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All the products featured on Love Your Garden are carefully chosen and we select the main items here so that you can recreate the look in your own outdoor space.

Check back with us after each episode to find out where the features came from and hopefully you’ll be inspired to Love Your Garden a little bit more in 2014!

53 comments on “Get The Look

    • I would like to nomenate my daughter to have her garden make over by you and your team. She has been such a great help to me since her father’s passing 4 years ago. Her garden is dark with lots of mature shrubs in the borders and not child friendly. It could do with a good make over which you and your team do so well. She and her husband would be delighted to see you… would I. Thank you Alan.

  1. Hi I my little granddaughter died 4days before she was due I would like to plant a rose in her memory can u recamend a rose that smells lovely and flowers for a long time would to here from u yours truly Susie Bragg x

  2. Hi Alan and team,
    My names Emma and I’d like to nominate my mother, Susan.
    Not for only being amazing but she has also put in a lot of time and effort with my nephew who has autism.
    The medium sized garden has a lot of potential, with my mum at an age of not being able to do much, you guys are exactly what’s needed.
    Unfortunately my mum and dad haven’t been with each other for a while now, so my father isn’t an option.
    A great sensory section in the garden would be fab , and even better with your help Alan and team.
    You do a great job, watched your show yesterday and bought a tear to my eye. Absolutely fantastic and inspiring!
    Hope to hear back from you Alan!
    Many Thanks
    Emma King

  3. Where did you get the car cover things for the front of old work shop.I want some to place on a brink wall

  4. could you remind me of the name of the hebe plants put in around the trees by the water feature on programme Tuesday 21st July 2015

  5. Hi i would like to nominate my mum to have her garden done she had surgery on back 2012 and one recently june 2015 her back now has screws in it she also has drop foot she has tryed really hard to keep the garden tidy we have got a big lawn and you can imagine how hard it is for to keep it under control she would be absolutely love some help to make it easier for her my mum is a single parent and what a fantastic job she does i couldnt wish for a better mum please HELP me

  6. I would like my mum and dads garden get a makeover as they both love gardens but can never seem to get out garden perfect, if Alan and the team could help them out it would be amazing and would make them so happy, we would also actually be able to have BBQ’s this summer!!

  7. I would love my garden made over for my sons as it is not child friendly one of my sons has autism and Chrones and the other twins has ADHD trying to get the one with autism to go outside is a task my garden is on a slight slope and it is all uneven and full of moss I would love this to be made more kid friendly and I know your team do a wonderful job thank you

  8. Hi Mr Titchmarsh and team, I worked as a care assistant for 23 years but had to finish work through ill health, I recently moved in to a bungalow with my partner which has a small garden at the moment it is missrable and grey lots of small stones and horrible flags, I have made some pots up with flowers but still needs lots if inspiration, I watch your show always for ideas think you and yiur team do amazing work, I love decking and oriental themes,I have 3 grandchildren under the age of 4 and would love a nice garden for them to play when they visit me, is there any way I could forward a picture of my garden to you for some advise onhow to plan my garden please thank you in advance.norma x

  9. Episode 2 “New England” garden. I fell in love with the colour scheme for this episode. Would like a list of the plants used and any tips on how to plants them out to their fullest effect. Thanks. Anne

  10. Can you tell me whatvus the colour you have used to paint the fences in tonight’s edition of love your garden


  11. You planted what Alan said was a large bush /tree which had green foliage and white flowers, in a corner. I would like to know the name of this shrub please as I wasn’t able to write it down and I know that it is just what I’m needing for a corner in my garden as a dead tree had to be removed. Many thanks, Diane Oldfield.

  12. i would like to nominate my mum. She has been through so much during the past few years, she was taken to blood clots on both of her lungs, her mum had breast cancer, she lost her brother. so would just like my mum to be able to go into the garden and relax and enjoy her garden in memory of the people she has lost, she runs a charity every year for St Michaels Hospics, so far my mum and her work collegues have raised £24,000 for that certain hospics. She is also swimming 25 lengths per week for 4 weeks in october for St Michaels Hospics, My mum is a hero to people that are suffering. She deserves something in return. Thank you Alan x

  13. Hi Alan and the team,
    I would like to nominate our garden …. we moved house in November 2013, a dream home but lots to do so the garden took the least priority! At the same time of moving my lovely husband took early retirement from his job he had done for over 20 years caring and supporting people with learning g disabilities, the view was he would get a local job (we moved out of our home city Liverpool to the close town of Southport and a beautiful spot Churchtown)
    At the same time of moving Ray started to complain of headaches which were investigated, at the same time I continued my work managing a busy rehabilitation unit so trusted Ray to let me know of any updates from the brain scan he had… long story short he had kept an awful lot to himself and a few months later it came out he had had several scans which revealed micro brain heamhorages.I knew there was something wrong because he was forgetting things and was exhausted…alarm bells rang when tests revealed it was his left frontal lobes in his brain affected,because I work withpeoplewith dementia I was out of my mind thinking this could be a dementia. Amongst the numerous tests he attended aclinic appointment in March this year, when I came to collect him he had taken a turn for the worse he was admitted immediately within an hour he lost40 years of his memory. He didn’t know me or his three grown children. He lost all of his mobility, he couldn’t even open his eyelids! I never left his side in five weeks constantly prompting him with memories…. with the help of everybody at Walton Neuro and family and friends he has regained hi memory but his short term memory is bad but on the positive he knows us again. I cannot explain how devastating life was when he was in hospital but he is back home. He has a cognitive decline, we have great support from family and community services, so strange that he now has a support worker and this is what he did in his past career. He has regained most of his mobility but forgets things easily gets extremely tired and frustrated. The garden needs lots of work, moving shed, greenhouse and filling a swimming pool!!! It’s half done but is a mess, I would love some help making it good so Raycan relax and not worry about things, he has to stay at home while I go to work, he is safe but restricted to the house most of the time, I can see he gets but it’s just too big a job for his limitations. Thank you for the opportunity to put in words how things are, many thanks Catherine Foy x

  14. Hi, I’m a massive admirer of your makeover show. I would like to nominate myself if that’s even possible. I’m a 39 year old lady living with my partner of 14 years and my 12 year old son. I’ve had quiet a tuff time since having Ethan if I’m honest. I had a bad birth when having Ethan and suffered depression afterwards plus with having Graves Disease that made things massively worse. Then my mam was struck with a Brain Tumour when Ethan was 3. I had to care for her for 18 month until she finally lost her fight at the age of 53.
    As well as all of this I care for an elderly friend who has no family and was brought up in care homes until he was 8.
    So my life has been and continues to be very busy and I also own 4 French Bulldogs so is hectic to. We have recently bought our first home from our local Housing Assosiation after living in it since Ethan was 2 and a half. We’ve managed to do a lot of work ourselves like getting the front garden cobbled but have always put off starting the back garden due to not really knowing where to start with it and with it been in such a mess. It’s a lovely big back garden with lots of potential. Myself and my partner once hired a midi skip and attempted digging out an area for a concrete slab for us to put a very large shed onto. We thought this would use up a lot of the space and give us at least somewhere to make nice inside but after hours of backwards and forwards to the skip with the wheelbarrow we didn’t even scrape the sides and felt very diflated afterwards. It would be amazing for me to get your professionals in to make my garden amazing so that every morning I get home from the school run and Peters I could just relax in a surrounding which was full of colour and relax.
    Hope to hear back from you Allan.
    Many Thanks
    Miss Jaclyn Scott

  15. the lovely garden you did tonight for the land girl…

    could I ask where those balls that went into the bath to recreate bubbles were from please…
    really loved how her garden turned out tonight stunning as always x



  17. Love the show! So many ideas…. so little time!
    Watching the Caroline in Bolton episode and love the split willow (?) hurdles. Where could I source them from? Many thanks.

  18. In one programme a rose was show in addition to the Darcy Bussel rose. I think it had the name of an Irish performer and I believe it was pink. can anyone hel

  19. Hello,

    In series 7-episode 6 there were some blue butterflies placed on the fence to blow in the wind. Can you tell me where or how to recreate them as they were lovely!



  20. can you tell me how to feed my patio fruit trees that live in large tubs so I can get a good crop of apples etc next year thank you

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