Inspirational Locations – Episode 4 Wednesday 19th July 2017

In this episode Alan Titchmarsh steps into the oriental – when he visits one of the most beautiful Japanese inspired gardens we have ever seen on the show!


Influenced by their visit to Japan in 2001, Marilyn and Bill Hammerton have built an absolutely stunning Oriental garden in the heart of Shropshire; in their home, Westgate Villas. Bill’s love of a brew prompted them to build a Zen-style tea house in their garden, which soon spiralled into the rest of the garden.


When you approach the house, it appears to be an everyday, beautiful, Victorian property with a prim and proper front garden to match. However, as you step through into the back of the house, you are transported into a place of calm serenity, tranquility and escape. Their oriental garden includes a Tea House, Zen Garden, Chinese style pebble path, Moongate, and an orchard with Prayer flags.







As well as the key features of the garden, Marilyn has planted the garden with some amazing oriental plants which fill the garden with fresh, vibrant, and more importantly, calming colours. These include black Bamboo’s, Jasmine, Hoya -‘d Pelargonium.
In true Oriental fashion, the garden comes to light in the night-time; with several zones of lighting, along with twinkly tea lights, which add to the magic of the garden.


Marilyn and Bill absolutely adore their garden, spending their free time working on it, as well as relaxing and enjoying it. You can go and visit it yourself when they open it up to the public via the National Garden Scheme – we hope you find your inner peace in this stunning oriental inspired garden.
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