Get The Look – Episode 6 Tuesday 28th August 2018

LivePanel Pack Living Wall  -Mobilane

Mobilane do a fantastic vertical green wall system, which was perfect for covering one of the walls in Fiona’s garden.

LivePanel PACK is a standardised green wall system. Specifically developed for the smaller walls, this all-in-1 green wall distinguishes itself by the fact that it works without electricity, water supply, water drainage or irrigation system. The water can easily be supplied manually.

LivePanel PACK is available as a complete package in one size: 6 plant cassettes wide and 4 plant cassettes high. The PACK is ready to install immediately after delivery. Installation takes +/- 2 hours and then your green wall system is ready for planting.

LivePanel is a sustainable ‘living wall’ system for existing and new buildings. As well as being beneficial to the environment (including its ability to capture find dust particulates), a green wall provides a stunning view and backdrop.

With LivePanel, you can bring the outdoors inside and add a natural element to your internal walls. The system easily transforms your wall into an attractive surface, full of natural plants. LivePanel is a modular living wall system with exchangeable plant cassettes. The cassettes consist of cups in which plants are inserted. Each row of cassettes is placed in a gutter profile that also serves as a water reservoir. The plants absorb water from the gutter through a capillary system. For larger walls it is advisable to install an automatic irrigation unit.

Exchangeable cassettes • Water supply for 1 to 2 weeks • No electricity • No water connection, drain or irrigation • Manual water refill* • Quick and easy installation (2 hours) • Smart and silent water level indicators • Indoor and outdoor application

RRP £2135



























Outdoor Cushions – Bean Bag Bazaar

To give Fiona’s garden a Caribbean feel, we needed to use bright, bold colours. BeanBag Bazaar have an incredible range of colourful outdoor cushions which we used to bring the garden to life. Create an outdoor living space that invites you in with their wide selection of outdoor cushions. All of the outdoor cushions at BeanBagBazaar are designed to be easy wipe-clean, and their stylish water-resistant fabric means they won’t look out of place indoors either.

Our favourites are The Paradise printed cushion, featuring an on-trend mirrored design of an orange and yellow Bird of Paradise flower, with lime and green leaves on a white background, with plain orange on the reverse. And The Hibiscus – with a stylish hibiscus flower and a plain bright pink reverse.

We also used plain orange and pink cushions.

The cushions are an absolute steal – plain one priced from £8.95 and patterned ones only £12.99

























Coral Bay Lounge Set  – Arighi Bianchi

We wanted Fiona and her family to have a comfy outdoor sofa and chairs to chill out in their garden on. Fiona’s garden is very compact, so a huge corner set wouldn’t have fitted. The Coral Bay Lounge Set is perfect  – meets both requirements – style and space.

Set Includes:

2 x Coral Bay Lounge Chair in Scorched Leather Weave with Ash Grey Fabric

1 x Coral Bay Lounge Sofa in Scorched Leather Weave with Ash Grey Fabric

1 x Coral Bay Coffee Table (108cm x 58cm) in Scorched Leather Weave

Glass Top

Padded Seat Cushions

RRP £949
























Monogeo Link Tile – Topps Tiles

The tiles we used in Fiona’s garden are really lovely – Grey is the new black, and you can make a more subtle statement with the muted tones of MonoGeo.

Suitable for wall, floor, indoor and outdoor, this versatile 25x25cm decorative range offers geometric patterns in varying shades of greys.

They are made from porcelain which is hardwearing and easy to maintain.

Topps Tiles offer a fabulous range of unusual outdoor tiles – you could complement these tiles in your garden with others from their range.

The tiles retail at £3.77 each, which works out at £60.32 per sq. m

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