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  1. Hi alan could you consider to come to mine and my sisters bungalow as I want to surprise my sister carol cause she suffers from copd and its a struggle for her she has 10 grandchildren who she would love to have a play house for them to play in and somewhere she could relax if only the back garden was level I hope you could help many thanks we live in telford I hope you can help

  2. Hi Alan I was wondering if you would turn up at my house as my wife & her 2 girls loved the garden but we had a bit of building work now it’s just a mud pit & I really don’t know where to start or what to do. I would so love for my wife & the girls to get there garden back. Would love your help.
    Thank you

  3. Hi Alan my mum and dad are in there late 70’s
    We have just moved them in to a bungalow as my dad was finding it hard with the stairs, we have done all the bungalow up but don’t have a clue how to tackle the garden it’s all over grown and full of trees it’s like a forest please help.
    Thank you
    Sandra Crosby

  4. Hi Alan. No tale of woe here just an ongoing and progressively more successful project that is proving challenging at 847 feet on the North Downs. The house is set in 2.5 acres of garden and woodland in a high and peaceful Kent valley. The objective is to transform the formal borders, which had been heavily overgrown with “weeds”, with plants that satisfy two or more of the following criterion:
    Aromatic, Edible, Medicinal, Attractive.
    Aromatic herbs sub shrubs and trees of the conventional “herb” garden feature strongly but so too do such things as Fuschia and Cob since these are attractive and produce edible fruits with minimal maintenance.
    The plants do all have to be relatively low maintenance for three reasons:
    Size of the garden:
    Steeply sloping beds that are hazardous in wet weather
    I am away for several weeks at a time on business

    The objective has always been to produce something that has the incredible aroma foliage and flower of a monastic castle or manor herb garden with all of the culinary and medicinal advantages of the types of plants typically grown. I appreciate this is not a “Garden SOS” situation nonetheless it is an interesting project!

  5. Hi Alan please could you come to my mums house because she very much deserves a lovely garden sometime she can be so ill with her chrons disease and lots of others she can’t actually get out into the garden she struggles up and Dow the three steps that are in the garden she has 2 children and she is disabled and she a grandson on the way so she would appreciate for as ever
    Thank you
    Charlee-Faye Robertson

  6. Hi There,

    I have submitted an application form and received an email to say that the team would be responding in October 2016. As I have not heard anything, I thought I would drop a line on here to ensure that I hadn’t missed the opportunity to apply. Can someone come back to me?

    Thank you so much!


  7. Hi Alan, and your amazing team -.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, would you consider travelling to Merseyside and taking on a challenge regarding our small garden that no one knows what to do with it. We have tried a lot of different ways to get it just right , but to no avail. After my Husbands Heart problems he loves to sit in the garden, but there is just nothing pleasant to enjoy, only the fresh air.
    I would ask if you would put our name in the hat, and keep everything crossed that we get picked.
    Thank you for reading this request.
    Best wishes.
    Maureen Smith.

  8. We are very excited in handing in our application and really hope you consider my girlfriend/fiancé. She is the most selfless caring person ever and always puts others first. We have a garden with great potential and I would love to make this garden the garden she tries so hard to manage in the small time she has to herself.
    Please consider us. Andy Dakin

  9. Hi Alan me and my family was wondering if you would be able to help us with our garden, we all want to surprise my mum after everything she does. She stuggles from copd which is a massive disadvantage for her. She is unable to get out to the garden to do anything with it. We had a house fire two years ago and have been having work done on the house so we never had time to do the garden. My mum no is a lot worse and my and my sisters would love for her to have somewhere to chill out to maybe calm down her conditions. We would love for you to help us it’s also her birthday soon so this would be massive!! We live in woodlands!

  10. I have just seen a local poorly baby garden sensory room as blown apart due to weather conditions ….poor baby’s favourite room

  11. I am a mother of five, with who my husband left me and does not support me, I have only my step father to help as my mother has passed away.
    My child always want to play in the garden but it’s in a mess and not safe, please can you help.

  12. Dear Sir/madam

    I’m writing on behalf of my 17 month old nephew Mason and sister Jayanne. They live in Weybridge, Surrey. Mason was diagnosed with a life limiting condition called Cystic Fibrosis at 5 weeks old through his heel prick test.

    I am fundraising to help with her garden being levelled, some plants, trees, boarders, astroturfing, play equipment, trampoline and a summerhouse to help her to carry on being self employed and continue to care for mason from

    She is a single mum and Masons full Time carer, and to my other nephew Harry who is 8. She is often so busy trying to make ends meet with homework, school runs, homework, keeping the house clean and safe, Physio therapy and medicines for Mason, often not having enough time to take him out and exercise him they way he needs to live a full healthy lifestyle.

    She is a self employed cake maker with a very small kitchen- with the help or any contributions we could open her a cake studio in the garden.

    The AstroTurf is clean and suitable for Masons health as soil is to be avoided with children with Cystic Fibrosis due to the germ spores.

    The trampoline/play equipment would be to help mason exercise daily reducing the amount of mucus build up in his lungs.

    And the plants to try and make it looking inviting and give them the garden they deserve.

    I would be very great full of any kind donation you could offer, either direct items or something in which we can raffle in order to raise money for them.

    With kindest regards
    Nicola Scarrott

  13. Hi
    My best friends husband passed away on November 21st he was 40 years old.while he was waiting for a lung transplant his dream was to get better and do his garden for his wife and 2 daughters. But this sadly was not tobe.
    I am asking for help to reneovate rheir garden and also make a special place in the garden that will remember them about Kevin.

  14. Hi Alan my husb and I have just moved in to a ground floor flat and I would be pleased if u could do mine as my husband Ron suffers with arthritis and spondylitis it is a small garden but would appreciate if I could be considered

  15. Hi Alan 🙂
    My amazing Mum is finally moving into a home of her own after me and my two sisters have all fled the nest. She’s worked so hard all her life bringing us up alone and battling/beating cancer numerous times..and I would love for her to have an amazing garden to enjoy. She loves the outdoors and nature, and the garden is where she most likes to be. It would mean the world to her.
    Thankyou- Georgina xx

  16. HI Alan, My husband Adam was injured in Iraq in 2003 when he was called up as areservist and is now in a wheelchair permenantly, we have a big garden but can only get around so much. We have managed to doa raised bed for his veg as he loves gardening but need so much more help as i had a mild stroke 5 years ago and can’t lift much

  17. Hi I’m Malcolm headon and my brother died two years ago and we had to pay for his funrul and with planning it and paying for it we just didnt have the time to do our garden and when I was born my mother was told that I was going to be disabled and my wife doesn’t have time to look after the garden Beacause we have 4 kids and she’s my full time carer please help us

  18. Have just moved into barn conversation , views are stunning and don’t want to lose them but need to make my garden a bit more secure after being attacked and robbed by 3 masked men while in my bed , (did get sent to prison , hence my move before they released ) in my previous home . Me and my daughter on our own after loosing my husband to cancer at at young age . My garden is a blank canvase just a square of grass, no idea of shrubs or trees to plant that are also deterant to intruders . Would love some advice and mayb take part in any future gardening programmes

  19. Dear Alan,
    Unfortunetaly, in February 2016, my brother Josh (18) had gone missing (north wales) and my dad, Dion (mountain recue leader) tragically found him in a woodland area close to the house on the 1st March! He had taken his own life. I am writing to you to kindly ask for your help! It has been a very tough and emotional year for us as a family.We would love a memorial garden for Josh overlooking the sea.My dad is allways ready to help others and has been a member of the mountain rescue team for over 20 years, my mum is a carer to my grandparents and has allways been there for myself,my brother,sister and their grandchildren. As a thankyou i would love for you to come and help with the garden!
    Thankyou for your time

  20. Dear Alan, I dont know how to explain fully my situation, but I will try. I am living with my daughter, who is my carer, i am a wheelchair user, arthritis, and c.o.p.d and other stuff, anyway, also my granddaughter aged 21, who has autism, my daughter cares for us both. We recently moved to surrey to be close to my grandson, who lives and works there, for more support for his sister, and us. the house is ideal, a very quiet area, Guildford, only drawback is the back garden, its on a slope, and no planting, in fact i cant get out, nowhere to sit for the others either, its actualy a dump. I have always loved gardening , growing fruit and veg, in my younger agile days in my allotment, growing everything from seed.I would still love to grow a few flowers in pots if I could be out in our garden. My granddaughter, is unable to socialise very well, and stays in her bedroom mostly, except for summer she sat out sometimes to get some fresh air, she loves sunbathing then.My daughter loves loves being outside, and loves sitting outside with me. I know it sounds an impossible task to get anyone to help, I just thought, hoped you could help. Thank You. Maria Romero.

    • Dear Maria, Please can you download the application form and email it with photos of yourself, your daughter and your garden. Thank you LYG Team

  21. Dear Team

    My husband has been doing (DIY) on our kitchen and bathroom for the past 6 months which is taking a bit long as he has to juggle with his job which he travels several miles (over 70 miles) to and through almost everyday. Our fence has just broken due to this strong wind brought on by the current storm (DORIS).
    I would highly appreciate if your team would be kind enough to do a garden makeover for us please please


  22. My Story is not a patch on some, however, my husband left myself and my 3 children aged 9, 11 and 13 last Summer in a quest for his own life! I am trying to keep the family unit ticking along and am faced with the usual ‘teenager’ issues, I am constantly trying to get the children away from the Internet, TV and phones and would love a garden which will draw the children away from technology and get them to want to spend time outside and with me! I have a large garden which is a blank canvas… just grass. I do have a sunk in trampoline, a garden shed, a fence down one side and a well established hedge on the other. I live in a relatively new house and would like my garden to enhance our lifestyle 🙂

  23. My son and daughter in law have a beautiful 14 month old baby girl. This summer will be her first time she will be able to use their garden but it needs your magic touch. The garden is small and requires your expertise to make the most of it. My son raised £47,000 for the charity Sands UK in 2014 by hosting Albies Football Challenge at the Emirates stadium in memory of my grandson Albie and my sons nephew who was born sleeping full term in July 2013 . In May this year he is trying to break a World record for the longest football match. He is totally organising this and it is to be held in May half term. He is going for 7 days the record is 5. Hopefully there will be tv coverage of this amazing challenge to. This year he is raising money for the charity Tommys . I am super proud of him and would love you to make over his garden during this time. Many thanks for listening.

  24. I have heared from your team 3/4 times a lovely lady called Faye.Last time we spoke back in January she asked for details of my daughters telephone numbers and said she would be in touch that week.that is now over 6 weeks ago and we have not heard anything from that conversation..Do you think you could let me know if we were successful.Thanks very much. Regards Eileen Aitchison.Would prefer this to be private.but I do not no how to get in touch with you…Eileen.

  25. Hi Alan ,I already filled this form last summer but I can’t see now my form in your list never mind I write again my English is not good but I try to explain my son friend he is only 17 year old he lives his grand maa now he leave his education because he loss his mom in 2014 August than 2015 he his granddad and 2016 he lost his 19 years old brother they don’t have no family they are very alone his grandmother Dores very nice old she is very old sick but strong she look after him she washing your show I told her I fill the form she was happy and exited please can you you consider her case I really appreciate we live in bolton my number is 07474017871 my name sara

  26. Hi Alan, I’m writing to ask for your help for three ladies I support and care for. They all share a tenancy in the community and all have a learning disability and mobility issues, The house they share is a large detached and has garden front back and sides which they are not able to maintain themselves. Myself and my staff team have tried to make the garden low maintanence and have added quarky ideas for planters because the ladies do like to spend time in the garden when the weather is warm but we are finding it harder each year to do work on the garden and still carry out our work commitments for the ladies. The ladies can’t afford a gardener to maintain the garden because their budgets will not run to it and also the equipment they purchase is not really strong enough for the purpose so often breaks down, it took my husband 3 hours this last week-end just to cut the lawns. We do like to keep the garden looking tidy we feel it helps people to accept people who are different into the community and once a year we like to have a garden event so we can invite family,friends and neighbours round, we don,t need anything flash just a garden that is very low maintanence which the ladies can walk around without the fear of falling or stumbling, the house is council property so i don’t know if you accepted if this would be a problem. Hope to hear from you soon, Jill

  27. Hi Allan, I am 12 years old and my dad is a working soldier in the army and my mum is a headteacher and they both work so hard to let me and my sister go to boarding school. Recently we have moved into our own house instead of living in an army house. This house hasn’t been lived in for 10 years! Our garden at the moment is ‘a jungle’, my dad goes out there every day and works, but he is finding it harder and harder every day. My mum and me and my sister all go out and help when we are not sorting out the house. We are running low on money and can’t afford to rent anything to help us in the garden. This is our first home that is owned by us and not the army. I would really like to surprise my parents with a brand new garden. All we want is for our new home to be finished. We could really use you and your teams. help. I really hope you can get back to me, Ysabelle Davies

  28. I started to fill in the application form, then when nearly finished I saw the final entry date is 17th February; today is 18th April. You should not offer the form if it is no longer valid.

  29. I’d love my little garden done, there are three of us, me 53, disabled, my brother, mental health issues and house bound and my 21yr son who’s autistic and type 1 diabetic. This is our first garden. Moved to Birmingham after son was bullied had a breakdown and had a court case where the police prosecuted the bullie. We all decided to live together here. We spend a lot or would in the garden, we get foxes and badgers at night

  30. Hello. My sister has Rhett Syndrome and lives in a care home with 3 other residents. They all love being outside so much but their garden isn’t very interesting. It would be wonderful if they could have some sort of sensory garden for them to enjoy all year round. Thank you for your time x

  31. Hello, I would like to ask if you and your team would come to Falmouth in Cornwall to do a garden make over for both my partner and myself. The reason for contacting you and your team is I suffer with Epilepsy, heart condition, I have cprs in my left hand,along with hips now giving up on me.

    I am registered disabled & although I have been trying to do bits in the garden, I am failing and due to everything going wrong with me, I feel that I am putting a lot of work,strain & stress on my partner or 17 yrs.

    I would really love to surprise her with a garden makeover from you and your team please

  32. Hi Alan. Please could you consider my request… I have a friend in desperate need of a garden makeover… she works so many hours that she never gets around to doing gardening let alone enjoy her garden… she has dedicated the last 30 years to caring for people with learning disabilities and shes had a really tough time since her Dad died 3 years ago (she now lives alone). Shes just moved into a new bungalow 6 months ago in a bid to move on with her life but the garden leaves alot to be desired… she needs somewhere peaceful – “feng shui-ish” Shes always talking about Japanese gardens as she thinks its noce and relaxing especially with a water feature. It would just be so lovely for her to come home one day after a 24 hour shift and its all done… and not to have to worry about having time to do it

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