Get The Look – Episode 5 Tuesday 22nd July 2014

ITV's Love Your Garden
Egg BBQ from Big Green Egg Company

Medium Big Green Egg BBQ – Big Green Egg Company

The large Wood family love dining alfresco and we wanted to give them the something different for them to enjoy whilst eating out in the garden. We contacted The Big Green Company who suggested this beautiful medium size BBQ, called an egg bundle. This medium egg ceramic BBQ was a perfect size for this garden.

The versatile charcoal BBQ can do almost everything an oven can do; grill, roast and even bake. The cooking area fits one smoking plank across the diameter which can cater for up to 4 people midweek or up to 6-8 people with a roast leg of lamb at the weekend. In this egg bundle we have a metal nest with handler, plate setter, cast iron grid, premium charcoal and other cooking utensils.

This BBQ looks stunning on the scaffold board decking and we are sure the family will love using the egg in their new coastal style garden.

This product starts from £700 For more information please visit

ITV's Love Your Garden
Redwood table from Live With Wood

Handmade Beam Table – Live with Wood

As this garden has a coastal theme and the family are very outdoor orientated we wanted to give them a rustic style outdoor table and chairs to dine out on. Live with Wood hand make furniture from redwood and they produced this amazing beam table that sits perfectly on our pier style decking.

The table is big enough for the entire family with room for friends too. From the table the whole garden can be enjoyed and viewed and of course it’s conveniently located next to the BBQ (above).

We had the table stained to give a contrast to our decking and to make it stand out. Live with Wood can produce any size table that you want and they deliver anywhere in the UK.

This table is priced at £750, For more information please visit

ITV's Love Your Garden
Grey pine chairs from NorDeck

NorDeck Grey Pine Chairs – NordEco Style

Traditional deck chairs would have been a bit too much of a cliche for this coastal themed garden, but we did want some kind of steamer chair for the family to relax on.  These stylish modern grey pine chairs are made by the company NordEco Style. We chose them primarily because the style and materials used go so well with the design of this garden.

These chairs can also be folded away easily for the winter.

All the timber that is used in the NorDeck products is sourced from an Estonian forest. Since Estonia is an EU-member, it follows EU guidelines and EU timber trade regulations. This means that the company is reducing its carbon footprint as they are not importing any wood from slow growing rainforests and Estonian forests’ yearly growth exceeds the amount harvested. This product ticks the box of looking great and the fact it is from a sustainable source makes them even better.

These chairs come in a range of stain colours and the Grey pine chair retails at £127. To find out more please visit

ITV's Love Your Garden
Children’s adventure play area from Cool Canvas

Bespoke natural play area – Cool Canvas

Like most children, the Wood’s four children have a sense of adventure and love to climb and run around! With this in mind we wanted to give the children their own journey down the garden. Cool Canvas designed and constructed this childrens rustic adventure walkway. Made from an oak tree, the outdoor wooden play area has a rope bridge and other walkways for the children to navigate through.

The starting point is the pier decking and the walkway ends near the day bed at the back of the garden. The bark was removed from the main parts of the structure which made it fit in with the design of the garden and we gave the children a small seating area, just for them.

The structure was softened into the garden with the planting and even when the children have grown up the structure can be used for up-rights for future planting.

This style of product starts from £3000 and if you would like to know more please visit

ITV's Love Your Garden
Quartzite Polygonal Paving from McMonagle Stone

Quartzite Polygonal Paving – McMonagle Stone

As this garden has a distinctively coastal feel,  we did not want to use a cleanly cut paving stone when it came to paving an area of the garden.  McMonagle Quartzite paving is a natural organic shaped stone which fits the bill perfectly.

The colours in the stone look stunning both when dry and wet, which add warmth to the hard landscaping of the garden. McMonagle Quartzite paving is quarried in Ireland and is perfect for use when creating pathway with a difference. This stone is made up of random sizes with a wide variation of colours. The material is hand split and carefully selected and ensured that Alex could still gain access to the garden in his wheelchair, making this product practical and aesthetically pleasing.

This product retails at £19.95 sqm and to find out more please visit

For lots of behind the scenes photo’s, stories and ideas inspired by this episode of Love Your Garden, visit David Domoney’s blog page here

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