Get The Look

All the products featured on Love Your Garden are carefully chosen and we select the main items here so that you can recreate the look in your own outdoor space.

Check back with us after each episode to find out where the features came from and hopefully you’ll be inspired to Love Your Garden a little bit more in 2014!


92 comments on “Get The Look

  1. Hi Allan – in last week’s episode there where some butterflies on the fence whose wings were moving in the wind – can you tell me where I can get them from – thank you regards Steve.

    • Hi can you tell me we’re to buy the red butterflies
      Which we’re on on of the programs that you
      Put on the fence and the wings move
      Many Thanks

      • Hi,can you tell me where you get the coloured butterfly from which featured on the fence
        Thank you vicky

    • Hi sorry to tag along so would I like to know about the butterflies have you had any joy ….many thanks

    • I too am trying to find out where to buy the blue butterflies. Has anyone had any luck finding them please? Many thanks.

  2. I’d like to know where I can get the wing flapping in the wind butterflies that are shown on the opening credits of the programme. I hope you can help.

  3. Hi I would like to know who supplied the mirror on the episode aired on the 5th July with the twins. I would also like to know where the wood stain came from. Thank you

  4. Hi. What kind of paving slabs did you use on last night’s episode with the twins?
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi. Can u tell me what colour the fences panels are and what make paint is used on them on Wednesday the 12th July 2017

  6. Hi last year you did a lady’s garden and planted up an old tin bath would it be possible to get a list of what u put in it and a picture of it I loved it I have finally got a tin bath but cat remember how it looked pls

  7. Hi. Just been watching tonight’s (we’d 19th july) the lovely lady who knits all thise toys for the air ambulance. My mum too knits for the air ambulance. Woukd love to get in you with the lovely lovely lady Henna. I would ask her if she could spare toy knitting patterns, mums always seems to be knitting the same ones, so I am desperate to get her some different ones. Thank you

  8. I missed the supplier details/price for the artists summer house in the episode aired tonight, 26/7/17 and am really interested in purchasing one. Would you be able to advise if possible? Many thanks.

  9. Hi,
    I would love some help with sorting my garden and making a place for me and my little girl. I have been suffering from panic attacks and agoraphobia since 1999. I am single parent to 7 yr old daughter and would love to make place for us to be in as i cant take her any where out myself and feel like a prisoner in my own home. I love to be in my garden and feel the air but its very dull. Any help or tips would be much appreciated.
    Kind regards.

  10. Can you let me know all that I need to make the water Lily out of the plastic spoons on the show last week

  11. Please can you help me give an amazing mother a place to rest and relax.she is amazing she adopted her her great grandaughter 14 yrs ago.who was only 3 mths old .her parents left mum is 75 yrs old and spends her days caring for others.regardless to her health she had a stroke2yrs ago has angina e.t.c.she deserves a little karma back.can you please her son keith .48 yrs old thanks alan…

  12. I can not see the list of plants you have used in your shows. Where do I go on this web site to find these please?
    Thank you

  13. Hello love the wooden chairs on tonight’s show please can I have information of where they are from.

    Thank you

  14. Hi there i dont know if you have to pay for this my nan and grandad have lost both of there parents years ago but reason they lost there daughter last year to cancer they love there garden and home but they just havent got the time and they cant do it no more they both do anythink for anyone my nan hade cancer her self about 12 years ago but in the end she was ok but her daughter witch is my mum i just want to do somethink nice for them they deserve it

  15. I loved the leafy paper and the wooden
    Bespoke wood on the stair, could you advise me exactly what wood and where to buy it, thank you

  16. Hi
    where did you buy the bespoke decorative metal screens and the semi circular wooden arches you used to transform John Paul’s and his colleagues private seating area in the zoo. It had an international theme

  17. Hi Allan – in this week’s episode there where some blue butterflies on the fence whose wings were moving in the wind – can you tell me where I can get them from – thank you regards Linda

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