Garden Plans and Plant List


105 comments on “Garden Plans and Plant List

  1. Hi,

    Garden structure/room featured in tonight’s episode with bar and projection screen.

    Can you forward the details of supplier please?

  2. Hi loved the garden from the Jordan family on 2nd August 2017 could I please have the garden plan and plant list.

  3. Hello, I was interested in some of the planting on the 2nd Aug programme, however, there are no details on this website of the plants used, although it says garden plan and plant list, all that is shown is the plan, and this applies to the previous programmes too! Maybe someone should take a look and add the plants?


      If you list names, pls include familiar and formal Latin names with reference photo….and soil & light preferences, how to trim and… No, no, sorry, Every program bursts with inspiration and information!
      This site says plans & plants. How to find?

  4. Fabulous program. I too can not see the plant list, please can I have this. I have a small garden and would like to put screening plants and colourful plants and evergreens that will be lovely all year round, which are the best. I have a dog so none that are harmful. thanks

  5. Please what is the name of the beautifull white plant used this week, that is in the bouquet of the royal family?

    • Hi Helen, it seems that a majority of us are waiting for the plant list but as neither Alan or his team are responding I thought I’d answer this question since I know the answer! It’s called Myrtle 🙂

  6. Hi,
    I would like the plant list for Aug 2nd 2017 please. I have an extremely shady garden and want to do something new with it !!
    Thanks 😊

  7. Doesn’t anyone from this site ever reply ? What’s the point if none of the plants are listed ? Such a pity !

    • I made on comment on the FB site and this week have had a reply, they say they are so overwhelmed by the response to the programme they can’t keep up with requests. However, they did ask which plant list I wanted, and am waiting to see if I get it…..fingers crossed!

      • Wow Krystyna I made a request on the FB site via private messenger and never got a reply for the plant lists. Fingers crossed indeed that you get it. I don’t understand why they can’t just list on their website all the plant list for this series!

  8. hi all yes its a shame but maybe the only way is to watch the show on u tube or whatever way you can, but like you as I said a few wks ago Allan is letting his side down, the list cannot be found by anyone,
    shame on you Allan,

  9. hi that’s a waste of time,asking about the vine, all of us on here are looking,or asking the same question where is the list,
    further up the line on this chat /comments someone said they had got mail from Allan saying he was shocked at the response of all this, meaning he has seen all our questions, even if not read them , sooo if he knows about all this, why hasent he sent mail saying sorry,i will reply asap, or don’t promise us the List
    at all

  10. Please can I have a copy of the plans of the garden shown on the 9th August for the 3year blind girl. And the suppliers of the slide to go on the slope and also for the trampoline, where to buy from and how deep to dig for the trampoline etc. And plant list aswell. This is so I can use the idea of slide and trampoline for my friends son and some aspects of the sensory plants. Thanks

  11. it was one of the ,David Austin rose,s and was called golden anervercery,,
    he does lots of this kind of rose,,all with fitting names, like fathers .mothers day , so just look on google for david Austin roses
    they are usualy pest resistance too,l

  12. I love the show and would really like to be able to get some of the plants used but would like to know what their actual names are. I have looked at the Garden Plans and Plant List but cannot find a plant list anywhere on this website. Please could you advise me where they are?



    • Hi Barbara, If you look at older comments, you will see we are all waiting for the programme’s IT staff to add the plant lists, there are no lists for any of the programmes in the series. Maybe now it has finished they will sort this out?!

  13. Hi loved the Morrocan garden for the boxer,could you let me know what paint and how to do it please. The children done a fab job

  14. Could you please tell which paint was used on the fence Wednesday 30th August
    Was nearly black, need supplier and exact colour.
    Thank you!

  15. In a recent programme, Alan did a large arch in the garden. How was this done please or who supplied it. I cant recall the date of the show.

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