Get The Look – Episode 3 – 10th March 2020

Julian Christian Ltd – Chelsea lifestyle garden building

We needed a building for Kirsty to sit and relax and watch Phoebe and Sam play in their amazing new play areas. It needed to be something that was open sided so Kirsty could watch over Phoebe and Sam wherever they are in the garden, but could also be closed up in bad weather and give privacy for times when Kirsty needed time to herself to relax. The luxurious Chelsea lifestyle garden building by Julian Christian was perfect for our beach theme, offering a beautiful comfy area for all the family to share, including a heater so they can enjoy the garden even in colder weather!

‘Julian Christian’ are a leading manufacturer of luxury garden buildings. Based on the border of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire they are 100% made in England. They use only the highest quality products all sourced from some of the best-managed forests in Europe that comply entirely with sustainable forestry.

Their collections were launched over 15 years ago yet they are constantly evolving their designs and adding new exciting building styles to their range to remain the pioneers of the industry.

With their Classic and inspirational Lifestyle Collections they can offer a choice of different building styles seating between 4 and 20 people, so there really is a building to suit every garden. These classic, elegant designs offer a level of versatility that is unmatched by any Garden Building on the market today. Each provides without doubt the perfect setting for entertaining family and friends, or a relaxing sanctuary in which to escape. With a choice of roof finishes and a swath of new fabric colours, they really can provide a building which perfectly harmonises with your garden and reflects your personality. So, from entertaining in style in their truly exceptional Treetops bar to relaxing in front of a cosy fire in their Hambleden building, they have something for every occasion.


Tropical plants – The Palm Tree Company

Planting in Kirsty’s garden was incredibly important to create our jungle and beach themed areas. The Palm Tree Company provides the perfect structural plants to do just this!

The fort area leading on from the maze has a giant tree fern as the centre of this structure. This immediately created a jungle feel here by adding height, texture and drama to the fort. Further down toward the bottom of the garden the jungle area was extended and we used fountain bamboo to help carry on this theme, further adding texture for the children to touch.

The beach area consisted of a giant sand pit, to include a boat, surrounded by pebbles and boulders. We planted Cordylines and Yuccas from the The Palm Tree Company to create the perfect beachy feel. To add interest, The Palm Tree Company supplied us with Aged Whiskey Barrels, we used these in the garden to represent ship wrecked items that had washed up on the shore line, giving a slight “pirate feel” to the beach area.

The Palm Tree Company source a huge range of top quality Tree Ferns, Hardy Palm trees, Yuccas, Olive trees and some rare and unusual plants, coming from only the best growers selected and imported by themselves.









Jacksons fencing

It was very important to address the boundary fence lines in Kirsty’s garden, as the basic fence panels didn’t really complement our beach theme! Jacksons Woven Fence panels were the perfect backdrop to the garden theme. The natural, unpainted colour of the fence perfectly complemented the beach hut and all the other hard landscaping elements to the garden.

With their unique, accredited Jakcure® treatment process, Jacksons timber goes through a stringent process to ensure it is fully treated, rather than simply coating the surface. This allows them to guarantee our timber fencing for 25 years against wood-boring pests as well as wet or dry rot.


Hope Grove Nurseries. Instant Hedging & Plants

In order to create the maze for Sam and Phoebe we needed instant hedging to create instant impact! Hopes Grove Nurseries provided us with Euonymus Bravo variegated hedging, around 60cm high. We used this as it is very hardy and the variegated leaves offer contrast for Phoebe as she walks through the maze.

Further down the garden, we wanted to create a screen, but it had to be a screen that segregated the garden, but also still allowed Kirsty to see right through to the end of the garden to watch over Phoebe and Sam, whilst playing. We planted 3 pleached hornbeam trees at 1.5metres high, which allowed Kirsty to do just this. The trees act as a divide and create structure between the beach area and the rest of the garden.

Established in 1992, Hopes Grove nurseries are hedging plant specialists. They are based in Kent and have a 50 acre nursery, they have the biggest selection of species and sizes of hedging plants that you will find anywhere. They are grown by experts there in Kent and they will deliver fresh from their growing beds to your door.





FutureDek Silver Birch Decking
We wanted to create an elevated decked family space next the house, to include a table and chairs for Kirsty and her family to dine at and look over their new garden. It was important that the decking was hard wearing, extremely low maintenance and also in keeping with the rest of our garden theme. DeckPlus’s FutureDek Silver Birch capped composite decking was an obvious choice. The capped composite boards boast a gorgeous wood-like texture and two-tone effect but, unlike natural wood, won’t require lots of maintenance. We were able to install the new decking quickly using DeckPlus’s innovative stainless-steel fasteners. The finished deck looks contemporary without distracting from the other charming features in the new garden. This robust composite decking will last Kirsty for a lifetime.

For more information on FutureDek composite decking, head to

DeckPlus specialise in affordable, low maintenance and environmentally-friendly decking to suit all tastes and budgets. They have a wide range of colours and prices to choose from, and all of their wood-plastic composite deck boards are specifically designed to cope superbly in outdoor spaces.

Composite Railing System – TimberTech
We wanted to ramp up the style and safety of the new decking and this railing system from TimberTech was a great fit. TimberTech’s railing systems are easy to install, require practically no maintenance and are designed with user safety in mind. Of course, they also look great and create a cosy, closed off space that can be used all year round.

TimberTech make all of their railing systems and balustrades using high-quality long-lasting materials, so we knew that this rail would look great for years to come. With a 25 year warranty this railing product is guaranteed for the long-term.

To find out more about TimberTech’s railing systems, visit


As well as providing a really lovely functional low maintenance decked area for Kirsty and her family, we felt it important to offer some protection from the weather. We wanted to install a structure that didn’t close Kirsty, Phoebe and Sam off to the rest of the garden, but offered some shelter from the elements, so they could still sit and enjoy the garden in all weathers. As it was also a south facing garden and this particular area was a very sunny spot, we felt some shelter from the sun for the Phoebe and Sam was also an important aspect to consider. The Sunspaces open veranda was a perfect choice to meet all the needs for Kirsty and her family, with a reinforced glass roof offering protection from the rain and built in blinds that can be drawn for hot and sunnier weather, it was the perfect structure, without it being too imposing too!

If you want to spend more time in your garden, we’d highly recommend taking a look at both of these SunSpaces products. The Aspire SunSpace comes in an array of colours including Anthracite Grey, Traffic White and Cream, and the Awnings can be customised to suit your garden décor perfectly. You can even request bespoke sizes to meet your exact specifications!

Find out more about SunSpaces’ products here








Breedon Special Aggregates

How could we tie in all the garden by providing a path, that gave us that “sandy beach look”, complementing perfectly with our theme, however giving us the functionality and safety of a hard wearing surface?!

The Breedon Golden Amber Gravel does just this and unites the entire garden seamlessly. The Golden Amber colour is accented beautifully by the lush green turf and collectively works well with all the other components of the garden – the thatched gazebo, the woven fence panels and rope fencing. A wonderful path leading down to the thatched beach building!

Breedon Special Aggregates are the sole producers of the acclaimed Breedon Golden Amber Gravel, the most prestigious self-binding solution for perfect pathways and driveways and the only self-binding gravel to hold The Royal Warrant. They also offer a wide range of decorative aggregates to enhance any project from cottages to castles, whether it’s striking or subtle, traditional or contemporary and offer a solution that will suit all requirements.


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