Inspirational Locations – Episode 6 Tuesday 15th October 2019

Orchard House Calne

Alan enjoyed visiting the award winning garden the Orchard House in Calne, Wiltshire, designed by Christine Whatley in collaboration with owner Fiona Campbell to create a calming, tranquil space.

This house lies on a site connected with Joseph Priestley who discovered oxygen so the narrative centres around tranquillity and also the part that plants play in the oxygen cycle.

It starts at the entrance to the garden where plants growing at the time of the dinosaurs can be found, then moves onto a garden in the site of a former pigsty, filled with finds from the great plant hunters of Priestley’s era.  In an orchard alongside, Box balls symbolise oxygen bubbles, soda water having stemmed from Priestley’s work.  It ends at two entirely self-contained contemporary courtyards where modern plant cultivars are used and Box clipped into cubes.

Most gardens are designed to be vibrant that stimulate your senses with loud colours and textures.

This unique garden achieves a sense of simplicity that is restful & healing to experience. Creating this tranquillity requires careful planning & attention to detail to the balance of key elements.

Repeating shapes, and keeping the materials simple with complimentary shades. help to create that equanimity.

The first courtyard is a modern water garden of strong rectilinear design. It includes two still water canals as well as a gentle fountain providing the calming sound of water.  The colours of this garden are predominantly a white and green garden with accents of pale blue, pink and mauve – a gentle colour scheme providing a real sense of calmness.

Having restful features like a tree as a focal point and a water adds to the tranquil space for respite.

The garden has been designed to be wheelchair accessible without compromising on the aesthetics of the design.

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