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1,837 comments on “Love Your Garden

  1. Hi I love your show making people happy with there dreams. I would like some thing for my 16 year old daughter who has downsydrme.she loves the trampoline but gets scared on it I would love to have one in the ground.she seems to get scared of trees. So she sits in side a lot just looking out side, we try to get her out side but it’s a chanlage with Ayesha.thank you yasmeen

    • Hi anyone there I’m Sharon I suffer with depression and I hate to go out the house I am single with my son 15 anyway I would love some help I have back problems to just want to sit in my garden thank you 😊

  2. Hello my friend has been going through a really hard time at the moment and her dad is really ill and her grandson cannot talk and she is struggling to keep the garden maintained her sons and daughters used to like playing in the garden but because of everything they cannot now and she is struggling herself to we try and get her grandson to go outside but it’s all uneven so he won’t. I don’t I look forward to hearing from you



  3. My dad has had a heart-attack and can’t enjoy the garden so he stays inside and gets stressed out easy so can u make a place for him and the kids to hang out in

  4. i love your show espically Alan comments please could you help me i suffer with depression and find it hard to keep my garden up I miss being able to sit outside in my garden because it is such a mess my mum and dad did it originally I feel very sad i have let it go please could you help. My daughter and i are not very good at it, thank you for your timexx

  5. Hi. I know there are lots of people who deserve a new garden and you probably get lots of applications for the show but if you could read my comment about my mum. My mum had a stroke when I was young and it was hard because she can only see a little bit as she is partially sighted. It makes me sad because it limits what she can do sometimes e.g activities and other things but she does her best to get through and doesn’t let her loss of sight win. She loves her garden and likes to make it tidy and look better however she has some medical issues as well which don’t help as she is in pain all the time. I would just like to see whether you could do the garden for her as she used to love being in the garden making it look better.

    • Hello Alan, are you still rescuing gardens?
      My mum is 87 and I would love to make her garden user friendly. I live in North Yorkshire and my mum in Hertfordshire so a long way to go and weed and cut the grass.
      Can you help turn weeds, dandelions and daisies in to the perfect sit and relax haven for my mum?

  6. Hi, my father passed away a few weeks ago from MSA which is a very aggressive nurological disease which has meant a really difficult five years as his body started to shut down on him. Dad was a hard working man who always made sure the family was well catered for. He was diagnosed with MSA almost on the day he was due to retire and we are all a little angry that he didn’t get chance to enjoy his retirement. Mum has been an absolute rock, a devote wife who has over time became his full time career. And it is with mum in mind that I am writing. Dad spent well over 20 years building a great koi carp pond but sadly the decision to provide the fish a new home was made a few weeks ago as they would have been too much for mum to take care of. The family have helped drain the pond but now the back garden is looking a bit lost and we would love for you to consider helping re-design and make the garden something mum can enjoy. She is a keen gardener but we want to make sure that it is managable over time.

    Please let me know if you need any further information or pictures.

  7. Hi Alan and the Love Your Garden Team. I love the new show. I was wondering if you could please give me some inspiration for a decked area I have in my garden that isn’t used. My hubby inherited our home from his uncle when he passed away in 2013. The garden was a jungle to say the least but with hard work and determination we have transformed it but unfortunately no one ever uses the space where the decking and it is just wasted. The ground has a lot of clay in it and holds water. I love fairy houses and mystical things and have them elsewhere in the garden so was thinking along those lines but don’t know where to start. My dad was the gardener in our family and he sadly passed away whilst I was on holiday in 2015. I was devastated as it was unexpected. I’ve been through so much in my life what with a long term condition and overcoming cancer on my tongue, that this news was the nail in the coffin for me.
    I have a patch in the garden where his ashes are buried and I have planted dwarf buddleia and other plants. Like anything my dad grew though they have flourished (he must be giving them a helping hand). I really want something tranquil but mystical in his memory but also something my grand kids can explore… Any ideas would be welcome.

  8. I would like to apply but the form says closing date 1st December 2016. I don’t see an updated one. Could you please give me a link where I can find one.

    Many thanks.

  9. Hi alan and team i hope you would consider my friend and many peoples friend to.he is 48 years old an amazing selfless man. who has changed his community for the better .he has had a hard life to say the least and experienced many traumas tragedies ..learnt to become a brtter person through it he has donated 12000 pounds charity to whiston hospital.and made a shelter out of his charity work with children up to 16 years old.he has 25 children in shelter he cooks with them educates them. to deal with knockbacks traumas and homelessness that they have encountered and sees how they progress for the better.inorder to move on with independence and armoured for pitfalls if it happens.he works wirh them clesns buys charity clothes for them and works 10 hrs daily everyday
    For nothing only to help children less advantaged in life.he has not long ubder gone a orcidectomy operation and now has a large hernia .he loves his garden but it needs to be more practicl low maintenance and needs doing.this would be amazing if we could all give him a little consideration back so cN relax there when possible and recover.he has askdd nithing in return of the hard public care and work he does and funds it out of us doing great public charity events.please can you consider this it would make all our dreams cone true for him..from 26 of us he cares for.thankyou mr titmarsh your a star…from hid friend chris wagg .
    My email address is

  10. Dear Alan and your amazing team, my daughter and partner have just moved to a new home so they could have a house with a garden for my 6 yr old grandson to play in, having never had a garden before.. my grandson has autism and learning
    difficulties and does not like to play outside by himself, but this garden has safety issues, as half the garden ,as by the previous owner, been used as a dumping ground for rubbish, glass etc, so he can only use half the garden, there is a garden shed and a summer house but they are old. if the garden was nice and tidy it may entice him out to play more, and enjoy the sun. He is an amazing and brings great joy and happiness to everyone that meets him,I would be overjoyed if you would consider this task, it would be a big task to take on, too difficult for a young family struggling to make ends meet. thank you in advance for considering our plee.

  11. Dear Alan,
    My mum has just come out of hospital and has been trying with her garden for too long now, we have finally put a small patio in after 2 years and £885 later. Please could you come and help i would really like my mum to have the best surprise of her life. The only problem is you only have a day to do the whole thing; 9:30-5:30 ish, but if you need more time then i may have to contact more people to keep her away, please could you come sooner rather than later, i would really appricate it.
    Kind regards

  12. I would like to nominate my mum and dad. My num has terminal cancer and my dad has last stage heart failure. At the moment the only person using the back garden is my dog as it needs alot of work doing. My mum has aleays dreamed of having a back garden thats is easy to maintain and a place she can go and watxh her grandaughter playing but due to health problems neither of them are able to work. My dad also finda it difficult to go out the back due to the steep steps that lead to the back garden. I would love to give my mother her dream garden so we as a family can spend the time she got left out there with her granddaughter emily.

  13. Hello Alan,
    I am writing on behalf of my nana. She is 77 years of age and is quite healthy for her age and has always complained of her garden, and has always wanted it to be done but has not been able to get it sorted for herself, and it would be an amazing opportunity to see a smile on my nanas face if this happened for her. She’d love an amazing garden and I would love your help please. Your gardens presented on tv are beautiful and very thoughtful.

    Many thanks, Hannah

  14. Hi Alan and team, I really would have thought a member of my family would have sent this message but, all they do is moan and shout at me for being lazy! which I’m not, I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis to flatten my garden as there are 2 sets of steps to get down into the garden and I cannot get there. I lost my dad 5 years ago in November, he made me a beautiful bird table prior to him dying, but I can’t get down to put the bird seed on the table; my dad always used to love all the birds in his garden and would always feed them, he always used to say he was gonna come back as a bird!! Please can you flatten out my garden so I can sit and watch the birds in a morning flying over to the bird table and eat all the seeds and bits of food that we’ve thrown out, my husband always throws the stale bread. I would have to have a garden that I could sit it an watch the birds and wildlife. PLEASE please come and do my garden. I have to survive on disability benefit so not much money to contribute but I will give you some in bits.
    I can;t find your application form if you can point me in the right direction I will complete it and return it to you for your new series.

  15. Hi Alan, I would like to nominate Melissa Smith and family. Mel has chronic EB, she is 31 now and one of the oldest surviving people with this condition. When she was born she looked like a skinned rabbit. She blisters both inside and out, she has to be feed through a tube in her tummy, she now has no fingers because they have all fused together. Kim her Mum takes nearly all day to do her bandages as she has to be wrapped completely. Tony, Dad is self employed and drives Mel and Kim to hospital and also does all the shopping so no time to garden. Mel has had hundreds of operations and is in constant pain, she spends most of her time in her room as her feet are so blistered. Mel meet Princess Diane when she was younger as Princess Diane was a patron of D.E.B.B.A. The charity to support people with E.B. Melissa and Kim were one of the wheelchairs that was pushed behind Princess Diane funeral procession. They are truly a lovely family Kim and Tony also have another daughter Lucy, but she is completely fine, she too helps with Melissa care. They have a large back garden it is neat and tidy but no shade and really needs a lovely makeover for a truly wonderful and caring family. Melissa has so much spirit she has very little hair so wears a Pink wig, I think your readers would really love her. Thank you in advance.

    Cathie Hiscock

  16. It’s for my husband really we have had so much bad luck and since losing his mum unexpectedly last august has sunk into depression the house is being renovated slowly where funds allow but the back and front gardens just a mess he has tried numerous times to tidy it but he’s always wanted it turfing decent driveway in front and just a tranquil space to relax for us and the children the youngest is 3 and he loves the outdoors but it is full of nettles that never go no matter how we try my older son is autistic and has always wanted a trampoline and maybe a play house for him to escape to as the main house needs so much work I know there are more worthy families out there and I understand why they should get it more but just for once to have something nice for us as a family would be life changing thanks

  17. I would love to have my garden brought up to scratch, I am disabled, making it difficult for me to do any weeding or larger pruning jobs, so it would be lovely to meet my favorite gardenening team and even better if they can lend a spade or fork, so to speak

  18. I am unable to download the application form it keeps saying it’s not available I have given my email address so hopefully you can advise me or send it via email.

  19. Hello to all of you my family story I’m afraid is not a happy one and for me to put it on writing is very emotional would be nice if someone would be strong enough to listen so I’m afraid I can’t write it down but if you want to hear our real life story please do I know lots of family going to very bad times but I come to believe we just get bad luck day after day I will stop now before I break down and I don’t want my kids to see me one word I have to say your team are angels doing miracle for people who lost hope and happiness I know you will make lots of people happy again I only wish I could make my family happy and a garden but I can’t xxxxx

  20. I love watching your show, please could you make over our garden for my husband Mark, he can only just manage to mow the lawn before he is tired out…he has had 2 heart attacks and a bypass and is strugging to do the garde please consider us so he can sit back and enjoy it….he is the most wonderful man and is our rock and is loved by everyone who knows him thank you for reading x

  21. I would love my garden to be done properly I’ve had both of my knees replaced due to osteoarthritis and it’s also in my back I try so hard to keep it looking nice but it really hurts me please can you help.

  22. Hello, I know I’m not so bad as a lot of people are but ever since I was young I have been interested in gardening along with my late dad and grandad who taught me all I know. Now at 79 I am unable to garden añd it is in a very bad state. I would just love to have my back garden revamped so that I could sit out and eñjoy again. Thank you.

  23. Would love to have my garden done had some difficult times last couple of years including losing my mum and my dad diagnosed with alzhimers
    And cancer myself a few year back
    Could do with some good things

  24. Hi sorry one file not found other won’t let me click on it. I have a small
    Garden which I’ve tried my best with. Feed all the birds and wildlife since the loss of the wood at the back. Sadly it’s getting harder to do, due to arthritis, my husband having a stroke five months ago and my just being diagnosed with heart problems. I’d love a green wildlife garden. Which to be fair I’ve got Ish. Though looks more like jungle than Woodland sadly. The birds, Squirrels etc still love it. But it’s a tad overgrown. I’m trying, some would say very trying lol! Manchester area. Help! ☺️

  25. Hi
    I was currently trying to get my garden looking something like last summer I started but I’m unable carry on with it, I would love to have finished it but still got loads to do. I suffer badly with
    Ankylosing spondylitis
    Extreme fatigue
    Sleep apnea
    And osteoporosis in my knees. I my fiance and children would love for it to be finished so they can sit outside and enjoy the weather in summer and this would help me a great deal as I’m not as mobile as I used to be and are finding it hard to do the simplist of jobs. We love the show and dream of a garden like you everything in your show.
    Thanks so much and would love to hear back from you in the future.

  26. I’m a single mum to young son I had a stroke when he was 8 months old leaving me with paralysed on left side we have just moved to n IRELAND to help in care of my mum who has dementia and have moved into a new build that has been adapted for my needs I was always a keen gardener and was often praised for my cottage garden I would be grateful if you could help myself and son George have the same once again x

  27. l have a friend who runs a page on facebook called disabled uk his name is Riche Farrar ,he has given his time selflessly to help anyone who needs it,if anyone deserves a garden makeover it’s him and even if he doesn’t get this chance,l just want to say a massive thank you to him,ty for all your help riche couldn’t have done this without you 🙂 God Bless

  28. I’d love to enter my friends Richie and Kay. They are always there for everyone else.
    It would be awesome if he could access his garden as he’s not able to at the moment due to disabilities.
    They also have two young children who would love to be able to play outside safely.

  29. Hi my dad is 85 he recently lost his wife he looked after her with dementia for 3 years with only an hour a day help . As you can imagine he has had no time to look after his garden and so it has got out of control he would really love a place to sit

  30. I would like Mr AlAN TITCHMARSH to do my garden please need to no how to do my garden but if he could do a garden in Alfmorse court fell park road nothenmore Wythenshawe Manchester.please.

  31. I am looking to make my garden into a sensory haven for my 16 year old quadriplegic son. I am looking into grants as I am his full time carer and unable to work. I see that I have probably missed the application deadline of 21st January – has the deadline definitely passed?

  32. Hi Alan I have a small garden that is soggy most of the year. I seed lawn every spring but it turns back to mud pretty quick. Can you advise of suitable plants for wet garden with little sun also how to fix lawn. Desperate for help

  33. Just finished your show on Netflix; I live in the southwestern United States. I can guarantee you, I definitely DON’T cry watching gardening shows filmed here! But I did run an interfaith agency where we gave respite to caregivers. Folks don’t realize when the patient doesn’t sleep, neither does their caregiver. Or that the independence gained by the patients is solely DEpendent on their caregiver. . . They are, unfortunately, often overlooked.

    So thank you for touching the human soul. And bringing some attention to caregivers as well as the person receiving their care.

    God Bless.

  34. Hi Alan,
    Could I ask for your help please.
    I am very honoured to know and manage a 33 year old man who is terminally ill. He has a beautiful wife and a gorgeous 4 year old little girl. Their 2nd child is due to be born on the 24th May 2018.
    He is the most amazing and remarkable young man I have ever met. He was first diagnosed with cancer in 2015, after treatment he was given the all clear in September 2017 and in February 2018 was told it has come back, in a very aggressive form.
    His first mile stone is to see his baby born. During all of this, his only concerns are for his family and making life easier for them in his absence. His garden is looking a little tired and neglected. It would be so amazing if you and your team could give them a low maintenance, pretty garden to enjoy in memory of our dear friend.
    I hope you can help.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  35. Hi I would like to nominate my mother in law. 2 years ago my father in law was diagnosed with mesothelioma from working with asbestos in his earlier years after a very short period he passed away which was a shock to the entire family he was a diamond of a man and absolutely doted in his 2 granddaughters. For a while my mother in law was lost she struggled to make sense of what had happened while trying to keep a brave face for the little ones. Gradually over ten she found the strength to get her life back in track and learning to live with our the love of her life, she went on holiday with friends and began to build her social life never complaining or asking anyone for anything and then the bomb dropped at Christmas she was diagnosed with non Hodgkin lymphoma an incurable cancer the whole family was devastated but again she kept going and kept her brave face for the grandchildren she is an inspiration to me and many others still never complaining just getting in wth the crap life is dealing her, unfortunately the garden was never something she was involved in, my father in law always did the garden it’s not big garden but as it is it’s hard work for her the shed is rotting as is the decking so the grandchildren can’t play iin it when we visit every weekend. We have helped as much as we can but none of us are gardening experts and would really appreciate some professional help. Even if it was just to pave or gravel the whole area making it safe for her and the children I would love to get her a summer house so she can sit and relax in the garden after having her treatment. She has done so much for me I would just love to be able to give something back to her after the run of bad luck she’s had. As I sad before her garden is very small laid mainly to grass and paving slabs it would be great if you and you’re amazing team could help

  36. To whom it may concern
    I read with interest how to apply to love your garden but realise the entry date for 2018 has passed. Please could you indicate when you will be launching applications for 2019?
    Many thanks
    Mrs D Fido

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