Get The Look – Episode 6 Tuesday 15th October 2019

Decking and cladding – BSW Timber

We wanted to choose a decking that was very light in colour and in contrast to the Moodul walling and painted fencing. IRO cladding and decking was not only the perfect colours for the garden but also great with its low maintenance self-cleaning surface, perfect for Lorraine and her needs.

IRO Timber is a new and innovative range of cladding and decking products inspired by the Japanese process of yakisugi. Manufactured in Britain and available in a suite of 15 exclusive colours, IRO is 100% eco-friendly and boasts a self-cleaning, water-repellent surface.














Cushions / Dog beds.

Bespoke Dog Beds

These Bespoke dog beds were made especially for Doris and Poppy.  Autumn Downs experienced team have produced these practical, durable and high standard dog beds that look good and will last for years to come.  These have been made to measure for Lorraine’s garden and for Doris and Poppy to sit perfectly within the decking and can be removed at any time.


Pebble seat

Pebble seat and lunar water feature

The lunar water feature is coupled with LED lighting to create beautiful garden scenery with the tranquil sound of running water, great for Lorraine to relax in her garden and providing a good statement piece for this area.

The pebble seat provides the finishing touch to Lorraine’s garden, adds class with a very contemporary feel.  Handmade by Darren from polished concrete.


Moodul raised beds.

We made our raised beds using Moodul contemporary modular building blocks.  We used this product to create a sleek modern feel to the garden and it complements the decking and paving perfectly.  Its easiness to install made creating the bespoke raised beds rather easy, they were not only straightforward to build, but they have given the exact look that we wanted for the modern feel to this garden.  The raised beds will also mean that this will be much easier for Lorraine to maintain in the future.

Moodul adds so much more than an ordinary building block. With Moodul you can create a structure that’s as functional or as artistic as you want.  From a simple attractive planter, from a basic bench to a complete outdoor room, they also have a range of add on accessories so you can easily hang a flower box on your wall, build a shelf or create seating, all without drilling.


Lagoon water feature.

We wanted a further water feature, to be positioned in the raised bed at head height whilst Lorraine was sitting and relaxing at the back of the garden with Doris and Poppy. The lagoon slate water feature compliments the walling perfectly, adding a bit of class and structure within the planting.



Pom Pom Olive Tree – The Palm Tree Company

We wanted to bring a nice focal point into the centre of the garden without it obstructing the overall view.  The Pom Pom Olive tree from The Palm Tree Company was a perfect choice as its open structure allows a view still to the back of the garden and provides a perfect shady area for the dogs to lie underneath in sunny weather.  It complements the modern feel that we were constructing in this garden, creating a statement as a really classy centre piece, with chamomile planting around the base of the tree.  The unique structure of this Pom Pom Olive Tree gives a lovely framework to the garden, a perfect ornamental evergreen tree.  The Palm Tree Company source an amazing range of different varieties and sizes of Olive trees, hardy palm trees, yuccas, cycads, tree ferns, cactus and exotic plants some rare and unusual, coming from only the best growers selected and imported by themselves.

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