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  1. To whom it may concern
    I read with interest how to apply to love your garden but realise the entry date for 2018 has passed. Please could you indicate when you will be launching applications for 2019?
    Many thanks
    Mrs D Fido

  2. Hi I would like to nominate my mother in law. 2 years ago my father in law was diagnosed with mesothelioma from working with asbestos in his earlier years after a very short period he passed away which was a shock to the entire family he was a diamond of a man and absolutely doted in his 2 granddaughters. For a while my mother in law was lost she struggled to make sense of what had happened while trying to keep a brave face for the little ones. Gradually over ten she found the strength to get her life back in track and learning to live with our the love of her life, she went on holiday with friends and began to build her social life never complaining or asking anyone for anything and then the bomb dropped at Christmas she was diagnosed with non Hodgkin lymphoma an incurable cancer the whole family was devastated but again she kept going and kept her brave face for the grandchildren she is an inspiration to me and many others still never complaining just getting in wth the crap life is dealing her, unfortunately the garden was never something she was involved in, my father in law always did the garden it’s not big garden but as it is it’s hard work for her the shed is rotting as is the decking so the grandchildren can’t play iin it when we visit every weekend. We have helped as much as we can but none of us are gardening experts and would really appreciate some professional help. Even if it was just to pave or gravel the whole area making it safe for her and the children I would love to get her a summer house so she can sit and relax in the garden after having her treatment. She has done so much for me I would just love to be able to give something back to her after the run of bad luck she’s had. As I sad before her garden is very small laid mainly to grass and paving slabs it would be great if you and you’re amazing team could help

  3. Hi Alan,
    Could I ask for your help please.
    I am very honoured to know and manage a 33 year old man who is terminally ill. He has a beautiful wife and a gorgeous 4 year old little girl. Their 2nd child is due to be born on the 24th May 2018.
    He is the most amazing and remarkable young man I have ever met. He was first diagnosed with cancer in 2015, after treatment he was given the all clear in September 2017 and in February 2018 was told it has come back, in a very aggressive form.
    His first mile stone is to see his baby born. During all of this, his only concerns are for his family and making life easier for them in his absence. His garden is looking a little tired and neglected. It would be so amazing if you and your team could give them a low maintenance, pretty garden to enjoy in memory of our dear friend.
    I hope you can help.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  4. Just finished your show on Netflix; I live in the southwestern United States. I can guarantee you, I definitely DON’T cry watching gardening shows filmed here! But I did run an interfaith agency where we gave respite to caregivers. Folks don’t realize when the patient doesn’t sleep, neither does their caregiver. Or that the independence gained by the patients is solely DEpendent on their caregiver. . . They are, unfortunately, often overlooked.

    So thank you for touching the human soul. And bringing some attention to caregivers as well as the person receiving their care.

    God Bless.

  5. Hello Alan, are you still rescuing gardens?
    My mum is 87 and I would love to make her garden user friendly. I live in North Yorkshire and my mum in Hertfordshire so a long way to go and weed and cut the grass.
    Can you help turn weeds, dandelions and daisies in to the perfect sit and relax haven for my mum?

  6. Hi Alan I have a small garden that is soggy most of the year. I seed lawn every spring but it turns back to mud pretty quick. Can you advise of suitable plants for wet garden with little sun also how to fix lawn. Desperate for help

  7. Hi anyone there I’m Sharon I suffer with depression and I hate to go out the house I am single with my son 15 anyway I would love some help I have back problems to just want to sit in my garden thank you 😊

  8. I am looking to make my garden into a sensory haven for my 16 year old quadriplegic son. I am looking into grants as I am his full time carer and unable to work. I see that I have probably missed the application deadline of 21st January – has the deadline definitely passed?

  9. I would like Mr AlAN TITCHMARSH to do my garden please need to no how to do my garden but if he could do a garden in Alfmorse court fell park road nothenmore Wythenshawe Manchester.please.

  10. Hi my dad is 85 he recently lost his wife he looked after her with dementia for 3 years with only an hour a day help . As you can imagine he has had no time to look after his garden and so it has got out of control he would really love a place to sit

  11. I’d love to enter my friends Richie and Kay. They are always there for everyone else.
    It would be awesome if he could access his garden as he’s not able to at the moment due to disabilities.
    They also have two young children who would love to be able to play outside safely.

  12. l have a friend who runs a page on facebook called disabled uk his name is Riche Farrar ,he has given his time selflessly to help anyone who needs it,if anyone deserves a garden makeover it’s him and even if he doesn’t get this chance,l just want to say a massive thank you to him,ty for all your help riche couldn’t have done this without you 🙂 God Bless

  13. I’m a single mum to young son I had a stroke when he was 8 months old leaving me with paralysed on left side we have just moved to n IRELAND to help in care of my mum who has dementia and have moved into a new build that has been adapted for my needs I was always a keen gardener and was often praised for my cottage garden I would be grateful if you could help myself and son George have the same once again x

  14. Hi
    I was currently trying to get my garden looking something like last summer I started but I’m unable carry on with it, I would love to have finished it but still got loads to do. I suffer badly with
    Ankylosing spondylitis
    Extreme fatigue
    Sleep apnea
    And osteoporosis in my knees. I my fiance and children would love for it to be finished so they can sit outside and enjoy the weather in summer and this would help me a great deal as I’m not as mobile as I used to be and are finding it hard to do the simplist of jobs. We love the show and dream of a garden like you everything in your show.
    Thanks so much and would love to hear back from you in the future.

  15. Hi sorry one file not found other won’t let me click on it. I have a small
    Garden which I’ve tried my best with. Feed all the birds and wildlife since the loss of the wood at the back. Sadly it’s getting harder to do, due to arthritis, my husband having a stroke five months ago and my just being diagnosed with heart problems. I’d love a green wildlife garden. Which to be fair I’ve got Ish. Though looks more like jungle than Woodland sadly. The birds, Squirrels etc still love it. But it’s a tad overgrown. I’m trying, some would say very trying lol! Manchester area. Help! ☺️

  16. Would love to have my garden done had some difficult times last couple of years including losing my mum and my dad diagnosed with alzhimers
    And cancer myself a few year back
    Could do with some good things

  17. Hello, I know I’m not so bad as a lot of people are but ever since I was young I have been interested in gardening along with my late dad and grandad who taught me all I know. Now at 79 I am unable to garden añd it is in a very bad state. I would just love to have my back garden revamped so that I could sit out and eñjoy again. Thank you.

  18. I would love my garden to be done properly I’ve had both of my knees replaced due to osteoarthritis and it’s also in my back I try so hard to keep it looking nice but it really hurts me please can you help.

  19. I love watching your show, please could you make over our garden for my husband Mark, he can only just manage to mow the lawn before he is tired out…he has had 2 heart attacks and a bypass and is strugging to do the garde please consider us so he can sit back and enjoy it….he is the most wonderful man and is our rock and is loved by everyone who knows him thank you for reading x

  20. Hello to all of you my family story I’m afraid is not a happy one and for me to put it on writing is very emotional would be nice if someone would be strong enough to listen so I’m afraid I can’t write it down but if you want to hear our real life story please do I know lots of family going to very bad times but I come to believe we just get bad luck day after day I will stop now before I break down and I don’t want my kids to see me one word I have to say your team are angels doing miracle for people who lost hope and happiness I know you will make lots of people happy again I only wish I could make my family happy and a garden but I can’t xxxxx

  21. I am unable to download the application form it keeps saying it’s not available I have given my email address so hopefully you can advise me or send it via email.

  22. I would love to have my garden brought up to scratch, I am disabled, making it difficult for me to do any weeding or larger pruning jobs, so it would be lovely to meet my favorite gardenening team and even better if they can lend a spade or fork, so to speak

  23. It’s for my husband really we have had so much bad luck and since losing his mum unexpectedly last august has sunk into depression the house is being renovated slowly where funds allow but the back and front gardens just a mess he has tried numerous times to tidy it but he’s always wanted it turfing decent driveway in front and just a tranquil space to relax for us and the children the youngest is 3 and he loves the outdoors but it is full of nettles that never go no matter how we try my older son is autistic and has always wanted a trampoline and maybe a play house for him to escape to as the main house needs so much work I know there are more worthy families out there and I understand why they should get it more but just for once to have something nice for us as a family would be life changing thanks

  24. Hi Alan, I would like to nominate Melissa Smith and family. Mel has chronic EB, she is 31 now and one of the oldest surviving people with this condition. When she was born she looked like a skinned rabbit. She blisters both inside and out, she has to be feed through a tube in her tummy, she now has no fingers because they have all fused together. Kim her Mum takes nearly all day to do her bandages as she has to be wrapped completely. Tony, Dad is self employed and drives Mel and Kim to hospital and also does all the shopping so no time to garden. Mel has had hundreds of operations and is in constant pain, she spends most of her time in her room as her feet are so blistered. Mel meet Princess Diane when she was younger as Princess Diane was a patron of D.E.B.B.A. The charity to support people with E.B. Melissa and Kim were one of the wheelchairs that was pushed behind Princess Diane funeral procession. They are truly a lovely family Kim and Tony also have another daughter Lucy, but she is completely fine, she too helps with Melissa care. They have a large back garden it is neat and tidy but no shade and really needs a lovely makeover for a truly wonderful and caring family. Melissa has so much spirit she has very little hair so wears a Pink wig, I think your readers would really love her. Thank you in advance.

    Cathie Hiscock

  25. Hi Alan and team, I really would have thought a member of my family would have sent this message but, all they do is moan and shout at me for being lazy! which I’m not, I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis to flatten my garden as there are 2 sets of steps to get down into the garden and I cannot get there. I lost my dad 5 years ago in November, he made me a beautiful bird table prior to him dying, but I can’t get down to put the bird seed on the table; my dad always used to love all the birds in his garden and would always feed them, he always used to say he was gonna come back as a bird!! Please can you flatten out my garden so I can sit and watch the birds in a morning flying over to the bird table and eat all the seeds and bits of food that we’ve thrown out, my husband always throws the stale bread. I would have to have a garden that I could sit it an watch the birds and wildlife. PLEASE please come and do my garden. I have to survive on disability benefit so not much money to contribute but I will give you some in bits.
    I can;t find your application form if you can point me in the right direction I will complete it and return it to you for your new series.

  26. Hello Alan,
    I am writing on behalf of my nana. She is 77 years of age and is quite healthy for her age and has always complained of her garden, and has always wanted it to be done but has not been able to get it sorted for herself, and it would be an amazing opportunity to see a smile on my nanas face if this happened for her. She’d love an amazing garden and I would love your help please. Your gardens presented on tv are beautiful and very thoughtful.

    Many thanks, Hannah

  27. I would like to nominate my mum and dad. My num has terminal cancer and my dad has last stage heart failure. At the moment the only person using the back garden is my dog as it needs alot of work doing. My mum has aleays dreamed of having a back garden thats is easy to maintain and a place she can go and watxh her grandaughter playing but due to health problems neither of them are able to work. My dad also finda it difficult to go out the back due to the steep steps that lead to the back garden. I would love to give my mother her dream garden so we as a family can spend the time she got left out there with her granddaughter emily.

  28. Dear Alan,
    My mum has just come out of hospital and has been trying with her garden for too long now, we have finally put a small patio in after 2 years and £885 later. Please could you come and help i would really like my mum to have the best surprise of her life. The only problem is you only have a day to do the whole thing; 9:30-5:30 ish, but if you need more time then i may have to contact more people to keep her away, please could you come sooner rather than later, i would really appricate it.
    Kind regards

  29. Dear Alan and your amazing team, my daughter and partner have just moved to a new home so they could have a house with a garden for my 6 yr old grandson to play in, having never had a garden before.. my grandson has autism and learning
    difficulties and does not like to play outside by himself, but this garden has safety issues, as half the garden ,as by the previous owner, been used as a dumping ground for rubbish, glass etc, so he can only use half the garden, there is a garden shed and a summer house but they are old. if the garden was nice and tidy it may entice him out to play more, and enjoy the sun. He is an amazing and brings great joy and happiness to everyone that meets him,I would be overjoyed if you would consider this task, it would be a big task to take on, too difficult for a young family struggling to make ends meet. thank you in advance for considering our plee.

  30. Hi alan and team i hope you would consider my friend and many peoples friend to.he is 48 years old an amazing selfless man. who has changed his community for the better .he has had a hard life to say the least and experienced many traumas tragedies ..learnt to become a brtter person through it he has donated 12000 pounds charity to whiston hospital.and made a shelter out of his charity work with children up to 16 years old.he has 25 children in shelter he cooks with them educates them. to deal with knockbacks traumas and homelessness that they have encountered and sees how they progress for the better.inorder to move on with independence and armoured for pitfalls if it happens.he works wirh them clesns buys charity clothes for them and works 10 hrs daily everyday
    For nothing only to help children less advantaged in life.he has not long ubder gone a orcidectomy operation and now has a large hernia .he loves his garden but it needs to be more practicl low maintenance and needs doing.this would be amazing if we could all give him a little consideration back so cN relax there when possible and recover.he has askdd nithing in return of the hard public care and work he does and funds it out of us doing great public charity events.please can you consider this it would make all our dreams cone true for him..from 26 of us he cares for.thankyou mr titmarsh your a star…from hid friend chris wagg .
    My email address is

  31. I would like to apply but the form says closing date 1st December 2016. I don’t see an updated one. Could you please give me a link where I can find one.

    Many thanks.

  32. Hi Alan and the Love Your Garden Team. I love the new show. I was wondering if you could please give me some inspiration for a decked area I have in my garden that isn’t used. My hubby inherited our home from his uncle when he passed away in 2013. The garden was a jungle to say the least but with hard work and determination we have transformed it but unfortunately no one ever uses the space where the decking and it is just wasted. The ground has a lot of clay in it and holds water. I love fairy houses and mystical things and have them elsewhere in the garden so was thinking along those lines but don’t know where to start. My dad was the gardener in our family and he sadly passed away whilst I was on holiday in 2015. I was devastated as it was unexpected. I’ve been through so much in my life what with a long term condition and overcoming cancer on my tongue, that this news was the nail in the coffin for me.
    I have a patch in the garden where his ashes are buried and I have planted dwarf buddleia and other plants. Like anything my dad grew though they have flourished (he must be giving them a helping hand). I really want something tranquil but mystical in his memory but also something my grand kids can explore… Any ideas would be welcome.

  33. Hi, my father passed away a few weeks ago from MSA which is a very aggressive nurological disease which has meant a really difficult five years as his body started to shut down on him. Dad was a hard working man who always made sure the family was well catered for. He was diagnosed with MSA almost on the day he was due to retire and we are all a little angry that he didn’t get chance to enjoy his retirement. Mum has been an absolute rock, a devote wife who has over time became his full time career. And it is with mum in mind that I am writing. Dad spent well over 20 years building a great koi carp pond but sadly the decision to provide the fish a new home was made a few weeks ago as they would have been too much for mum to take care of. The family have helped drain the pond but now the back garden is looking a bit lost and we would love for you to consider helping re-design and make the garden something mum can enjoy. She is a keen gardener but we want to make sure that it is managable over time.

    Please let me know if you need any further information or pictures.

  34. I would like help to do my mums garden and its her birthday soon and she has got arthritis in her back

  35. Hi. I know there are lots of people who deserve a new garden and you probably get lots of applications for the show but if you could read my comment about my mum. My mum had a stroke when I was young and it was hard because she can only see a little bit as she is partially sighted. It makes me sad because it limits what she can do sometimes e.g activities and other things but she does her best to get through and doesn’t let her loss of sight win. She loves her garden and likes to make it tidy and look better however she has some medical issues as well which don’t help as she is in pain all the time. I would just like to see whether you could do the garden for her as she used to love being in the garden making it look better.

  36. i love your show espically Alan comments please could you help me i suffer with depression and find it hard to keep my garden up I miss being able to sit outside in my garden because it is such a mess my mum and dad did it originally I feel very sad i have let it go please could you help. My daughter and i are not very good at it, thank you for your timexx

  37. My dad has had a heart-attack and can’t enjoy the garden so he stays inside and gets stressed out easy so can u make a place for him and the kids to hang out in

  38. Hello my friend has been going through a really hard time at the moment and her dad is really ill and her grandson cannot talk and she is struggling to keep the garden maintained her sons and daughters used to like playing in the garden but because of everything they cannot now and she is struggling herself to we try and get her grandson to go outside but it’s all uneven so he won’t. I don’t I look forward to hearing from you



  39. Hi I love your show making people happy with there dreams. I would like some thing for my 16 year old daughter who has downsydrme.she loves the trampoline but gets scared on it I would love to have one in the ground.she seems to get scared of trees. So she sits in side a lot just looking out side, we try to get her out side but it’s a chanlage with Ayesha.thank you yasmeen

  40. I couldn’t agree more. Alan generously over plants areas which look fab when finished BUT I know that within one season they will have outgrown their allotted space leaving the larger, thuggish shrubs to take over.

  41. Dear Alan & Team,

    Me and my Nan love watching your show together. We enjoy watching how you change people’s lives for the better and give them a place they only have to look at to feel happiness and content.

    I would feel blessed and would be not only a dream come true for me, but also for my Nan if you would kindly help transform her garden. I often try to do some gardening for her, as all she dreams and talks about is having a lovely garden to enjoy days with her family or even on her own just simply sitting out in the sun in her garden.

    My Nan suffers with many health problems including arthritis, COPD and has a curvature of the spine she is unable to anything in the garden. However, these aren’t the only reasons I would love for your help. I am soon to be moving out of my Nan’s house and I cannot bare the thought of how lonely and down this will make her. She lost my grandad many many years ago as when she finally found herself what she thought would be her new partner in crime he really let her down and hurt her, blowing away all her self-asteem and changing the happy bubbly Nan that I grew up besides.

    I would love for you to help give my Nan somewhere she can be happy and smile, invite the family round for fun and happy days in her new beautiful garden. It would be bringing that happy, fun and bubbly lady we all love and miss. You’d be not only changing the life of a wonderful caring lady (my Nan) but you’d also be changing the lives of her family including me and bringing us all together.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Best Wishes

    Sydney Xx

  42. Hi, I would love to have my garden done (but I know I’m not lucky enough) so instead I would love a few ideas on how to get a nice welcoming garden and is ideal still for kids bit I don’t want grass anymore but also don’t have massive amounts of money, my time is constantly split between my 5 kiddies but would love to be able go out in the summers and we all play or even be able to do a bit of gardening together… I have tried planting flowers but nothing seems to grow 😕 so could you please be kind enough to give me some ideas please (for a budget) thank you very much 😊

  43. Dear Love Your Garden Team,

    I would like to nominate a man whom has served his country in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. He has done this voluntary via the Territorial Army, peace keeping. He has good days and not so good days, partially lost some hearing and experienced physical trauma, but typically ‘soldiers on’.

    He has kept a full time job and looks after his daughter, and now he has retired from training Territorial Officers at the rank of RSM he continues sharing his knowledge and expertise with Adult Instructors and Cadets alike.

    Over the years he has gained and sadly forces lost friends but still believes in all that he does. We joke if he was cut open across his tummy he’d have ‘army’ written through him like Blackpool rock. He’s a dedicated soldier of 35 years.

    His garden is neglected and unused I’d like to see him have some enjoyment in his home when he returns from exercise and work, which he can share with his Rescue dog, have some fun and rejuvenate some sanity lol.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Mel Hough

  44. Dear Alan
    It’s amazing what you do and I love watching your programme .

    Have you ever considered helping animals that have ended up in a animal shelter ? many of which have been in the shelter for years not months .

    This charity is run on donations only . It’s very tired but the people are amazing . They work 365 days a year 24 hrs a day to save lives .
    Currently we are trying to raise funds for them ourselves .
    Our aim is to create a sensory garden for the dogs and a rehabilitation kennel with run .

    This poticular charity rescues animals from death row .
    It really is 7th day 7th hour rescue . They are not breed specific , but if you are an animal lover you will know about the plight of the Staffie .
    Most of the dogs they have are Staffie , Staffie type dogs .
    Some have suffered horrifically .

    It’s through the irresponsibility of certain segments of the human society that these dogs find themselves in this position .
    As a society I believe we need to be a voice for those who can not speak , yet give us so much in return .
    Best wishes
    Nicky x

  45. My teacher daughter & her busyyyyy husband.3teenagers & Bella the ( gardener ) beagle. Love a cabin ( den ) for lads n mates .long garden. Tatty greenhouse. Old trampoline .old apple tree . Awful crazy paved patio no cash left to do garden PLEASE HELP xxx

  46. AND A DISABLED TOILET with a belfast sink and a toilet seat that lift down and a wet room with red tiles and wooden door with a lock and new front door that is solid and new wooden doors and and a new wooden back door and a new kitchen with non banging drawers and non banging cupboards and new wood flooring with under floor heating and new spainish tiles and wood flooring on the stairs

  47. MY MUM WOULD love a massive bar shed where the mosque used to be or where the old shed is now or a massive summer house
    and furniture from John Lewis and table and chairsfrom John Lewis and ale fr om Costco and marks and spencer and liverpool gin and my mum would love her her garden sorted my mum hasbeen in consent pain for 51 years and my mum would love a massive hot tub with a wooden solid gazebo with curtians got a massive family and friends cousins neices and nephews aunties and uncles friends of the family in liverpool family from yorkshire and my mum would love an l shaped conversatory with furniture from john lewis and nice plants and artifical grass on the lawn and a buddha and porcelain decking and nice plants and a massive ameRICIAN FRIDGE freezer and washing machine and a american dryer and pictures of elvis and monroe and hepburn and fred and judy in the bar shed and liverpool fc and liverbirdand a water fall it is a nice surprise for my mu m because my mum has had a tough year just a nice garden where my mum can relax can have the family and friends roundand a more
    THEN one bed with nice wallpaper and sliding wardrodes and nice bed side tables and wood flooring

  48. I love the show and it gives me and my husband great joy to watch the pleasure the gardens bring others even though it bring us both to tears on most occasions. I don’t need to be on the show, there are far more deserving speople, just some help.

    Due to my health, will be having our dream villa built on the slope of a volcanic mountain on Fuerteventura over the next 12 months but have a major problem. Like the many ex-pats living here, trying to find information on what plants grow well in volcanic soil and in such arid conditions as Fuerteventura is very hard to find.

    Any help the team, or fellow posters, can provide in pointing us in the right directions to information on both landscaping and planting in such a challenging environment would be much appreciated.

    Keep up the great work helping others and bringing pleasure the the many.


  49. Hi to you all, I just wondered if you could help us.
    In December we lost our son to suicide.
    It is such a difficult journey we have to endure.
    His name is Richard.
    He absolutely loved nature!
    I would love to make our garden a memory and tribute to him.
    It would mean so so much if we could make our garden a place of peace and a place we could spend our time finding comfort and solace in our ever enduring journey!
    Hoping you maybe able to help us. Xxx

  50. I know my garden and space would be your paradise and play ground and I’d be totally open to you using it as your blank canvas totally in live with ur work and cannot stress enough the space and potential here for you and team it would be my dream come true

  51. Please please come love my very big and sad sad garden I just have no idea where to begin I just need someone to help me bring life back to my very sad garden! Please make this space a happy family space x

  52. Hi, I have applied using the form, but if that is not correct could you please let me know and I will forward to application to the correct email address.
    Many Thanks.

  53. Hi I would like to apply for the 2018 series but the application is for the 2017 series please can you advise me how to obtain an application form thank you Hayley

  54. I would like to nominate my Mum (Anna). My mum is the strongest and kindest person I know. My brother is 23 years old and suffers with cereal palsy, epilepsy, autism and down syndrome and requires 24-hour care. My brother is amazing and makes everyones day, however he is getting bigger and harder to deal with My mum has had to put her whole life on hold to care for my brother and has always put him and us first with everything she does. My mum has had the option of moving my brother into assisted living but due to my brother being very happy living at home and extremely challenging we feel he would deteriorate. Because of this my mum has sold her dream home and job (B&B) in order to accommodate us all and make sure my brother is happy and safe. My mum has always put her children first even when times have been unbearable, around a year ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo brutal treatment,she has pulled through and is currently in remission. As a family we feel like my mum has been our rock throughout our lives and she has never had anything that she can enjoy. I feel she needs somewhere she can rest and relax and also somewhere my brother can enjoy. All she does is love it when we are all together.

  55. I’ve emailed an application using last year’s form. At the end of the programme you are directed too which eventually brings you here but there only seems to be a 2017 application form. We lost our beautiful little girl Phoebe suddenly last September, she was only 4 and our only child. We’re trying to do the garden as therapy and keep her memory alive but would appreciate any help that could be offered. You can read our story also here on wordpress.

  56. hi i have a great reason for wanting you to do our garden for my mam…but we having trouble getting a aplication form as the one shown says last entry 1st december 2016. how do i apply ..

  57. hi I have been looking for the application form for 2018 season of love your garden after watching last nights episode however I cannot find it, is it available?

  58. On the 15th July our beautiful 9yr old Grandaughter Millie gained her Angel wings after being diagnosed on 1st December 2016 with a DIPG brain tumour and was given 9/12 months to live, my son and his fantastic partner Millies parents nursed her at home as this terrible tumour left her mentally aware but slowly shut down her body, Millies has grown up siblings and a 6 yr old brother Lucas and she liked nothing more than to sit in the garden and read, the garden is in dire need of tlc and would give solace to her family to sit and remember their beautiful princess, we laid her to rest on 1st August. I have tried to make sense of the application form but sorry its

  59. The results of the teams efforts is truly astonishing, however, in many cases, the owners of the gardens are incapable of looking after the gardens.

    May I suggest that there is a follow up programme – ‘Love your Garden revisited’ to see what the gardens look like in one year or two years later.

  60. I would like to nominate my grandad (john). He is such an amaizing strong man. My grandfather in 2004 his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer around the same time my mother became pregnant with me. On the 23rd November my mother ther give birth to me and just 8 days later (1st december) my grandmother passed away. My grandad was there when she passed she died seeing the one she loved. He lost part of him that day and even though he may deny it you can see the pain in his eyes when family or friends ask him about her you can see his heart is breaking. With me being 8 days old at the time, my mother was struggling and my grandfather took on both rolls of being grandfather and grandmother to me as well as being mother and father to his daughter. With his help my mother and my father were able to get through it and my parents even went on to have another child (amelia). Throught the years my parents began to spread apart and the got divored my grandad helped my mother so much throughout everything. Around this time i started pulling my hair out it was an awful time seeing me just pull my hair out from the roots until i was bald and the hardest thing was that i was only 4-5 , it carried on for a few years but my grandfather helped the entire way but i cant imagine what it most have been like seeing his 4-5 year old grandaughter bald. years later my mother had another child (isla) but her father left her with my mother and my grandfather took on the roll of a father like figure to isla. Years later in 2012 my mother noticed my behaviour was becoming unusual so she got me into a cams which helps diagnose and help cope with people with all sorts of problems. I later got diagnoses with aspergers which is on the autistic spectrum. Over the next few years anxiety and stress took over me and i had really bad meltdowns to the point where i was hanging out of windows trying to hurt myself with a knife and even begged my mother to kill me (during a meltdown) these usually happend late at night and my grandad would take me out even at 1.00 am in the morning just to calm me down i think he really desreves something to cheer him up instead of just sitting there hoping for a tan i think something that would just make him happy and something to remind him no matter what role he takes on to who ever he is still the same loving person that my grandmother married all those years ago.
    X Eve

  61. Hi I would like to nominate my nana she recently lost her son to a tragic house fire on may 16th my nana has already lost one son 19 years ago so she has been through enough already it is harder for my nana because my uncle was always with her and lived together my nana has 10 grandchildren and loves to have us round so I would like my nana to have a treat for nice because she really needs one

  62. Hi
    I am writing to nominate my dad for the Love my garden program. In November last year my mum fell ill. In February this year she was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer meaning she was given 6 – 12 months to live. My dad became her full-time carer giving up work to look after her 24 hours a day. On the day my mum went in for radiotherapy I went into labour with my son, and he was born at 25 weeks old. Three weeks after this my mum went into a hospice whilst my son was in intensive care and my husband fell ill with pneumonia. My dad stayed with me as we went between three hospitals. On Monday the 8th of May 2017 my mum sadly passed away three months after her diagnosis. After 4 months in hospital my son finally came home. It’s safe to say this year has been the hardest for my family but it has hit my dad the most. My mum would spend hours in the garden making it look pretty, they would then sit in the garden looking at the view talking about there future, but now my dad has gone back to work and rarely has the time to spend in the garden. I would really love for him to have a place to go and relax and remember my mum! Despite my dad losing his wife of 40 years he put his needs and emotions to one side to be there for and my sister through it all, and I can’t ever thank him enough. I don’t know anyone who deserve it more and it would be a massive boost for our family.
    Thank you

  63. Hi, I would like to apply because of my nan. She’s an amazing women who recently took 4 of her grandchildren and 1 great grandchild into her care. It was a long court case and everything was up in the air for a while. In order for my brothers, sister, my son and I, to live in my nans custody it meant she had to move from her home of 7 years into a bigger house. She is an idol to all of our family and because of the move, the extra mouths to feed and having to buy us new clothes, toys, beds and so much more, her dream garden has to been put on hold. After everything she’s done for us and our family i think this would be the best Thankyou and token of gratitude and love from us all. A place for her to sit in the evening without a care in the world, somewhere to go and have a five minute break from us. It would mean so much not only to her but all of us.

  64. I would like to apply for a garden make over for my mum. She is a very hard working nurse doing long night shifts and I would love you guys to give her the dream garden that she desperately wants so she can enjoy sitting in there on her day off. She has been a hard working nurse for years and I would love for her to have a space that she could relax in and feel happy. Please could you consider us for a garden make over please.

  65. Hi Alan & Team, watching your wonderful programme compelled me to get in touch for my partner who as a successful musician has played bass for over 30 years for an incredible array of legendary artists such as Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and Mick Taylor of the Stones and even performed on Alan Titchmarsh show for Joss Stone. He is currently awaiting a heart transplant following a deteriorating heart condition and as imaginable has had a rocky few years leading up to this point including surgery last year to implant an Lvad machine which is an external device assisting his heart to function. A special space from the comfort of his home that would include a place to play and create music which is ultimately his saving talented grace would be an absolute dream come true. xx

  66. Hi, I would like to apply on behalf of my nan Sandra, she’s a absolutely amazing lady inside and out and we all adore her, almost 9 years ago nan lost her soul mate who she had been with since she was 15 my grandad Colin who died suddenly one night on his way to pick me up from a friends he was only 59. She has since been on her own and struggled to do her garden herself due to this past year of ill health she’s been battling a on going eye condition that she’s had to have 4 operations on in the space of months and she nearly lost her sight, she still takes drops daily and had to have a year off work unpaid so hasn’t had the money to pay anyone to do the garden, she has also just been diagnosed with shingles and is constant agony with the pain of it in her back, she won’t move out of her 3 bedroom house in nantwich Cheshire as it’s the family home but the garden gets her down daily she hates looking at it as she struggles to do it herself we try and help to mow the lawns and weed for her but with us all working and having children we haven’t got the time ourselves! Please come and help her Alan she’s had a terrible time of it and you won’t meet a more deserving person i would love to see her face to have a lovely garden to sit in again! Many thanks for your time.
    Lauren moore (granddaughter)

  67. My son is Arron is 21 years old and is severely partially sighted. He has severe learning difficulties from childhood illnesses i.e., whooping cough, pneumonia and meningococcal septicaemia meningitis. He loves to sit outside in the garden with family and friends and looks forward to a birthday party everyear in the garden. I would love to do something special for him in the garden so that he could enjoy some alone time too. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Sharon.

  68. In 2004 my 74yr old Father had a stroke and was left with left leg paralysis. He can no longer walk unaided and has use of a wheel chair. He also has Diabetes, Vascular Dementia, Early stages Alzheimers amongst other health issues. My 65 yr old Mother was diagnosed with a Benign Brain tumour in 2006 which was surgically removed. In 2008 she had a Hysterectomy as they found cancer cells in her womb. In 2009 a second Brain tumour was removed by Gamma Knife Surgery.
    In 2015 she was diagnosed with Stomach Cancer so they removed her whole Stomach.
    My Mum is my Dads sole carer. She has lost 5st since the surgery and finds everyday a struggle with Dad.
    Mum loves sitting in the garden but can no longer maintain it.
    Dad can see the Garden from his chair indoors. It would be lovely if they could both enjoy the garden together and have it low maintenance. Who ever reads this please help.

  69. My husband has dystonia , for 15yrs he has been in constant pain , as a carpenter builder , the fact he can not do his garden or normal things , is just awful . Our garden really needs help , he knows what he wants to do , but now he can no longer do it . Thank you for being a very good person xx

  70. Why do they not make provision for wildlife. No hedgehog holes in fences, no bug hotels or water features for invertebrates.

  71. Hello,
    Please may we apply to have our garden done. We have a tiny outside space but would love to transform it to a Mediterranean getaway. My husband has a heart condition and we were recently hit by a car. My husband has been so supportive over the last 5 months and I would love to be able to make our outside space something special for him.

  72. Can you advise me on how to get rid of mushrooms in my raised beds. I have spent a considerable amount of money on plants and the beds are full of mushrooms. I have tried removing the top layer and laying a weed membrane topped with bark to no avail.

  73. Dear Alan,
    I am writing to you to request you to help out my mam with her garden. It is hard for her to get around and especially with the Rocky surfaces. She has 2 artificial legs which isn’t good but she manages amazingly. Surprisingly yet brilliant.. this year she has found she is pregnant with my younger brother ! It will be hard to get around the lumps and bumps with a pushchair or even a wheelchair later down the line. She has always went without always gives and never takes and I think it’s her turn to be the taker.
    Please pick us!
    Thank you 🙂

  74. Hi I would love for my beautiful mum to take part in your show. My mum does everything for her children and grandchildren, we are always put first. My mum at the year of retirement had her breastvremived due to breast cancer, she git the all clear 2 years later but sadly this was the year my dad was due to retire but he got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away. My mum has got an allotment which she has some help with and gives local people produce. She also has a small back garden which she would love to relax in as her hips are now troubling her and she may have to give up her allotment, I would love for her to have her garden bright and cheerful like the sparkle my mum has brought to us thankyou. Chantel

  75. hello my names Rose and I would like to apply my mum for the show because she absolutely adores her garden but due to circumstances isn’t physically able to do it anymore, her garden is her pride and joy and 8 years ago her husband passed away which was a heartbreaking time for us all but especially my mum as they were soul mates. He was the dad i never had. Then too make matters worse not even a year or so after this happened she was made disabled. She had septicaemia and nearly died , the surgeon was putting the needle in my mums side and hit her nerve and still continued pushing it in so now she is also disabled for life. A year ago my sister had a tumour and was in hospital for over a year and it was a very sad time for us all but even more so my mum. For the whole year of my sister being in Birmingham hospital she was by her side even with her disabililty she has too have tablets for the rest of her life so she sucked up the pain and was there for her. During this time i was being bullied at school and have been since year 7 too now and its still going on to this day. My mum found out i was cutting myself and was depressed and i went too stay in the nursing home with my mum for a month and stayed with my sister the whole days i spent there so she had to deal with us both. Eventually my sister had the tumour removed from her back and nearly died 3 times. it was traumatic for us all. After this i was still continued too be bullied and was diagnosed with depression and an eating disorder. Last month it got too much for me with the bullying and cutting wasn’t enough anymore so i tried too take a overdose and got rushed to hospital and had a allergic reaction to the tablets and the nurse said too my mum she couldn’t guarantee i would make it and i fought for her and here i am today. Too this day im still being treated with therapy and counselling and trying my hardest too get better with all different types of treatments and i still have loads of scars but im pulling threw to make my mum happy. She honestly deserves it so much and her garden is the one thing thats always been her pride and joy. It honestly makes her so happy and the fact her disability makes her not be able to do it makes her so sad and breaks her so much which breaks my heart too. She deserves this so much and i hope that u see this too, please please get back to me .

  76. I would love to apply my mum for love your garden, she helped me and my brother through the worst moments in life when I got depressed and eatting disored I selfed harmed and she did everything to help me get better now she spends her days helping my brother never really has any time for her self and she loves her garden so it love for her to have somewhere she could sit and relax

  77. Good evening Alan. I’m writing to you in the hope you and your amazing team could help me. Im a single mum and really struggle with gardening because i have chronic back pain after 3 operations over the last few years it seem to be getting worse. I would love for my daughter to have a lovely garden to play in. She is 8 years old and has dyspraxia so thing in the garden need to be safe she has co-ordination an balance problems and our garden at the moment has holes in and she keeps falling down. Please help us. Thank you even if you only read this comment. Karen Dean x

  78. Hi Alan and the amazing team, Im writing to you because on the 1st of July 2017, I lost my father to cancer after a very hard 14 month battle. My father was a very selfless man who smiled his way through life never judging and always putting himself second to help not just his family but anyone who needed it. He purchased a small plot of land which he has spent 15 yrs and many happy days working hard to get it back to its former glory ,his dream was to have a garden for his grandchildren to
    play in and watch our pony graze,but before he died he also longed for him and my mum to have a summer house where they could sit together and enjoy time down his favourite place, unfortunately he ran out of time and sadly he was taken from us to soon for that dream to become reality, my mum is desperate to honour his dreams but is struggling to know where to start, my mum has supported my dad and the rest of the family with such strength she has amazed me, she never thinks of herself and that’s why I’m sending you this she loves gardening and loves your programme and although she is very shy I know she wouldn’t Mind me contacting you many thanks Collette x

  79. I have been in accident fell down a flight of stairs and fractured my back and broken my left check bone and double vision in left eye. My husband is caring for me at the moment as I am in a body brace which I have where in the day and take off at night .. he had care for my needs at the moment as I’m in this brace until late August . We where in the middle of finishing the garden .. now that is on the back burner as the money we saved for the garden is now paying the bills .. my husband is now trying to keep down the weeds and try to keep my flower beds up as the wood is rotting .. we have replacement wood but no time left in the day to do it also have wood to build tables and benches .. as we have been together 40 years next year and am planning a party for family and friends a Mediterranean feast as we love Spain and its food . So a nice surprise for my husband would be nice.
    Hope to here from you soon , but not holding my breathe

  80. I would like to put forward my mum. Mum has suffers with ME for over 10 years now, her garden is over 130ft long and the garden was the selling point for mum when she brought the house many years ago, as children we have many happy memories playing there, I now want to make sure memories continue with my young son.
    Unfortunately due to her illness she cannot manage the garden as she would like. The garden is her outside sanctuary, she spends most of her spare time out there weather dependant but it’s not very inspiring or uplifting.
    My mum is a proud woman who brought myself and sister up as a single parent and at the time of being struck down with ME it was my mum’s chance to start doing what she wanted to do as myself and sister were starting to become independent and flying the nest,mum has never got to do this, even though mum is poorly she does alot for my sister, myself, son and husband and I know hates being at times stuck at home , having a garden which is uplifting and managable would make a huge difference to her.

  81. I would like to apply for the next series of love your garden. I recently lost my dad who passed with lung cancer. He was a lovely man my mum has been in a home in Westgate for vascular dementia he went to see her every day for 5 years even after his radiation treatment. Now it’s my turn I travel 80 miles every weekend to see her. With work and seeing mum I have overlooked my little garden. I would love it to be changed in memory of them.
    Thank you
    Wendy Riley

  82. I would love to get my mother a garden makeover she’s a woman that everybody loves a woman who worked hard all her life who had a violent first marriage and cheated on who overcome it all to come out the other side then to find the love of her life marry him for him to die of a heart attack a few years down the line she never got over it and would never form another relationship again. Being very fit as she walked everywhere she was cruelly run over on a a crossing at 30 mile an hour the driver never saw the lights on red for mum to cross she was expected to be dead but survived all be it a lot less active she now walks with a stick so can longer attend her garden although we try helping I would love to see it looking beautiful again please could you consider her many thanks she will be 81 in October x

  83. Hello
    I would like to apply for my wife to have the back garden made over she is a very hard working child minder and love to play with the children in the garden. It would be lovely if she could have a garden make over with a park over the garden for the kids a place for her to sit after work and a place to sit and talk to her late mother
    Yours hopefully
    Mark, Riley, Mackenzie Measures

  84. Just watched tonight’s programme…26 July 2017…. First time I’ve cried over a gardening programme. Absolutely fantastic what you did for that elderly gentleman, and remembering his war service was brilliant.

  85. Hi I absolutely love watching love your garden . I have just one question and that is how is it all funded ? Do the family have to pay or is funded by suppliers or itv? Keep up the good work it is a fantastic programme . Caroline waterfield

  86. I think it post codal, may father 79 and has been very independent with ADLS then suddenly deteriorated from putting all neighbours bins out to feeling so weak he has had a full MOT and now getting tests on his heart. My mum passed away 3years ago January , he hasn’t been same since, I would love a Mersey ferry theme as he met my mum whilst working on them , I doubt I will hear from you . J Byrne x

  87. Dear Alan and fabulous team, can firstly say what a wonderful joy you have all brought to such special worthy people during your current series.
    It has brought both me and my mum to tears as we watched your brilliance unfold.

    I have contacted you all today for help and advice in finishing off my Japenise style front garden, in what I can do next. I’d also like to do something similar in the back garden. I’ve just watched the Japenise style garden you did for the lovely lady who helps the air ambulance. I’m not asking for you to come and do the garden but please draw up plans of what you would do? I love your designs so much and know it would be beautiful.

    Love and best wishes
    Wendy Edwards xx

  88. I would like my garden done I have epilepsy and I have a bad back I have no one to do it I live at 50a Caernarfon drive clayhall ilford IG5 OXE please

  89. My long term close friend is wheelchair bound,but unable to enjoy his medium sized garden. He has been at his home for 20 years, has a back door to garden, but unable to get out in his electric wheelchair. He is a great person,and never complains. He also lost his very close companion dog, Molly at Christmas 2016 , which was a beautiful Bassett Hound,…he gave her so much love it was incredible. Now he is alone, since his carer female partner is no longer around. I just feel it would add another dimension to his life if he could get outside and enjoy a lovely garden.

  90. Hi I would like to apply for my mother in law to take part in your show, she does everything for everyone and never takes time out for herself. I had my second child 5 months ago and she was born with her bowel outside her body since me having her my mother in law became quite poorly with different illnesses having to have two stents put in her heart and is still waiting for further tests to be done. I’d really appreciate it if you could give her the chance to have the perfect garden that she just physically cannot do anymore.

  91. Hi Alan,

    When will 2018 applications be available? I will be nominating my mum so she can have the perfect garden after doing so much for me and my sister in the past few years. She’s a single mum who can barely afford the mortgage after moving away from my dad. Two years has past since we’ve moved in and we barely scratched the surface on our garden, it would mean the world to me and my family if you can give us a helping hand!

    Many thanks,

  92. Hi Alan,
    Am not sure whether my first request reached you.
    My name is Helen and I am writing on behalf of my niece and her family who recently lost their 24 years old son Rhodri Campbell. Rhodri sadly died after battling cancer for six years. Rhodri had a warm personality and creative in music playing the keyboard and compose a song which was played in his funeral.
    Rhodri is the first born of Emily his mother and his father Ade Campbell, and his only Sister Zoe aged 18.
    Rhodri’ death has left a Hugh hole in the lives of his parents, sister and extended families and his friends. He loves football and a strong Manchester United supporter.
    Alan, creating a garden for his parent, I believe wil help the pain of losing their son, brother, friend, grandson and the list goes on.
    Thank you!

  93. Hello Alan,
    I am writing to ask you a favour. Could you visit my niece’ home for a makeover of their garden as a way of healing. The couple has recently lost their 24 year old son who spent 6 years battling cancer. Heach was a kind and gentle and loving young man who makes everyone special. He lovesaid music and plays the keyboard.
    His parents, his sister and we the entire family are struggling to come to terms with his death. I belive that creating beautiful garden in memory of their son.
    Thank you.
    Pls get in touch for the family address details on
    Thank you!

  94. Alan please could you come to my is full of rubbish and it needs doing thanks and it don’t have to be on tv 😀😀😀

  95. Hi Alan. Would you and your wonderful team possibly consider me? I lost my beautiful daughter 4 years ago on 26/07 to suicide. She was 20. I also lost my darling mum to cancer in March 2017. She had 4 weeks and 4 days from diagnosis to her passing. I would love to have a uiet place in my garden harden where I could go to think of them. Im disabled and suffer with mobility problems so spend al lot of time at home. I also have copd amonth other things l also have chickens who have free ranged the garden to death. There’s nothing left. I would love to get my garden back with an area for them. Please please consider me!! ThNk you ever so much

  96. The Team,
    My wife is due to be medically discharged from the Royal Air Force where she served as a Police Dog Handler.
    The reason for her medical discharge is due to a severe on going mental health problem bought on by her tour in Afghanistan.
    She served alongside the danish infantry as a lone British solider searching on the front line for weapons and explosives.
    We have two young children whom she has to entertain alone as I am soon to deploy on a 6 month tour leaving them all behind as I also serve in the Royal Air Force.
    Having a garden where she can keep the boys entertained whilst I am away will be a massive help to her mental health and make me a lot happier on my tour.

  97. Hi Alan
    I would love you to consider coming and doing my garden we have a large Ish garden and until moving here never got the garden fever but now we love it but we no have no idea what we are doing and no idea what to do with large space and make the most of it
    I just buy stuff that looks pretty but I have no idea what I’m doing
    I would love someone to help and show me this is our first house we have brought that we saved forever to buy and want to make it special for us
    I’m sure you get millions of requests but please do think about visiting me
    I will supply enough cups of tea and biscuits for an army 🙂

  98. Hi Alan l have a mess of a garden l keep tring to get it nice but my time is taken up looking after my sick husband has l am is his carer. I would love to take him out in the garden so he could relax he is in a wheelchair and as got a lot of medical problems so takes up all my time. Hope you can help
    Many thanks Ann taylor

  99. Please can you and your team help me and my children! We moved into are house 3 years ago n ever since we have moved into this house things have gone down hill, to be able to have your team to help us in ower garden would be a massive start to things getting better for us! I won’t put my story as probably no chance of getting this opportunity, my garden is far to much for me to sort out and get on top of, would be fantastic if you guys could help me and my children

    Thankyou xx

  100. Dear Alan & team

    I was hoping that you guys could help me, I am a single mum of 3 and I moved into my house 3 years ago, it is a corner house so I have a large garden, it is all in even and it is a nightmare to keep on top of, I am trying to get the garden safe for my 6 year old to play in and for her to grow things as she loves to plant! I have realised I have bitten off more I can chew with my garden and it is far to much for me to cope with, I have hedges all the way around n buy time I have done them I have not enough space in both my brown bins for the hedges not to mention the grass! It would mean a lot to us if you and your team could help us, it just would be nice to have a nice area to sit together in the garden and bond with a BBQ like me and my girls used to do before we moved.

    Hope you can help us

  101. Hi Alan, we have a small back garden, that I would love you to do. I work full time plus in the care profession, so I dont have the time sort iur garden out. My fiancé is registered bling. He loves to sit in the garden. I would love to make it into a sensory garden for John. With lots of different textures and scents. I love to watch you transform peoples gardens. So would reall appreciate if you could make my wish come true. We live in Newcastle upon tyne. Thank you.

  102. Hi Alan , i would be greatful if you could help me surprise my mom and dad with the garden. As there both gardern lovers. Mom suffers from mental heath issuses and the garden is like a little piece of heaven for her! Dad became very ill december 2016 was in hospital a month. Since then dads not been the same and finds it hard to do much. I would love your help to do this for. We all love watching your show.

  103. 73 year old widowed twice, not much money, garden too much now, work as a lollipop lady to help finances,at the end of the street, had 3 hip ops 1 went wrong ending with scepecemia, 2 shoulder ops. Struggle but would love Alan to come and do garden to make it easier for me.

  104. dear alan

    hi alan i would like my back garden done but my dad is always busy doing other things to concitrate on other things it would be a nice surprise for him as well as me but there is two trees that i would like to keep but we need a new garage as are’s is made out off of a substance that is harmefull to health can you help please

  105. Hi Alan

    I write to you more in hope than anything else. My wife will be retiring on the 31st of October 2017 after 38 long years dedicated to the NHS straight from school. As time has gone by she has struggled with arthritis in her hands and in her hips. I would like someone like yourself and your team to create a tropical styled garden especially with Bird of Paradise in it as she came across this flower when we were on honeymoon in Tenerife way back in 1988 and fell in love with it.

    Our back garden at present is a mixture of slabs, grass, bamboo and a various mishmash of other plants with a corner deck up at the back corner. The garden gets sun all day when it is out so the tropical plants do very well. Our garden is roughly 15 metres x 8 metres deep and sits on a corner plot hence the size.

    Unfortunately I do not have a lot of imaginationbut I do try.

    It would be great to hear from yourself.

    Cheers John

  106. Hi, I am enquiring on behalf of my neighbour, she is a pensioner and also a full time carer for her daughter who is disabled. My partner has tried for a long time now to sort her back garden out so her daughter can access the garden, there is so much to throw and make safe, also fencing of some sort to neighbouring houses, but its something we are finding hard to keep on top off. And Bridgette (the mum) is unable to do this. It needs to be made over to probably mainly a very low maintenance garden. It would make both of their lives more enjoyable.

  107. Hi Alan. Please could you consider my request… I have a friend in desperate need of a garden makeover… she works so many hours that she never gets around to doing gardening let alone enjoy her garden… she has dedicated the last 30 years to caring for people with learning disabilities and shes had a really tough time since her Dad died 3 years ago (she now lives alone). Shes just moved into a new bungalow 6 months ago in a bid to move on with her life but the garden leaves alot to be desired… she needs somewhere peaceful – “feng shui-ish” Shes always talking about Japanese gardens as she thinks its noce and relaxing especially with a water feature. It would just be so lovely for her to come home one day after a 24 hour shift and its all done… and not to have to worry about having time to do it

  108. Hello, I would like to ask if you and your team would come to Falmouth in Cornwall to do a garden make over for both my partner and myself. The reason for contacting you and your team is I suffer with Epilepsy, heart condition, I have cprs in my left hand,along with hips now giving up on me.

    I am registered disabled & although I have been trying to do bits in the garden, I am failing and due to everything going wrong with me, I feel that I am putting a lot of work,strain & stress on my partner or 17 yrs.

    I would really love to surprise her with a garden makeover from you and your team please

  109. Hello. My sister has Rhett Syndrome and lives in a care home with 3 other residents. They all love being outside so much but their garden isn’t very interesting. It would be wonderful if they could have some sort of sensory garden for them to enjoy all year round. Thank you for your time x

  110. I’d love my little garden done, there are three of us, me 53, disabled, my brother, mental health issues and house bound and my 21yr son who’s autistic and type 1 diabetic. This is our first garden. Moved to Birmingham after son was bullied had a breakdown and had a court case where the police prosecuted the bullie. We all decided to live together here. We spend a lot or would in the garden, we get foxes and badgers at night

  111. I started to fill in the application form, then when nearly finished I saw the final entry date is 17th February; today is 18th April. You should not offer the form if it is no longer valid.

  112. Hi Allan, I am 12 years old and my dad is a working soldier in the army and my mum is a headteacher and they both work so hard to let me and my sister go to boarding school. Recently we have moved into our own house instead of living in an army house. This house hasn’t been lived in for 10 years! Our garden at the moment is ‘a jungle’, my dad goes out there every day and works, but he is finding it harder and harder every day. My mum and me and my sister all go out and help when we are not sorting out the house. We are running low on money and can’t afford to rent anything to help us in the garden. This is our first home that is owned by us and not the army. I would really like to surprise my parents with a brand new garden. All we want is for our new home to be finished. We could really use you and your teams. help. I really hope you can get back to me, Ysabelle Davies

  113. Hi Alan, I’m writing to ask for your help for three ladies I support and care for. They all share a tenancy in the community and all have a learning disability and mobility issues, The house they share is a large detached and has garden front back and sides which they are not able to maintain themselves. Myself and my staff team have tried to make the garden low maintanence and have added quarky ideas for planters because the ladies do like to spend time in the garden when the weather is warm but we are finding it harder each year to do work on the garden and still carry out our work commitments for the ladies. The ladies can’t afford a gardener to maintain the garden because their budgets will not run to it and also the equipment they purchase is not really strong enough for the purpose so often breaks down, it took my husband 3 hours this last week-end just to cut the lawns. We do like to keep the garden looking tidy we feel it helps people to accept people who are different into the community and once a year we like to have a garden event so we can invite family,friends and neighbours round, we don,t need anything flash just a garden that is very low maintanence which the ladies can walk around without the fear of falling or stumbling, the house is council property so i don’t know if you accepted if this would be a problem. Hope to hear from you soon, Jill

  114. Hi Alan ,I already filled this form last summer but I can’t see now my form in your list never mind I write again my English is not good but I try to explain my son friend he is only 17 year old he lives his grand maa now he leave his education because he loss his mom in 2014 August than 2015 he his granddad and 2016 he lost his 19 years old brother they don’t have no family they are very alone his grandmother Dores very nice old she is very old sick but strong she look after him she washing your show I told her I fill the form she was happy and exited please can you you consider her case I really appreciate we live in bolton my number is 07474017871 my name sara

  115. I have heared from your team 3/4 times a lovely lady called Faye.Last time we spoke back in January she asked for details of my daughters telephone numbers and said she would be in touch that week.that is now over 6 weeks ago and we have not heard anything from that conversation..Do you think you could let me know if we were successful.Thanks very much. Regards Eileen Aitchison.Would prefer this to be private.but I do not no how to get in touch with you…Eileen.

  116. My son and daughter in law have a beautiful 14 month old baby girl. This summer will be her first time she will be able to use their garden but it needs your magic touch. The garden is small and requires your expertise to make the most of it. My son raised £47,000 for the charity Sands UK in 2014 by hosting Albies Football Challenge at the Emirates stadium in memory of my grandson Albie and my sons nephew who was born sleeping full term in July 2013 . In May this year he is trying to break a World record for the longest football match. He is totally organising this and it is to be held in May half term. He is going for 7 days the record is 5. Hopefully there will be tv coverage of this amazing challenge to. This year he is raising money for the charity Tommys . I am super proud of him and would love you to make over his garden during this time. Many thanks for listening.

  117. My Story is not a patch on some, however, my husband left myself and my 3 children aged 9, 11 and 13 last Summer in a quest for his own life! I am trying to keep the family unit ticking along and am faced with the usual ‘teenager’ issues, I am constantly trying to get the children away from the Internet, TV and phones and would love a garden which will draw the children away from technology and get them to want to spend time outside and with me! I have a large garden which is a blank canvas… just grass. I do have a sunk in trampoline, a garden shed, a fence down one side and a well established hedge on the other. I live in a relatively new house and would like my garden to enhance our lifestyle 🙂

  118. Dear Team

    My husband has been doing (DIY) on our kitchen and bathroom for the past 6 months which is taking a bit long as he has to juggle with his job which he travels several miles (over 70 miles) to and through almost everyday. Our fence has just broken due to this strong wind brought on by the current storm (DORIS).
    I would highly appreciate if your team would be kind enough to do a garden makeover for us please please


  119. Dear Maria, Please can you download the application form and email it with photos of yourself, your daughter and your garden. Thank you LYG Team

  120. Dear Alan, I dont know how to explain fully my situation, but I will try. I am living with my daughter, who is my carer, i am a wheelchair user, arthritis, and c.o.p.d and other stuff, anyway, also my granddaughter aged 21, who has autism, my daughter cares for us both. We recently moved to surrey to be close to my grandson, who lives and works there, for more support for his sister, and us. the house is ideal, a very quiet area, Guildford, only drawback is the back garden, its on a slope, and no planting, in fact i cant get out, nowhere to sit for the others either, its actualy a dump. I have always loved gardening , growing fruit and veg, in my younger agile days in my allotment, growing everything from seed.I would still love to grow a few flowers in pots if I could be out in our garden. My granddaughter, is unable to socialise very well, and stays in her bedroom mostly, except for summer she sat out sometimes to get some fresh air, she loves sunbathing then.My daughter loves loves being outside, and loves sitting outside with me. I know it sounds an impossible task to get anyone to help, I just thought, hoped you could help. Thank You. Maria Romero.

  121. Dear Alan,
    Unfortunetaly, in February 2016, my brother Josh (18) had gone missing (north wales) and my dad, Dion (mountain recue leader) tragically found him in a woodland area close to the house on the 1st March! He had taken his own life. I am writing to you to kindly ask for your help! It has been a very tough and emotional year for us as a family.We would love a memorial garden for Josh overlooking the sea.My dad is allways ready to help others and has been a member of the mountain rescue team for over 20 years, my mum is a carer to my grandparents and has allways been there for myself,my brother,sister and their grandchildren. As a thankyou i would love for you to come and help with the garden!
    Thankyou for your time

  122. Have just moved into barn conversation , views are stunning and don’t want to lose them but need to make my garden a bit more secure after being attacked and robbed by 3 masked men while in my bed , (did get sent to prison , hence my move before they released ) in my previous home . Me and my daughter on our own after loosing my husband to cancer at at young age . My garden is a blank canvase just a square of grass, no idea of shrubs or trees to plant that are also deterant to intruders . Would love some advice and mayb take part in any future gardening programmes

  123. Hi I’m Malcolm headon and my brother died two years ago and we had to pay for his funrul and with planning it and paying for it we just didnt have the time to do our garden and when I was born my mother was told that I was going to be disabled and my wife doesn’t have time to look after the garden Beacause we have 4 kids and she’s my full time carer please help us

  124. HI Alan, My husband Adam was injured in Iraq in 2003 when he was called up as areservist and is now in a wheelchair permenantly, we have a big garden but can only get around so much. We have managed to doa raised bed for his veg as he loves gardening but need so much more help as i had a mild stroke 5 years ago and can’t lift much

  125. Hi Alan 🙂
    My amazing Mum is finally moving into a home of her own after me and my two sisters have all fled the nest. She’s worked so hard all her life bringing us up alone and battling/beating cancer numerous times..and I would love for her to have an amazing garden to enjoy. She loves the outdoors and nature, and the garden is where she most likes to be. It would mean the world to her.
    Thankyou- Georgina xx

  126. Hi Alan my husb and I have just moved in to a ground floor flat and I would be pleased if u could do mine as my husband Ron suffers with arthritis and spondylitis it is a small garden but would appreciate if I could be considered

  127. Hi
    My best friends husband passed away on November 21st he was 40 years old.while he was waiting for a lung transplant his dream was to get better and do his garden for his wife and 2 daughters. But this sadly was not tobe.
    I am asking for help to reneovate rheir garden and also make a special place in the garden that will remember them about Kevin.

  128. Dear Sir/madam

    I’m writing on behalf of my 17 month old nephew Mason and sister Jayanne. They live in Weybridge, Surrey. Mason was diagnosed with a life limiting condition called Cystic Fibrosis at 5 weeks old through his heel prick test.

    I am fundraising to help with her garden being levelled, some plants, trees, boarders, astroturfing, play equipment, trampoline and a summerhouse to help her to carry on being self employed and continue to care for mason from

    She is a single mum and Masons full Time carer, and to my other nephew Harry who is 8. She is often so busy trying to make ends meet with homework, school runs, homework, keeping the house clean and safe, Physio therapy and medicines for Mason, often not having enough time to take him out and exercise him they way he needs to live a full healthy lifestyle.

    She is a self employed cake maker with a very small kitchen- with the help or any contributions we could open her a cake studio in the garden.

    The AstroTurf is clean and suitable for Masons health as soil is to be avoided with children with Cystic Fibrosis due to the germ spores.

    The trampoline/play equipment would be to help mason exercise daily reducing the amount of mucus build up in his lungs.

    And the plants to try and make it looking inviting and give them the garden they deserve.

    I would be very great full of any kind donation you could offer, either direct items or something in which we can raffle in order to raise money for them.

    With kindest regards
    Nicola Scarrott

  129. I am a mother of five, with who my husband left me and does not support me, I have only my step father to help as my mother has passed away.
    My child always want to play in the garden but it’s in a mess and not safe, please can you help.

  130. I have just seen a local poorly baby garden sensory room as blown apart due to weather conditions ….poor baby’s favourite room

  131. Hi Alan me and my family was wondering if you would be able to help us with our garden, we all want to surprise my mum after everything she does. She stuggles from copd which is a massive disadvantage for her. She is unable to get out to the garden to do anything with it. We had a house fire two years ago and have been having work done on the house so we never had time to do the garden. My mum no is a lot worse and my and my sisters would love for her to have somewhere to chill out to maybe calm down her conditions. We would love for you to help us it’s also her birthday soon so this would be massive!! We live in woodlands!

  132. We are very excited in handing in our application and really hope you consider my girlfriend/fiancé. She is the most selfless caring person ever and always puts others first. We have a garden with great potential and I would love to make this garden the garden she tries so hard to manage in the small time she has to herself.
    Please consider us. Andy Dakin

  133. Hi Alan, and your amazing team -.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, would you consider travelling to Merseyside and taking on a challenge regarding our small garden that no one knows what to do with it. We have tried a lot of different ways to get it just right , but to no avail. After my Husbands Heart problems he loves to sit in the garden, but there is just nothing pleasant to enjoy, only the fresh air.
    I would ask if you would put our name in the hat, and keep everything crossed that we get picked.
    Thank you for reading this request.
    Best wishes.
    Maureen Smith.

  134. Hi There,

    I have submitted an application form and received an email to say that the team would be responding in October 2016. As I have not heard anything, I thought I would drop a line on here to ensure that I hadn’t missed the opportunity to apply. Can someone come back to me?

    Thank you so much!


  135. Hi Alan please could you come to my mums house because she very much deserves a lovely garden sometime she can be so ill with her chrons disease and lots of others she can’t actually get out into the garden she struggles up and Dow the three steps that are in the garden she has 2 children and she is disabled and she a grandson on the way so she would appreciate for as ever
    Thank you
    Charlee-Faye Robertson

  136. Hi Alan. No tale of woe here just an ongoing and progressively more successful project that is proving challenging at 847 feet on the North Downs. The house is set in 2.5 acres of garden and woodland in a high and peaceful Kent valley. The objective is to transform the formal borders, which had been heavily overgrown with “weeds”, with plants that satisfy two or more of the following criterion:
    Aromatic, Edible, Medicinal, Attractive.
    Aromatic herbs sub shrubs and trees of the conventional “herb” garden feature strongly but so too do such things as Fuschia and Cob since these are attractive and produce edible fruits with minimal maintenance.
    The plants do all have to be relatively low maintenance for three reasons:
    Size of the garden:
    Steeply sloping beds that are hazardous in wet weather
    I am away for several weeks at a time on business

    The objective has always been to produce something that has the incredible aroma foliage and flower of a monastic castle or manor herb garden with all of the culinary and medicinal advantages of the types of plants typically grown. I appreciate this is not a “Garden SOS” situation nonetheless it is an interesting project!

  137. Hi Alan my mum and dad are in there late 70’s
    We have just moved them in to a bungalow as my dad was finding it hard with the stairs, we have done all the bungalow up but don’t have a clue how to tackle the garden it’s all over grown and full of trees it’s like a forest please help.
    Thank you
    Sandra Crosby

  138. Hi Alan I was wondering if you would turn up at my house as my wife & her 2 girls loved the garden but we had a bit of building work now it’s just a mud pit & I really don’t know where to start or what to do. I would so love for my wife & the girls to get there garden back. Would love your help.
    Thank you

  139. Hi alan could you consider to come to mine and my sisters bungalow as I want to surprise my sister carol cause she suffers from copd and its a struggle for her she has 10 grandchildren who she would love to have a play house for them to play in and somewhere she could relax if only the back garden was level I hope you could help many thanks we live in telford I hope you can help

  140. Hi , we bought our house in 2010 and it needed lots and lots of work done , we have been getting through it slowly bit the garden is unusable atm and as we had our first child in January I really want the garden done so we can play outside , he already loves the outdoors and cry’s to go into the garden , please help us

  141. Dear Sir, I have a great big garden but I also has multiple sclerosis and I can’t walk very well, now that I’m sick I can’t manage it or find it very easy to enjoy my garden! Please please help me if you can by being very find in you heart to take my garden and mke it my dream!

  142. Hi..My Daughter is moving to a new house on 17th October 2016..The small back garden & tiny front garden have been neglected..I would’ve helped to make a pretty & contempory garden for her but had an amputation of my finger & part of my hand last year due to a rare cancer. And 3 weeks ago scans revealed my Daughter Lisa has a brain tumour & is waiting to have the operation. The move is taking her mind off things for now & as her 2 1/2yr relationship ended everything has come at the same time. So i would love to surprise her with a garden makeover as she is going through so much & is very worried.
    From Jacqui x.

  143. Hi I’m looking to see if my mom and dad could get a makeover in there garden , my sister only 29 pasted away July and left 2 children age 12 /6 they have gone to live with my parents , my dads not in the best of health since my sister passing he’s had a heart attack . The garden is in such a state and there not able to do the garden neither have the funds pls could u help

  144. Hello. I am currently working at a charity based pre school that has been opened and run by my boss for 31 years now. She has had troubles over the years being moved about to different location etc and now has a wonderful building with a huge garden which we only use less than half of as we have a big weed problem and the children get hurt when they over grow. Even when they are cut down we have a huge empty patch of grass with one old plastic slide as the nursery just don’t have the funds to provide anything else and when it has been raining the kids are unable to use it all together. Just seems such a waste of wonderful space which the children would benefit from as all the children at the nursery are from low income families who live in Tower blocks with no garden of their own to run around in. My boss has suffered from poor health recently and was told she should retire but she refused to. She also not long ago lost her parents and I think it would be such a great pick me up to give her the garden she is desperate for her children to play in. Many thanks 😊

  145. Dear Alan I watch your show every time you are on . The reason for my messages is because I have had quiet a hard start in life my parents divorced when I was 11 and I was the eldest child of 5 brothers and sisters . I helped my dad bring up the children from a one year old up to an 8 year old . I never had much of a childhood as I was either changing nappies or coking or cleaning . I wouldn’t have had it any other way me and my brothers and sisters together forever . At the age of 19 I gave birth to my beautiful daughter . Due to hospital negligence my daughter I’d a special child I was advised to turn her life machine off when she was 3 months old I said no. It has been a very hard road but got my daughter to walk and talk after 10 years we live Moor in hospital then we do at home . My life is very sheltered as my daughter is very home bound .so we live in our garden last year Christmas was touch and go for my daughter so we spent our Christmas in our garden . Please I have digged I have carried I have turned over soil I haven’t stopped . Our garden is our heaven I would love if you could help me make it what we dream off . I help my neighbours who has no family I do her garden and shopping I help the children who live local that haven’t got much . And they also spend summers in my pool and on the swings please help me make my garden a safe haven for me my daughter and the children that cone to join us .either way I think you are brilliant . Thank you for reading my message keep up the good work carrie and Georgia x x x my daughter has prader willing syndrome autistic diabetes. Pro heart problem cerebral palsy sleep apnea oxygen dependent and each day is a bonus x x

  146. Hi, My daughter has a long live wish to realize the potential of her small back garden. She often expresses her desire for a hot tub and a fire feature, she thinks and studies the possibilities of plants, but years go by and nothing happens, because she is too busy looking after everyone’s well being and interests. Could I help her with your expert knowledge to realize her dream. I feel that the people she cares for would also like to give her the surprise.

  147. Hi would love a make over for a house that my family and I have just moved into its been growing wild from previous owner for 5 years and we don’t have the first clue where to start .
    We have a small dog and 2 kids who would love a proper garden as always lived in a flat .. Any help would be greatly appreciated .

  148. Hi Alan my son and his wife and their son have just moved into a bungalow and the gardenis so over grown and just a mess and their little boy is mentally handycapped with cerebral palsy and brain damage. He doesn’t walk but crawls and loves the garden but of course can’t get out in there. It’s so sad really he is 6 years prob have lots of sad cases but I hate seeing their plight so thought I would write to you. Love one sad Nanny

  149. Hi ALAN And team I would love a garden makeover as a surprise for my husband who is my rock. We have been married for 33yrs and he has suffered two heart attacks . We love our garden but need a little help sorting it out as I have been diagnosed with cancer and need the garden to be more low maintenance . god bless thank you x

  150. I probably am not going to get anywhere with this but I’m going to try anyway.
    My Nan turned 80 years old this year and is struggling to stay on her feet. Constantly falling over due to bricks risen and uneven ground. I’m just looking for a little bit of help. I can’t do it by myself and only have a small income. Please help my Nan x

  151. Hi I would appreciate some help to do something with my ex wife garden where she lives in West Raynham with my youngest daughter who has been living with a brain tumour since before she was 2 she is now coming up to 14 and very uneasy on her feet and the land is so clayee I can’t get it to break up i would really appreciate your help to transform this garden for them to enjoy my daughter has a condition called NF1 THERE Is no prognosis we just take things day by day please please even some advice would be good

  152. Hi my mum and dad have a garden that needs doing for years. My mum had breast cancer and a mastectomy in 2010 and my dad had a heart attack and went through a triple bypass in 2011, in Jan 2016 my mum got told she had breast cancer in the other side which has spread to her bones and is not curable but controllable, they would love to have the garden redesigned

  153. Hello …I’m not sure what I’m doing …I just need my garden done for my daughters age 8 and 5..they both have special needs…my 8 year old has a brain tumour and other tumours …Im not asking anyone to feel sorry for us . What we need is a safe and enjoyable garden for us as a family ….I’ve tried lots of charity but will no luck …please help us xx

  154. Dear Alan,
    Please could you help me make the garden of my mums dreams for her 50th birthday, she throughly deserves it’s because she has been a single mum since I was born and the first 12 years of my life I have gone with out a dad, however through all our arguments she has always been there for me and worked all the hours god sends to provide for me and give me an unforgettable childhood.
    Also, my grandad (her dad) sadly had a stroke on 1st January 2013 and was left paralysed down the right side , since then he has had another stroke which left him with memory loss, but my mum along with my nan are always there for him, keeping him company and taking him out to give him fresh air and stop him from looking at the same four walls for days on end . So that’s why my mum deserves it and I just think it would be a lovely surprise for her.
    Thank you very much and hope too hear from you soon.

  155. Hi, i was wondering if you could help 2 wonderful friends of mine, have a young daughter called Abigail who is 7 who suffers with a life limiting condition called AHC ( Alternating Hemiplegia of childhood) its a very rare condition that effects 1 in a million children! Her wonderful parents Emma and Gavin are trying their hardest to raise funds to make a special garden that will suit Abigail’s special needs so that she can play outside with her brother hugh who is 5, they are try raise £8K which is how much a garden for the needs of their brave daughter will cost, Abigail can be home bound for up to a month at a time, can’t bath or go in a pool for longer then 3minuites, she can’t be outside for long, she has a mind of a 3 year old suffers with severe siezures those similar of someone having a stroke and that’s not all! If you could visit Abigail’s mum and dads page on Facebook and have a read it would be amazing and your help would be great! Please please help a family who are amazing and a inspiration to all! Facebook page: Abi’s AHC World ….. Please please help!

  156. Hi im applying for my sister about a year ago her home burnt down and she lost everything she owned she was housed by the council and the grden needs so much work her and her 4 children attepted to start it but were defeated as it was to difficult I believe she deserves help after everything shes been through it wwould be amazing to put a smile on her face many thanks

  157. Hi Alan and the team of love your garden I would like it if you could help my son’s friend and his grandmother She is very lovely English lady, they live alone they don’t have any family my son’s friend 16 years old boy his 19 years old brother passed away in July 2016 ,their mother also died of cancer in 2014 .she was diagnosed with cancer around 2009 and was diagnosed again in 2012. His granddad also passed away because of cancer October 2015 then grandma had stroke in January 2016 but as then recoverd from it she had very hard time last 9 years she look after her daughter and husband she’s 80 years old lady, very hard time for her and her grandson I would like to organise this for her and his grandson they have witnessed 3 deaths in 2 years and don’t have much family this is my number 07474017871 thank you

  158. Hi Alan and the team of love your garden I would like it if you could help my son’s friend and his grandmother She is very lovely English lady, they live alone they don’t have any family my son’s friend 16 years old boy his 19 years old brother passed away in July 2016 ,their mother also died of cancer in 2014 .she was diagnosed with cancer around 2009 and was diagnosed again in 2012. His granddad also passed away because of cancer October 2015 then grandma had stroke in January 2016 but as then recoverd from it she had very hard time last 9 years she look after her daughter and husband she’s 80 years old lady, very hard time for her and her grandson I would like to organise this for her and his grandson they have witnessed 3 deaths in 2 years and don’t have much family this is my number 07474017871 thank you

  159. Hello,
    I’m writing to you on part of my mum, she’s been through allot looking after me throughout my 19 years of life being in and out of hospital having 3 brain operations, she hasn’t worked since I was born and has struggled allot, she loves the outdoors and always used to sit in the garden but it’s all over grown and she just doesnt have the time to keep up woth it all and she doesn’t feel she can have people round in summer to show it off and it really gets her down and I want to give something back to her to say thank you for everything she has done for me and my little sister.

    Many thanks

  160. Dear Alan, I have been moved by the plight of my new neighbour, Stephen Murray, who moved in next door a few weeks ago with his young son and stepson. British born, but a star of the BMX circuit in America, Stephen is a seven-time British champion and the winner of countless gold medals and awards. But at the peak of his career he suffered a catastrophic fall while competing at the BMX Dirt Finals in Baltimore, Maryland in 2007, and has been paralyzed from the shoulders down ever since.Treatment costs in America have forced him to return from California to the UK, a move only made possible after a fundraising campaign supported by family, friends and fans. A lone parent, he is fortunate to have a rear garden but unfortunately one that is totally unsuited for someone who is wheelchair bound. It is also one which must be able to accommodate the needs of his children. His parents, who have been incredibly supportive since the accident, now face the cost of creating a new wet room for their son and care funding, meaning resources are already seriously stretched. A garden, tailored to Stephen’s specific needs, could mean so much to him as he fights to regain some movement in his hands and toes and readjusts to life back in the UK.

  161. Dear Alan If you only ever do one more garden I would just love it to be for my sister. She is 64 and has been struggling with MS since 1978. As she has got older her mobility has got worse and the gardening she loved to do is now impossible. I have given her garden a couple of makeovers and have been quite chuffed at my attempt, but when she say ‘lovely’… how do those people of the telly get all those lovely things done in there gardens? then I know I haven’t made the grade. She would have to have a garden that needs virtually no maintenance. Her soil if mostly clay and hard for me to work. I have put in a couple of borders and paths. Helped take down the old shed and see to the fences shed etc. and I’m 65 !! I always thought it would be lovely to have my own garden done but to have hers changed so she can actually get around it with her wheelie walker would mean more to me and she would absolutely be thrilled to bits. She has had a difficult life. Her house is tiny but her garden quite big but unusable for her. Please please please help my sister Pat. She deserves it.

  162. My son’s friend brother who was 19 years old recently passed away, their mother also died in 2014. She was diagnosed with cancer around 2009 and was diagnosed again in 2012. His grandad also passed away because of cancer recently few months ago. His grandma had a stroke around January but as then recoverd from it. I would like to organise this for him and his grandmother Dorise as they have witnessed 3 deaths in 2 years and don’t have much family
    Thank you

  163. Please help my friend single mum of 4 children of youngest 1y old is always poorly already had open heart
    She’s always trying to help other people with lifts ect he garden is in need of a face lift there’s 2 conifers that need pulling out
    She would be overwhelmed just for tidy up she dosnt have much time
    We’re in Sheffield

  164. Hi Alan and the team of love your garden , I would like it if you could help my husband do our garden as it is in state of disrepair , it looks like a scene from a war film , we have just taken over the property , and are refurbishing the inside at the moment , Rob my husband is in poor health himself with heart and blood problems he is 61 years of age , and still works though he is finding this very difficult , his head his telling him he can do things , but his body isn’t getting the same message . He is not in a good place at the moment as his mum and sister who is only 42 have just been diagnosed as terminally ill with cancer , he would do anything for anybody and always willing to help , I am writing to you for help so I can give him , something back , it would be nice just to be able to sit back in a relaxing garden and chill for a while , instead of all the stress we have at the moment , kind regards Carol

  165. I would love for my mum to have her garden glamed up she always watches the show to get ideas on things to do in the garden but are garden is so big that you can only do so much at a time it’s a big garden with a lot of potential and could be a lovely family garden for the grandchildren and my mum to enjoy hope you will consider my application many thanks

  166. Dear Alan and team,

    I work in a short break unit for children with physical and learning difficulties. We have 2 play areas. One is Tarmac with a swing and a bridge and the other garden is grass. We would like to turn this into a sensory garden that the children could help to maintain. It’s overgrown and the paved areas are all inaccessible to the children with mobility issues. The staff try to keep it in a reasonabl condition but we aren’t able to use it as the paving has become so bad it’s a danger to the children. It would be so nice if we could have a garden area that was easy to maintain and could give these children somewhere to relax and enjoy being.
    Thank you for your time.

  167. Hi Alan and the team,

    My mother in law loves you to bits and watches your shows regularly, she’s just coming up for her 6th birthday and really needs your help with her giant garden, she’s been trying to maintain it herself, but is starting to struggle to keep up, it’s such a big garden that by the time she’s cleared one bit and got round the house she’s back to square one, she’s always always helping others and would do anything for anyone, she has spent a lot of years caring for her mother who had dementia, sadly she has now passed, but due to all her time being spent caring for her mum she neglected the garden quite a bit, but as she’s getting older she’s finding it increasingly more difficult to get it back up toget her, we and she would be over the moon if you could help us, it would make a wonderful caring women so very happy, even if you could just give some advice, we would very much appreciate any help you could give us.

  168. My family really need help with our garden. My 10 year old has numerous disabilities and loves to be outside, but can’t in our garden. Our garden is literally a blank canvas and have no funds to make it in to a wonderful garden. We have no fence/wall on our side, so feel like we’re sitting in next doors garden.

  169. My husband loves gis garden, he struggles with AS a congenital back problem, but never given into it..He dug out his own Koi Pond, tries to improve our garden, but a few years ago planted Bamboo which he has struggled to remove..we both are not plant savvy hence trees that once suited our garden have overtaken us..and the garden has so much potential..Simon has no idea I am applying but he has been an amazing husband, taking on my two children when he was 23 after I was widowed over 35 years ago…I am nominating him as a big thank you so he could relax and enjoy the home he has kept for us..Please, please, please..I would love to see his reaction he has had a rough time since he was early 20s with his back problem, but never gives in and is always there to help everyone else..He has never won anything and it would be great to see him relax and enjoy a boost..thank you

  170. Hi my name is Eryn I’m 13 and I love gardening but i can’t do my garden all buy myself I was wondering if had any ideas ever to help me make amazing

  171. I am requesting help for my best friend to have a garden make over please. Her husband was diagnosed with cancer in his toe last year unfortunately it has spread he is at the moment waiting to go into hospital to have his leg drained and have intense chemotherapy, while he is waiting he has been quite poorly and unable to be mobile. They would love a nice garden so they can sit and view. I am hoping you can help me surprise them as they are such a lovely couple and this would make them so happy, they have been going through a tough time. Thank you xx

  172. Marie stewart, hello, I have been looking after my six year old granson. Since he was four weeks old, he has had been let down so much in six years. By the people who is meant to love and care for him. Apart from everythink he is always so happy, and always has the biggest smile. So i wanted to do something special for him, he loves ninja warriors. So i wanted help in building an ninja warrior course in my back garden for him. He would love it, if someone could make this possible, As he is always asking me, To build him one, But can never seem to find the time. As at times he can be quite challenging, As he also has autism. But nothing seems to get him down, And i am so proud off him, I just want help. In making his dream come true. Also to show him how very proud i am of him. Thank you.

  173. Hi my name is Zoe, I have ADHD and ASD I’m 15 years old I have had a very tuff time at school I have a brother called Harry he is 12 years old we live with out mum she is 45 years old sadly our mum became a widow in 2014 when we lost our dad to a tuff battle through Oesophgul Cancer our dad battle 3 years with this illness. We would love our garden turned into a nice memorial garden for a place of reflection where we can go out and have some time to think about him. I think my mum deserves this make over because she has coped so well and she need a treat from her kids to say well done for being so brave x

  174. My mom sadly passed away , and my boyfriends mom has done a lot for me ever since I would love to give her something in return for helping me

  175. My wife has a dream of a garden my disabled daughter can access, she has multi sensory problems including blindness my wife has toiled with trying to accomplish this but she had brain surgery 4 years ago and can no longer do any heavy work, I myself work in a very busy day centre for adults with learning difficulties and cannot do the work either as we foster 2 young boys with severe autism. Please help we would love to have an accessible place for all especially Darcey my beautiful daughter !!

  176. Hello, we have moved into a new house and are looking to do drastic changes to our garden. I have some unique ideas in mind and would like to apply for your show.
    Please can you let me know what is needed to apply?

  177. Hi, I would like to see my lovely ex Daughters Garden have a makeover, she cares about everyone, and is a carer, she’s had a hard life and never complains. Her beautiful dog was run over, but he goes swimming to try to help his spine, he limps but is happy and gentle, a little place at the end of the garden for him to relax as well, would be fantastic. And a nice patio for my dear Ex Daughter in law would be wonderful.

  178. Hi, I’m wondering if I could get some help for my husband we have had a terrible year one morning my husband woke with pains in his neck managed to carry on with work but over time these pains became worse, he visited the doctor on numerous occasions with no great help after 6 months of going back he finally sent him for test at the local hospital scan after scan reveals a brain/spinal tumour which as you can imagine floored us, my husband has gradually got worse and is now using a wheelchair due to this he can’t enjoy his garden because he can’t get out there we have high steps to contend with, he has always enjoyed watching his son’s kicking a football but has to do that now from the living room window please help I just want him to enjoy want he always had done without restrictions life is extremely hard these days, my two boys need to see that dad smile again.
    Thanks for reading my plea.
    Yours faithfully
    Suzanne Allen.

  179. Hello my name is Theresa I don’t leave the house on my own because I have a various amount of both physical and mental health issues and awful lot has happened to our family in the last 6 year’s that I won’t go into here. But I have a 140ft back garden and I’m at a loss to know what to do with it can go into the garden it’s become my safe place but it is a sun trap and I also have 3 goldendoodles who like to dig and so the garden is full of holes and uneven if you could take the time just to read this is would be forever grateful

  180. My dad works all the time to make sure our house and garden can look nice and over the years he has slowly made progress with both. However I recently had my birthday party and all my garden became wrecked. I feel extremely responsible for the state of my garden and I am deeply saddened by the outcome of my friends actions as we can’t afford to fix our garden it will mean my parents have no place to relax after working hard everyday.

  181. Hi. We have a nice size garden but lots of trouble trying to tidy it up and have therefore seemed to have made a complete mess! We have a fence covered with ivy that is coming from next door and the soil is filled with stones. We just don’t know what to do with it. Would love some help and ideas of what to do. We are at a complete loss!! Thankyou for taking time to read this. Jenny and nick adams

  182. Having had to move back in with my mother whose health has deteriorated in the past 2 years she is disabled & mostly housebound & needs constant care & is dependent on her children we do not have carers & look after her ourselves even though we all work we would love for her to be able to sit in the garden but it has always been trouble some & proved a tough job to keep from overgrowing & maintenance please please help to end my mums days of looking out of a window instead of being able to sit outside.

  183. Hi there I tied to fill.out applications form.but it won’t let me type I work for a charity run organisation called sure start we are based in a local community centre and work with babys birth to 3 and there families who are refered to us for various reasons the reason why I am contacting u is the care commission who.we work under insist that its very important that we give the children a choice to play outside in the garden which.qe strongly agree but due to lack of funding our equipment in the garden is weather damaged and is.becoming dangerous for the children we have place to educate the children ie raised beds which we grow fruit and veg to show them were they come from how to grow etc very greatful if you could help

  184. Hi. I would be so appreciative if you could help me, my partner, and children finally have the garden we dream of. We are not unrealistic with our expectations, but long for a garden to be proud of and allow my children to actually be able to use.
    The reason I’m filling out this application form is because I know that after everything my most amazing fiancé has been through the heart ache she has had to deal with over the last 5 years, this would be such an amazing gesture and I know she would be thrilled to have the garden finally done.
    I would rather not explain the heart ache by text on here, but will openly tell all that she and I have had to cope with.
    Pls allow me to prove/explain to you that we should be serious candidates for this wonderful opportunity you offer
    Kind regards
    David Bennett

  185. Hi I am 16 years old and I live with my brother and mum. my dad sadly passed away last year after having a long battle with his Heart which was caused by his cancer treatment my mum looked after him for years caring for him every day whilst also going to work I feel that she should have some good in her life and to have somewhere she can go and relax as she is still not coping very well she needs someone to look after her for a change and we would like to make that happen.

  186. my dad has always wanted to have a nice garden but we’ve been in the house for 11 years and hes never had the time. now that him and my mum have split apart i feel like he really needs cheering up, he has depression and anxiety.

  187. My daughter had 5 children and a very Un friendly child proof garden it needs a lot of work and we have at least 4 men willing to help but don’t have a clue where to start your help would be much appreciated in any way

  188. My husband works all the hours god sends to provide for our family, we have 2boys and he wants nothing more than to sit and relax with them in the garden on his days off, he misses out on so much with the boys that time with them is precious and I know a nice garden would really make his and the kids day 🙂 I have tried to make it nice but I have no idea what I’m doing and money is limited. He isn’t into cars or material things he just want to feel relaxed and I know a nice garden would do this

  189. Hi I was wondering if you could our garden for my lovely husband who’s be through a lot in the last couple of years who has had his bowel removed and he finds it hard to do a lot of manual work and we could just relax in the garden

  190. Hi Alan nominate my husband and my little girl my husband looks after me has I am disabled we Dow in garden has it in to much a mess I husband did start it but he came very ill so I would like a garden done so my little one can out play my front garden not bad but even that needs doing please me our dreams come so we go and sit in garden its mainly for my little girl so she go play

  191. Hi. I would like to nominate my grandmother in law to have her garden done. She is a pensioner with disability problems. She used to love gardening but due to health issues is unable to do this anymore. She has got a big garden that is just going to waste due to these circumstances. I think she would love her garden back to normal so she can sit in her garden and enjoy her time being outside. She’s had a hard few years due to her health and this would be a nice surprise for her. Many thanks

  192. I would like to nominate a lady I care for, Valerie, she suffers from condition which means she can’t walk very far and has weak muscles. It’s called Fibromyalgia. She has moved into a new house and has not had any luck with getting her garden up to scratch, time at the moment is tough for her to save money to do it.

    Kindest regards,
    Carrie Summers

  193. Please I need help I have three children and need help to make my garden safe
    My little ones are 2 and 5 and find it hard to play safely
    The garden Is very over grown with uneven ground some with concrete on different levels and a concert shed smack bang in the middle
    Please please help

  194. +
    Dear Alan and Team,

    We love watching your show, so we were hoping that you could come and make our garden special. Our mum and dad are foster carers, mum stays at home looking after everyone, while dad goes to work. We have looked after about 20 children who needed a safe place to stay. Because they are so busy the garden has been neglected. After a hard day mum and dad like to sit and talk about what happens during the day. Mum and dad do lots for other people, so it would be brilliant if you could give them a garden they deserve.

    Thank you for reading this letter

    love from
    Caitlin and Meghan Tumber

  195. Hello my name is Matthew and I am a self employed fully qualified landscape gardener based in Norfolk. I spent 2 years at Easton college, I worked as part of team for 12 years at a local landscaping company,and have for the past 2 years worked independently for myself. I am incredibly passionate about all aspects of landscaping and horticulture. I would love to volenteer some time to helping create the amazing gardens your programme
    provides for very deserving people. If you are ever looking for extra hands on any jobs in the south east area I would very much like to help. Many thanks Matt.

  196. Thank U I will send forms off tomorrow I really hope I can surprise my mum with a brand new garden and somewhere her grandkids and children can go out and play

  197. Hi i would like to nominate my mum in the past 14 years she has lost her mum dad farther Inlaw and a grandson she walked into her mums bedroom to find her dead and has been disabled for the past 5 years needing to walk around with 2 walking sticks and sometimes she can’t get out of bed as she’s in school much pain with her legs at the age of 49 she can only walk around for a little bit at a time and she is in so much pain every time she has a big garden and has 2 kids age 14 and 7 at home and 10 grandkids age between 11 to 1 who come and visits her where they can’t go out and play she used to put a few toys in the front garden for them but they get out and run away so they can’t play out there anymore as she can’t run after them my brother who’s 14 really try’s tidying the garden up but doesn’t get much done as he’s suffered a lot all his life of his 2 Grandads nana nephew and a close friend passing away where at sometimes he has said that he doesn’t want to be alive anymore when things gets on top of him he doesn’t like leaving the house just sits in his bedroom I would be very great full if u could help me to do a make over for my mum so she can get out in the garden and sit down and watch her daughter who’s 7 and all her grandkids age from 11 to 1 years playing nice where she hasn’t had that happen at all

  198. Hi i would like to nominate my mum in the past 14 years she has lost her mum dad farther Inlaw and a grandson and has been disabled for the past 5 years needing to walk around with 2 walking sticks and sometimes she can’t get out of bed as she’s in school much pain with her legs at the age of 49 she can only walk around for a little bit at a time and she is in so much pain every time she has a big garden and has 2 kids age 14 and 7 at home and 10 grandkids age between 11 to 1 who come and visits her where they can’t go out and play she used to put a few toys in the front garden for them but they get out and run away so they can’t play out there anymore as she can’t run after them my brother who’s 14 really try’s tidying the garden up but doesn’t get much done as he’s suffered a lot all his life of his 2 Grandads nana nephew and a close friend passing away where at sometimes he has said that he doesn’t want to be alive anymore when things gets on top of him he doesn’t like leaving the house just sits in his bedroom I would be very great full if u could help me to do a make over for my mum so she can get out in the garden and sit down and watch her daughter who’s 7 and all her grandkids age from 11 to 1 years playing nice where she hasn’t had that happen at all

  199. Please pick me because lee needs this she has been looking after me since I have been a baby and she has always been there for everyone ,lee needs a super surprise ps WE LOVE HER ❤️

  200. Hi i would you to do my partners sister garden she is 60yrs old on dialisysi has beaten lukemia and a heart attack her husband has just beaten throat cancer they have full custody of their 4 grandchildren ages 6yrs to 12yrs old i just feel they deserve sumwhere nice to relax

  201. Hi i am writing to you to nominate my dad he has been through a lot the last 18 months, my mum had a car accident which at the time just looked like bruising but later she suffered a seizure causing her to be hospital for over a week and had to have major brain surgery. My dad has been by her side all the way she’s a very independent women and can not work or drive and has lost all independence. My dad also has my nana living with them who has just turned 90 but needs a lot of care aswell. I would like my dad to have something special for him he loves the show and loves his garden and I could not think of something more than having a garden makeover? He turns 60 in April and would love to show him how much he means to all the family he does so much for everyone else would be nice to give him something back. Thank you.


  202. I was watching a programme today on itv called real stories ! A little boy ages ten with a very rare disease he had rescued a 3 legged dog who had helped own build his confidence, please please watch this programme and see if the family can be given any help with there garden they really do deserve it !! Just watching them as a viewer who does not know them on a personal level really is inspiring what an inspirational boy to go through what he does daily to be in so much pain it is so heart breaking to see surely some garden comforts would be of some great help to him and his mom and dad . Kind regards Jenna

  203. Hi Alan I suffer from Arthritis in both knees. And can be very painful. I suffer from depression very bad. So fed up with my back garden. I would love to av Alan to do a make over . I’d love some ware to sit in the shade and hear water smashing in a pond as it’s so relaxing . I love trees and flowers that flowers all year round. Please get in touch with me . As I keep sending emails and get no reply. I do need help .

  204. Hi I would love alan to please come and make over my garden. And make ithe some ware I can relax and sit . My garden is to wide . I av arthritis in both my knees . I do try to do as much as I can . I live in a detached bungalow. I love trees flowers. And I would love a water feature a fountain and pond for fish and wild life . I miss the bees and butter flys in my garden. Please help me av a beautiful garden x

  205. I would love to nominate my mom as she suffers from COPD and she loves her garden but can’t do it anymore. This would be a lovely surprise for her.
    Thank you
    Hilary morton

  206. Hi I would like 2 recommend for my mums garden 2 be done as she works a lot and she looks after the grandchildren and would like a nice garden

  207. Hello I would love to nominate my dad to have his garden done. For the last 18 years he has been looking after my nan who had severe dementia and while looking after he was working night at the same time his life consisted of looking after my nan and working nothing more. He gave up his own home to move in with my nan to look after while doing this he gave up his garden he worked so hard on. These last few years had been so hard on him 3 years ago we found out my nan had spine cancer and was told she only had 1year to live she mad it past that but then she had a heart attack and was rushed into hospital she was in there for 2 weeks and then came home and then nan had a fall and got slight bran damage on top of the cancer and dementia she was black and blue all over this was something we though she wouldn’t get thought but she did but then social services got involved and my nan had to go into a care home but we couldn’t get one close to home so was traveling an hour to go and see her while she was in the home dad did everything he was told to do in the home put things up and make it more safe for nan sadly this took a long time as he had to have special equipment for nan everything was sorted and nan was due to come home but sadly she got a chest infection so she had to stay in the home until she got better this happened twice on the second time dad had a phone call to say nan had a bad turn and family should come and say our good bye we did but she looked like she was getting better so we went home intending to see her the next morning but we didn’t make she passed away around 11 the next morning it was an already difficult time for dad as he had just lost his mum but it made it even harder as just a couple days later it was his birthday. These last couple of years have been very hard on my dad and I know having his garden done so he can go out and enjoy it on his one night off of work would mean the world to him. Please help me make this happen for my dad if I had the money I would do this for dad but sadly I haven’t and my dad just don’t have the time or money to spend on his garden.

  208. Hi my father passed away in March of this year from cancer leaving my mum with a huge garden she’d love to get low maintenance as it tends to run away with itself although we all including the grand children pitch in it needs that extra touch. I would love to help her out and also remember my father at the same time.

  209. My sons and son in law and family kindly started to make a decking and do the borders with gravel to make it easier for ne to maintain. They did this as I have heart failure and arthritis, plus PPS for my 70th birthday. However due to my granddaughter’s numerous disabilities and hospital visits it has quite a lot to be finished. What I was hoping to have.was a sensory sweet smelling area with water feature for her to come and enjoy. Ziva has a life limiting condition FOXG1 14q duplication. Ziva cannot walk or talk and because of her not being able to swallow she is fed through a tube in the nose. I do hope you can help as Ziva does not have the opportunity to benefit from this as the family have no room at home. I would really appreciate your help in some way please to make her life somewhat happier Thanking you for taking time to read this. X

  210. Hey I’m 16 and live with my dad (52), my two brothers (11 and 13) and my mum who is 52 and suffers with bipolar disorder. She was diagnosed in 2000 after suffering particularly badly when I was born. The two things that make her happy is gardening and being outside with the family’s 4 pet terriers. Unfortunately she doesn’t get much time to do this between running her own business, looking after 3 kids, 4 dogs and her most time consuming is running pilgrim bandits ( a military charity that supports injured service men to achieve extrodinary things) She has an old shed which was originally bought of eBay as a project to eventually turn into a space for just her to be able to concentrate away from the house where she works in the dining room. However the shed has now become a dumping ground for bikes old garden furniture listed to be sold. She loves gardening the most and at her least busy she made a start on her dream Italian style garden. However resently it has got a little over grown and is begging to get her down as it seems a impossible task! This is how I thought your team may be able to help her achieve a beautiful Italian garden with space for her to work away from the house?

  211. Hi
    I’m wanting to apply for my mum and dad, my mum loves gardening but since moving to her recent property there’s been other things that needed doing and she never has time to get to do it. Also she takes care of my dad who’s not in great health and as well as working has little time to herself,but when she dose it would be great for her to sit and spend time a beautiful garden of her own we’re she can enjoy her free time.

  212. Hello
    I would like to nominate my mum, i am suffering severe depression and I am ill to the point where my mum has basically had to become my carer as well as my mother.
    Unfortunately while my depression was at its worst my poor mum had to put down her horse Jack who Alan is familiar with a beautiful palomino pony he drove at Chatsworth Fair. She had to put her grieving aside because I was in hospital.
    Jack was a very special pony because he came into our life as a memory of my mum dad, my grandad Jack.

    We are wanting to sort out part of the garden outside my mum’s bedroom and it would be great if your team could work your magic and turn it into a nice memorial garden.

    many thanks

  213. Hi I wish you could help my family we have been through a lot my sister was murder on our home my children witness this tragic event and I was attacked on that same night then I lost my brother six months later of it wasn’t for my sister who was so courageous maybe we probably won’t be here I have been a single mother for 16 years and tried to remake our lives I have done most things but the garden is sad and the children would love to do something to remember their beloved aunt in the garden please could you make their dream come true thank you

  214. Hello I would like to nominate my sister she is a 24 year old single mum of 1 but has just took on me and my 3 siblings to give us a better life we have recently got a house with a massive garden but it needs soo much work done to it we all have such do able ideas just no cash flow. My sister works so hard looking after people with dementia 12 hr shifts so she has neither the time or money to make the garden of our dreams and all she ever wants is to make us happy she never worrys about herself and I would love to give something back I hope to hear from you soon miss alisha lewis

  215. I’d like to apply for a friend I know across social media , I have followed her journey for 5 years , her lite boy briaden has stage 4 neutroblosma cancer he’s fought it so many times and always been a fighter, recently they have had the news he has months to live, he’s on end of life care, and has ,2 brothers Tyler and kody .. He has a wheelchair, his mum steph and dad Wayne are inspiration.. They deserve this a transformed garden for play and family time xx

  216. To the Love your Garden team,

    I was so excited that applications were open for this because I would absolutely love to put my parents forward for this. Them being loving parents alone is enough of a reason for them to be considered but even more so because they’ve both had great struggles recently. I think something like this could change their lives, I am a strong believe that your environment can change your mindset/mood.

    My dad was diagnosed with MS and this has been heart breaking for our family. Despite this, he has been our hero and has turned his diagnosis into the most inspiring journey. He does many marathons to raise money for awareness of MS and for lots of other charities. I think very few people are able to be this selfless in the way that they’ve handled such news.

    Of course this has been so difficult on my mum. But to add to this she suffered the tragedy of losing both her parents in a short space of time. This has been so horrible to watch.

    Both of them have endlessly loved and supported me throughout my own medical problems. I truly cannot ask for better parents and cannot think of two people more deserving of a treat like this.

    I really believe having their own peaceful escape within the chaos of their lives right now would be absolutely wonderful. So I really do hope you consider them.

    Kindest Regards,


  217. Hi I would love for you to come along to do my mun and dads garden. My dad became very ill suddenly and got diagnosed with meningitis in the November he spent 2 weeks in hospital and lost his mind my mum and brother had to spend the nights up there to look after him. Within a month he was rushed back in with aneurysm and was transferred to another hospital 45 minutes away to have surgery. They found out my dad infact had 3 aneurysms and the operation he was waiting for he would have 8% chance of surviving, thankfully he did! It has now been 17 months and dad is still not better and unable to work. After working for more than 40 years of his life he his now being finished off due to ill health and this would be a great pick me up for him as he has always loved the garden but sadly can’t do it himself anymore and is also waiting to go back in hospital to have stents put in, he’s gone from a hardworking man to somebody who can’t do much anymore.. Please let us have this great opportunity thank u so much

  218. My name is Zoe,I’m 15 and I have ADHD and ASD, I have a brother called Harry that is 12 we live with our mum Sandra, sadly we lost our dad to Osophageal Cancer on November the 1st 2014 after a 3 year battle of surgery and horrible Chemo, we would love our garden but it’s a difficult task as the soil is like clay and mum can’t dig in it, we
    would love out garden to be a reflection
    garden of my dad and a place of peace and beauty.
    Thank you for reading this with much hope.we hope to have your help xx

  219. Hi Alan & Team, I was wondering if you will be able to Help! I have a small garden, and I also have a 31year old son who had a very bad fall 6 years ago, he fell from a 4 story building, and is now pararlised from the cheast down, his name is Pete, he always loved to sit in the garden before the tragagy, a few years back I had decking put down, but I don’t have time now to see to the garden, as I’m 24 /7 looking out for my lovely son. I would love for him and myself to be able to have something pretty to relax in, I also suffer from I’ll health, after having a heart attack 3 years ago. And many more problems. So please can you help us x thank you x Marlyn.

  220. Hi,
    I would love to nominate my mum..
    She has worked helping troubled school children for many many years, but 4 years ago my sister had a terrible accident which has left her brain damaged and requires 24hr care, my mum had had to leave work to care for her and her 8yr son.
    My mum loves a nice garden but with the commitments she now has she she is unable to afford the beautiful garden she truly deserves.
    I think having a nice relaxing space where my mum and sister can sit and enjoy will do wonders for her mentally and give a boost in life as you can imagine it’s been very hard and something like this would make her life not just her day.
    Please please concider my mother she is a wonderful woman who has done nothing but help others all the life and when I saw the request on the show my heard skipped a beat and I knew I had to try and do something.
    Just to have access so my sister can freely move around a beautiful garden on her wheel chair will be life changing it’s the little things in life you truly appreciate when mobility is taken away.
    Thank you so much for taking g the time to read this and I hope to hear for you guys, you guys ROCK keep up the good work helping others it’s inspirational.
    Kind Regards
    Tom Williams

  221. Hello Alan , I would like to nominate myself . I don’t have a story as to why I would love this done all I have to say is I would love to have a beautiful safe garden for my fast growing daughter . I’m in the process of doing my daughter a secret fairy garden ready for her for next summer when she will be out doors enjoying our British weather . I had our daughter 7 months ago by emergency cesarean and almost both lost our live due to a placenta eruption , I’m thankful everyday to have our beautiful perfect princess . I use to be a keen gardener but since having my daughter I have problems with my back and it limits me when doing things , makes me sad as my heart has such big plans but my body won’t let me . My partner feels guilty as he is self employed and works long hours and on his days off we are out and about with our daughter having family time . On top of all things we have a very tight budget especially with our little princess here now . Anyway I would love to be coincided for the show and have a lovely safe garden for our growing princess , but I do understand you have lots to pick from and some in far greater need then myself but it is worth me trying , so thankyou Alan for taking the time to read my email , You do a fantastic job amazing . Keep up the good work so we can all keep watching . All the best from Claire baby Rosie and family x

  222. Hi,
    I would love to nominate my mum..
    She has worked helping troubled school children for many many years, but 4 years ago my sister had a terrible accident which has left her brain damaged and requires 24hr care, my mum had had to leave work to care for her and her 8yr old son.
    My mum would love a nice garden but with the commitments she now has she she is unable to afford the beautiful garden she truly deserves.
    I think having a nice relaxing space where my mum and sister can sit, relax and enjoy will do wonders for her mentally and give a boost in life as you can imagine it’s been very hard and something like this would make her life not just her day.
    Please please concider my mother she is a wonderful woman who has done nothing but help others all her life and when I saw the request on the show my heart skipped a beat and I knew I had to try and do something.
    Just to have access so my sister can freely move around a beautiful garden on her wheel chair will be life changing it’s the little things in life you truly appreciate when mobility is taken away.
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear for you guys, you guys ROCK keep up the good work helping others it’s inspirational.
    Kind Regards
    Tom Williams

  223. My Nan is 68 years old and drives a two hour hour round trip five days a week to work! She loves her garden but due to her busy working life her garden has fallen behind a little – I would love for her to enjoy her time in her garden but we need a little help to get it back to her happy place! Her garden (situated in Richmond) isn’t a huge space so a fresh pair of eyes to design the garden to use the space as best as we could would be amazing! I would love my Nan to enjoy and relax as much as possible – she is the cement which holds the family together and I want nothing more than her to be happy! Thank you!

  224. I would like to nominate my son, Mark Hibberd to have his garden made over. He is quadraplegic, he suffers from cerebral palsy and dystonia. He lives in a downstairs flat with a 24/7 carer. His garden is like a jungle. Every few months he pays someone to cut everything down and has arranged numerable gardeners to come and keep it under control, they either do not turn up or the prices go higher and higher. He is unable to work and on benefits and is unable to pay extortionate prices. We are both pensioners and are unable to help.

  225. Hi my name is lucy I would like to nominate my nan beacuse she is a loving person she want to be able to sit in the garden and have some fresh air but she can’t as her garden has gone out off shape and she is on 24hr oxygen and all she wants to do is clean it up but she don’t have the help or is able to do it her self I would really like my nan to get a new garden and make her life feel complet aging I just want to see my nan happy again when she goes out side and making my nan happy will make me happy

  226. My name is Megan and I would like to nominate my mum. She has gone through a lot over the last couple of years putting all the hours she can into work then having to become my dad’s carer she no longer finds the time to do the garden. She lost her dad a couple of years ago to lung cancer then not long after had to go through an operation herself to have cancer removed. She had the majority of her savings stolen from her and it seems she will never be able to replace it. She puts everyone else before herself and it would be nice to give her something back and give her a place to be able to escape for a couple of hours would be a dream come true for her

  227. Dear Alan

    I would love for you to consider helping me to makeover my garden. There was a time when I first purchased the house that I set to work on transforming it myself and never having ever been a gardener the first thing I did was purchase a book to assist me. I actually purchased your book, which I still have, and it proved invaluable as it helped me to not only identify my soil but different aspects of location in regards to sun and shade loving plants as well as understanding structure. I felt I was winning and then my mother was diagnosed with cancer and my life just stopped. Six years of taking care of my mother, who had it reoccur after a short few months of remission after a years treatment, meant that from the age of 34 to 40 my life centred around hospitals, treatments and caring for her, everything else just fell by the way side and sadly that included my garden. I’m now 42 and after emerging at the age of 40 from caring for my mother I’ve had my own health problems, although I tried to turn my attention back to the garden but unfortunately when I tried to do that I actually ended up injuring my right arm and now although I’m desperate to tackle it again I find that it’s of a scale where I really need outside help to be able to have the garden I always dreamed of having.

    I love plants, especially a traditional cottage garden as it really is my idea of heaven on earth but I feel my lack of experience and now my health will prevent me from being able to ever have the garden I wish I could have. Yet it’s when I’m in the garden I have felt the most alive and happiest almost as if the garden literally provided the sustenance from which I could draw strength both to help me through my mother’s cancer and also my own health problems. I would be extremely grateful if you would possibly consider helping me to acheive my greatest wish. Thank you.

    Kind regards

    Sabah Khadim

  228. I would like to surprise my mum by doing her garden for her with your help as she has been through a tough couple of years and I just wanted to let her know how much we love her

  229. Hi I love watching your programmes and what you do makes things look so easy . I lost my husband 7 years ago to a tragic accident and I was left to bring up 3 children my youngest had just turned 1. My previous home had a garden far too large for me to cope with so moved however I am not very “green fingered” and my new garden is a lovely size but still not sure what to do with it as the grass doesn’t grow very well and I’m at a loss. I would love a nice garden to entertain friends and family and for my little one and his friends to have somewhere to play . Many thanks x

  230. hi, im Mel and a mom of 5. My youngest Mason has half a heart (hlhs) a unique chromosome disorder, visually impaired, oblique and vertical talis feet, poor hearing, and life limited. He has had 2 open heart surgeries and needs one more to help prolong his life as there is no cure for his condition. He is 6 buts looks 3, he is so
    determined and strong little boy. At birth they said he wldnt live, but still battling through. At the present Mason cant have the finally operation due to pressures too high i his lungs and heart, this also cancels out any chancenof transplant as he would need heart and lungs but again the pressures anyway, he wldnt survive. We spoke to surgeons and at the moment we are going for quality not quantity. Mason’s siblings are 7,9,14 n 19. They also have a big impact on
    masons life as they have to have a lot of understanding when they never know when Mason will have to rushed into hospital. Mason goes to Acorns childrens hospice for respite, where I am a parent champion so i can give a bit back for all the love and support they give my family.
    Our garden is very plain, we have block paving which is great and a lawn in the centre, the thing is there is
    no colour, smell, structure to make it enjoyable and sensory for mason. As you can imagine our time is taken up with Mason and we do not have the time to sort it out., also my husband is disabled but struggles to do the best he can. We need someone who knows what they are doing so we can then carry on. This would be great if you could come and help us and make our garden part of our house. I understand you must have thousands of applications but you have to try don’t you?
    thank you for time in looking at my application.
    waiting in anticipation


    mel, mason amd family

  231. Hi I’m looking for a nice garden to relax in I have multiple sclerosis. .had a face reconstruction due to cancer on my nose ..I also have chronic ostio arthritis. .my garden is really big and could do with even little help ..I need a dog run as I have two Jack Russell dogs an one keeps going over the fare an escaping. .would be great to hear back from you thanx ..😊

  232. Hi. I am writing to u from a small town in South Wales about my 25 yr old daughter, Chloe. She is an amazing single parent of 5 yr old mason who has severe autism. She was given a second floor flat in December of last year by a local housing association, which has a communal garden. There are 6 flats and each has a child living in there. The families are all friends and it would be amazing if they could all get together to socialise in the garden and the children could have somewhere to play. Mason loves his trampoline and playing outdoors but the garden is bare with just a broken trampoline in it. It could be a lovely place for Chloe and mason to make lovely new memories with a little help from u and your team. I hope I hear from u in the near future and thanks in advance for reading this 😃

  233. I would like to recommend my mum , she spends all her time looking after everyone else and working she never has time to do her garden or anything much for herself , she has started trying to do stuff with her garden so many times but something always comes up and it’s been the same for 20years she has a huge garden 4 children and 7 grandchildren , she always talks about what she wants to do with the garden whenever the sun is out its just such a shame she can’t I would really appreciate your consideration please please please you would make a nan/ mums dream come true along with her 7 grandchildren.she has had a tough few years yet she always puts on a brave face
    Thank you

  234. Hi I’m Georgia a 10 year old daughter. I was wondering if you could possibly do my mums garden for her? My mum has gone through a lot recently and it would be nice if she could relax in the garden! My mum has gone through breast cancer and is still going through it now 😭! She has also had to suffer through me getting diabetes. I know I’m only 10 but it would be wonderful if you could help 😀

  235. Hi I would love to nominate my darling mum who has lost her love of her life my dad who died suddenly, and a few years later loseing her darling daughter to what the specialist call adult cot death. My darling sister died suddenly and left four granddaughters of which my mum has help to bring up .what a star she is .warm regards R Marshall

  236. Hi Alan,
    I’d like to nominate my partner Ben Greenhorn. Ben has mental health due to a major trauma that happened in his childhood. This causes social anxieties etc. I am 20 yr older than Ben and developed mental health myself, due to a crisis period that happened in my life in a 6 month period 3 years ago. ( mum dying, wife walking out with my kids, demotion at work and family home being split). Both of us are support workers to people with learning difficulties/ mental health, but unfortunately Ben has been unable to work for past couple years due to his health. He is a smoker and enjoys the sanctuary of the garden, and so does our dog. My youngest kid who I still see, is 10, and loves insects, butterflies, bugs.
    When my mum died she left me her home in her will. It’s a big L shaped garden, and was designed by my grandad 50 yr ago as a county type garden and flowed at every period of the year. Unfortunately due to recent personal health issues in my arm I’m not so able to dig or maintain the garden. It’s now overgrown and unmanageable and becoming a depressing state. We cannot afford to bring in professional gardeners. So I hope you will consider my application to help Ben’ mental health. We live in a mid terraced house, and being gay/ bi we like our privacy and our relaxation. Ben loves music, art, and colour. I’m awaiting a divorce and then hope to marry Ben. I want this as a thankyou for loving me unconditionally and making me and all so many of our other friends, some of who also have mental health conditions etc, family and neighbours so happy, disputed his own health conditions. He is a star. Thanks for listening to our plite.

  237. I would like to nominate my daughter Lisa Nixon, she had a nasty accident which meant spending 4 months in a wheelchair her partner left her cos he “couldn’t cope” after a week then she got robbed my other daughter and granddaughter moved up from derby and Lisa put them both up which meant she was trying to support a family of 5 as she has 2 boys of her own. She works extremely hard in a childrens home and her garden is a mess. Please will you bring a bit of Sunshine into her life by giving her a beautiful garden she can escape to for a bit of “me” time

  238. Hello.
    I’ve been trying to apply for the next series, or to at least be considered hopefully, but every time I go to print the application forms it goes into ‘gobbledygook’ and not the former that it shows. Is there any chance someone can help me with this, or post me a hard copy maybe?
    I look forward to hearing back off you as soon as possible.
    Many thanks

  239. I would like to nomanate my wife she had a strock free years ago and her balance is terrable .she has quite a few conditions .we moved in to are property free years ago due to the strock she loves her garden but cant injoy it because it is all uneven she will fall if she goes out there please can you help.

  240. hi Alan I would like to nominate my wife sarah mccullough for a garden make over as she is going threw a very bad time as her father was struck down with cancer and 3 aggressive Brain tumors and he’s been given between 3-6 months and he’s getting more and more frail by the day and my wife told me she would like a mormoriel garden done for her father loved his garden he always had his garden to perfection with roses and bushes lillies I can’t name them all but all I can say I’d he really loved his garden that was his main hobby and he also loved his fish tanks he liked the cichlids he’s always been used to working with his hands always doing something no matter wot the weather he was just that type of man always on the go a good man always had time to help you if you needed a bit of decor done or if something broke he would fix it and to see him now you think why is this happening my wife would like an mormoriel garden if you and your team could do this for her I feel it would give her alot of comfort and something to always remember her dad for yours faithfully Mr John mccullough

  241. I would like to nominate my daughter in law. She is trying to get a safe place for my granddaughter to play. She has turners Syndrome and a lot of health problems, including a hole in her heart. Asthma. Walking difficulties due her hips turning inwards. She has to wear hearing aids and her development is affected. The front garden is not safe for her to play as it’s not secure and the small back garden is all uneven concrete which is dangerous to her and the rest of the family. She had tried all avenues with no look. Council and SS have all refused to help and she has just made an appeal in the barnsley chronical for help to remove the concrete and so far no one as offered to help. This would be the best thing ever to happen to her and would make 1 little girl the happiest girl in the world.

  242. I would also like to nominate Chloe Green and her 8 beautiful children 3 of whom have cerebral palsy..Chloe has been left a widow and her children fatherless after James’s tragic death..Chloe states her husband James had just started to do the garden for their children but never got to complete it..It would be fantastic for these children to have somewhere safe and adventure full to play and also equipped with disability play items..
    Chloe’s story is in the Daily Mail 2nd August,,

  243. I’m in desperate need to make my garden child safe i have a split level garden which is no good for my children to play in safely the wall is falling apart I just want a safe garden for my 2 young children to play in they love playing in the garden I’d love to sort it myself but Iv got arthritis in my back and a twisted spine which is really painful and I’m due to have surgery on my elbow and knee thank you

  244. I would like to nominate my mom and dad to have there garden done they have been through a lot recently and I would like to make them both happy by having there garden done which they wanted done for ages

  245. I have just been reading a very emotional story in the Sun newspaper, a young widow age 27 Cloe Green, left with eight children age nine to 11 months. Her husband died suddenly. They sound an amazing loving family and all her husband wanted to do was give them a lovely garden to play and enjoy as a family. If anyone deserves your help then it is this lady. She is fundraising to raise the money needed, how she can possibly find the time is beyond me. Please Alan and your team, contact the sun and check if this lady can be helped. Dulcie Pearce is the female editor that published the story on Tue, Aug, 2nd.
    I don’t know her or where she lives but I am sure you can soon get this information.
    Many thanks,
    Love your programme.

    Mary Hardwick

  246. I would like to nominate my mum rose bird! She has a reasonable size garden that could be lovely. Unfortunately her husband sees it as a waste of money and his solution to paddling mud into the house was to make her a path out of pallets to her garage!!! When i say this o mean literally pallets laid on the floor. I know how embarrassed she is and won’t have people over for out door time bbq etc.

  247. I would love you to help my dad with his garden upto a couple of years ago my dad was always pottering around in the garden if he wasn’t weeding he was caring for his fruit and veg that he grew then he got shingles and it has knocked him for six my dad who is 86 in a couple of weeks the shingles has knocked his get up and go and finds it hard to do the garden I would love the garden be full of memories instead of a jungle wilderness help me put a smile on my dads face thank you xx

  248. I nominate my mum as she is always putting others before herself, she suffers from fybremyalgia and the garden gets her down she loves being outdoors and I think it would a great spirit lift for her she try’s doing the garden but pain stops her and it’s to much for her to maintain the bending down, she also suffers from anxiety so I think a nice water feature would be calming for her, I’m one of her 4 children and we all work full time so it’s hard for us to do it for its very upsetting seeing her struggle on a daily basis, after she’s done so much for me and my siblings it would be so nice to give a bit back but we are unable to do this so I’m pleading with you to please come and help us out would be great really hope to hear from you soon

  249. Hi we have recently had 20000 donated to us by one of our residents and would love your support in designing a lovely garden for our 49 disabled and frail residents that live in our nursing home which will help to improve the quality of their lives as they don’t have access to the outdoors as often as they would like…please please please could you help us

  250. I would like to nominate Chris Luscombe as he has done an amazing job renovating his new home, but has no clue where to start with the garden (which is starting to look like a jungle)! The garden itself has great potential, but his gardening visions are zilch! There is currently a grass space surrounded by bushes (many of them fruit) and a knarly old apple tree in the center. A starting block and little help to get him off on the right foot would be greatly appreciated!

  251. My daughter has a very rare nerve sheath tumour which means she is normally in a wheel chair. The one thing she would like is to have her garden done so she can relax outside which she cannot do at the moment. She is only 45 – too young to be sitting looking at 4 walls. People have offered to do it but nothing ever comes of it. She just wants a pretty garden to look at. Thank you.

  252. Dear love your garden,

    I would like to nominate the preschool I work in
    We have very little funds and are currently working on getting the preschool up to date and attract more families to us so we can keep the preschool open. We are currently working on the inside with the little funds we have with several staff putting there own money into it. We are a small team who are very passionate with what we do and we would love to keep the preschool open and carrying on doing the fantastic work we do with the children and their families. We have a very outdated garden that needs a bit of a makeover that will interest the children and help them to keep building on there motor skills and development.
    Please help us to improve our garden !!!! So many families and all the staff would appreciate it and benefit from it.
    Thank you for taking time to read this x

  253. Hi I am only 13 so I can m not sure wether you will consider reading this request but I really hope u do as I would like to nominate my grandma as she is a wonderful person just like all grandmas. But mine is even more amazing as when she worked she worked in a care home and looked after many old people in her days. She started off as just someone who would go to their houses and check up on them, but then like in all jobs she got a promotion and more and got moved up and eventually became the boss of a care home and therefore when she came to retire she had spent almost all her working life looking after people in care homes. And as you may imagine, that’s not easy. And whilst she was doing this she split up with her husband which was very emotional for her and she had 2 teenage girls to deal with through this emotional time and I’m sure you can imagine what that’s like. And now she is a loving grandma that needs her garden doing and I believe that she deserves it doing with all she’s done. But if I’m abit too young to nominate her I would love you to contact me and I will give you my mums email
    I really hope you choose my grandma. I imagine she would really appreciate it along with me and the rest of the family

  254. Dear love your garden

    I have watched the show for quite a while now and am always amazed at just how beautiful all the work is and to see the difference you make to people’s lives is wonderful.
    I’m writing this because we need your help, my husband and myself have 3 gorgeous boy’s who all love to be outside and the one that loves it the most is our middle son, 9 year old jack has severe autism, profound learning difficulties, is non verbal with limited understanding, he also has a visual impairment and mobility issues, at school he loves nothing better than to water the vegetables, it would be lovely for him to do this at home but our small garden is becoming too unsafe. We walk out our back door onto a deck which is rotting away (my feet have gone through it twice ) .I would love a safe outdoor space for him to feel free in, water vegetables and explore but we simple don’t have the funds or even know where to start if I’m honest.
    Yours sincerely
    A hopeful mum.

  255. Hi there well wow do we need your help the run down we bought a bungalow just off the shores of loch Ness in the highlands of Scotland and we have a massive garden I am a complete amateur gardener I don’t have a clue what to do next we where over run by heather but ive sort of controlled that lol we really need some help and I think that the garden we have would make great viewing I have been in rehabilitation for some time its myself Stephanie Norman my partner Stephen frame and our two children cody and lyndsey please please help us thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

  256. I am righting as my husband as got a hart problem that is not not going to get better it will get worse as life goes on and he can’t do anything in garden and it’s getting him down

  257. We are moving to a bungalow in Ormesby, Norfolk. We have lived in a flat for 12 years. Our dream has come true with finding a beautiful property. The garden /driveway and front garden are in need or landscaping. We are 78 & 68 year old and and are desperate for assistance in this project. I am willing to do any task but my husband is registered disabled and cannot help. I have won felixstowe in flowers with my little balcony here but the world would be a better place for me if you can help. I have had traumatic times in my life and feel that We would enjoy the years aheadwith your input.please concider us.regards Sue Peet

  258. Dear Alan and all the team,
    I would like to nominate my son for a make over, he doesn’t have an illness, but has a lovely family, and a wife who would love to have somewhere to sit and enjoy some spare time, my son works from until 12.00 or later six days a week, he dozes on the sofa until it’s time to pick the girls up from school, then they have there activities dancing etc,
    He has to get orders ready before he goes to bed which is normally around 11 pm for an hour or so,he also helps my daughter who is epileptic with the school runs, his wife works hard also, working evenings as well, they are on holiday at the moment, and I would love to surprise them, thank you x

  259. My friend who is in a wheelchair has a medium sized garden which is not level so not really practical. I was wondering if you would consider helping her improve she is trying to start her own business so needs extra space

  260. Hi I would love to nominate my son and his wife. They have a 2 year old daughter and second one due November. They are both working to make ends meet and don’t have spare money and time to do garden they would love a garden to relax in and also for the children. Please please help them.

  261. I would love to nominate my garden – it is quite small but awkwardly shaped, has lots of crazy paving and steps, which are not very child friendly. I have three children aged 2, 5 and 9, we have lived in our house for 3 years. I have tried my best with the garden but it really needs a complete makeover. My husband and I both work shifts which make it difficult to get anything done with the children. Please help!!

  262. My mum is 63 and retires this year. She is always working and putting herself first and all ways thinks about herself last. She loves gardening but due to her always working and also 5 weeks ago my dad was rushed into hospital and they found a mass which cannot be treated as just to big so my mum has just left the garden and has just got to much for her. Would love for her to have a lovely garden to spend time in and enjoy when she retires. She has also volunteered for our local Hospice in the Weald to work in their garden when she retires. Thank You

  263. My Aunty has always wished to have a nice garden with a nice summerhouse attached to her kitchen , lovely plants , another wish is to have chickens in the garden and a small allotment where se can grow her very own fruit and veg , being a single mom with no support is difficult for her , she sadly suffers with extremely bad depression and anxiety this sort of wish would mean the world to her and her to children as in the nice weather she likes to sit in her garden and relax she is forever doing stuff with her garden but she is never satisfied with what she has done to it se enjoys gardening as it reminds her of her father who had sadly past making things more difficult for her X

  264. I have moved into a repossession that’s had everything from the garden ripped out I’m not sure how to make it nice would love your help. I have no time to do it as I am a carer for my four month old granddaughter and I work in the evenings

  265. Hi would you please consider us for a garden makeover we have had a rough couple of years my husband John works full-time and I have had an operation on my shoulder so I’m restricted to what I can do I have also recently lost my job due to my injury our son Luke who is,25 has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair we just don’t seem to be able to get our garden in a nice state that we can all enjoy previously we had a part of the garden especially for luke as he loves looking after plants/flowers
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this really hope you can help us x thank you
    Donna magill

  266. I would like to nominate my mother to achieve a garden makeover. My mother spent a lot of time before my brother and I was born to maintain our small garden however due to having two teenagers, a job as a primary school assistant aswell as doing hair dressing on the side in order to provide for us it prove difficult. To add to this my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer which affected the time spent looking after our house and garden. As well as this, it meant my mother was forced to take time off work which left her with little income to afford necessities never mind items to create her dream garden. As a family we have attempted to make the garden as nice as possible however it lacks personality and we have nowhere near enough time or money. My mother is such a selfless person I she deserves her dream garden which would be somewhere that she could clear her head and relax as well as for the rest of our family, many thanks Holly x

  267. Hello,
    I am a disabled wheelchair user with an L shaped untouched garden and bungalow in Glasgow.

    Can anyone help me to use my boring grassed garden? : (

  268. Over the last 3/4 years my family has not had the best of years with the pasing of my auntie who last her fight to cancer and my nan past 9 months later my mum and grandad father have done the best they cud to keep the garden they have up to scratch and have done a memorial to remember them by please cud u make there day and make it a garden to remember so they can remember them in years to come

  269. I would like to nomanate my daughter and granddaughter there have been through some tough times Candice my grandaughtet was born a dwarf and then had a hip operation and then after that was found to have a very rare blood disorder and is still to this day going through treatment she had had a stem cell transplant and been in doors for 9 month now she can go out but her garden had had to be left had my daughter is doing all this on her own it would be great for Candice to be able to play out in garden and somewhere for my daughter to relax and share with her daughter

  270. I would like to nominate my daughter Alix Hickman for a garden makeover. ..she is my true friend and soul mate as well as my daughter….although only 26 years old she dedicates her life to the NHS and works as a staff nurse in emergency care…she is usually first to arrive and last to leave her post…and goes above the call of duty ensuring the patients in her care get the best from her..even going to get food from the canteen out of her own money to ensure her patients have eaten if they don’t like hospital food…she and her grandad were inseparable and when he passed away she was devastated. …she continues to have an impeccable duty of care to the elderly in her care as she wants their grandchildren to enjoy them as long as possible…she is an inspiration to all who meet her as life has thrown her some extremely tough times but still managed to study and gain her degree with 1st class honours…she lives alone and it breaks my heart knowing she can’t come home after her ridiculously busy 13 hour shifts to a tranquil place to sit and relax with her 2 beloved dogs…her garden is going to be too much for just me and her to cope with and money is tight…I would be eternally grateful if your team could help as i want to show her how proud of her i am and to give her something back for all the good work she does on a daily basis..Thank you for taking time to read this
    Jacqui Hayward

  271. I am applying to nominate my mum, my father passed away 4 years ago and the garden was his domain, my mum is 71 and misses going in the garden while my dad busied himself for hours. Mum suffers from agoraphobia but has gained a little confidence lately… she can actually get seven feet out and spray the hospepipe now. She has really good neighbours and all her grandchildren and great grandchildren would love to know that she felt safe and could enjoy her later years sitting and enjoying a lower maintenence and pleasant space, dad was a hoarder and its taken years to sort the garage out and its still an unorganised tip!! I cant tell you enough how much it would mean to us all as mum just cant afford it now as dads army pension died with him and she spends ages looking out the kitchen window into the garden. She feeds the birds out of the dining room window and the birds know what time so they come early and wait on the fence!! Its a beautiful semi with some establised fruit trees and south east facing a field with horses. I help as much as possible but i have grandchildren, two dogs and work full time!! Julie robinson from blackburn

  272. I wold like to nominate my mum and dad, rosann and John when I was are baby at five months I was frond in the Frey grond and the children seves tuck me to Mr and Mriss Fitzsimmons and when rosann came to choose are mum and dad for me thay can’t give me up so thay adopted me so I wold like to think then for give me are amazing home. I v lering decblity and austm but and so won’t to do thins because fight 5 haf years to get me out of hoptils from when I was 17 up to 21 and now I am 25 and I wold like to do some thing nices to thank them

  273. Hi, i would like to nominate my daughter Amy, she is a very busy mum of 5 children, 2 of which have severe Autism, Buster and Lulu. Buster 6 has trouble with his speetch and his understanding, he is a lovley lad and full of life, Lulu however has a lot more problems going, as a lil five year old, it can be heartbreaking to watch her and her mum get through a day without a massive tantrum, Lulu doesnt talk at all, finds normal day to day things a massive challenge and likes to spend a lot of time on her own, but one thing she does love is being out in the, garden, whatever the weather she doesnt care,she is fasinated by the wind and the rain, the grass and the flowers (if there was some in the garden ). When she is out in the garden she is happy and has a lovley smile, she loves being close to nature. It would be great if you and your team could come and make Amys garden a magical place to be, its a good size garden but just grassed at the mo, Amy doesnt have the time to garden with looking after the children, but they all spend a lot of time out there, something close to nature with maybe faires and pixies, windchimes and lights would make life for Buster and Lulu a happier place and for the other children too, it would be a dream come true if you and your team could make this happen, please please consider this appication for your next seris xx

  274. My daughter has autism and my husband has been diagnosed with angina with his health he hasn’t Got the energy to do the garden. Our energy is used up because of my daughter’s autism and her behaiours. It’s really hard work.

  275. Hi , I love your programme and I love seeing the smiles on peoples faces once they see the incredible work you do . I would love it if you and your team would be able to transform our garden to a lovely social place for myself and my family. I nominate my Dad for this because my Dad is such a loving person and it would be a lovely surprise for my Dad and it would be the best way to say for my Dad from my family to say thank you for all the work he does for us. My Dad is a very busy head teacher at a Special need school and it would be a lovely place for him to just switch of after a busy day at school .Our garden is small, we all love bouncing on our trampoline my Dad and my brother love playing football but we have got a rubbish football goal which always fall down my Dad and my brother just both love football!!! Also we have got a tiny paddling pool and we all love getting wet but every night we have to take the pool down because our next door neighbour has two cats and they always puncture our paddling pool!!! My family and I would very much appreciate if yourself and your team would be able to transform our garden for my Dad because it would be a lovely place for my Dad to put the past behind him x
    Katie aged 11 xx

  276. I nominate my mum because these past few years have really been tough for me my brother and especially my mum. I’m 13 and my brother is 11 and we hate to see our mum go through a rough time. A couple years ago my auntie died of lung cancer and she was the most closest person to my mum. It was a hard time and this year my mum and dad broke up and our family has fallen apart. Because my dad has moved house my mum needs to work a lot more and we see her less and I think having a wonderful garden where we can sit together and enjoy the sun will bring us all together again and put the bad times that happened in the past behind us but keep the good memories with us.

  277. Hi All at Love Your Garden.

    This young family of 8 could really do with your help, the father died tragically at the age of 31, leaving his young wife with their 8 children all under the age of 10. He wanted them to have a garden to enjoy, a ‘Go Fund Me page’ has been set up for them.
    Please try to give them a functional garden for their 8 children, 3 of which have Cerebral Palsy.
    See the link below to their story.

  278. Dear Alan Titchmarsh and Love Your Garden,

    There is a sad article on the Daily Mail about a young 27 year old widow and mother of 8 called Cloe Green who sadly lost her 31 year old husband James who was her childhood sweetheart.

    This young woman’s husband was trying to fix up their garden for their 8 children but never got the chance to complete it due to his sudden death.

    I think this young woman and her 8 children would be very deserving candidates for your show and I have provided a link to the article below for your attention. I do not know this individual or her family but I was moved by her story.

    I would like to remain anonymous. I hope you will consider helping this young lady and her children.

    Thank you in advanced for your consideration.

  279. I. Would like to nominate a lady I am taking care of she will be a hundred years old on the 4th of October to have her garden done before she loses her sight she loved her garden and would be nice to have her look at her pretty garden I am her Carer

  280. I think my granny could have a lovely garden in fact the whole family does because she looks after every kid in our family and dosen’t even get anything for her but we don’t do anything for her so I think she deserves this!

  281. I would really love my wife to be to have somewhere she can go and remember her son she sadly lost in 2012 after 11 days in intensive care he battled but sadly lost his fight on 17/2/2012 and passed away of a brain haemorrhage in her arms and that has changed her into a different person making little knitted blankets in his memory for hospitals!
    she then went on to have a baby 7.12.12 that was born at 27 weeks gestation so she spent 10 weeks battling in the neonatal unit watching her 3lb son struggle on a ventilator until he was strong enough and able to come home, there was lots of set backs he couldn’t maintain his temperature couldn’t feed without it being a nasal tube. He is now a very fun loving 3 year old boy Jensen who suffers with chronic lung disease due to his prematurity so she spends countless weeks in and out of the pediatric ward already this year he has had pneumonia and swine flu and had to be on oxygen!! He is on two inhalers and can’t run far without being breathless and struggling to breathe he looks like an healthy boy but inside he’s not and he can’t play like most children on bad days but he does have good days!! She is the strongest women I know and takes it all in her stride she never once complains when things are getting to her she looks after our little family and we treat her like the queen!! some days I feel the hurt in her eyes if somethin reminds her of Hayden and I see the way she would love to sit and remember him somewhere as he was cremated so she has his ashes at home and doesn’t have anywhere to go to just sit and have a little moment with Hayden on her own. She dreamt of a toad stool she was sat on with a flask of tea where she was sat remembering him and in her dream she said she felt him with her! she really does deserve some good luck and I’m hoping you guys can help!! she loves her garden and does try but with the boys playing football and throwing water balloons more flowers get snapped than what grow tall and bloom but again she just giggles about it, she’s an amazing lady and she fails to realise this due to her constant run of bad luck. I just want her to know how much we appreciate everything she does

  282. I enjoy seeing how even small gardens can be transformed into delightful retreats, and how unmanageable or unfriendly gardens can be altered for the benefit of people with disabilities or just age related problems. There are many people who don’t have gardens, but would love to have one, but for some of us, owing to age or health problems, a garden can unfortunately become a bit of a nightmare. I always managed to keep my garden neat and tidy, but now it has become neglected, as I have both aged and had a run of illnesses that have resulted in my lack of mobility. I desperately need professional help to plan and provide a practical and manageable makeover for my garden, so that I can enjoy it one again.

  283. I would like to nominate my mum as she is a very hard worker she’s always tidying the house up she always lends me money when I need it for my 5 month old daughter … She is always their for us she never gets time to herself or nothing I think she would love her garden to be done as we have been in this house coming up 3 years and we haven’t got the fund to get the house done plus we’ve asked people to come to the house to look at the garden but we’re always let down! This would be love surprise for her

  284. Our garden would be grateful of a makeover due to my partner and myself having no time to complete our dreams. We both work full time and weekends, and do not have the time. We are trying to save money, but this won’t be for a long time! My grandad was going to help us but he passed away last year from prostate cancer. I would love to give my partner this chance for a makeover, for us to enjoy forever. Our garden is patio with steps up to grass area. Our young boy would love a safe place to play.

  285. I would like to nominate my boyfriend Ian Petchey, when we first got together I had been going through a rough time and he stuck by me, supported me and helped me through it. My previous relationship had ended badly (in divorce) and I had suffered a miscarriage, just after we got together my grandad was taken ill which went on for about a year and a half before we lost him. During this time Ian was very supportive and even encouraged me to go back to studying and I completed my degree in teaching in 2014. Throughout this time we had been saving to get our own house which we purchased in dec 2015. The house needed a lot of work and Ian worked full time and did the renovations at the weekends which took approximately 6 months. We had a set back in the February 2016 as one day when I was at work I received a phone call from Ian to say his dad had had a major stroke as you can imagine this has been a very emotional time for all of the family but luckily his dad is doing amazingly well. Now we are finally in our home I would love to give him something back as a thank you and somewhere he can relax and enjoy time with family (his dad) and friends. We have run out of money from doing the renovations and we are both so physically and emotionally drained. I would love to be able to give him something back and to thank him for loving me when I didn’t even love myself. If at all possible I would love to also nominated my parents Chris and Hazel Tegerdine as parents should be they are always there for me. They were there for me through my miscarriage and my marriage break up and will do anything to help family and friends when my grandad was ill (my mums dad) my dad would go the extra mile and go over early to my grandparents house to help my nan get my grandad up showered and ready, and go after work and help put him to bed everyday, I also know how much of a support he was to not only me but my mum when my grandad was in hospital and when we sadly lost him. Then my parents gave up every weekend to help me and my partner with our renovations too my dad loves pottering in his garden and even tries to help us keep ours tidy and at the moment ours has the reminance of building work in it 😦 PLEASE if you could help me thank my amazing boyfriend and possibly my parents I would be forever greatful.

  286. I would like to nominate my long time friend and person who I care for, his name is Anthony Nweke.
    He has cerebral pausey and at 36 up untill last year has worked full time…due to this he was able to get a mortgage so is now a home owner. Anthony has paid for his own new kitchen and the local council are going to make his wet room better…Anthony is wheelchair bound when outside the home and has to go else where to enjoy the out doors as he can’t access his own backgarden and all he has to look at is weedy grass as his sitting room looks out into it this is extremely flustrating….please give Anthony the freedom of his own backgarden 😊

  287. Hi,

    I’d like to nominate my partner Amie Lea. After going through 6 years of IVF treatment we finally found out we had got pregnant last December, then 6 months into the pregnancy Amie had a bleed. After being admitted to hospital and lots a tests a large colorectal tumour was diagnosed. The baby then had to be delivered early so that Amie could start treatment that will hopefully save her life giving us the family life we’ve so longed for. A new garden would give Amie somewhere to sit and relax after her treatment, while baby Edith can play safely under Amie’s supervision. I genuinely hope you can help as this would make a huge difference in our lives.

    Kind regards

    Chris Conqueror.

  288. I would like to nominate my wife she has been through alot the last few years since losing her mum and dad. She grew up with her mum always in the garden doing her hanging baskets such she was proud of. My wife looks after our 4 young children and i would love to give her a real treat that she deserves

  289. Hello,I would so like to nominate my mum and for a garfen makeover. My mum cared for my grandfather for a number of years as he spent time in and out of hospital, before we sadly lost him in November 2012. Soon after his death our grandmother was diagnosed with the onset of Alzheimer’s.Her time was taken spending many hours caring for our grandmother to a point she and her sister took turns in sleeping everynight because my gran was scared. On one of these nights my mum stayed and was expecting my father to turn up to help with the gardening.He never arrived.He had suffered a massive stroke at home by himself which my mum feels guilty for.He had a second stroke in hospital and our lives were changed forever. My dad supported me and looked after my boys whilst i worked as a single mum. But everything changed.Paralaysed down his right side he no longer as use of his hand.and he struggles to walk and is unable to converse consistently.My mum takes him to hospital appointments,therapy sessions,and providesfor all his needs.They had to move house because there were too many steps and the garden needs some mum is trying to make a start on it but has little enthusiasm or strength to complete anything with her day to day responsibilities as my dads carer.She is a strong woman and takes alot of responsibility.She needs some help but never asks because shes busy looking after everyone else.Please can you help my parents with guidance and expertise?yours faithfully Debbie

  290. hi I would lI’ve to apply for the show as I have recently been diagnosed with terminal myeloma cancer and am suffering from 5 broken back bones as a result of this whilst going through chemo. I am only 31 and have 2 children aged 3 & 7 we love spending time in their garden but I can’t physically so it anymore and would love some were nice for them children to enjoy while I’m less mobile and also to know it’d done for them when um no lonet here

  291. I would like to nominate my daughter & son in law .They were both looking forward to being parents .They had there daughter Ezri on 23/12/15 and we lost her on 24/12/15 .And I would like a garden done for them to remember her short life .They both work with the Scouts and on the SVR

  292. Hi, we would like to nominate our 10 yr old son Jack,.
    In March 2014 Jack was diagnosed with T- cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia he was only 7 1/2 yrs old.This was a terrible shock to the whole family.
    Jack went through a terrible time at the beginning, he needed a chest drain, he had a tumour between his lungs, lost his hair and his weight went to under 2 stone, he had to have a feeding tube inserted , this was all on top of the very intensive chemotherapy treatment that he had to have for the first 6 weeks after diagnosis.
    Jack went into remission almost straight way, which was great, sadly 13 months into treatment he relapsed and the Leukaemia was back, we were told Jack needed a Bone Marrow Transplant to survive, this was a very scary time for us all but especially for Jack as he was more aware of things now , fortunately Jack’s 7 siblings were tested and 2 were found to be a complete match.
    This time Jack needed even more intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy to prepare his body for the transplant.
    Jack had a sibling bone marrow transplant in June 2015, thanks to his big brother Lewis, during the first few weeks after transplant we had to stay in isolation, it was very hard because he couldn’t see his brothers and sisters straight way until his immune system was in recovery.
    Jack is now 14 months post transplant and Leukaemia free, which is absolutely fantastic, sadly for Jack he suffers from the late effects of all the treatment, his mobility isn’t brilliant, he can walk but finds distance difficult, he has to stay out of the sun or completely covered as he is now at a very high risk of skin cancer,we would love to give Jack a garden he enjoys spending time in ( can’t always take him out and about , especially if his immune system is low ) , a summer house that he can use when the weather is hot or isn’t too good but allows him the freedom of being covered to protect him and some space to chill with his brothers and sisters.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this, this would be a great gift for all of the children, as they have all gone through so much too! X

  293. Hi my name is dawn ,I would love to just come home from work and my back garden to be a drive plus garden ,I’m a single mum working 6 shifts running a house and looking after after mum in the few hrs I have spare iv managed to get some of my garden lookin half descent but but haven’t got time money or energy to do it,I would luv to be able to just relax when I do get the time and really enjoy the views,my 2 girls tell me to slow down but as much as I try I just cant do it,I would really appreciate any kind of help your gardens always look so welcoming.

  294. I am asking for this My husband and I have been married for 39 years
    We were married young he was 21 and I was 19
    Soon after being married we were delighted with the birth of our daughter Toni Teresa born in May 1978 but passed away in November due to cot death
    We went on to have 3 more girls Hannah Monica and heather and I was pregnant again and was having problems with the pregnancy and was given a cesarean and another daughter Maegan Mary was born with spinabifida and hydrocephalus and lived for only 26 days
    Unbeaten I went through folic acid treatment before we tried for another baby and a year later Beth was born
    We now have four beautiful daughters all grown and left the nest and we are now soon to have 17 grandchildren
    We have moved house many times and sometimes our work meant we moved into public houses and never really got round to ever creating a garden for the whole family
    We moved again and now we have the largest garden we’ve ever had and had big plans for it but soon after the move Tony has been hit with chronic ostio arthritis affecting his ankles and knees
    He was retired on ill health
    He is going to undergo operations to help him get about again but first he needs a kidney removal and is on the waiting list and at this moment while I write this to you Tony is groaning in pain from his knee which is what is hurting him the most at the moment.
    All this means again we cannot enjoy the outdoor space we have got
    We love entertaining be it indoors or outdoors
    As well as my large family we have 2 foster children, dogs and chickens
    We have no space were we can sit and enjoy the garden but there is enough room for everyone
    Tony hasn’t given up and spends what energy he has keeping chickens with some help
    It’s our Ruby wedding September next year and it’s our dream to hold the celebrations in the garden
    We would love for you to come and mend our garden
    I love watching your programme and can only dream of the plans I would like for the garden
    I really do hope you can help
    Desperate for a useable garden

    🍀🍀🍀🌻🌻🌻💐💐💐🌼🌼🌼🌺🌺🌺🌹🌹🌹🌷🌷🌷🌸🌸🌸🌾🌾🌾🌴🌴🌴 😊😊😊

  295. Hi I would love to nominate my husband who is 38 and had to have his leg amputated in October 2015 , we have had to move to a adapted bungalow and the garden is very slopped and he would love a beautiful garden to relax in and spend time with our daughter . Thank you

  296. Hi, I would like to nominate my nan. Who is the most selfless person ever. In the past few years she has become a carer to both my elderly great grandma who was previously in hospital with pneumonia and other complications and my uncle who suffers from type 1 diabetes and has done since he was young. This has led to many complications and he now is unable to very far without needing assistance/wheelchair. Just last year my Mam who is my uncles sister was also diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. This devastated the whole family and put my nan under a lot of stress and worry. During all of this she has been waiting for an knee replacement, she could bearly walk and it only gotton worse because of how much she takes care of my uncle and grandma. She never has time for herself and puts the whole family before herself. I myself work full time as does the rest of my family so it is hard when we cannot be there to help. She loves her garden and is always trying to keep up with it when she can, she is always buying the garden mags to get hints and tips to help but never gets round to doing it considering she has 3 gardens to look after. I would really love it if you could help my nan and give her a place where she can relax and a place where my uncle and grandma can spend time with her.
    Thankyou xxx

  297. I’d like to nominate cloe green ,I don’t know her her but saw her story in the daily mail,her husband died suddenly and she’s left with 8 young children and the only thing she wants is a finished garden .

    She has set up go fund me page .

    But please consider her

    I wish to remain anonymous.

  298. Hi we have recently lost our lovely dad to the horrid disease cancer they gave him six to nine months but sadly only lasted eight weeks I would love my mum to have her garden done as my mum watches your program all the time this would be so amazing as she is finding it hard at the moment many thanks Margy xx

  299. Hi. I’m Lauren and I would really like to nominated my dad to have his garden made over. He used to had a lovely patch of grass some decking and a small shed but he had a dog who ripped the grass up.. He recently lost his dog and hasn’t been the same since he works long hours has always worked so hard and I would like him to be able to come home to a lovely garden he can relax in the sun after a hard days work. He’s been through so much that I can’t explain but he really deserves this.

  300. I would like to nominate my lovely dad who is 90 years old and lives Alton. He has been such a great dad and misses my mum so much she died suddenly when she was 64 years old. I love him to have his garden made over as it would mean so much to him as my mum loved her garden.

  301. I would love to nominate Chloe green. I don’t know her but her story has been in the paper today she has 8 children and her husband died at 31 shortly after the birth of their 8th. He worked hard and was so proud of his family and Cloe now wants to do the garden up as he so wanted to do

  302. To whom it may concern

    It would be a great pleasure of your team could transform this ugly garden into something to be proud of for . my fiancée Joanne. Is a person that does everything for many of people and never wants anything in return she has been through a lot of bad things to loosing close family members in a short period of time I have tried to make the garden as she wanted like paving and never completed it. She also wants decking which I have not got funds for. It would be fantastic if someone could assist and make this garden to something she is never out of

  303. I had. Serious X stroke. March 12th 2015v and I’m Bow. Disabled A ND STRUggggling. T create !new. Life a d. Need. As all. Garden. Space with. Patio a f setting g. Aka ex for disabled. Adult I’m 51 please be,p. E be able to enjoy the outdoors again.

  304. I would like to nominate my husbands Grandma. She turns 90 this year and still volunteers twice a week in her local Cancer Research shop.As she gives up so much for others it would be love!y for her to have a beautiful garden for her to enjoy for herself.

  305. My 2 friends have had a massive building project which has gone from bad to worse they are now winning the fight slowly and it will be an amazing house when it’s finished. The house has a 30-40 foot garden which slopes upwards to a wood and quarry area. There are a few ideas what to do with it but how to start is the big issue.

  306. I would love to nominate laura coughlin to be done as she lost her baby daughter 8 years ago next week at 4 days old. Amd since that point been very unwell and have always wanted to do something to her garden in memory of her daughter. It would mean so much to her and her son joshua. And could possibly help with her illness.

  307. Hiya Id like to nominate my friend amie Lea and her boyfriend , she has recently given birth to the most beautiful little girl prematurely, they as a couple battled through that to finally bring their daughter home, only for her amie to then start chemotherapy. I think it would be amazing for them to have their garden done so they can chill out altogether. Especially when there’s days she won’t feel like doing anything they will have a place to share special time. She is an inspiration and never moans an outstanding lady x thanks

  308. I would like to put a request in for my partner Shirley Wheeler on behalf of her brother Graham wheeler….The family have had the worst 18months anyone could imagine……There Mother passed away in Febuary 2015…Then in less than 3months after in May 2015 There nephew a young man aged 25years old was killed in a tragic traffic accident his mother is my partners twin sister….In the same month of May 2015 there brother aged just 55 years old got diagnosed with cancer and with yet more sad news he passed away in the October 2015……..Graham’s daughter Sophie aged 21years old had just received a double lung transplant after her health deteriorated from cystic fibrosis…….And the family tried to stay strong and cope with the not so happy past year and prayed things would start to look brighter….When sadness got to them again Sophie took a turn for the worst and passed away in the May 2016,,,,,Nobody could believe that this family could have coped with 4members from the close family could pass away in less than 2years ,,,,,Graham has always gone out singing for all different kinds of charity work and still tries to keep strong for his loss of his daughter and I know if his garden was to be made nice this would help him to try to learn to cope along with all the family that gather from time to time…….Please do consider if possible to contact and meet with them ….Thank You….Mr Greame Barker

  309. Iam 12 years old and my mam has MS which stops her from getting in the garden that shes always loved so much but since we an extension build to help her mobility, and my dad has struggled to get the garden back to normal due to working sifts and having to look after my mam. I would love you to come and do the garden for my mam and dad I would be very grateful. Thank you.

  310. My wonderful husband works so very hard to support me and our two children. He has had to work away with work which has had a big impact on the children. I do work part time but have a very bad back problem. There is know way I can tackle a garden. My husband is my life and I would love him to enjoy some relaxing time when he is home. There is so much emotional past I feel iowe it to Mark that there is some good in this world. Please help x

  311. Hello, my name is Keira I would like to nominate my grandma (Ruth Johnstone) who is 74 years old, she is getting older know and she is not as able to attend to her garden as much. There are many reasons she hasn’t been able to care for her garden properly but the main reason is because she has a 17 year old Jack Russle called Judy that needs a lot of care and time.The reason I would like to nominate her is because she is an amazing woman who has been helping elderly people, children and many other that needed her all her life so I know think it is time to return the favour By giving her a garden makeover.

  312. I would like to nominate my wife, for the past 18 years since we’ve been together she has unselfishly looked after our family, putting her own trials and tribulations to one side while she takes care of us. Our son is on the Autism spectrum and to get him through life has been quite demanding on her while I have been at work. We long to give her the garden she deserves to spend time to reflect and enjoy it as I am not very green fingered. This our way to say how she is loved and how we so greatful for what she does for us on a daily basis

  313. My brother died of a brain tumour last May after battling ‘Jeremy’ for ten years. My parents have supported him and all of our family for the past decade despite my brother initially being given 18 months ‘to live’. Consequently another victim has been their garden, initially designed as their forever garden, it has been neglected and now seems beyond help. They should have been able to enjoy their garden in their retirement and now it’s just another tumour that continues to grow out of control. Please help them to rediscover a passion that they seem to have lost along the way.

  314. Hi my names Gill. I would like to nominate my daughter and son in law to be on youre show 12 yrs ago not long after they met when James was 20 and Louise 17. They were both in a horrific car accident. Louise wasnt seriously injured but James broke his neck and was left paralized from the chest down. They have been through so much with James in hospital for 7 months, then coming home and learning to accept life in a wheelchair. There love for each other has kept them together and they were married 18 months ago. They moved into there home which has a very big garden . Much to big for Louise to care for with all she has to do for James. It is mainly unlevel lawn which James carnt acccess in his chair. To top it all Louise has Freiburgs infraction in her feet( crumbling of the bones) so finds it difficult to cut the grass because it is so uneven. James is an inspiration he helps out with Backup and also holds down a full time job as a support teacher. He specialises in teaching children with autism and aspergers. I would be so gratefull if you could help them as they are such a deserving couple. Yours from a very proud Mum.

  315. My brother died of a brain tumour last May after battling ‘Jeremy’ for ten years. My parents have supported him and all of our family for the past decade despite my brother initially being given 18 months ‘to live’. Consequently another victim has been their garden, initially designed as their forever garden, it has been neglected and now seems beyond help. They should have been able to enjoy their garden in their retirement and now it’s just another tumour that continues to grow out of control. Please help them to rediscover a passion that they seem to have lost along the way.

  316. Hi I have a partner/ girlfriend whos 27 and she suffers from the life threatening illness Cystic Fibrosis and she has to do a daily treatment routine which includes taking lots of tablets, nebulisers and physiotherapy. Everyday can be a challenge for her as she gets poorly often but she always has a smile on her face and does anything and everything she can for everyone around her and she has changed my life. I know she would absolutly LOVE to have the garden done cause she’s gone on and on about it cause the gardens dull and a mess at the minute and she’s been saving and looking for different garden ideas, and she loves watching the show. I would love nothing more then to she the smile on her face if you did the garden, no one else I know would appreciate it more. Thank you for taking the time to read this I really appreciate it and hope to hear from you soon.

  317. I would like to nominate my mum , she is always there for me no matter what and despite suffering from and bad heart , a stroke and now being diagnosed with cancer the one thing she wants to do is go out in the garden and tend to the plants. Being unsteady on her feet and our garden not being flat this is not possible and breaks her heart and confines her to the house .

  318. I woiuld love to nominate my sister Beverley. She has just lost her husband to cancer at a very young age ( 46) and has 2 teenage cnildren who have been through hell in the last 8 years. She loves her animals, bees and everything environmental as her husband was a geographer/ environmentalist/ educator. THink she would appreciate any help to cope with maintaining her 1 acre plot in the way that her husband would have wanted.

  319. I would like to apply for my mum to have her garden made over. She is now nearly 87 and has lived on her own for nearly 36 years after my dad passed away. We sadly lost my older sister 2 years ago in a motor bike accident. She has always been a strong lady and has always been there for her family and is so independent but this is first year that she can’t do her garden and I know it would mean so much to her to see it beautiful again.

  320. I would love to surprise my husband Brian now age 61 with a garden make over. My husband suffered a stroke 6 years ago and although he returned to his beloved job at Coleman and Milne limousine makers. He has not been able to complete any heavy garden work and so our garden is not a place we can sit and enjoy watching our Grandchildren play in safety. I would love Alan and his team to make our flagged empty space a garden. Please consider us for a makeover. Regards to all the team.

  321. I would love to nominate my daughter who is terminally ill with cancer she still smiles she has 3 children and a dedicated husband, they never complain and j St get on with stuff, my daughter is 32 this has devastated our family, a make over would mean she had something beautiful to look and sit for her family to reflect. Xxxx she loves your programme.

  322. I would like to nominate my sister to have a garden makeover . She has had a shed load of bad luck in her life and still always has a smile on her face . She has been with her husband since 14 yrs of age . Had her first baby at 16 he was born with a deformed right arm so hundreds of ops and hospital appointments . Then had 2 more children which where fine then her last son was born with a cleft pallet and ear problems . At the age of 35 she was diagnosed with aggressive facial cancer . The surgeons gave her options 5 years of hell or we do nothing . She said I have no choice my children need me . She lost part of the right side of her face including eye and eye socket and lost part of her forehead etc she has loads of ops skin grafts etc . She is still 5 years later having treatment but is so positive . I’m so humbled by her . She would love a garden makeover as she had to give up work and can not afford to do it now . Thankyou jackie regan .

  323. I live in a lovely house which I shared with my dad for 15 wonderful years. On a Friday morning in October 2014 my dad unexpectedly passed away from a heart attack in this very house.
    My father was on a mission for years to transform our home into somewhere we could enjoy together and where he could enjoy it with his future grandchildren, especially the garden where he would spend a lot of time standing at the back door planning his next move on making the outdoors area perfect. He started the job making some changes but unfortunately he didn’t get to finish.
    I now share my house and it’s wonderful memories with my husband, 2 year old daughter and our dog Zak.
    Daily life give us a struggle to try and tackle the garden, it’s always the next thing on our list then something comes up, and to be able to use the garden as my dad intended, incorporate his memory into it and finish off his plan would mean more than the world to us all. It’s a dream we hope for everyday to be able to play with our daughter outside. Thanks x

  324. My mum is 88 years she has always loved her gardening now we have a nice size garden , she has been through so much these few years with her diabetes stroke and other illness, I am her carer and do the garden myself but I am afraid I not very good at it . She came to this country in 1952 from Spain when she married my late dad X work very hard all her life right up to she was 75. I would love you so much for your team to suprise her with a Mediterranean garden . She has given so much to us all worked three jobs when my dad was ill and couldn’t work to bring up us three children. She really deserve a garden she can spend her days relaxing xx THANKYOU very much julie daughter

  325. Hi, I would like to nominate my parents for love your garden. My mom suffered a brain injury in May 2014 and continues to remain in a care home. The long term plan is for my mom to return back home with my dad being a full time carer. My mom and dad have always been keen gardens however, since my moms accident my dad has been unable to keep up with the garden and my mom is no longer capable. The garden is looking tired and in need of some tlc from Alan. I would hate for my mom to return and have to look at the current state of the garden.
    Thanks xx

  326. Please please consider my father in-law for a fantastic garden ttansformation. His garden is his onky solace as he is yet again facing a battle with cancer, his 6th time to do so. He is quite house bound so spends as much time as he can reading in his garden or summer house. He is unable to do. Much else which for a man that has always work a very hard thing 2 do. If u would consider us it would change the last years he has left. With thanks X-

  327. I would love you to do our garden as we have recently moved to our new house we have done all inside of our house a lot of work and energy put into it we have two young children one is 5 and one is 5 months my partner Emma has been diagnosed with clinical depression I’m working 7 days a week to keep things going and coming home doing stuff around the house I would love you to our garden so my partner Emma can relax in it hope to here from you soon ray

  328. Hi, I would like to apply for my mother in laws garden to have a make over. Sadly we lost my father in law unexpectedly in 2014 at the age of 64. They both took pride in keeping the garden looking lovely. She works long hours and helps look after her grandchildren so the garden is the last thing that gets looked upon. I would love her to have a relaxing garden to sit in after a stressful day at work and somewhere for her to remember all the happy memories of her childhood sweetheart. Thank you for considering my request

  329. Iam 15 years old and my mum is an amazing single mum and always has been she’s always worked full time to ensure I have what I need and mainly a roof over my head she’s always wanted a beautiful garden to relax in at the end of a hard working day but due to the hours she works and poor health over the years she’s just not been able to manage and have her own relaxation place to escape and invite her freinds round and it’s just to big for her to maintain on her own am her only child and would be so greatful if u could help her have the garden she’s always dreamed off!!!😊

  330. I would love my garden done I have rheumatoid arthritis and just had my second knee replacement,I would love to be able to sit out in back garden but it’s not a very pleasant outlook, my hubbie try’s his best but works long hours so doesn’t really have the time to do it .

  331. Hi….I would really love for my parents to have their garden made over…they work really hard and long hours and would love to have their garden done as they are looking into starting to foster children…. their garden is basically a lump of concrete…PLEASE could you consider us!! 🙏

  332. Hi I’m Louise I’m 21 years old and I would like it if you could help my nan and grandad out with their garden. shes been through so much as my father passed away a few years ago and she lost her son and she hasn’t really been coping ever since, it’s been hard on the whole family. My nan was always proud of her gardens she had but now she’s getting older and their both unable to do anything. She’s my angel and always puts her family first and I would appreciate it if you could do something special for her in return. She loves flowers and water features and would mean the world to see her smiling again and to go outside and spend time in the garden. Thankyou

  333. I would like to nominate my fiance’s gran .She lost her husband back in 2012 and he did all the gardening, he also was known for his wood work which he did for many family members and friends. Due to his loss she tends not to go in the garden even when we have nice enough weather she just sits indoors . I feel since becoming part of this family she would benefit hugely from a new garden as she lives alone and barely has any visitors. It would also be a place where she could sit and remember good times with her husband as that’s where he basically lived. Thankyou

  334. Hi , I would like to nominate my sister kim, since my mom passed away she has been like a second mother to me in my times of need, she is awaiting a new knee replacement so can hardly walk, at the age of 55 she has given up work to look after her two grandchildren alexa and connar, she’s a inspiration to us all, always thinking of others even tho she struggles herself, her garden really gets her down so I would love if you chose my sister kim marshall xx

  335. I would love to nominate beverley sanson. Who over the last 10 years has endured losing five members of her in a very short period of time .as well as having heath problems caused by her bereavement. Suffering a stroke and having a brain tumour scare .I believe she needs a bit of loving in her garden which is looking rather fed up .many thanks

  336. I would love to nominate my mother as she has had a tough few years we lost my dad in 2007 from motor neurone disease she lost her mother aswell and sister we have lost 2 many to count on the last few years it would be nice to give her sum where to relax and take sum time for herself

  337. Hi I would like to put a request in for a really good friend she got 3 kids and raised them on her own she loves doing things out doors in the garden but her garden is not suitable for the kids as she Avent got time to sort it and the garden is putting her down as she really wants to do thing last with her boys in there and she can’t could you help her please

  338. Hi my name is Sallie Talbot I’m 42 me and my wife r going to be moving into a new house in October and the garden is in need of some love . I would love for ur team to do make over on it . Times have been hard my wife lost her mother in November after a 5 year battle with cancer which she found it really hard still does .she is having a lot of problems with family too which adds to stress and worry . we have lived in our house 20 years and now making a move which is going to be hard but to have u do our garden please so if u could take the time to consider us for a new garden we would be grateful thanks Sallie Helen xx

  339. Hi, I’m 21 years old, I would love my garden to have a make over as it will really cheer my mum up. She has depression and has had a really rough year, she never asks for anything and this would cheer her up immensely she’s amazing mum and looks after all three of her children and does everything for us. It would be nice to give something back to her. She needs a bit of sparkle in her life. Please help us put a smile back on her face. Thank you

  340. Hi,
    I know you will be over run with applications but i thought id give it a go.
    My daughter contracted TB meningitis almost 6 years ago. She was very lucky to pull through but was left severely disabled. She loves to be on the go all the time (shes a bum shuffler) and loves to explore her surroundings but unfortunately cannot go into the garden. She can shuffle of thw floor outside but as thw tarmac is lifting its put straight into her mouth. There are flags that have lifted and round the back the floor has just been covered with small stones and some kind of material underneath that. My son loves being outside and its so hard trying to keep an eye on my daughter inside and be outside at the same time trying to give my son my time too.
    Is there anyway you could consider us for your show please? It would completely change pur lives!
    Thank you for reading,

  341. Hi, I would like to apply for my mum and dad as I think they really deserve it. They are both really hard working people and would do anything for anyone. I would love them to be able to have a lovely garden to relax in as my dad never has a chance to get round to doing it. My dad his self is a gardener but works for his self and is to busy to make the garden lovely like it use to be. I would really appreciate this for my parents as they are getting to the age now where they need somewhere to relax. They also have 3 grand children, and my mum feels like they have no where to play when they come round to visit, it would be lovely for everyone.

  342. I would like to nominate my mum. We lost our dad in 2015 to a brain tumour. My mum is finding it so hard to change things since he passed. Her garden has been the same since she moved in 28 years ago. My dad loved the garden so would be a lovely surprise for her

  343. Hi, I would like to nominate my 3 sons to have a make over on our garden. We have had such a hard few years, we lost our home and now live in a council property. I would love for them to have a garden which they could enjoy. It has no grass, just concrete flags which are all uneven my eldest son has autism and developmental co-ordination disorder so our garden is not safe for him (or anyone to be fair) because he is prone to falling over. My boys love being outside but they don’t have anywhere safe or enjoyable enough to play. Please can you help me out?

  344. Hi my name is michelle and my fiance is adam. We have three little girls who like playing in the garden however because adam works lots, the wendy house that he started building has come to a stand still. We really need your help pleeeaaasseeee

  345. Hello I would like to put my mum forward to have a garden makeover
    She lost her husband few years back and since then has had bad mobility problems and suffers from depression and her garden she loved so much had seen better days since suffering from depression she hides away and I would just love this for her to enjoy which will have a great impact on her health please consider her

  346. Hello, I am 15 years of age and would like to ask for some help. When me and my siblin were younger (4 and 6) we tragicly lost my grandmar to lukema.since then my mum has worked full time in order to give us what we have wanted in life so we can succeed. My mum had lost her dad 5 years prior to her mum and has no family left as our aunts and uncles have all passed in the last year of cancer. My mum loves her garden and this has been her one wish since my grandma. I would love to give her the gift of having a beautiful garden and hope to hear from you.

  347. I need some help with my grandma’s garden. She now 80 years old and struggling to cope with it. I want something tranquil and easy to manage yet beautiful to look at. She’s not ready to give it up yet but she cannot keep going.

  348. I have read a story on facebook by the sun of a new young mum with 8 children whose husband recently died it says there garden never got finished due to the his passing he was only early 30s I think there worthy of it

  349. Please help us rescue our garden!! When we moved in 2 years ago it resembled a jungle and there were 5 sheds (!), a dividing fence down the middle and an enormous tree casting a shadow over the whole space. We’ve now had the tree cut down and filled two skips with the broken down sheds and various pieces of jungle debris but looks like we’ve hardly made a dent. Now with a small baby in tow we’ve hit a standstill and don’t have the time or money to complete the job. This would be a fab garden to feature on the show as it’s large and would have a really obvious impact in terms of before and after. I also have saved pictures of how the space looked before we started tearing it apart!

  350. Hi. I’d like to apply for help with our garden. We moved into our house 4 years ago and now have two sons 3 and 9 months. Our three year old has a rare condition, optic nerve hypoplasia. It effects his eyesight, development, hormonal centres in his brain and gives him autistic tendencies. Our second son we think has inherited my ocular albinism. We are waiting for those results. I am registered blind with ocular cutaneous albinism. This makes getting to our three year olds numerous hospital appointments very difficult. We are really busy with helping him with his development and trying to find new ways of teaching him skills not to mention finding ways to get to all the appointments that we just don’t have time to try to get our garden in order. When we moved in it was very overgrown and we have been getting on top of it very slowly but still have nowhere for my youngest and I to sit out in the shade as we are very sensitive to the sun. It is a south facing large garden with an amazing view but we are just overwhelmed by it. I’d love to try and get some sensory experiences in it for my boys as well as somewhere for them to play as ell as somewhere for my husband and I to sit and enjoy in the evening when the boys are in bed. We don’t get any other time to ourselves as both boys are difficult to leave so that time is precious to us.
    Thank you for considering us.

  351. Hi me and my wife have recently became grand parents we both work around the clock we live in a council house but our garden is just an over grown grass garden which our grand children can never play in whilst growing up I really would love a lovely garden 😊

  352. Hi Alan and the team. In 2008 our mum was diagnosed with cancer, luckily she survived but sadly she got cancer again but this time in 2009 she died. This caused a lot of sadness, stress also we have gone through a lot of family problems (left us) Also this caused our dad not to work which left us with little money that meant that we have never been on abroad on holiday and much more but if we had a garden it would fell like a holiday and would mean so much. I live with 1 brother and 2 sisters and a really close supportive neighbour who we share a garden with. If you were to provide us with an astonishing garden which we have seen on your TV show which we watch every week, we all sit on a sofa dreaming we had garden like that so we would really appreciate if you come down and really help us with our lives.
    Your Sincerely
    Liam Webb Ben Webb Chloe Webb and Holly Webb

  353. Hello Alan and co. Xxxx
    My children and I had to go into refuge a couple of years ago. We have peace now but are over 300 miles away from ‘home’ and loved ones, so don’t have help close by. I have large back and front garden but its not level or beautiful. I don’t know if you do council properties, hope so, but would love an outdoor sanctuary for me and my 3 children to enjoy after everything we’ve been through. Pick us or not just wanted to say what you do for people is amazing. God bless. Xxxx

  354. Hi, I would like to nominate my friends and neighbours. My friend Laura has Lyme disease and is house bound. They have 2 kids and a dog. Laura’s husband Simon is trying to make the garden nice but with now working full time and caring for laura this is taking longer than he wanted. Laura really needs a nice garden where she can be with her kids on her good days and not be trapped inside. I would love to make her happy again and give her something she deserves and to take her mind off this horrible disease. We would really appreciate your help. Thank you

  355. Hi Team
    I honestly don’t think that our garden is fixable and is the most challenging garden in the UK. You need to see the pictures to believe it!! We’ve moved into our family home 18 months ago and since giving birth to identical twin girls, My husband and I just don’t know where to start, have the energy or knowledge to transform our garden. It has so much potential I’m sure but we need the experts with vision to transform our garden so that we and our three children may love it, use it and spend time in it.

  356. Hi my name is clare doyle I really appreciate you reading my email. I would love to apply for the show. I am a single mum with 2 children aged 12 and 8 my 12 year old has Adhd and doesn’t like being in the house all the time he loves the out doors. They lost their father in November 2015 and it’s been difficult trying to work full time and juggle everything else. We as a family don’t use our garden as it’s clay underneath the lawn so when it rains it’s a great lake for ducks. This means we don’t get to use the space as it’s not often dry. I would love to be able to sit out with the family while they play and would love to have abit of colour and flowers to look at it would mean so much for me and the children to enjoy this space.
    Many thanks in advance.

  357. I am 20 years old and live with my parents in a ground floor disability flat. My mum suffers with many autoimmune diseases which cause her agony every single day, one being Ankylosing Spondylitis. This illness will eventually take away my mum’s mobility and will more than likely put her in a wheelchair in years to come. She loves to be outside but finds it hard to mobilise out of the flat with either being in pain or suffering terrible fatigue from her condition, so she often sits in the garden.
    She watches this show a majority of the time and often says that she wishes that someone could give her garden an overhaul as she struggles to do it herself. She wants a place where she can relax and sit when she has her very bad days, which are becoming more frequent. She gives so much to everybody but never gets anything in return, I would love to give her something like this as she more than deserves it.

  358. It will be 2 years in October since my dad had a stroke that left him without the use of his right arm & right leg. He can’t talk either but he can repeat the odd word though. Ever since his stroke he has been in the garden only once. The reason for this is that the door is 4 feet from the ground (5 steps high). He would happily sit in it when the weather allowed as the views are wonderful, but he can’t get to enjoy it as he sits in a chair at the front of the house staring at the TV or a road. My mum tried to keep on top of it but it’s becoming more and more unmanageable as caring for my dad takes up more and more of her time. It would be incredible to have a garden that would allow my dad …..and mum to get out and enjoy it as they used to.

  359. I would like to put my Mum forward. She’s 68 years old, was a single parent and brought up 4 girls on her own. When she retired, she spent her time looking after her elderly mother until she passed away just over a year ago.

    My Mum has an extremely large garden and is not fit enough to keep this under the control. We cut the grass and try and keep on top of the weeding but I know if my Mum had the money, she would love to landscape the garden, add some more seating area (currently the slaps are not level) and have an easy to manage garden. It takes around 3 hours just to cut and strim the grass and I would love her to have somewhere she could sit outside and enjoy now she’s retired and can start enjoying her spare time.

  360. Hi my name is Amy jones
    Our family really need a new garden as my mum and dad works very hard and I want to show my appreciation by giving them a new garden

  361. I’m childminder and would love my back garden to be made over and suitable for work but also useable st weekend when the children are not here as at the moment it is just 22′ of concrete floor with a few toys and garden furniture then me ,my family and all the weenies can love my garden more

  362. I would like to nominate my son who struggles to maintain his property every penny he earns is spent doing his house up he lives alone but has his 2 year old son 3nights a week and weekends the garden is on 3 levels and is unsafe for a 2 year old nobody seems to want to tackle it lol our family love outdoor living and his son loves to be outside checking out insects and creatures please can you help him to make this garden a lovely and safe oasis in the middle of a gloomy estate X thankyou for your time

  363. Hello please could you help my parents get the garden they so want but dont have the time to get themselves as they both work full time, I still live with them there daughter Angela 29, and ever since the day i was born i was very ill, they have always done so much for me with my health getting worse and me having a back problem they are always there to help no matter what and I would love to be able to help them get the garden they want but I am not physcially fit enough to do this, we have lived in the house my whole life and the garden has always been overlooked as they where at the hospital or working full time.

  364. Hi there, I’m slowly getting my garden liveable.. My partner & childrens dad passed away April 26th 2016, very suddenly.. I’m really wanting a lovely quite corner the children can sit with him and have their alone time! So peaceful for them.. I would absolutely love some help.. 🙂

  365. Hello Richard myself and my daughter both have a rare bone condition and we also have 4 other children and my husband living in our home we would love our garden to be done and for us to be able to acsess it it’s heartbreaking to tell my child she can’t go out the garden with her siblings as we can’t get her chair out there please help us we are the only people in the country with this condition and it’s so upsetting that my child can’t be a child and acses the garden 😓😓she asks me why she can’t be normal and the doctor told her we have no cure she cries daily when her sibling are playing outside please help my daughter also watches your programme all the time and asks me could we contact you I told her I’ll try so please make my princess dream come true and let her have the garden she dersrves … My ema
    il is

  366. Gladys Simpson, hi my husband and myself have both suffered from cancer, I am 70yrs old my husband 69 but he is disabled with back problems and breathlessness so is unable yo do anything in the garden which was his pride and joy, I try to do as much as i can but there is a limit as to what I am able to do as well, I am waiting for an appointment to have another operation and the Doctors are trying to find out the cause of the breathlessness, a makeover to make garden more manageable woud be wonderful

  367. Hello myself and my daughter both have a rare bone condition and we also have 4 other children and my husband living in our home we would love our garden to be done and for us to be able to acsess it it’s heartbreaking to tell my child she can’t go out the garden with her siblings as we can’t get her chair out there please help us we are the only people in the country with this condition and it’s so upsetting that my child can’t be a child and acses the garden 😓😓she asks me why she can’t be normal and the doctor told her we have no cure she cries daily when her sibling are playing outside please help

  368. Hi, PLEASE will you help build the perfect garden for my older sister, she moved into a house where a lot of work needed doing to it but mostly the garden! She’s a single mum and struggles a lot with life especially money issues where she can’t afford to pay to make the garden her peaceful place. Our mum had a stroke just a month ago and she has suffered from depression ever since, she would literally dream of having that one thing complete in her home, her garden and this is the only chance she could have to take that weight off her shoulder, she is such a fan of your work Alan and I would so appreciate it, thankyou!

  369. My husband got made redundant in April 2016 and on the 30th may he had an heart attack which turned out needing a double bypass within 72hrs he had to go back to theatre for an emergency second operation and was told that he’d been very lucky he would have died with out the second op I would love the garden makeover because it would make a huge difference to our lives thanks

  370. Dear Love your garden team…we have a VERY mature garden..(I think??) of average size it has so many different shrubs and trees in it, we love our garden but it is getting a little out of control and has no different areas ..unfortunately we are not very green fingered and my partners idea of gardening is getting the chainsaw / hedge trimmer out !! PLEASE come and save our garden before this happens 🙈

  371. My husband is a very keen Gardner but over the last two years has become disabled and cannot look after it and I would like to nominate our garden for a makeover so he can get around the garden more easier and enjoy sitting out.

  372. Hi myself & my partner have a new house together and the garden
    is a mess we have had a gardener in to do odd bits but it is too much. My partner tries her best but we have 2 young children that she does everything for
    so all of her time is gone. The garden is left and my partner feels she is failing as it could be a nice garden and a garden to use with a little help. Please, please help as this would be life changing for her

  373. Hello X I am just wondering if you can help please? I have wondered if you could possibly pop round to see if you can help me please? We have a large garden in desperate need of a sort out X I love gate ding and always tended my own garden X I have been struck down with the most debilitating illness. fibromyalgia and currently waiting to go into hospital for a full hysterectomy X I cannot leave it all to my husband as he is my Carer xx we have managed forth to be a little organised but it’s not worked by X please help X my mum lived with me who has PBC We used to tend the garden together but at the mall Kent we are able xxx thank you very much x

  374. Hello, I’m 16 years old and I’d like to nominate my mother to have our garden done. My mother suffers with really bad depression and roumatoid arthritis so she struggles to do the garden. 3 years ago my grandma was diagnosed with numonia and diabetes,due to her diabetes she got a cut on her foot which never healed it got infected and she had to have her leg amputated. My mother had to quit her job to become a full time carer for my nan who now lives with us and a single mother to two. Please help her she deserves this.

  375. Hello I am 13 and I live with my parents and my brother (age 6) both my parents work full time and really want to spend time in a decent garden, we all really want a re-done garden as neither of them have any time to work on it. My younger brother is very sporty and likes to spend time outsi de so we need a garden that’s suitable for him and child friendly!

  376. My request isn’t for me but for my best friend who has had just over 2 years of hell. Her marriage broke up for reasons beyond her control, she sold the family home and moved into a smaller house. Shortly after she found out she had cervical cancer and had to have a hysterectomy, fortunately for her and her children, the trust where we live gave fantastic aftercare however earlier this year she was given the dreaded news that her cancer had returned. She had undergone intensive treatment during which time her daughter was doing her final GCSE’s and her son doing his SATs. Her treatment has now ended and she goes back for her scan in a couple of weeks when we’ll know if the treatment was successful. She had a long overgrown garden that she’s not been able to tackle and is desperate for her children to have somewhere to play and have some family time. I have never done anything like this before and hope that you consider my friend as being a worthy applicant for your show. Thanks very much for taking the time to read this.

  377. Hi I would love to apply for a garden make over for my family. 2 years ago my mum fell downstairs & broke her back, since then she has really struggled. End of last year me & my 12 year old daughter moved in to look after her & because I could no longer pay my rent! The garden is in desperate need of modernisation & it would be brilliant for us all to enjoy it more. I work full time in a hospital social work team so never have enough time to do much although I try to keep on top of it!
    It would be amazing to surprise Mum. Thanks

  378. Hi there-I would like to nominate my parents for your program.
    They are both 76 years old and have had the worst year of their lives together.
    In September 2015 my mum had a bad fall landing on her left side. She was poorly for weeks after then 😦
    In the December my dad began having problems and visited the doctor. He had prostate cancer 😦 he had a prostactomy in March this year.
    In the meantime my mum, who’d had a growth in her left breast since the fall but just put it down to bruising etc started having pain in it so visited the doctor-breast cancer 😦 she had a lady sided mastectomy and has just had her 4th dose of chemotherapy. She’s lost her hair and her zest for life is dwindling day by day and it’s awful to see my lovely, lively, funny mum going through this. It literally breaks my heart. Amidst my mum diagnosis and treatment my dad was given the all clear :).
    They had to cancel a family holiday to Greece which they were so looking forward to and my husband had to fight Thomsons to get them their refund. They’ve had such an awful year, my dad has bouts of Ménière’s which leave him debilitatied for days and so their garden has suffered slightly. They get out when they can but my husband cuts their grass for them as it’s quite a big garden.
    They are wonderful and very supportive parents, as most are but they’ve given myself and two brothers and sister such a great life and been fabulous role models.
    They’ve looked after grandchildren at the drop of a hat and are loved so much by us all I’d love to say thank you to them by hopefully being chosen for your program.
    I think they both deserve a big suprise and having a lovely garden will be such a massive suprise and they’ll love it so much.

  379. I would like to put my nan forward for garden make over she does and thinks of everyone first and I would love her to have a place to have some her time my grandad past away nearly 5 years ago and it was sudden and since then she has help other come to terms with grief, it would mean so much to her and us if she had a nice garden to relax and unwind in many thanks

  380. Hi my mum is stage 4 (end stage) copd and my dad has health issues and I would love for them to have a garden makeover. My mum used to spend all her time in the garden making it look so beautiful but sadly now she isn’t able to and gets so upset seeing the garden looking so bare.
    I would love to put a big smile on both their faces if this was possible.

  381. I would love to give my garden a makeover, I struggle to maintain it as its so big and I work full time! Email me and I’ll send some pictures, I’m sure you could do wonders with it for your thanks x

  382. Hello, I am 21 years old, I live with my mum. Our garden needs a new lease of live as soon as possible. We have never been able to keep on top of it with us both working and now it is just so overgrown , we just need some help as would love to have a lovely garden and do something nice for my mum and make her happy really(:

  383. I would love a garden make over I have a very steep hill that I can not control and a garden I do not know where to start with I’m not going to bombard you with the problems that I’ve faced but my four children would love a fab space to play especially my little boy who has a lot of challenges to face 😊

  384. Please can u help give my garden a makeover, work full time as nurse also have three children absolutely love to be outside as it would give me some me time as I’m always helping others would also love for my children to be able to enjoy it too please help us 😀

  385. Hello, I am 12 years old, and I live with my mum and sisters (aged 10, 6) We recently got told by our local council, due to living in a council house, that we would have to move to another house. Which they provided, and we know live happily in. My mum has been working herself to the bone to make our house a home! The only problem is our garden. It’s said to be child friendly, and safe for three kids. However, with rubble, sand, grit and litter building up in the front and back garden, it is definitely not that. I believe that it would be a saviour if you could help us. thank you.

  386. Hi my name is Katie Flett and I live in Derby we have finally bought our own house our garden isn’t very safe for my little girl who is 7 and my disabled husband my little girl is always in pain with her joint hyper mobility syndrome her elhers danlos syndrome and she has sensory processing disorder she can’t always walk very well and sometimes fall she has splint soles and special boots cause he rankles are unstable what I would really like is maybe a flat garden or a slight slope with some sensory bits in it like a ball with water pouring over it a sand tray but not at floor level a safe place to play on her swing and just be in the garden we have tried to get somebody in to make a slope but they botched it up and it is too steap.thank you for reading this my little girl would be so amazed and happy if she could play in their garden safely thank you.

  387. Hi myself and my husband both lost our jobs just before Christmas last year and fell apon hard times just after moving into a new home, so our garden had to take a back seat, my 3 year old and 10 year old daughters would love somewhere outside to play and dance as there bed room is not very big, it would be amazing to have a littke luck and sparkle brought back to our lives 😊 here’s hoping X

  388. Hello Alan, I am writing about my mummy. A couple of years ago whenI was 8 my dad left my mummy and so she had nobody to do the hard digging that tends to hurt her back. Then when I was 11 she got breast cancer before mummy used to spend loads of time in the garden and it was beautiful but then mummy got diagnosed and couldn’t look after the garden anymore. This year as she is all better I am helping her with the garden but it still doesn’t have that magic. It would mean the world to my mummy and our family if you were to come and make our garden magic I watch your show and I think you are inspirational thanks so much.Our garden is not very big but I am hoping you can really make a big difference. I really think after all this mummy needs the garden as a nice retreat thanks again!

  389. Hi, I don’t know if you can help me? I’m writing in for my dad who lives in a flat on his own. He has a very large back garden which he spends a lot of time in. Due to him having arthritis and COPD he finds it very difficult to look after it as he would like. He has 2 greenhouses and a vegetable patch. He grows tomatoes, cucumbers, melon, beetroot and lettuce which he gives away to all his neighbours. On his vegetable patch he grows beans peas and sweet corn. If this is not enough he also has lots of flowers and a large apple tree. Since being diagnosed with copd he can’t look after his garden as he would like to and I know he would be overwhelmed to have the chance of a makeover. He is a very sociable man and is well known within his community and I’m sure his neighbours would agree that if anyone deserves a makeover he would. Thanks for taking your time to read my story.

  390. Hi Alan I’m trying to transform my daughters garden as she has a disabled girl of 6yrs old who is diapligic I have friends to help but little money we are trying to get hold of fake grass or something flat so she dosnt Fall and some decking what are the cheapest options you know of I’m trying to get it done in sept this year as they will be away on holiday I wanted it to be a surprise

  391. My names Olivia I’m 22 and last year moved into my first house it should have been an exciting time but instead it was the start of a nightmare. I started having frequent anaphylaxis reactions for no apparent reason. Since June 2015 I have now had 28 hospital admissions because of this. I was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease that causes me to go into life threatening amaphylactic shock sometime’s twice a week because of this I have had no time to finish or maintain my garden. I desperately need help with it as being in and out of hospital leaves me unable to cope. I’d love to appear on the show.

  392. HELP!!!! We moved into our first home 7 weeks ago after months of renovations. Finally we are living together as a family! BUT… the garden needs some serious work! It was completely overgrown with trees and bushes and thorns. We hired someone (who couldn’t believe the state it was in) to clear the garden and although they did a fantastic job, it still needs an awful lot of work. It’s completely covered in stones and stumps and is not at all level! It is very unsafe for our toddler, who loves being outside! We have some ideas of what we’d like but could use some professional help and ideas to make our nightmare garden our dream garden.

  393. Hello Alan, I’m just trying this off a wim. I watch your program and wondered if you would possibly be able to help my grandparents. They both love their garden but unfortunately due to health reasons they can no longer sort it out. The garden is complety over grown and although they love the wild plants I just don’t know where to being with it and make it safe for them as they can’t get out there anymore.
    Many thanks

  394. With all thes folks clamouring for attention, who pays for the work and how much does it cost?

  395. Dear Alan titchmmersh
    Please would you help me to help my mum who I worry about all the time she has a lot to handle right now my grandad has lung cancer and my Nan has got Alzheimer’s and dementia and she is looking after the both of them they have had Granny annex built So my mum can care for them both all the money went into the building and have no money to finish the garden both my grandparents are very unstable on there legs , I love my grandparents very much and they have always been there of us growing up and would given us there last penny to us grandchildren to help us.I would love to give them all a safe garden to enjoy the time they got left together .I live in Cambridge and get down when I can to see them but with my husband being in the army it hard as I have times when he is away and have two boys to look after so if you could help my mum and grandparents it would be one less thing I’ve got to worry about please please please help me help them thank you

  396. My husband had a transplant 20 years ago. Septacemia 5 times prostrate cancer. He survived all this then November 2015 sadly passed away. Would love to have my garden designed in memory of Brian my hubby.

  397. Dear Mr. Titchmarsh, I am not applying to be on Love your Garden butI was hoping your tendrils would reach out across the water and that you may be able to point me in the right direction. I live in Ireland and have the most wonderful mum in the world. Life has never been easy for my amazing mum but she’s always had such a positive outlook on life. She was born in Didsbury 72 years ago (although you wouldn’t know it to look at her), her mum was English (from Dukinfield but for her sins she was educated in Yorkshire 😁, Filey to be precise), her dad Irish. They moved over when she was quite young and she has spent her life since in what we know as the Sunny South East in Strawberry country otherwise known as Co. Wexford. She raised my brother and myself on her own when her marriage broke down which was very unusual in Ireland in those days. There were times when she worked 3 jobs at a time and ends still didn’t always meet. Two and a half years ago mum was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma of the left lung, stage IV in other words Non Small Cell Lung Cancer or NSCLC. The average survival period after diagnosis is 9 months, yet 2 and a half years later we are so lucky to still have her. I believe this is down to her positivity and the fact that she lives for today. She has undergone 2 courses of chemo and one of radiotherapy and people looking at the woman still wouldn’t even believe she was ill. In her opinion if she gets on with things and doesn’t give into cancer, researchers will come up with something which will give her longer with us.

    After that introduction I should probably explain why I’m contacting you. Myself and my 8 year old little girl (whom adores her granny) live with mum in a bungalow in a council estate. The bungalow is detached with quite a large back garden for a house in an estate. Mum loves the outdoors and gardens but isn’t much of a gardener herself. Two Summers ago I began trying to make the back garden into a place she could go just to sit and enjoy the outdoors on those days when she becomes tired where she can be outside but relaxing at the same time. That Summer I had to give up on what I was doing as mum had to go for Radiotherapy every day for a number of weeks and I was driving her there and back, working night duty and taking care of my little one. Last Summer I tried to start again but broke my leg at work and it hasn’t healed properly which means I’m not working at the moment but also can’t physically garden so well, so now parts of the back are more chaotic than when I began in the first place. Currently Love your Garden is running on UTV Ireland which created a light bulb moment and I was wondering if you would know anyone over here whom I could contact re garden make overs?

    Thank you so much,
    B Keenan

  398. Hi,
    I am a single girl with my own house near lincoln. My family live the other side of the country and I have to do all my own decorating and home improvements. My garden is very tired and needs a total overhaul but I just don’t have the knowledge or the time to get it done as I spend a lot of time out of the country with my work as an aircraft engineer in the RAF. It would be amazing if you could help!
    Thank you


  399. I moved into my flat 26 yrs ago just b4 i became ill with kinney failure. I got a transplant after 3 yrs, which I was lucky enough to have for 10 yrs,in which time i took up gardening. I won best garden (out of60+). I had a beautiful side and back garden, until I had to go back on machine. I have since had several ops and a breast removed with cancer.My husband took hodgkins lymphoma which i nutsed him through, only for him to go off with another woman shortly after being in the cleat. My gardens a wilderness which breaks my heart. At present i am on dialysis 15 years. 3 times a week 4-5 hrs.A loooong time. I help grow plants for our local garden group for competition, but obviously cant do heavy work. I dont knowifI’ll get a transplant again,but my garden makeover would colour my world. I have loads of plants in pots to fill my garden. Please just consider me. Ypirs sincerely Franceseyworth

  400. Good afternoon. I’d like to nominate myself for a garden makeover. No unfortunate story attached so am assuming my application will end up at the bottom of the queue? But one lives in hope. Bought a house and added an extention. It’s a fairly biggish garden and would like minimum maintenance. Thank you.

  401. I have lived in my address 21 years. My neighbour Graham Pease always helpful kind caring. Bought his daughter up. Struggles with his garden after knee operation. Always struggles on crutches to weed. I wanted to repay his kindness to my family by getting his garden done.

  402. I would like to nominate my cousin Paul. He has been having treatment for a brain tumour for 2 years. Recently his neighbour came round to complain about the state of Pauls garden. Paul explained to him that he had been having chemo and treatment for the last 2 years and had only just gone back to work. His neighbours reply was “well you’ve had plenty of time to get it done then”.
    He is now trying to tidy it himself but gets really tired and doesn’t have the extra energy to do gardening. Can you help?

  403. I would like to nominate my daughter,in 2015 at the age of 31 she had a massive stroke which left her paralysed on her left side.although she has made progress on her mobility she still has cognitive problems.and she would like to return to her house and be more independent and having the garden made easier to look after would be a great help.thankyou in anticipation.from Janette.x

  404. I would love to nominate my beloved mother and father for a garden makeover as a way of thanking them for all they have given me. My mother was passionate about her garden for years and spent hours making it beautiful. But a few years ago she developed rheumatoid artheritis and fybromyalgia,and a year ago my father had cancer of the large bowell and now wears a stoma the garden that she loved has gone a little downhill unfortunately..i have tried my best to do bits but have had a second hip replacement on my left side and spinal surgery so cannot help them. I dream of something lovely for them that they can both enjoy for their late years that is easy to maintain and easy access for them to enjoy once again. This gift to them is my ultimate dream for the years of love and help they have constantly been to me and my sister, we love them both so very much. How they have both suffered in health and mum can barely walk now. It would be absolutely magic to see their faces and give my mother a beautiful garden to spend her days admiring along with my father,it has always meant alot to her. I have never asked for anything for myself, my parents are my priority and will be for however long they are here, and i would truly love to give them something really special. My mother adores your tv show she thinks you are wonderful, and because of her love for her garden,i feel this would be the best possible gift for them both.
    Thankyou for reading, love Karen xx

  405. Hi I would like to nominate my mum for your programme. She suffered with breast cancer 9 years ago and her strength really amazed me. She was living in Manchester and after her battle moved to Northampton to be close to me and this has really been brilliant for both of us. I then fell pregnant in 2012 to twins and without her help I don’t know how I would have managed. She looked after my twins 3 days a week from 9 months until they were 3 so I could go to work and still now picks them up from nursery. She is my rock and I would love to do something special for her. Since moving to Northampton she has never been happy with her garden. She would love it to be a space to enjoy but she doesn’t feel it is. She feels it is a mixture a source in some areas and also awkward to manage in others. This would thrill her and let me have the pleasure of knowing I was able to do something for her like she has done for me. Thank you in anticipation.

  406. Hi alan and team.. I would love to nominate my wonderful nan for help wth her garden. She loves her garden it’s a place for her to relax and to spend time with the family. She has recently suffered great lose when her son William suddenly passed.. It’s bin a hard time for her as he was not only her son but main career, he was in the middle of tryin to create a safe and relaxing place for her to spend her days, but now the garden has bin left deralic, and unsafe for her to use. She has suffered a few falls the past weeks and suffered server injury due to the large uneven garden, but she just loves to tend her plants and be outside. Please help us. Thank you xx

  407. Hello, I would like to nominate my mother and father. Theyis a hard working people with big hearts. My mother has two jobs per day (not on week ends) and my father has crones disease but still looks after two disabled people. My parents handle people with disabilities and then come home and do house work. My sisters and I love them dearly and we think they deserve a new garden to improve there life style. I’d love to give them a chance to relax and enjoy them selves in a garden with soft grass lovely decking and a place that is peaceful for them to go after a hard day at work. Please make my parents happy and get in touch soon. Thank you.

  408. Hello, I would like to nominate my Mother for a garden makeover. My Mother is a hard working nurse who has brought me and my brother up on her own. She has always wanted a proper garden instead of the square of slabs we’ve had to look at for the last 20 years but unfortunately have not had the money to do this. She works so hard and is always looking after everyone, I’d love to give her the chance to be able to relax in her very own garden. Thank you for reading my nomination.

  409. I would like to nominate my father, such a loving man whom donated his kidney to his son and hasn’t been very well since.
    It’s time for him to have the garden he’s always wanted and he deserves it.
    Laura x

  410. Hello.

    I am Brazilian and just got married two months ago. My husband is a British Army Officer and after our wedding we moved into a army house close to his work.
    Our new home has a big garden but the space is totally empty and it has an amazing potential to become an increadible garden.
    The house that I grew up in Brazilian has a beautiful colourful tropical garden and it was my favourite place to be, where I could feel peaceful and energized.
    It would be a dream come true for me and a truly bless to have the help of “Love your garden” to create a brilliant garden for my new house.

  411. Hi my name is Jess, i am 13 writing for my mother. She has been through a lot in her life of abusive relationships that have left her with big debt to pay off leading her to go bankrupt. Not only that but in 2015 eight days before christmas her son, my brother sadly passed away. She has had several break downs druing these events and has only managed to pick herself back up abit. I believe she deserves a garden as her past husband (my dad) had taken over and ruined it by putting a big shed down without any planning of how it should have been placed, he also dug up a huge amout of soil and it is now just been placed at the back of the garden next to the shed. As well as the front bricks placed for the flooring are unlevel leaving puddles in our garden. My mother works very hard at trying to maintain the garden by slowly buying pots when she can and flowers however just becuase the grass is nice and cut with the hedge and flowers. The bigger problems cannot be solved as we cannot afford the money. Her mum and dad love gardening as well, they have a lovely garden and help others out and they have inspired my mum to try and keep her garden lovely, she loves to have a nice garden to relax and enjoy, just like i do and our two dogs. We spend more time in our garden than inside, its just ashame its not as much appreciated as of the problems it has.

  412. Hi Alan and team.
    I wondered if you would consider doing my mum and dads garden. My dad is 71 in August and a few years ago he had a triple heart bypass, the operation went well however 24 hours later we nearly lost him the doctors said he was lucky to survive. Its time’s like that which make you appreciate what you have around you and how my parent’s have always been there to support me in whatever i wanted to do. My dad loves his garden however due to the operation and him getting older he struggles at time’s and its left to either myself or my mum. I would love to be able to surprise him and give him something back to enjoy and treasure.

  413. Hi, I feel really nervous asking but my mum is an amazing person. She helps everone. She has become unable to walk, having numerous operations since having a car accident when she was 18. I havegrownupwith my mum having to go in and outhe of hospitalall my life, but you wouldn’t know it as she would be building a fireplace whilst in the wheelchair. I’m so worried about my mum 4 yrs ago she had back surgery so for all that time my mum hasnt been able to maintain anythig outside. I have moved away so she is always stuck in the house alone. I am worried that it has become dangerous but mainly because I know how much she loves the gardenbut having to watchfrom thewindow. We have a huge garden , with beautiful shrubs and plantslso much could be done. Please help!

  414. Hi Alan
    I not going to play the help me because card as I would never have enough room in this box 😀
    We need help to get it right we need to use the outside space we have instead of it over growing
    We have a very big back garden at our family home in Bridgnorth Shropshire we have been here now for 9 years we have put some effort in to trying to make it a place you can relax in but I am not very good I am sad to say we need help we are all quick and more then happy to learn my son Mckenzie as started a apple tree from the seed out of his Apple it’s still only very small but it’s grown we can not believe it so their is hope we can make it good would love a low maintenance part to relax and have family time and a grown your own part as we would all love to pick our own grown veg and things from our back garden we have put a small pound in also if you can call it that 🙈🙊 Any help would be gratefully received by us all
    Takecare and all the best the Morris /Hickling family

  415. Please alan could u do a lovely favour for a very good friend of the hole community of whiterockwestrock community for a garden just being extended for a lovely man who does every thing for his community his garden is being extended and he has two heart attacks and a stroke but still tries to do a summer scheme for the kids still does the same for the boys who do the bad things he is A lovely man that loves his community loves his nabours please look at er him and his garden thank u hope to see u soon

  416. Hiya Alan. I know you must be very busy but if you could possibly consider my daughter Tanith for a garden makeover I would be really greatful. Tanith has special guardianship of two of her grandchildren and she is doing an amazing job of taking care of them. She would love a safe area for the children to play and I would like her to have peaceful relaxing place for her to chill out with a friend or two. There is so much more to Tanith’s life that I hope one day I can discuss with you. Tanith is a one parent family and at her age 42 she never imaged starting over again having babies.
    I would be forever greatful (as I’m sure she will be) if you if you could make her wish come true and give her the garden of her dreams. Thanking you in anticipation.
    Tanith’s mum, Christine.

  417. Hi, my name is Grace McCormack I am 12 years old. I am nominating my mummy because over the past 2 years she has fought Cancer, and has been extremely poorly with her thinbo myalgia. 6 months ago she was diagnosed with PTSD. I love my mummy very much and we love going out in our small garden, I would love your help to make our garden a safe and relaxing place for my mum to get better. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE MY MUM TO SMILE AGAIN.

  418. My daughter (Zoe) and her husband (Andy) run a child loss charity called ‘Saying Goodbye’. They devote so much time daily supporting grieving parents, and organising remembrance services all over the UK. We have been inspired by ‘Love Your Garden’, and Zoe & Andy’s garden is rather neglected as neither of them have any spare time! I know you would be super-impressed by the work of the charity, and the fact that they have done it all with a minimum of financial support. In just 4 years, they have made their charity one of the leading child loss charities in the country. Their smallish garden features a sizeable terraced area, steps down through a descending path that becomes muddy & messy at the bottom. It is heavily shaded by a couple of very well established trees, one of which could certainly be felled. It is a garden that could benefit hugely from one of your amazing facelifts! We would all be so grateful for your help.

  419. I would like to volunteer my mam to get her garden the make over it needs. She does so much for everyone and expects nothing in return. She is a hard working woman who always puts her family first. When he and my dad split up she lost all hope in her garden getting back to the beautiful way it used to be. And because of circumstances she has not got the time to maintain the garden the way she would like to. We really need your help as the garden used to be our family space and now it’s nothing but an eyesore. Thank you.

  420. I would like my garden done i havent got the time with my 3 young children and with my son having arthrites

  421. My beautiful daughter toni brennan, wife to Barry, mother to 3 children has terminal cancer she is so strong caring loving she would love to spend her time left in a beautiful garden they work so hard it’s not fair this has happened she’s so young 32 please make her dream come true x

  422. Hi Alan and team, my best friend of 50 years (Kim aged 53) was diagnosed with MS after the birth of her son 25 years ago and although she had to give up her job as an animal nurse due to her condition she has had restricted mobility but continued to push on. In March of this year she contracted flu and ended up in an induced coma with multiple complications and as yet is still recovering in a rehabilitation hospital after 5 months in critical care. Her husband and son have spent very day at her bedside and her garden consequently neglected. Her garden design is steep and she has not been able to get around it now for a couple of years due to the deterioration of her mobility so I would desperately love for to be able to get back out there and enjoy the birds and flowers. At this point we do not know how much progress is to be achieved and may have to have the garden adapted so she can get out there in her wheelchair. Please help if you can.

  423. Hi Alan
    I write to you about my sister Carrie and severely disabled niece Georgia , my Niece was born a normal baby and was premature but the hospital didn’t actually take care of the fact she was premature which as result was starved of oxygen as result of this has several disabilitys too which my sister 22 years later is still fighting but as young parent 18 when she had Georgia we had no idea the level of pressure my sister niece and us as a family to support her and Georgia my sister partner left her with all the responsibility of taking care of there child alone to which she have server obesity , Prada Willlie syndrome , cerebral palsy , they said she would never walk , see, hear ever in her life and since she was born has been in hospital over 20.000 times in the 22 years and they said too my sister that my niece wouldn’t live past 3 years she’s now 22 my sister alone with help from us as a family when allowed to by my niece who is very controlling of my sister works with her 24/7 round the clock care she has no help from nhs on any levels and my niece has died twice but came back too us they have a very tuff time and my sister has never seen life or my neice just to get past each day has been well a miracle . The only pleasure they both have is the garden and they have a large garden but it’s very difficult for my sister as from all the lifting of my neice her back isn’t great but there only quality of life and for how much longer we have her in This world isn’t long my sister and neice are loved by so many and so many local people respect and admire my sister for what she does every day for her little girl who is 22 but mentally 5 years old . My sister watches your programmes all the time it’s her highlight and dream too just be there away from all just them two and at peace for what time they have left please would you think about this request it would make a difference you couldn’t understand unless you was too meet them and know the hardship they both have faced at no fault but the hospital too blame and chances are my neice my not be with us for how long we don’t know she has machines too help her breath at night and she has sleep apnir you would make two very special people who as so loved and so loved not just is as a family but the whole town love them and admire my sister literal all many thanks for your time even too read this and the hope you would concider transforming the garden that’s very big but all uneven so my neice can’t use most of it as its stands and loves flowers and butterfly’s her bedroom is full of butterfly’s she lives so much and know you must have loads of these emails I just hope and pray you pick them you wouldn’t regret the change you would bring to two very special people thank you Anthony reed

  424. Dear Alan and Love your garden team,
    I would love to get your help for my mum and her patio garden…
    My mum, following career spanning 50yrs as a nurse, is now a full time Carer to her husband who tragically became a paraplegic just over 3yrs ago following some spinal surgery. He sadly is only able to tolerate around an hour a day out of bed so their home is where they spend all of their days except for those filled with hospital appointments. For them this has meant recently moving from a cottage with a mature garden and a view of it from most Windows, to a new build flat with a concrete patio and vents from the underground garage which would appear impossible to hide. The patio garden gives her no privacy and no pleasure and sadly she has no time to spend on making it better. My lovely mum has worked tirelessly her whole life looking after others, both patients, friends and family. It would be so wonderful to help both her and her husband have a garden they can enjoy from both inside and out. If they could spend time in it together, as well as it being a sanctuary for mum when she needs to rest, it would be a wonderful thing. Thank you for your consideration, I know you must get hundreds of applicants. I have probably not not done my mums needs justice here, but please please consider her and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any further information… Thank you again, Kim

  425. Hi Alan I watch your show every week and even when you did the garden shows with Charlie Dinmock
    I clean for this old man who loves his garden he also loves his bonsai tree,s some are more than 80 years old
    But he now would love a pond in the garden he has everything for it,the liner,pump stones But he can no longer do it as he has parkison, s a diebeties and very unsteady o his feet he tries very hard to do it hi self but to no avail
    We live in a little historical village of Falkland in Fife is there anyway you can help this old man out His name is Mr Neil Munro
    If I am lucky regarding this could you please call me or e-mail me

  426. Hi I watch your program all the time .my partner who is I’ll and is also my carer as I have fibromyalgia which limits my movement… My garden really sorting out its a complete mess and we just can’t find the money to do it would love your help and team to do it ..

  427. I would like to nominate my mum to have her garden transformed into a quiet and relaxing place. Mum has been a nurse for the past 50 years. Mum is 71 and is still working In a nursing home at the Royal British legion village in Aylesford. Mum is a hard worker but also suffers from arthritis in her back hands and needs. Mum loves her plants and growing her own vegetables. The garden she has is small but needs attention and mum does struggle at times especially when her arthritis flares up. Mum loves the heat and sun so a garden she can sit out in or in would make her happy. She has been caring for the elderly and war veterans everyday and until recently worked every Christmas and new year. I am so proud of my mum and would like her to now start relaxing and enjoying retirement. I hope you will consider my mum for next series.

  428. Hi Alan
    I would like to nominate my dad also called Allen. My dad is 80 years old and had his first heart operation aged 37 and has had many more heart operations since then in fact the NHS have kept him alive for over 40 years He suffers from arthritis as well and really needs knee replacements but he is not a very good anaesthetic risk so has to put up with the pain. He does not let this stop him trying to enjoy his garden and likes to have plenty flowers as well as a neat lawn with the help of his 2 daughters and their families but needs redesigning to make it more suitable for a disabled person
    He loves reading a book and relaxing in the sun and lives growing vegetables. In his greenhouse However the steps in the garden are a problem for him now.we lost our mam 5 years ago and his garden is a way for him to cope with being alone. He is also a keen singer . I would love t if the team could make the garden easily accessible for him and a lovely place for him to relax and enjoy his latter years

  429. Hi
    I would like to nominate my mother for a garden make over, after a stressful marriage and divorce she has had a tough year. Despite all that has happened she always puts myself and brother first, making sure we have the what we need when we need it.
    My mum (Jenny) has being my rock these last few months after I started my recovery from Suicidal thoughts, self harm and Eating disorders. We are currently going through court working towards fighting for the house and I would love it that if possible your team would come and save the garden and make our mum happy again.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this

  430. Hi I would like to nominate my sister for a garden make over by alan and his team.. She is a double amputee .. She unfortunately lost her legs after contracting septicaemia ..7 yrs ago… At the moment she can only assess the patio area and not the main garden .. I hope you can help and I look forward to hearing from you many thanks Rachel

  431. Hi Alan,
    My mum loves you show and I was wondering if your consider doing her garden. She has brought my two younger brothers and myself up all by herself as we lost my dad in 2008. She works as hard as she can but there’s just not enough time in the week for her to get around to her garden. I would really appreciate you considering us as my mum is my rock and world. We lost my dad in 2008 and then in 2011 I was diagnosed with a brain tumour, without my mum by my side every step of the way I don’t think I would have coped. My mum loves garden parties and although we have a big enough garden it’s not in the right condition for her to have her friends round and relax in the sun. Please help me show her how special she is to me and how much I have appreciate what she has done and how much she will do for me and my brothers.

  432. Hi Alan and team. I contacted you a few year ago about helping my mam as she was full time mature student doing nursing degree and our garden was a mammoth task. My Mam has done a lot for myself and my 3 siblings. I help my mam as much as I can but I am leaving soon to join the navy. She and my dad have done a lot with the garden but it still needs a lot doing to it. She is now qualified nurse and works full time and some! I just want a nice completed garden for her to come home and relax and enjoy. One less thing to worry about because I know she is worried about me leaving as well as looking after my brother and sisters. Although My dad works he can’t do as much as he used to with his COPD. Please please come give my Mam some ordered and scented boarders and a level clean patio with a lush relaxing chair! Lots of hopes and dreams Bethany x

  433. Hi alan my wife started her charity in 2004 for adults over 40 years only charity in the uk to give wishes for life theatening illnesses to give memories for their families over 7500 helped in January she recieved an MBE from Prince Charles fab moment please look at website HoneyRoseFoundation kind regards. billy

  434. I would like to nominate my mother in law for your show she lost her husband when she was in her twenties and brought up her daughters by herself and has continued to be there for everyone else from children to grandchildren and friends when her daughter had a stroke few years ago she became her main carer and her garden got neglected.please can you help.

  435. Hi I’m in a housing association house where we look after our own gardens.
    I have small gardens & was wondering if I could apply to be on the show. I lost my husband 3 years ago so now garden on my own, due to my condition I find it difficult to maintain.
    I’ve done lots of work in & with the community, I am disabled ( lung disease) most of my time now is taken up with the voluntary work I do.
    Thank you

  436. Hello Alan and team
    My mum loves your show and has always wanted a lovely garden that she can sit and relax in. My mum has recently been given the all clear after having breast cancer and would love if you and your team could make her dreams come true by giving her the garden she has always wanted.
    Kelly x x

  437. Hi Alan and team. We would love to nominate our lovely mum for a garden make over. She’s got crohns disease and arthritis and would love nothing more than to sit and relax in a beautiful garden. At the moment she has to sit on the rotten decking because she has no chairs and struggles to get off it. She has brought myself and 3 siblings up on her own and we just think she’s amazing and deserves this wonderful experience. We hope you and your fabulous team can help.

  438. Can you do my garden please I have a bad back suff from epilepsy would like a patio grass that not really so I don’t have to do much as I am no good at gardening. I live at 50a Caernarvon drive ilford essex

  439. Hi Alan, please would you consider doing my dad’s garden. He does not have an illness or a heartbreaking story. Just a wife, 3 kids and 6 grandchildren that love him with all our hearts. He always puts us first and whenever we are in trouble (financially) he always gives us what he can making his own dreams of an outdoor space he can relax in and an outhouse he can build his models in to the back burner. We would love to be able to give him something back and show him how much we care. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Best regards Jenny

  440. Hi Alan
    Me and Lynn love your show we watch it all the time and wish we had your gardening experience I would love to have you do my mother in laws garden Lynn hart she is a hard working woman who has wanted her garden doing for years well as we promised for her 50th birthday,but as it so big we dont know where to start and we all work full time its just so hard to fit it in.
    She is 53 and she would love to retire one day and I would love it if she had something she could relax in and hopefully play with her gran children one day. Please please consider thankyou Kerry hart

  441. Hi Alan, I would love you to help my daughter and son in law with their garden. In January their baby was born 4 weeks early, unforulately things didn’t go well and after an emergency c section my grandaughter was born. She was immediatly taken to the special care baby unit due to a bleed on the brain and a damaged skull. Our grandaughter has physiotherapy due to Possible cerebral palsy, she might also be blind. She has had brain surgery and is astonishing everyone with her progress. My daughter and son in law would love to have an out side area but have not got the time as they spend all their time trying to stimulate their daughter, although they both work full time they have spent many years doing voluntary work with St Johns and feeding the homeless. I would love them to to have some help themselves.

  442. I am a first time buyer with a full time job in the nhs working 12/13 hour shifts night and day shifts i have no time to do my garden please help me!!!! My garden is a jungle i dont know where to start

  443. Hi,
    We love watching your show, we love our garden my wife and I we would love help to make a path down our stone a little water feature and help on what plants would work well as we are full south facing. This would all be for my wife who has ms which she copes very well with but starting to see her struggle now amd she does so much for me and our 5 boys be nice to give her something back.

  444. Hi I would like to be considered for my daughter’s garden to be made over as she has just brought her first house and I would love for her to be able to relax after her long shifts at the hospital where she works looking after cancer patients. .thank you

  445. Hi Alan and Team, i wondered if you would consider doing my parents garden for them. My mum especially would love the garden to be spruced up but my parents have never had much money and as soon ad they save to start doing the garden something else always comes up. They are always doing things for other people especially since my brothers and i made them grandparents 6 times over since 2012. They run around after me and my family and help us out so so much, they are always there for us no matter what. As it is my dad’s 60th birthday this year and my mum’s 60th birthday next year along with their 40th wedding anniversary in December (2016), i would love to arrange an extra special surprise for them to show them just how much they mean to us all. Thank you

  446. Hi my parents in law are desperate for a garden of there dreams my father in law is disabled so unable to do anything in the garden my mother in law has had major surgery and she would love to just be able to sit in her garden with lovely flowers around her she would like a little area for the grandchildren we also live with them but haven’t really got Alot of time to complete the garden if you could please help us we would be so grateful kind regards carly

  447. Hi Alan. We have a large garden but neither my fiancée or myself have a clue about gardening and have no idea what to do with it. With help from your team we believe the garden could be great instead of being an embarrassment.

  448. Dear Alan

    I’m writing to you to see if you could help in anyway, my sister Janice loves gardening and she has done a lot to our back garden over the years. But the last year she has been unable to get out there as much due to going through breast cancer. She finds it relaxing to sit out side, she forgets everything what she has gone through and plus her 2 operations in the next few months. Wish I could send a photo of what she has done so far,, our back garden has 36 panels around it. I would be over whelmed if you could do something to help her. Thanks

  449. Hi Alan and the love your garden team.
    I am applying for a place on love your garden for my mother who is a foster carer and is constantly having children from care in and out of the house. As she spends so much time looking after these children the garden has been abandoned it would be lovely for our garden to be re-vamped so she can use it as a place to relax at the end of a hard day. It would also be great for the foster children to have somewhere to play outside in the open! I feel this is a great way of saying thank you to her for all she does.

  450. Hi I love your program and was wondering if you would like to do mine I live with my parents and my farther loves doing the garden but he now has sore knees and struggles to keep it maintained, it would be so lovely of you could do out garden

  451. Hi Alan Im disabled and recently been diagnosed with vascular dementia I have just lost my driving licence to this horrible disease .we recently moved into a bungalow that needs completely redoing and the garden my husband works hard and by time he gets home it’s to late for him to do much .I would really like you to give my garden a makeover as I am mostly housebound and I can sit outside in my chair and enjoy whats left before my memory decreases

  452. Hi Alan and team..

    I was wondering whether you could do a series on small gardens makeovers!!! I am sure you would have a huge audience 🙂 if you think that this is not a bad idea I’d love you to come to my garden… recently we bought our first house and spending all funds on interior at the moment 😉 unfortunately previous owners didnt look after now our garden at all 😦 please use your magic in Aylesbury ! I dream about my little asylum where I can relax and get a break from this busy world xx

  453. Hello, I would be so overwhelmed if the team made over our garden, I watch Alan and his team design gardens and work so hard on TV, I dream it was me, I dont have a large garden and its in need of some TLC, I love to garden and getting my hands dirty but I just dont know how to style it, I have so many ideas but just dont know where to start. we have just bought our first home its a 1900 victorian style home with a small garden and I am at a loss on what to do. My son has special needs and he loves smells and touch and sitting in the sun, I would love for the team to design something for us.Please consider me for your next makeover, Thankyou

  454. Hi to the team
    I am disabled and have just purchased a mobile home which I had full refurbished inside
    Now I am turning my attention to the garden I had some help to clear it as I would like to start again
    I order the paving and some sleepers for raised beds
    But it would be lovely if u could help me get a garden that I can Potter in as I love my garden but I am unable to do this work on my own
    So please please would u consider my garden for your next make over
    Thank you
    Regards Julie Truzzi-Franconi

  455. Hi
    I would love professionals to do my garden.
    I don’t have no sob story to tell or anything like that, I’m just a lady who loves her garden and would really like some inspiration from you experts

  456. Hey Alan,
    My mum is a teacher and has been working extremely hard for many years helping many children with their education. Although all the time she has been overworked and is always longing for a place to just relax and maybe enjoy a cup of tea in the shade. However she is always so tired, she has always been bringing up how she would love an area to relax in the garden, but due to her condition when she is back from work she has no time for the garden. I would love for my mum to have the perfect garden for she is working extremely hard and doesn’t get the treat she deserves.

  457. My auntie worked so hard at the theatre Royal Stratford east for 45 years as Philip hedley secretary basically run it single handed she had the say on a lot of things even Joan littlewood bronze statue which is standing in Jerry raffles square beside the theatre Royal Stratford east she’s a diabetic now and really needs a garden makeover for all that she’s done for people.

  458. Hi Alan
    My name is Katee I’m 11 years old, my mum is a single mum my brother served in the army and my support him and it was a very hard time for her when he went to afghan, my mum payed a gardener a lot of money to have a nice safe garden, and she got ripped off as the shed is fulling to bits the decking not safe, the grass isn’t even so my paddling pool doesn’t fill probably, she call the gardener back and he didn’t do a thing about it, I would love my mummy to have a nice garden for all of us.

  459. Hi
    This request is for my partners daughter. Charlotte discovered she was expecting a baby at the age of 16, on her 20 wk scan she found out that her baby had spina bifida and the hydrachephalis was very bad. She was advised to terminate the pregnancy. She was sent home to decide but that night felt the first movement from her baby. There was no question that Charlotte and her partner had decided to keep there baby and give him a chance of life. She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy Isaac. Within his first weeks of life he had surgery, Charlotte was so good and never left his side, he came home but when he was nearly one he had a cardiac arrest in her arms. She had to resuscitate her baby. He had a clot in his leg and a serious kidney infection. He was in intensive care for quite a while.Two years on he is a beautiful little lad and his mum and dad are amazing with him. He wants to get about and he rolls about on the floor but because he’s paralysed waist down he bent his leg the wrong way and snapped his femur. So he’s in his chair throughout the day. They have a beautiful home together but the garden is hazardous to little Isaac and he can only look out from the doorway. They’ve no money to make it safe for this beautiful little man and they are hoping to get married in a couple of years. He’s just got his first wheelchair and a ramp has been put at the front but as for the back he can’t go in it. It would be great for something good to happen for this amazing family. Charlotte never complains. She’s is the most amazing mother Iv ever met. I have 4 kids oldest 25, youngest 8 and she knocks socks off me. Please please please help this family 🙏

  460. Hello I watch your show every year with out fail and you do such an amazing job and couldn’t think of anyone else to help my mum and dad with there garden my mum has been through a really ruff time with her work and neither my mum or dad have had it easy and I no that having there garden finished would be amazing please xx

  461. Dear Alan

    I was wondering if you could help my mum dad and nan. My dad had a stroke at the age of 42 and is wheelchair bound. He also has cardiomyopathy and can’t even get off his wheelchair without his pulse reaching dangerous levels. My nan also lives with my mum who is almost 95 she has dementia. My mum is both my dads and nans full time carer and as well as that has to work full time and we have to rota care between my mum me and my two sisters. My mum never has a normal day and all her time is caring and working. Her garden has been neglected due to this and also it is on two levels meaning my dad and nan can’t get in the garden now and was wondering if you could help and make it more wheelchair friendly. Thank you very much for taking the team to read this.

  462. Hi Alan love watching your show when I get chance I have 3 children one with respatory disease and one who is visually impaired and night blind the oldest luckily is fit and healthy , we don’t have a massive garden but I’m weary of what plants I should and shouldn’t buy as I don’t want to effect his breathing, also id love some ideas on what sensory items I could get for the garden obviously I’d love to be on the show and have your team in my garden make my life easier, reading some of the other applications there’s a lot of people in need of your help and I’m looking forward to seeing the transformations xx

  463. Please make our garden a lovable oasis that we can enjoy and be proud of. We brought our house 8 years ago in Wiltshire, it is a house that needs lots of work which never gets done due to costs etc. My fiance works in London for a private mental health hospital. He does not get home till Friday night and then is gone again Sunday evening. He works so hard and the hours of travelling is a constant drain and exhausting. It would be a dream to have at least our garden done and a place where Will can spend time at the weekend relaxing and chilling in a part of the house that would take a lot of the stress of his work and the rest of the house that needs to be refurbished of his shoulders. Would love to see him smile and be able to truly relax in a little oasis for the tiny time that he gets to spend here at the weekends.

  464. Bought our first home. Just about to get married. Have a tiny flat but with a great private garden space with no idea what to do with it. Would love to have it as a socialising space as our flat is so small! I work for a charity, Mark works for a garage. Would love your advice for a nice garden for our little dog and the start of our married life together 🙂

  465. Hi Alan and the team, my name is Rachel and I have 2 beautiful children, one who had septicaemia when he was born then had to cope with boils for nearly 2 years, ( my eldest had to stay with family a lot whilst my son was poorly). I have tried my hardest to create an outside space for them but unfortunately due to being on my own and trying to hold down a job and study I am not left with much money or time to create a fun safe garden for them,so please if you could take me and my family into consideration I would be truly grateful
    Kind regards
    Rachel Hewett
    Thank you for taking the time to read this kind regards Rachel Hewett.

  466. My parents are 67 and 70 I would love them to have a make over on their garden my dad has been very poorly over the last ten yrs so has been unable to help so mum tries her best they have always been there for myself my brother and there four grandkids and two great grandkids I would love to give them something nice that they can enjoy now they have the time to relax And enjoy the time they have together

  467. Dear Alan
    My name is Tina and I am a pensioner of 68 years old and I live near Crawley in a vilage named Copthorne. Last Wednesday I read in the local newspaper Crawley News of a little girl named Maddy Wates with an extremely rare disorder called 4H Syndrome a form of leukodystrophy – a rare genetic disease that affects the brain, spinal cord and central nervous system. Maddy is only 8 years old, loves playing outside her home. But unfortunately the space outside her home is filled with overgrown weeds and sharp shingles. Her parents have struggled to tackle as they had to part with a lot of money to move house recently. Maddy enjoys growing her own plants, but due to her disability she is unable to roam around outside her home without help and supervision. She has a personal assistant to care for her. So her parents and personal assistant have launched an appeal for kind members of the public to help fundraise for Maddy’s dream garden as a perfect birthday gift. This little girl according to her carer is a lovely girl despite the struggles she faces, always has a smile on her face. She has a lot of determination for everything in life and doesn’t let her disability get in the way.
    I thought of you on the Love Your Garden TV programme which I watch and how you have helped and transformed people’s gardens to their glory and wonder you would be kind enough to help this little girl. I would love to help her if I have the money to
    do so but I am only a pensioner who recently lost my house through fire last November and am living in a mobile home while waiting for the Insurers to decide what they want to do.
    Would you Alan and your team please help this little girl to make her dreams come true for her? I would be so grateful if you could help her.
    Thank you

  468. Hi alan im messaging you on because i would really appreciate your help with doing my mums garden. My mum has been through alot in her life and has always put others before herself i was diagnosed with cancer when i was young and she has never left my side even now im over all of it she sadly also lost her mum (my nan) who absolutley loved my mums garden. My mum has a passion for her garden and all of her family and friends love what she has tried to make of it soo far but she deserves a whole lot more she watches your programmes on tv when she has time as she works full time doing care work to help other people live the lives she feels they deserve PLEASE HELP me to give my mum the one thing that she loves

  469. hi alan my name is Christine due to my husband being ill we are unable to fin the garden off also lack of funds we would love for you to gave us a make over to cheers us up again also ive got a grandson aged 2yrs old who loves being outdoors so a more safer place for him to play too would be nice not asking for much but just somewere for us to relax in after all the stress we suffered thanks christine

  470. Dear Alan & Team,

    My name is Krystal-Anne and I have 3 siblings (2 brothers and a sister). I am writing to you to to nominate my auntie Cathy for a garden makeover.

    She is such a wonderful support to us and her family. I lost my mum 8 years ago to leukaemia and all my aunties on my mum’s side have helped us through our loss. Cathy also lost her own Mum (my Nanny) four months after my Mum and her sister). She helped to care for her Dad, my Granda who passed away in December 2015.

    My auntie remains an inspiration to me and my siblings as she always puts everyone’s needs in front of her own. She is always ‘on the go’ busy with two young sons of her own, work, her sisters and life in general.

    Her usual answer to everything is ‘I’m fine’ or ‘it’s fine’ when really we know she doesn’t make time for herself.

    We would love to be able to arrange for her garden to be a relaxing place for her to unwind and chill-out. Her garden is in Banbridge in Northern Ireland and I know you may not normally venture this far with your team and programme but we would ask for you to make an exception in this case. We understand there are a lot of deserving cases and applications which are emotive and absolutely so worthy but if you were able to assist us in helping us to give something back to her which she would absolutely love and benefit from we would be most grateful.

    Yours in anticipation


  471. Dear Allan I would very much like you to do my garden as I haven’t been able to get in it for 3yrs as I am in a wheelchair as I have Arthritis &Parkinsons Disease.I watch you on tv at what you do to people’s gardens and wish it were mine .So please please hep me

  472. Hi Alan its me eddie Whitworth Here my wife and l love your programme l am retired now and my wife had a brain tumour removed a Couple of years ago which was benige Thank god she lovesHere garden but feels now that she is to weak to do it we would love a make over Thanks

  473. My grandfather is and has been a keen garden since I was little he has always cut my grass done my garden. His garden is full with flowers and pond. He has now become ill and has many strokes in the last couple of months and has become less energetic and forget full. My nan has now taken over the garden but has no idea on what she is doing. We have become so sad to see the garden start wittering away and my nan finds it difficult as there is so much to do. Please would you consider coming to help us as we don’t want to see my grandfathers garden whittle away as we all have our memories of him in the garden.

  474. Hi Alan, I would love it if you could help me and my family with our garden. My mum and dad work really hard and are unable to look after the garden so it’s in a state and my grandmother can’t get into the garden as her legs aren’t good anymore, I’m turning fourteen soon so I’d love a place to go when my friends come over or if I’m on my own, please could you help?

  475. I am applying on behalf of my elderly neighbour downstairs who is not mobile and cannot do the garden herself. It is overgrown and needs levelling and making a garden again. Please could u help

  476. Hi Alan we are a 49 bedded nursing home we care for vulnerable adults. We do have a large garden which is accessible however it is in a state. We have gardeners who come on a monthly basis but only do the basics, we regularly watch the show together and would be grateful if you could consider us for the show, it would enhance the lives of our residents and relatives who rarely have access to the garden area, it would make such a difference. staff residents and relatives would help.

  477. Hi Alan i would love you to help me a me and my family (especially my mum). She has really be struggling with the garden as she spends most of her time looking after my disabled brother who has muscular dystrophy. My mother really loves birds. We had some but sadly they were stolen we kept them in an avery with lots of space. We live in Edmonton. My mother has 5 children including my brother so im begging you please help! Sincerely Tanya qusham

  478. Hi Alan &Co, I would love you to help my mum and dad to sort out their garden. Three years ago dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer & it was the aggressive so he had to undergo radical surgery. At the same time my mum was diagnosed with perifial nerve damage and spinal Stenosis. She is wheel chair bound now and because of this she finds it very hard to go out as she doesn’t want to be seen in her chair. They both lead very active lives working hard plus they love their dogs. Every night they took them for long walks. They love their garden but mum struggles to get round in her chair so she just sits by the back door. She’s the back bone of our family. My 7 children adore her and my dad but they aren’t old enough yet to help. She’s only 63 an dad 71. We can’t afford a lot and if you couldn’t help could you advise. Hope you get the chance to read this. And a huge thank-you for entertaining us. Sincerely Jenny I’m using my mums phone and she’s not that good with technology so she this.

  479. Hi Alan
    My mum who is 87yrs, looks after my sister with M.S, from 9 in the morning till 7pm.
    She used to enjoy pottering in the garden , but is’nt able to would be so nice for her to come home to a lovely garden at nighttime, and just enjoy it, after having a hip and knee replacement she can’t manage much now.please try and help her.

  480. Hi Alan and team, i am a single mum of 2 daughters 12 and 8 years. Have got Idiopatic Intracranal Hypertension i was diagonised 4 yrs ago this has affected my life but still kept going. 2 years ago i lost my job as a career which means i could not pay my bill at the same time i was going through domestic abuse life was hard i was depressed and was suicidal but my kids kept me going,finaly i picked myself from all that now i got aplace and it has a front garswn and aback garden . Have tried my best to sort out the garden but with my little income and my heath i cant manage my kids have no where to be active apart from stuck in there tiny bedroom please i need help as i am worried for my daughter as she’s battling weight issues.

  481. Hi I would love to have my garden sorted out if possible I am a 35 year old women with 4 kids I had a brain tumour 8 years ago I had to have major brain surgery and half my face removed and all rebuilt back up I am now classes has fully disabled with other problems gapping to me we also lost a daughter 10 years she was 2 and half weeks old she had loads of problem wrong with her we would just love a garden where we can sit and relax and also the kids to have fun also at the moment my husband is having test for a brain tumour now as well which has been very stressful I would love Alan to come round and work his magic if possible thank you

  482. What a shame Mr Titchmarsh has to include himself laughing and celebrating with a toast while riding a mobility scooter he doesnt need. I assure you Mr Titchmarsh that as a permanent electric wheelchair user I dont find using it 24/7 very funny, its bad enough the amount of people who already use mobility scooters who dont really need them without you displaying the same behaviour on television as “amusing”.

  483. Hi Alan and the love your garden team
    My wife and I have always dreamt of having a house with a garden (after living in an apartment for years). Our dream came true last year as we moved into our new home but as we had our first child shortly after moving in we haven’t had the time or funds to give out garden the tender love and care it needs. I would love you to come and give our garden a makeover but my wife would love it even more it would make her year.

  484. Hi alan and team, my mom loves your show and i wondered if you would consider doing our garden for her as life has been difficult for her lately. We lost my dad to bowel cancer 3 years ago now when he and my mom were just 41. He was her best friend and they did everything together and they had been married 18 years. My mom at the time gave up her job to become his full time carer at home as neither her, me or my sister would consider losing time with him to a hospice. She kept him going for 18 months, learning how to inject him and trying her best to keep him alive whilst also ensuring me and my sister who was 16 at the time were still living our lives too. My dad loved the garden and any chance he got he would be out in it. However we have not touched it since he became too ill to look after it and it is now an overgrown jungle. My mom is working full time again as she now has to pay the morgage herself and we dont have the time nor money or experience to tidy it up. It hurts her seeing the garden both her and my dad once loved spending time in so overgrown and messy and it would mean the world to me for you to bring her some happiness in tidying it up. She is the best mom anyone could wish for and my best friend. She smiles still and is always helping others. She lives for me and my sister now and provides us with many reasons to keep smiling like my dad would want us to. Please help me give her a reason to smile.

  485. Just watched your show and fell totally in love with your work.I really love the show, it inspires me so much but I have no vision imagination or money. I would love love love you to make my garden safe beautiful and practical and rescue my husband from garden hell.
    I have children and dogs and a garden that was once beautiful but now is just rotting and broken.

  486. Hello my name is Sandra and I would love a garden makeover im disabled with Arthritis in both hips and right shoulder so find it extremely hard to keep up to our garden then this year my husband was diagnosed with HD ( Huntingdons ) so we are really struggling, my husbands condition will only get worse so we need a garden that we can keep up to and enjoy thankyou for reading Sandra .

  487. Dear Alan and Team, I would like to nominate my daughter for a garden make over, she bought the family home from me once she was married three years ago and unfortunately with work commitments and being full time at uni it has left little time to devote to the garden, I know it gets her down and she has tried to work on it but its large and she can never get it done, she spends so much of her time helping others and is also Brown Owl at a local group that it would be lovely to get something done for her, she also often coaches teenagers to help them with study free of charge.

    Jaki proud mum

  488. Hello my name is Jennifer and I’m here to ask to get a garden done because my mum is disabled and has one leg and with a divorce and her recently paced away she a little upset lately,so we have watched your show for years and mum and me love your work so if you can please help thanks Jennifer and ben

  489. My dear friend Rachel is a single mum who’s done an amazing job of bringing up her 3 sons Aiden (18) Joel (13) and Aaron (11) alone!!

    Her youngest son Aaron is 11 years old and has Down’s syndrome and other severe needs, he’s also completely reliant on Rachael, he runs impulsively, throws items and needs 24/7 care!!

    A safe haven of a garden for Rachel and her boys, especially Aaron would be amazing and it would mean the world to Her if Aaron had somewhere to run, play and Be safe so that maybe she could occasionally enjoy some relaxation for herself !!
    She never complains, she is always positive but I see the weariness and tiredness the strain of caring for Aaron beings hence why I would love this for her !!

  490. My grandad is 75 and finds it hard to garden and he does not like to go in it because of the way it looks and he would like to go out in to it he can not do it him self as he is not very well and my grandma is 65 and has back problems and can not bend Down they are bothe my world they brought me up and I think I owe them

  491. Hi there. My names Paula. A single mum and a hard working paramedic……. I’ve lived in the same terraced house for 17 years and every summer I promise myself I’m going to move to a house with a small garden for me and my girl to sit out in. It never happens.
    I have a concrete yard and no imagination and long for a tiny haven. We would love for you to consider our tiny space for your programme.

    Kindest regards.
    Paula Flanagan.

  492. Hi I would like to apply for my mum to have a garden makeover, my mum had been saving for 4 years to have the garden she always wanted but unexpectedly her youngest brother passed away suddenly at a very young age so all my mums savings went towards paying for the funeral so she has been left with nothing, I would love to give my mum something back as she’s been through so much in the last year tying to hold our whole family together while hiding her own grief and would love to show her how much she’s appreciated and loved by giving her the garden she’s always wanted.

  493. Dear Alan and team please come and sort mine and my mums garden out it is a mess out of control wlid grass and it was a mess when we moved in we would love a low matainance garden that we can use as love sitting out in the garden it is over looked all way around please come and help us and our garden thanks take care

  494. Hello, we would like to enter our nana to have her garden turned around…she has lived in the village all her life and was the warden for the elderly for over 20years in sherburn…she suffers with heart conditions ect and is now 83..we think it’s about time she got a little back from us she is always there to help and goes miles out of her way for anyone…she also suffers with really bad hay fever so she can’t enjoy the garden during the day so mostly goes out during the evening…she try’s to keep on top of the garden but with all the kids grown up and in there own homes it’s hard to get help to do this….she really dose deserve this more than anyone we know..thank you

  495. Some help please? My mum and dad have a very large garden, which is in need of a makeover, my dad has had 2 heart attacks and is unable to maintain it, and my mum works and just doesn’t get the time, the paths are all uneven and are unsafe for their grand children. Would love to surprise them with a makeover, as the last 12 months have been quite stressful. They would spend more time out there if it was a nicer space 😄 Thank you

  496. I’m a single mum of two. My oldest daughter is disabled and both of my girls have been though alot this year. My garden is a big garden and I can’t keep on top of it as it’s over grown. I would love for the girls to have a garden for them

  497. I’m a first time buyer and didn’t realise how much I’ve got to buy for the house never mind the garden. I would love love love your help please. Watching your show brings a tear to my eyes every time.

  498. My mum has recently took over the care of my 2 young children and both kids could really do with somewhere to run around and play aswel as having 3 other grandchildren that come over weekly to play and visit, she has done everyrhing for our family and still does and needs something in return as a treat as she never asks for anything back from me and my 2 siblings or her grandchildren .

  499. Hi my name is Karen and me and my daughter live in a 3 bedroomed bungalow. My contact number is Leicester 01162330850. My mobile number is 07702039368
    I’m in great need of a garden make over. I suffer from Arthritis in both knees and in pain and stiffness in my knees . So find it hard to keep up with my garden
    I would love a garden make over to make my garden more easy to look after . I’ve all ways wanted a water falls and pond for wild life and may be a few fish . I’d all so love some ware I can sit and relax in the shade and may be in rain . Please can u help me av a beautiful flowers and sented flowers in my garden. I don’t mind being on TV at all though I do get nervous. Thank u for taking ur time in reading my letter to u . I’ve never got any thing for nothing in my entire life. And I never look forward to any thing unless I no it will happen 100 per sent .

  500. I am 60 years young . I live with my 19 year old daughter. I would love to av my garden to av a make over . Being on TV will be ok . I av Arthritis in both knees and in a lot of pain and stiffness. I can not keep up with mowing the grass or cutting the edge of the grass . I would love a pond water falls and some ware to sit in all weathers . Please can u help

  501. To Alan and the Team.
    My name is kirsty i would love a garden makeover please i have been in my home for 4 years and my garden has not been changed its a mess i dont have a lawn mower or a strimmer or any garden equipment and im sick of looking poor and begging people to let me borrow their things also i have 2 step kids at a young age 10 and 8 and a dog who are not aloud outside because im scared they will hurt themselves im embaressed by my gardens and would really like people to see that i have a nice home and garden please recomend me for a garden makeover plus my mum loves alan she follows his work alot. Thankyou for taking time out of your busy schedule to have read this thanks.

  502. I have a very large front and back garden which requires a lot of inspiration! I have 2 young children who love to play out on their copious amounts of toys but it’s just a bit untidy & undesirable! Plus on a slope! Help!

  503. My garden is huge. It is wide as it is long and even mowing the lawn (for the husband) is a timely effort. The levels are all over and it isn’t safe enough to wander about in with all the potholes so if we have children we would have to bar them from going out there. Our parents love bringing their dogs over and they can leap around.
    Being recently married, there are no funds left to work on the garden and because the size is like a small field I wouldn’t even know where to start or what to do with it. I’ve been looking at beautiful simple ideas on Pinterest and I would love the opportunity to have Alam and team work their wonderful magic to kick start it looking wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a hands on person and love doing physical and creative stuff, but the cost and time is something we just don’t have.
    I would really love somewhere I could sit on days off or night times, with my husband, instead of looking into a grassy meadow and feeling defeated with this monster. Also being that my husband gave me a wonderful wedding day, I’d love this little surprise to give back to him.
    Ill stop waffling now 🙂

  504. Hi Alan an team
    My name is Melanie I would like to apply on behalf of my mum Maureen. Has a child we never had a garden so at the age of 19 years old ( im now 43) me an one of my two sisters had moved home to start our own lives an my mum dad an younger sister moved in to a house with a garden it was in a very bad state. My dad worked all hours to get it looking beautiful and he succeeded, my mum was obsessed in buying plants to add finishing touches too. 3 years ago my dad was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer an in just under 6 months of being diagnosed he passed away. The garden was hard to manage for us, by this time we had all left home, my dad used to go an help all the old ladies and gents around their area to keep them tidy as they struggled to maintain them . Now at this present time my mum has been diagnosed with copd (lung disease) an can no longer leave the house very much without us taking her anywhere . Her once beautiful garden is sadly very ugly looking an I would just love for your team to make it look amazing as you always do on your shows so she can sit out an enjoy her garden once more. She even keeps her blind in the living room closed so she doesn’t have to look out onto what she calls a depressing site
    Thank you for taking the time to read my brief story

  505. Dear Alan and team
    My mother who is 81 has always spent a lot of time in her garden but lately is struggling. Her life since my father died back in 1991 has been spend helping others, myself included. She has spent 20+ years helping out at Naomi House shops especially the local one, where she is a regular and often at other shops where she helped her very good friend who was area manager. Sadly she passed away with cancer last December. My mother misses her terribly but still carries on with the volunteering. She had a hip replacement in 2012 and now finds it difficult to bend down so her garden is becoming a real chore where it used to be an outlet and real joy. If you could help to make it an easier one to look after, I know she would be so grateful.

  506. This year in March my brother Steven Wand passed away after a freak bicycle accident on good Friday , he was a very fit full of life worked hard and he had 2 weeks left to retire and was so looking forward to start gardening again with a vegetable plot , his wife Janice is devasted , he allso left behind two teenage children . His wife has tried to keep the garden going but it is a very large garden and at the end of it it’s over grown and she wants a vegtablenpatch with a small patio area , She feels she has let her husband down as she has not finished and looked after the blubbery bushes he planted . She has struggled so much with the garden, and can’t complete the rest is there any way you could help .

  507. Hi there, your programme is called Love My Garden, and boy I know a garden that needs some love. My mother lives in a house built by her great grandfather, it’s been in the family ever since and is a much loved property by us all. The problem is the garden is just huge and completely overgrown to a point where she just doesn’t know where to start with it, it is such a shame. I do as much as I can around the house from a diy perspective, a few years ago I converted it from one large property to 2 smaller ones to make things easier for her and part of my promise was to also sort the garden out as part of this, but for time and money reasons this hasn’t happened. In truth I have such limited time, I wouldn’t know where to start. The house is her pride and joy and without some help, it will never be what it was, what she deserves it to be. The garden just doesn’t function at all, it is also becoming dangerous as it is so overgrown. Nothing would make her happier than to be able to watch her granddaughters playing from her kitchen window. I know there are worthier causes, but to me, my mum is a great cause. She’s never had things easy and I just want to help her. Thank you for your consideration. I would be more grateful than you can even imagine.

  508. This is for my husband.

    Aged 26, He has suffered with anxiety and depression in its many forms, due in part to a family break down. We met 5 years ago and have been married for 2-1/2. He is my world. He has for the past seven years worked tirelessly as a warehouseman however I could see in his heart he wanted more. I managed, despite his struggles, to persuade him to take on an open university degree in natural sciences. Since it began he has kicked most of his anxieties butt and begun to believe he is worth and capable of more. Of course he’s still working full time whilst doing the degree and we have a baby on the way. Our garden is in terrible disarray, it’s not very large but it’s a nightmare. We’ve had a few goes but always run out of time and money and we are beginning to feel like we’re being buried in it. If our garden was picked it would be a massive weight off our shoulders and we could put our energies where they are needed- into bettering our future- into my husbands education and mental recovery and into growing and birthing our future child. I am very grateful for the opportunity to apply, the work you have done is incredible.

  509. my best friend Amie has moved into a new property with her 3 children two of which have adhd and other things..her garden is such a mess she is getting no where fast! id love gor her to have a nice garden for her and her children..she deserves so much shes having a hard time like to give her something special please help

  510. Hi I am not asking for a garden make over as such, my partner is a nurse and between us over the years we have looked after and tended our garden. We had a chicken aviary and had an assortment of chickens which Sue was so fond of.Over the last five years my partner Sue’s mobility has been declining. She has had four MRI’s and it was only the last MRI recently that it was found she had a tumor in her spine. She has been told if she doesn’t have it operated on she will be paralysed within a year, if she has it operated on she can still be paralysed, so it is a no brainer she has the operation.The chickens had to go as Sue wasn’t able safely to go down and look after them. When we go out of the back door it isn’t safe anymore for sue to walk on and sadly where the empty chicken aviary is gets so over grown at times and depressing for Sue. Sue now walks with a three wheeled walker and is and will still be working as a nurse until her operation on the 27th july at Addensbrook hospital.

    just hoping but reading some of the other requests I understand if I don’t hear from you.

    kind Regards

    Sue Ault

  511. I have a small garden which I can’t acces or enjoy it I want to be able to grow herbs and vegetables and have a nice garden as its on the front of my flat. I can’t do the garden myself as I was in a car crash 3 years ago and I’m now a paraplegic and permanently in a wheelchair and I can’t get my chair in my garden it’s only a small garden but could be great with the ideas I’ve got. I hope you can help me out

  512. Hi Alan. I know you prefer to do gardens for inspirational people and that’s great anday throughly deserved. I thought I would drop you a line to see if I could get some help from you albeit advise. I have a huge garden and spend a lot of time trying to maintain it. I don’t have the strength know how or money to make it a garden for my needs.
    I am 55 and suffer with depression caused by childhood trauma that still has a massive impact on my wellbeing. I am not working because of my illness . I also sytferhyed from arthritis in my knees which make it very diffircult to get up and down to plant etc. The grass as different levels that make mowing very differcult. I have 2 dogs and have had to plug holes in the fence to stop theme escaping. I understand there are many people more deserving then myself but would be really appreciated if you could help me.

  513. I’m applying for this as my mum is a star she is looking after my children she loves her garden but hasn’t got the time and I’m No gardener please help 28th are garden many thanks x

  514. Ps it’s only a smallish garden and I want to help him so much after all his been through. He developed mental illness after being the victim of an unprovoked violent attack

  515. My friend was working in a good job then developed schizophrenia and lost everything material he owned along with his mind. He is getting a lot better but his garden really needs some attention to make it a nice place for him to relax as he finds life stressful with his illness. I would love to do something special for him like this as he is unable to cope with the work himself. He always helps his friends when he can despite the severe problems he encounters and I would love to do something that I know will increase the quality of his life so much. Many thanks for taking the time to read this

  516. Hiya Alan and team I would like to apply for the show on behalf on my mum she’s 73 with quite a few disabilities . My mum has spent years looking after my dad with dementia he took all her time and attention and the garden was the last thing on her mind sadly my dad passed away leaving an heartbroken lady behind after 50yrs together since dad’s passing my mam has developed COPD .angina , poly myalgia which affects her joints my mum dosnt get out much and often sits and wishes her garden was nice so she could sit out . After the love and care she has given to everyone throughout the years I would love her to have something done for her that would make a big difference for her . Thankyou for your time x

  517. Me and my partner are a young couple and we bought our 1st house last July and still aren’t living in it and the house had to knocked back to brick and new kitchen and bathroon and it’s been a struggle with money each month but we are nearly there. The house belonged to an old women so the front and back garden hasn’t been touch in years and the grass and plants are overgrown and the fence panels need replacing it is only a small garden but any help would be appreciated. We also have a 3 year old son who loves to play out but we are afraid that he won’t get to do this for awhile because it will cost too much to sort the garden out and with my partner working till late through the week and me working part time to care for our son there’s not enough money to sort out garden. My son is also being investigated by professional because they think he has a sensory disorder and being outside makes him calm. I would love for your team to come and help as this would mean the world to our son and then our family home would be finally completed. Thanks

  518. Hiya my name is john and I am site manager of a lovely primary school in north Devon and we have a large plot of land which the children call the jungle and it does look like a jungle. Why I am contacting you is because there is so much we could do with this land but as you can appreciate money in primary schools is hard to come by but we would love to make this into an area of beauty with your help. We have a very small but beautiful and caring school and I know that if you could help us the children and community would look after it for years to come. Our school is appledore primary school north Devon and I am john jeffries site manager. Would love to here from you and hopefully you may be able to help this great school. Yours hopefully, john

  519. Dear Alan, recently my family and I were given a council house due to my daughters disabilities and it came with a garden that is unruly. My daughter, Eve has Down’s syndrome and epilepsy. We’ve been shacked up in a house with no garden for nearly one year and my daughter misses being outside and yelling at imaginary soap opera characters. She enjoys having the freedom and not being cooped up in a bedroom. Due to her disabilities, she struggles with everyday activities such as walking up and down the stairs. She’s always enjoyed playing in the garden however. I have four kids, two of which are ill. My youngest son loves to play football but we don’t have any space for it and now that we’ve been given a garden, I would really love for it to be transformed into something all four of my kids and I would love. Sincerely, Emma, aged 41.

  520. My mums boyfriend is a career and gas dedicated her life to helping people and her children. It would be nice if she got something back for herself, she lives at her home and lovers her garden so much. Everything I go around for a drink she takes me in as one of her own, I would love so much to give her a beautiful tranquil garden that she dreams of so much.
    Please help me make her dream come true

  521. Dear Alan,
    My grandmother is in need of a garden makeover,my grandfather passed away 2 years ago and ever since this she is unable to tend to her large garden. The garden has a large lawn which takes around 2 hours to cut, because of this the garden is a chore and it is not somewhere where she can relax and unwind. There is also a rocky path around the garden which is unstable and unsafe due to my grandmother’s arthritis in her knees. This path is also unsuitable for my younger cousin whom my grandmother looks after 3 days a week. This path is a trip hazard for him as he is only 4 years old. Since my grandmother took early retirement, she devotes a large amount of her time working with a partially sighted group. She also cleans and does grocery shopping for a number of elderly people. Because of this the time she has to tend to her unruly garden is limited. Therefore, a garden makeover would reduce the amount of time needing to be spent on the garden and it would enable my grandmother to take pride in her garden and use the large garden to its full potential.

  522. Hello Mr Titchmarsh and the Love Your Garden Team,
    Suzy and I have been getting our fingers dirty over the last few months with the help of neighbours and family to clear our 40 metre long garden. The work we have done so far has transformed what was an overgrown wilderness of conifers and a dumping ground by previous owners into what can now be described as a blank canvas. We could hugely benefit from your help and guidance as there is so much potential here.
    We live in the North West, just off the M6, garden centres a plenty, including the amazing Bents we visit all too often. If you are heading our way any time over the next few months we’d like to invite you over.
    Best Wishes
    Alex & Suzy

  523. I would like to ask if Alan and Katie could transform my friend’s garden into a beautiful and sensory haven. She loves sitting in the peacefulness of her garden but it’s quite a difficult space as mainly laid to patio and raised flower bed. My friend is now in a wheelchair and her partner is blind, the joy they would get from any improvements and planting would absolutely give them untold happiness.

  524. Hi. I live next door to an elderly widowed war veteran. He is a lovely man and is looked after by his son who also has his own health issues. He used to enjoy his garden with his wife until she passed away many years ago. I’m writing to ask if it would be possible to turn his once loved garden back to how it used to be and also make it a bit more suitable for him to access. I think it would really make a difference as he never goes outside. Thanks

  525. My garden is in need of TLC and I would love the experts to come in and transform my garden. My garden is also a fair size and such a mess I don’t know where to start. Plus my neighbours garden is like a jungle so mines really needs TLC.

  526. Hi I am a disable mother, I moved to my present address about 8 years ago,the garden is a complete mess, I am suffering from plenty of illness , because of my condition I am staying home all the time, even I am keen to be alive anymore(long term deppretion) please give me some reason to change my boring life by making over my garden. Thanks esmat

  527. Alan and team,
    My six year old son, Zac, would like to nominate his Nanny Alison to be on your show. She is in her 60’s and has a problem with the discs in her neck which has caused some nerve damage leaving her with constant pins and needles and hardly any use in her hands. Herself and my Dad Eric, who is nearly 70, have recently moved to a bungalow in order to make life more manageable but it has rather a large garden that needs some sorting!! Zac loves to watch your program and came up with the idea “I know lets get Alan to sort Nanny’s garden out!” Would be great if we could make this happen!
    Many thanks, Kelly Rogers and Zac

  528. This is what i wrote on the fibromyalgia page im joined to and theyve urged me to write to you ………Feeling extremely fed up! We are a family on a very tight income. We never go in holiday, we do go for cheap days out picnic, farms ect!
    We have lived in our house 11years and I’ve always hated the garden its not child friendly at all, we live on a hill. We have had it levelled the best we can and a picket fence around it but its still not child safe! It would mean the absolute world to me to get it completely flat and use able so we could make the most of having a garden, no way for relaxing out there as the height in which my toddler could fall is unsafe! We have had some quotes which are £5000+ which we don’t have and can not get in to any more debt!
    We’ve also looked into moving but I love my house and the cost of moving and the stress of that is too much!
    I feel I don’t ask for much days in the garden would suit our family just fine! Sorry for the moan just having an if only moment xx

  529. Dear Alan and Team,
    Would it be possible to apply to be on your gardening show. I am a 68 year old disabled gardener and my local council are arranging for me to be able to access my garden via a ramp . My garden is small with two greenhouses at the bottom housing part of my collection of cacti and succulent plants . Unfortunately as I am now in a wheelchair I have been unable to look after it . I love plants and my garden is pretty full of herbaceous plants and fruit trees and bushes, also clematis plants really I love colour and anything unusual . I am unable to get in my two greenhouses as they have access issues but I have friends who will help with watering etc. I have a square path with steps down to a lower area near the house which will have a ramp for me and have room for a table and chairs which I have. In the centre of the path area is an area of plum slate stone . Most of my garden is busy but needs putting in some order . It would be lovely if you where able to devise a way of me to look after my garden myself and sort a way for my eclectic planting to become better ordered. Unfortunately as I am on pension credit I can’t afford to pay for help to change anything myself so any help you where able to help would be wonderful
    I can arrange for one of my family to send photos via e mail if requested
    Thank you

  530. I have moved to my present house with my husband and two children 10 years ago. The house needed so much work done, new central heating system (had old back boiler) and so did the front room up completely. New flat roof. New windows New electrics. New kitchen and redecorating. The house was a complete mess when we moved in and needed 4 skips just to remove the rubbish left by previous occupants. I am now hoping to move onto the dining room and also the bathroom which needs a complete refit. The garden was a mess too and slowly we have been doing things with this but have now run out of ideas. I would love a lovely romantic garden as both the children have grown up now. My daughter is a university and we are having to pay a lot of money for her lodgings as her loan does not cover this (just about covers food and drinks of course). I would love some ideas if anything what to do now.

  531. I’m a single mother of two young children my garden is big and very unmanageable my children can’t have friends over as it’s such mess would love Alan and the team to come and make our garden part of are home that we are proud of 😀

  532. Hi Alan,

    I have a small garden which looks very unloved. My rabbits have destroyed the grass & plants and my children’s play house takes up most of it. I would really like to be able to sit outside & enjoy the garden instead of hating the sight of it. The children complain how small it is. I would be so grateful if you could design a garden that made it look more spacious than it is, I just don’t have the vision.
    Thank you

  533. Hey Alan,
    Love your show.. very inspiring man you are.
    Im not going to give you a major sad story just so you chose my mums garden to do or help.
    I would just like to say that I admire my mum who is now a widow on her own for being a strong woman.
    Throughout her years she has had a tough life and has experienced alot as well as seen a lot happen which she has dealt with.
    She works nearly 7 days a week on a farm outside picking veg no matter how much pain she is on she gets on with things.
    She relies on me a lot.
    Her garden is a mess, it would be nice if we could bring it to life for her…

  534. I would love to nominate my mum for love your garden. She has brought us up on her own. My dad has never bothered with us but she has done everything for us. She has a small garden and has let my sister set up her dog grooming business in her back garden so when it is her time to relax she still can’t do this. She would love an endless pool in her garden just to have time to relax but she has given up her garden to help her daughter. She lost her dad when she was 15 then devestatingly she lost our sister at the age of 8 but still stayed strong for me and my other 2 sisters. Two years ago her mum died and she had also been looking after her for a long time aswell as working full time and bringing us up too single handed. Now she had lost her job after working all her life to support us and I would just like my mum to have somewhere to relax, she has never treated herself but ALWAYS given us whatever we needed. She is a mum in a million that deserves something for her. She misses her mum, dad and daughter every single day and since she lost her mum has decided to help older adults who are lonely to feel safe secure and happy that someone cares, please help us give my mum a relaxing sanctuary she deserves. She loves swimming as she says it relaxes her, but she can’t afford to go, she is so proud of all of us and we would love to give something back to her. If she could walk into her garden every morning for a relaxing swim, that would set her up for the day ahead. She is never going to be rich financially but the love she has given unconditionally is worth the weight in gold. Please help us to give her something after all she has given her family. When she lost her daughter in 2000 at the age of 8 her life changed forever and I know if we could put an endless pool in her back garden as well as still helping my sister have her grooming business in the back garden it would give my mum the opportunity to relax and sooth her mind body and soul to face another day.She always stays positive, always smiles but the one thing that would make her smile glow would be a lovely relaxing garden. Alan Titchmarsh please could over to Sale and make my mums dream come true.

  535. Hi Alan ,
    I’m a49 yr old single parent .
    Since 2008 when I suffered a spinal injury I have had numerous disasters that you wouldn’t believe and health setbacks that now see me in a wheelchair awaiting a 2nd very invasive spinal surgery.
    My garden is too big, overgrown and unmanageable. I and my sons attempted a tidy up but it’s just not manageable . They work long hours then take care of me and I can’t even get out there anymore. I just need it making low maintenance but prices off landscapers come into thousands and I don’t even have hundreds anymore.
    Any help would make such a difference to me. Please can I be considered for something it’s such a waste of a garden its criminal.
    Thank you

  536. I love your programme and I was in tears at the end of tonight’s show it was wonderful.
    Now I’m hoping you can help me I moved into a new house last September and paid the developers to turf the back garden. Within a month it started dying. No matter what I did . In the winter the garden turned into a bog and you could slide down the garden rather than walk. As it’s on a slope all the water runs down and the patio floods. I’ve had three people in from the developers all saying yes we’ll sort it out but no has got further than that. I cant go through another winter like last year and I’ve told them so. All they say is they’ll chase the contractors.
    I can’t afford to pay all over again. I’ve been out of work for a year due to an accident and the move so I’m living on my savings and pension at the moment.
    I don’t need anything extravagant All I want is a nice garden that I can sit out in in in summer and let rain and winter do it’s thing and not have to worry.
    Please can you help me ?

  537. Hellooo!
    I’m so addicted to this show it’s inspiring and so lovely what you do! Well I have a Cousin whom after a very messy break up, has recently had to move. She has and continues to have a rough time as of late but continues to plod along with a smile on her face bless het! Her middle son has had very severe epilepsy since the age of two and now at the age of 12 is being tested for Autism as well as many other things. Her new house has a large rear garden that has been neglected for many years and between being a single parent not sleeping much looking after her middle son through the night and having a 3 year old running around she never gets time to get it done! It would benefit the whole household sooo much as they are like prisoners in there own home at the mo! She doesn’t know I’m doing this and she would probably shout but I really think this could change the lives of my cousin and her lovely boys please please consider her it would make her year! 😊 Xxx

  538. Hi Alan and team I would like to ask you a favour I know this story might seem sad but what has happened is that my daughters school did have a prayer garden and it was fairly new but it got burnt down and also not so long ago a student from the school called shazaib was killed in a hit and run and the prayer garden was originally built for when someone was felling upset they could go there and say a prayer to God but now they can not because it has all been burnt down and we would now like you to help us to rebuild our prayer garden in memory of shazaib who sadly died

  539. Hi Alan I would really appreciate your help for my mother. My mother is such a loving caring person she cares for everyone else so much she never has any time for herself she is unable to work due to a disability. In 2015 we had to leave our family home of 25 years as we couldn’t offered to live their any more and my mother wanted to also be closer to my sister and nieces. The home we moved into was given to us in such a damaged way and still now is not completed and has a lot of work to do. My mother has fallen ill due to the stress of our home and I would love for her to have something to love in her home. I know my mother would really appreciate to have a garden that she can finally sit it and have her children and grandchildren come over to play in.

    Thank you so much
    Victoria Cooper

  540. Before I start I should tell you we have been on DIY SOS
    I suspect you hear Sob Stories all the time BUT mine really is. Back in 2003 I had a Brain Tumour leaving me with balance and speech issues and to top it all I was pregnant. I already had a little boy. He was just 41/2 years old so it was a lot for him to deal with (I think he is still dealing with it because he is so far away from me, I think it was because I missed those crucial years of his young life). Anyway back to the garden, our garden is on two levels. We’ve spent huge amount of time, effort and money trying to make it nice, but because of my disability I find it quite hard to get round it and also plant plants and upkeep by cutting back, it’s definitely not through want of trying. Andy (my partner) has put a hand rail up to the top level decking but the steps up there are dangerous for me. Please, please, please help us have a great and usefull back garden because it could be so lovely. Our house is now finished the back garden would just make it complete.
    Thank you

  541. Hi Alan and team we recently moved to a new house after 8 years waiting for the right house as my 14 year old son is autistic and doesn’t go of the Internet our old house had such a small garden we didn’t go out because there wasn’t much to do.we don’t have any family here and I’d love my children to be able to enjoy the outside and be able to play safely and to learn about wildlife.
    I would love if you can help thank you xx

  542. Dear Alan and Team Hort,

    With flowery love I ask you to please,
    Find out special application and give it a little read,
    For our dream is quite clear,
    In our hearts we hold dear,
    Hopes for a child friendly wheelchair accessible garden,
    For three fun loving little boys … by this time next year 🙂

    With blossoming love and green fingers firmly crossed. xx

  543. Hi,
    My dad it years old and recinitly found out that he has cancer and had an operation on the 30 of June and within the next 6 weeks is crusial and before when he could move around properly he loved to work on his garden and grow his fruit trees and plant new flowers , he loved to just sit out there for hours and hours in the garden doing his own thing and being relaxed but because of his condition he is now unable to enter the garden which means he can’t have his own time and be in his garden, because of the stairs to the garden he is unable to get around , my dad means the world to me because he came into my life when I was 2 after my biological dad died and has been there though out my life and has been there for my siblings and especially my mum, he has made my experience in this world the best I could imagine and since he has been in this position I would just like to show him how much I appreciate him and all that he has done and I would like for him to be able to have his garden back and to be able to go into and be himself.
    Thank you , Ashley

  544. Dear Alan I would like a pond in my back garden and I want koa fish in the pond because I have three brothers and two of them have special needs and the other one gets migraines a lot and he has to take tablets I would like a hot tub aswell if you can make one my mum works so hard to make all of us happy on her own please,please, Alan I really want a nice garden
    From Georgia Robson – Jones aged 8.

  545. Dear Alan and the team
    I watch your programme all the time and the amazing people you help . How they deserve a nice retreat to relax in. Well my mother is the most wonderful person. She has always worked hard and gave to the family rather than to herself. In the past 7 years my mother has suffered with rheumatoid arthritis and now disabled because of this. Her garden is a blank canvas that needs life brought back into it giving my mum back her love of gardening that she loved to do before she became disabled. My mum is always there for me and my autistic son plus my sisters family. I would love to be able to surprise her with a beautiful garden to enjoy and a place to sit . Please help me say thank you for all her help and love over the years.
    Thank you for reading my letter
    Kind regards
    Samantha peart

  546. Hi Alan .. I’m applying on behalf of a dear friend of mine who has recently had a bad time and really needs a cheer up .. Unfortunately at the start of this year somebody set fire to her caravan outside the side of her house that got completely out of hand n reached the gas Pipe outside of her house causing the house to set alight also thankfully her daughter and herself weren’t hurt as they were in the house asleep at the time due to all of this her house is in a large amount of damage n the family caravan burnt to the ground also .. She is having to rebuild the contents of her house internally and build the home she once had for her and her 2 children as you can imagine her confidence is very low and stress levels really high everything she has strength and penny’s are being put into making a home worthy of living in ..she has a lovely large back garden that is being neglected at this point in time as the house is her main concern .. It would be so lovely for her to have her garden done up so when the house is finished she has someone to relax and catch a breath after all she has been through .. I would really appreciate it if you could help me make this happen for her as I do believe she really needs something to go her way and take one less worry off her mind .. She is an amazing person kind hearted n caring and although going through this ordeal always finds time for those she feels needs her regardless ..please consider her for this Garden make over …I couldn’t think of a nicer person than her and after all her upset she really deserves something nice to restore her confidence Thanks again katie x

  547. Hi Alan, I have a nephew who was born with talipes and was put in casts at age 3 weeks, he can not walk still and is now age 4 half. He has a wheelchair and has no diagnosis as yet as to why he can’t walk nobody can diagnose him. He would love to play out in a soft playful environment with things in the garden he can play with. My dream would be to see him happy and have something that’s special to him as he is so special to me. Thanks Alan it would mean the world. Regards Kelly

  548. Hi Alan I’m a disabled wheelchair user. I’m living alone now. After being very ill myself and loosing my father. I would very much like to be able to access my back garden. I would like to be able to do this with the help of you and your team to help with this. I lost my father three year ago. It would be great not only to have a garden but one I could sit in a potter aboutin. My father was the garden of the family.

  549. Hi love your garden….
    I had to move from my council house to another house so I could take gaurdianship for my grandaughter after my daughter had a mental breakdown. I have had to give up work to care for them and my relationship broke up as my partner did not want to take on the responsibility of young children again.
    The house and Garden was in disrepair. Have spent two years sorting the house. But I have no idea of where to start on garden. It is just a large blank space that at the moment the children can’t even play in. Please please help.

  550. Hello Alan and team,
    I love ‘love your garden’! as my kids and I do love our garden, but I am a single working mum of two, and we have an 80 foot garden which is a huge challenge for me!
    My son has autism and getting him away from the computer can be hard work, my little girl loves our garden but the grass is often around her knees as I don’t have the time to cut the lawn each week. I would really appreciate your help, ideas and anything else you can do to make our garden a haven for us. Thank you : )

  551. Hi allan and team. My mum and dad have worked hard all their lives to provide me and my sisters with everything we could ever need. They have never had much money at all but would never see us stuck. My mother has struggled with severe depression for a number of years now but has never let it hold her back. She works countless hours every week to provide for us all and never asks for anything in return. My dad suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and at times struggles to even get himself out of bed but still never gives up. Untill recently being made redundant he worked as a brick layer even through his arthritis never letting it get him down. As a result of his redundancy my parents are really struggling now with money and so my mum is working even more to make ends meet. With my dads illness progressing their oversized garden is really starting to tale its toll. They have always dreamed of having the perfect garden and have spoke and planned it for a long time but have nevr managed to get it done. They have helped me so much in my life even taking me and my partner in when i fell pregnant and we could no longer afford to rent any longer. They do so much for us and i would love if i could give them something back by giving them something less to worry about. I would be so greatful if you and your team could help me in this and recreate a wonderfull peacefull vibrant space fitting to their full and loving personalities. Thanks

  552. Hello Alan.
    Me and my sister would love to surprise my mum by you and your team doing her little courtyard garden up.
    She suffers really ill health and we have almost lost her 3 times.
    I have just blessed her with her 1st grandchild and would love somewhere for my mum and my daughter to sit and play together in the summer 🙂
    She deserves so much after suffering ill health for so many years she’s brought me and my sister up as a single parent for most of our lives, she’s never once grumbled about how I’ll she feels or how poorly she really is.
    Thank you so much
    Lots of love amie xxxx

  553. Hi, my name is Joanna and I would do love a garden that is calm and quaint with a waterfall as the sound of water just seems like heaven… Not sure what I would like definetly somewhere to lounge and hang out…. Not sure if you could help. Both my mother and father are not very well, dad has dementia but loves the garden…
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Joanna lavoie

  554. Hi my name is Ellie I’m 15 year old. I have left school. And I’m going to be doing maintainance OPPS in my collage. I want to be like you some day as I love being in the garden ..
    I am a young carer of my step sister who has ADHD and might have Aspergers. It has been so difficult with things going on. We have all felt the side of dippression. My mum is the most amazing woman in my life. She has kept me floating. We moved last year…. To a bigger place but we have had struggles keeping the house we are living in. There are moment where I think we are going to be homeless. My mum and step dad have done amazing thing for my family. My step dad works 5 to 6 day a week and my mum works 3 to 4 days a week. My mum looks after my step sister and my little sister as I and my other 2 sisters go to work. My mum has been dreaming of a beautiful garden for us to make memorise in but we really can’t afford it. She use to be smiling in the old garden because she use to love going the gardening. IM CRYING WHILE WRITING THIS BECASUE THERE IS ONLY SO MUCH YOU CAN WRITE DOWN BUT LIFE HAS BEEN SO HARD. My mums birthday is on the 1st of August. It would be so lovely if you would help please. As my mum always said a house is not a home without a gorgeous garden .
    I need your help please

  555. Hi, i would love to apply to have my garden done. We moved to our house 3 years ago, its never been done everytime my partner makes a start on it something always comes up and stops us from doing it. I was diagnosed with cancer in march at the age of 26. I have 2 young children and a partner. We were suposed to be getting married this september but because of my unexpected bad news we cant. My partner wanted to do the garden for me so we all had a nice place to sit in over the summer as i wont be able to get out much. He is self employed and works hard and i think he deserves a break and a nice garden that he doesnt have to worry about. Thank you x

  556. Hi Alan and Team,
    I would love you to come and create one of your wonderful gardens for my lovely wife. Over the past few years we have had a really bad time. I lost both my parents, most recently my father in February this year and this has affected my wife Sharon deeply. She can be sitting watching tv and just starts crying because something reminds her of my dad, they had a wonderful relationship. On top of this Sharon has to deal with the fact that she is slowly losing her mum to dementia and has been for a couple of years. If these things are not bad enough we have had 2 failed attempts at IVF which as you can imagine has been devastating for both of us but more so for Sharon. We both work with children, Sharon is a nurse specialist working with premature babies and I work in social services. Sharon got a couple of guys in to do the garden when our house was completed but they turned out to be cowboys and left us with a huge dirt pile which we had to try and fix ourselves. We watch your programme all the time and I hear my wife say every time I wish they would sort our garden. I feel my wife deserves this because she has put up with so much and is still dealing with so much daily but still has a smile. We are about to start our 3rd attempt at IVF so it would be great to have something like this in place just incase it fails again. I hope you can help and will understand if you can’t because there may be more deserving people out there but in my eyes no one deserves it more than Sharon.
    Thank you
    William Tait

  557. Cannot open application form my husband and just been diagnosed with altziimers plus had couple of collapses he is 81 in July and would love garden to be a retreat he loves sitting outside he has a green plastic chair we call it his perch hope you can help

  558. hi alan and team i am a single 49 year old woman and would love to have my 50th birthday party in my own garden the problem is i havent a clue where to start my garden is a large one and i would love to have a garden to be proud of, seeing your work makes me smile so much it will be wonderful to look out my window and smile every day xx

  559. Hi…we have lived in our house for 3yrs, we have two daughters 4-1yrs, my oldest girl loves playing on her bike and scooter but always falls of cause the pavement and driveway is uneven, would love for u to do it so its all level, I’m not bothered about the rest of garden 👍🏻 please help us, I’m sure my two girls will appreciate it. Many thanks

  560. Hi Alan I have a boyfriend that is disabled his garden is to much he cant do it anymore, I was wonding if u could help with this he has been though so much in the the last 5years, I like something good for him he love his garden.

  561. We bought our house 10 years ago and have hardly touched the garden. We put some sleepers in an area last year but have never finished it off. We are still needing to replace the remaining fence panels too. We have done a bit at a time. We have hedges between us and next door, this isn’t practical as our fog can get through and also weeds comes through too. Neither myself or my husband really enjoy gardening but I love to see it in bloom. I like to see the birds and hedgehogs that visit us. I would our garden to be an extension or our home.
    Thank you

  562. Hello team .Would you consider helping me and my friend make over a small piece of land .We are using it for dementia groups to visit a kind of Memory Garden We work hard trying to raise both awareness and funds and this Garden being transformed would top it off not just for us but to have a special place for Alzheimer’s and other Dementia types of which their are many .More information can be given on request ..Regards Diane

  563. Hi Alan and your marvellous team. I’d love some help with my back garden. My Dad lived with me after discovering he had cancer. He talked me into moving home and I rushed to get the house ready for us but I couldn’t get the garden done in time. He sadly passed away a few weeks ago. I would love to be able to spend more time outdoors where I would enjoy the company of my new neighbours. Regardless of whether I’m chosen, I think you all do fantastic work and literally change people’s lives.

  564. Hi Alan and your Anazing Team!
    I have such a fantastic space and have no idea what to do with it. I watch your show every week and dream about having an amazing garden for my four children. I have never had anything in my life and me & my partner have had a rough time. Id love for my children to be able to enjoy the outside and be able to play but it’s just not safe enough. I’ve recently had a baby and just don’t have the time, money or patience to be able to do anything with it. Please could you help us xXx

  565. Hello. My dad is disabled and physical can’t get in the garden and has just deteriorated over years. He enjoys being in the outdoor but can’t get out to the garden, being outside makes him and and seems like his depression is almost gone. He built and pond years ago just because he like to look at the fish. He gets so annoyed at himself just because the state the garden is in and knowing he can’t do anything about it. Last time he attempted to go in the garden he calapesed as he tried going out the back door as there is no wheelchair access out to the garden leading him to smash the door window, even if he could get out the back door he wouldn’t be able to get out the conservatory that he keeps complain as he knows something need to be done but there is nothing he can do physically or even financially. Over the years it’s been so hard to watch my dad go from being so active and happy to being so unable to be active,becoming misunble and in pain.
    If there was access to the garden and it was a nice place to be and relax my dad would love it and feel more at ease. To see my dad so unhappy is distroying my family and it’s so hard on my mum, caring to his every need, sort out his medication. My dad needs something and I believe this is it and if he’s in the garden he will be happier and it will be easier on us all, somewhere he can actually watch his grandchildren and become a part of there life properly would just make him feel part of this family to as he feels so distant.
    If you could help we would all be so grateful and happier. Thank you