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  1. Hi I would like to apply for my mother in law to take part in your show, she does everything for everyone and never takes time out for herself. I had my second child 5 months ago and she was born with her bowel outside her body since me having her my mother in law became quite poorly with different illnesses having to have two stents put in her heart and is still waiting for further tests to be done. I’d really appreciate it if you could give her the chance to have the perfect garden that she just physically cannot do anymore.

  2. My long term close friend is wheelchair bound,but unable to enjoy his medium sized garden. He has been at his home for 20 years, has a back door to garden, but unable to get out in his electric wheelchair. He is a great person,and never complains. He also lost his very close companion dog, Molly at Christmas 2016 , which was a beautiful Bassett Hound,…he gave her so much love it was incredible. Now he is alone, since his carer female partner is no longer around. I just feel it would add another dimension to his life if he could get outside and enjoy a lovely garden.

    • I would like my garden done I have epilepsy and I have a bad back I have no one to do it I live at 50a Caernarfon drive clayhall ilford IG5 OXE please

  3. Dear Alan and fabulous team, can firstly say what a wonderful joy you have all brought to such special worthy people during your current series.
    It has brought both me and my mum to tears as we watched your brilliance unfold.

    I have contacted you all today for help and advice in finishing off my Japenise style front garden, in what I can do next. I’d also like to do something similar in the back garden. I’ve just watched the Japenise style garden you did for the lovely lady who helps the air ambulance. I’m not asking for you to come and do the garden but please draw up plans of what you would do? I love your designs so much and know it would be beautiful.

    Love and best wishes
    Wendy Edwards xx

  4. I think it post codal, may father 79 and has been very independent with ADLS then suddenly deteriorated from putting all neighbours bins out to feeling so weak he has had a full MOT and now getting tests on his heart. My mum passed away 3years ago January , he hasn’t been same since, I would love a Mersey ferry theme as he met my mum whilst working on them , I doubt I will hear from you . J Byrne x

  5. Hi I absolutely love watching love your garden . I have just one question and that is how is it all funded ? Do the family have to pay or is funded by suppliers or itv? Keep up the good work it is a fantastic programme . Caroline waterfield

  6. Just watched tonight’s programme…26 July 2017…. First time I’ve cried over a gardening programme. Absolutely fantastic what you did for that elderly gentleman, and remembering his war service was brilliant.

  7. Hello
    I would like to apply for my wife to have the back garden made over she is a very hard working child minder and love to play with the children in the garden. It would be lovely if she could have a garden make over with a park over the garden for the kids a place for her to sit after work and a place to sit and talk to her late mother
    Yours hopefully
    Mark, Riley, Mackenzie Measures

  8. I would love to get my mother a garden makeover she’s a woman that everybody loves a woman who worked hard all her life who had a violent first marriage and cheated on who overcome it all to come out the other side then to find the love of her life marry him for him to die of a heart attack a few years down the line she never got over it and would never form another relationship again. Being very fit as she walked everywhere she was cruelly run over on a a crossing at 30 mile an hour the driver never saw the lights on red for mum to cross she was expected to be dead but survived all be it a lot less active she now walks with a stick so can longer attend her garden although we try helping I would love to see it looking beautiful again please could you consider her many thanks she will be 81 in October x

  9. I would like to apply for the next series of love your garden. I recently lost my dad who passed with lung cancer. He was a lovely man my mum has been in a home in Westgate for vascular dementia he went to see her every day for 5 years even after his radiation treatment. Now it’s my turn I travel 80 miles every weekend to see her. With work and seeing mum I have overlooked my little garden. I would love it to be changed in memory of them.
    Thank you
    Wendy Riley

  10. I would like to put forward my mum. Mum has suffers with ME for over 10 years now, her garden is over 130ft long and the garden was the selling point for mum when she brought the house many years ago, as children we have many happy memories playing there, I now want to make sure memories continue with my young son.
    Unfortunately due to her illness she cannot manage the garden as she would like. The garden is her outside sanctuary, she spends most of her spare time out there weather dependant but it’s not very inspiring or uplifting.
    My mum is a proud woman who brought myself and sister up as a single parent and at the time of being struck down with ME it was my mum’s chance to start doing what she wanted to do as myself and sister were starting to become independent and flying the nest,mum has never got to do this, even though mum is poorly she does alot for my sister, myself, son and husband and I know hates being at times stuck at home , having a garden which is uplifting and managable would make a huge difference to her.

  11. I have been in accident fell down a flight of stairs and fractured my back and broken my left check bone and double vision in left eye. My husband is caring for me at the moment as I am in a body brace which I have where in the day and take off at night .. he had care for my needs at the moment as I’m in this brace until late August . We where in the middle of finishing the garden .. now that is on the back burner as the money we saved for the garden is now paying the bills .. my husband is now trying to keep down the weeds and try to keep my flower beds up as the wood is rotting .. we have replacement wood but no time left in the day to do it also have wood to build tables and benches .. as we have been together 40 years next year and am planning a party for family and friends a Mediterranean feast as we love Spain and its food . So a nice surprise for my husband would be nice.
    Hope to here from you soon , but not holding my breathe

  12. Hi Alan and the amazing team, Im writing to you because on the 1st of July 2017, I lost my father to cancer after a very hard 14 month battle. My father was a very selfless man who smiled his way through life never judging and always putting himself second to help not just his family but anyone who needed it. He purchased a small plot of land which he has spent 15 yrs and many happy days working hard to get it back to its former glory ,his dream was to have a garden for his grandchildren to
    play in and watch our pony graze,but before he died he also longed for him and my mum to have a summer house where they could sit together and enjoy time down his favourite place, unfortunately he ran out of time and sadly he was taken from us to soon for that dream to become reality, my mum is desperate to honour his dreams but is struggling to know where to start, my mum has supported my dad and the rest of the family with such strength she has amazed me, she never thinks of herself and that’s why I’m sending you this she loves gardening and loves your programme and although she is very shy I know she wouldn’t Mind me contacting you many thanks Collette x

  13. Good evening Alan. I’m writing to you in the hope you and your amazing team could help me. Im a single mum and really struggle with gardening because i have chronic back pain after 3 operations over the last few years it seem to be getting worse. I would love for my daughter to have a lovely garden to play in. She is 8 years old and has dyspraxia so thing in the garden need to be safe she has co-ordination an balance problems and our garden at the moment has holes in and she keeps falling down. Please help us. Thank you even if you only read this comment. Karen Dean x

  14. I would love to apply my mum for love your garden, she helped me and my brother through the worst moments in life when I got depressed and eatting disored I selfed harmed and she did everything to help me get better now she spends her days helping my brother never really has any time for her self and she loves her garden so it love for her to have somewhere she could sit and relax

  15. hello my names Rose and I would like to apply my mum for the show because she absolutely adores her garden but due to circumstances isn’t physically able to do it anymore, her garden is her pride and joy and 8 years ago her husband passed away which was a heartbreaking time for us all but especially my mum as they were soul mates. He was the dad i never had. Then too make matters worse not even a year or so after this happened she was made disabled. She had septicaemia and nearly died , the surgeon was putting the needle in my mums side and hit her nerve and still continued pushing it in so now she is also disabled for life. A year ago my sister had a tumour and was in hospital for over a year and it was a very sad time for us all but even more so my mum. For the whole year of my sister being in Birmingham hospital she was by her side even with her disabililty she has too have tablets for the rest of her life so she sucked up the pain and was there for her. During this time i was being bullied at school and have been since year 7 too now and its still going on to this day. My mum found out i was cutting myself and was depressed and i went too stay in the nursing home with my mum for a month and stayed with my sister the whole days i spent there so she had to deal with us both. Eventually my sister had the tumour removed from her back and nearly died 3 times. it was traumatic for us all. After this i was still continued too be bullied and was diagnosed with depression and an eating disorder. Last month it got too much for me with the bullying and cutting wasn’t enough anymore so i tried too take a overdose and got rushed to hospital and had a allergic reaction to the tablets and the nurse said too my mum she couldn’t guarantee i would make it and i fought for her and here i am today. Too this day im still being treated with therapy and counselling and trying my hardest too get better with all different types of treatments and i still have loads of scars but im pulling threw to make my mum happy. She honestly deserves it so much and her garden is the one thing thats always been her pride and joy. It honestly makes her so happy and the fact her disability makes her not be able to do it makes her so sad and breaks her so much which breaks my heart too. She deserves this so much and i hope that u see this too, please please get back to me .

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