Bowles. It was here David found the perfect seating for a romantic setting.

David then visited NW3 Interiors where he found two sculptural works of art by Stephen Myburgh. The Ostara and the Gravity swing seat are handmade from copper and the ultimate statement piece.

And finally, David found exactly what he was looking for in a dazzling London garden, designed by the highly talented Kate Gould.


2 comments on “Inspirational Locations – Episode 1

  1. Hi Alan and The Team, I would like to nominate my good friend Gaynor and her husband Stephen. 31 years ago Gaynor and I worked alongside each other at the local hospital. We were both expecting our first babies at the same time, with Gaynors expected date to be the month after mine. On the 4th September 1983 Claire was born to Gaynor prematurely. Claire has suffered ongoing struggles throughout her 31 years too much to put into words in this short mail. Throughout all this Gaynor & Ste went on to have two more children who thankfully went to full term and are a beautiful brother and sister to Claire. I would love to surprise Gaynor and Ste because they are such devoted parents. Gaynor now works at our local Psychiatric hospital caring for patients with mental health issues. To do this job takes a special kind of person but then to come home and have to deal with the sometimes difficult task of looking after Claire is nothing beyond being a Saint/Angel!! Please, please please consider my nomination Alan. They deserve this so much.

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