Garden Plans and Plant List

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  1. in series 6 of 8 the team took a cutting of a lovely plant from Joan’s mother’s home. This had huge orange/red flowers. Gorgeous! What was the name please?

  2. thank you so much for solving my dilemma! my daughter has a magnificent specimen in her new garden and I just KNEW I had SEEN the plant/flowers recently. Alan Titchmarsh has such a wonderful selection of plants. thanks again !

  3. Hi we have a small garden of about 30 feet..(back Garden)..having a large family and that love to sit outside. We tend not to now so much as we can’t all sit together …

    We really need your help if possible to help us sort this garden out..

    Many thanks

  4. Please sort out a garden in Aldershot for a young lady who has cystic fibrosis and is in and out of hospital. The garden is over-run with bamboo, she needs a boost to improve her well-being.

  5. I love my garden thats why i watch the gardening shows to get some idas,i need some help on what kind of wood to wose to make a tardis which will cop with the weather.

  6. Is this where we request garden plans and plant lists? Loved the garden tonight, what a difference it will make to that lovely lady!

  7. I also loved the program ,lovely lady bought tears to my eyes.It really will make a difference to her, ,beautiful garden stunning.

  8. can anyone tell me where to buy the trained apple trees from programme. one. I can only seem to find single espalier apple trees but these were at least 4 together, it’s for a birthday present and would dearly love to know.

  9. Just watched on catch up and my wife spotted a plant she’d cut from her granddads garden just after he had died..sadly the plant didn’t survive either and she is desperate to replace it… appeared when alan was describing the Scottish garden and saying “she is planting round them” when referring to boulders…bless her,, my wife thought ‘Roundthem’ was the plant name she was desperately looking for….and, after much laughter I thought it only fair I ask you guys..please????

  10. Dear team, are you able to tell me if it is possible to visit Maureen’s (the artist with the red hair) who’s long narrow garden, in the Manchester area- Alan visited on this weeks episode (Tuesday 19th July) i feel sure that she must open under the NGS yellow book scheme. We also open ours under NGS but our local organiser,John Hinde, who is usually contacted by your programme for likely gardens for Alan to visit, was not requested to do so on this one and has no knowledge of it.

    many thanks Ian Webb, Lymm, Cheshire.

  11. I loved the water feature in last nights programme. Where can I get a rock like the one installed? I already have a propeller.

  12. Hi. I have a small garden like the one featured back in 2014 episode 4. The plan shown is for a different garden is there any chance the correct plan can be shown as I’m desperate for ideas.

  13. Hi we enjoy the programme can you help me please with the names of the roses you put in the garden 2nd of August

  14. Hi , can anyone remember what plants they put in the pot they used for the water feature/little wildlife pond in the episode on 02nd August , it was for the young lad who was wildlife mad . My little boy wants one in our garden .

    • Hi Hayley, I can remember a water lily at the bottom and an Iris. I intend to have a go myself so I was just looking on the site and came across your question. I couldn’t remember what episode it was from so I’m glad i stumbled upon your message.

  15. Hi there
    You did the Falklands veteran show and if love to know what the topiary looking tree was with balls cut out of it.
    Many thanks

  16. Hi to Alan and your team🌸 I have just watched the Gooch family garden makeover, very beautiful and moving. Please let Ethan know that there is a website called My husband Martin French is a massive bug enthusiast. Thank you, Lorraine 🌸

  17. Love your programme, learnt so much and always leaves me with a tear in my eye. I have learnt different plant names and ideas to help make gardening a bit easier for me as I have MS and a bad back so sometimes I struggle a bit. However, I have a query for you, I have a self seeded plant appeared in my garden which I find very unusual and can’t find it in any books or on the net etc so I wondered if you could help me. I live in a windy part of Northumberland so it is unlikely to be anything exotic but basically it looks like an ornamental thistle with a thistle head and spiky leaves but it also has a white flower like a white cucumber or courgette flower. I have a picture of it but I don’t know how to send it to you.

  18. 😥. HELP!! I live alone since my mum’s passed away in 2004. In my back need to be done. It’s too much garden. I have backache and I was redundancy for more then two years. Due to my health’s reason. I like shade plant on my left side and my right side is already done. Included Foxglove and lupin. Got got a load of in my greenhouse but I need a new shed. Problem is I can’t afford it. Is there a chance for help??

  19. Where do I start
    I’m absolutely rubbish at gardening
    My back garden is a concrete ando a mess
    My side is just grass so boring and deppresing
    I’m now 50 in yeatsome to come in love to looknow after a garden help pls pls

  20. Hi can you please tell me the name of the white plant growing up the trelis in the seating area on last nights show 5th july

  21. Hi Everyone, I’ve looked but can’t see it anywhere but what colour/make paint was used on the fence and summerhouse in tonights episode?

  22. Hi there was a metal shelve on an episode with lots of lovely plants in it with stones around them can’t remember what it is called not the plants

  23. Keep pressing on the ‘plans and plant list’ but can only get the plan and not the plants. Just loved July 12th planting – any ideas on how I can access the plant list please

  24. hi Phillipa , so did I and cant find the name of Japanese tree alan was pruning, do you know, and the wk before he did a frame with hazel ot beach twigs, cant find that either,,,,, grrrrrrr lol

  25. Hello what was the name of the tree you used in the Japanese garden in last nights episode 19.7.17? And what was the cheaper alternative?

    • hi B
      the only plant that I can think of is ANTHRISCUS(sylvestris ravenswing),its v tall like cow parsley and has strong blackish red stems ,I love it, so hope its what your looking for,

  26. Loved the plants in Jack’s garden there were some lovely bushes which I’d like to know the name of
    Many thanks

    • hi Lynda
      I think I have seen the bamboo screening in bigger B/Q it was in shorter lengths, but try to google these stores,
      hope you find it

  27. What was the bamboo screening you used on this weeks 26/7/17, love your garden for the Singapore element and where can I get it please
    Thanks Lynne

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