Get The Look – Episode 1 Tuesday 23rd June 2015

Episode one Walsall – Get the Look

Mode paving – Bradstone £55-65 per sq metre
Outdoor Photograph – CanvasRus £421
Wooden tepee – Just Wood Leicestershire £575
Artificial green wall – Vistagreen £540 per sq metre
Water Wall – Water Feature Company £6,500

Mode Paving – Bradstone £55-65sqm

With this garden we really wanted to bring the inside of Nina’s home to the outside. There is a very clean, contemporary feel to the interior of Nina’s house, so we decided to carry this through into the garden with the use of these beautiful pavers, kindly donated by Bradstone. This is a new range from Bradstone and is available in 20mm thick pavers in two stunning finishes, each with four attractive shades. We chose the Mode Porcelain Collection in ‘Graphite’ as it is cutting-edge in style and takes modern sophistication to a new level.

The profiled pavers have a stone-like appearance with added mica crystals for eye-catching appeal. These crystals give the pavers that extra bit of sparkle and compliment the ‘star’ theme in the garden. The dark colour of the graphite also provides a beautiful contrasting backdrop for the lush plants and other materials we used in the garden.

Episode one Walsall – Get the LookThe pavers were laid on top of a compacted sub base in the same way as normal floor tiles. A layer of cement secured the pavers in place and tile spacers were used to give that accurate contemporary look. There are two patio areas in the garden; one for the main dining area right outside the French doors of the house, and the other a cosy outdoor lounge area for Nina to relax in, admire her garden and remember her late husband Gareth.

These beautiful Mode pavers cost between £55 – £65 per square metre. You can find more information on this product from the Bradstone website.

Outdoor Photograph – CanvasRus £421

One of the main obstacles in this garden was the vast expanse of brick wall which ran around the entire boundary. The garden felt very closed in and the eye was drawn to the bare red brick walls.

Episode one Walsall – Get the Look(2)As Gareth had planted a tree in the garden and was a passionate Greens Space Manager, we wanted to bring an aspect of his much loved parks into the garden. We found out that Gareth’s favourite tree was a mature Willow tree (Salix alba) so we thought why not put a large outdoor picture covering the wall behind Gareth’s memorial tree and give the illusion of space behind it. CanvasRus stepped in to help and produced this amazing picture printed on canvas suitable for exterior use.

The area of wall we wanted to cover was quite large and the picture had to be broken up into 9 equally sized frames – 9 x 750x600mm canvases. The canvas was coated with a laminate which makes the product weather proof.

The picture was put in between two large brick pillars to help give the feeling of entering a park through gates. It also gave the garden a feeling of space and that all important personal touch for the family.

If you want to know more about this product please go the CanvasRus website at

Price for this product was £421.00

Water Wall – The Water Feature Company & Norstone £6,500

As the garden was dedicated to Gareth as a memorial space, water was a key element to give the space a tranquil and reflective feel. The only problem is the garden is small and Nina has three young children, which meant we could not put in a traditional pond or a water feature that took up too much ground space. So once again the vertical plane came into play.

Episode one Walsall – Get the Look(3)The Water Feature Company came up with a design of a cascading water wall feature that was also a bench to sit on. Norstone was the company which helped with the cladding of the feature. This cladding can also be used for many things other than water features, so if you have an unsightly wall that that you want to make a feature of you can use this type of cladding.

The feature was put on one of the largest walls of the garden and the beauty of it was that it became one of the main focal points, drawing the eye down the garden and giving the illusion of space. The reservoir for the feature was completely safe for children too as it was enclosed and the children could not fall into the water. This meant Nina could relax while the children played. The feature was put close to Nina’s lounge area to give a relaxing sound of water after the children have gone to bed and she admired her special garden.

To find out more on the water feature please go to the Water Feature Company at

To find out more about the cladding please visit Norstone website at

Price: £6,500

Artificial green wall – Vistagreen £540per square metre

Episode one Walsall – Get the Look(4)Walls, walls, and more walls; that was the name of the game with this garden. Another large brick void to do something with. Climbers, mirrors etc are well used in gardens but with Nina having three young children, we wanted to give her something more interesting but low maintenance.

Vistagreen are a company that produce the next generation in artificial green walls. The panels they produce are designed by London horticulturalists and florists. The green panels are made up of UV certified artificial plants and come in a range of different styles all named after British counties. Each panel is different from the next as they are made by hand and unless you get really close up to the panels, you cannot tell they are artificial. The plants are attached to a metal frame and cable ties are used to secure the foliage. Once a panel is complete, you use the simple attachment clips to suspend the panels in the desired place.

The great thing about these panels is there is hardly any maintenance and you don’t have to have the right environment for a living green wall. If you have a dark corner that nothing will grow in, indoor or outdoor, why not use this product. And as they are UV certified the look will not fade. The plants will never fade with the seasons too.

Now Nina has the look of a fantastic green wall all year round and it won’t eat into her important time with the family.

To find out more on this product and the company, please visit their website

Wooden tepee – Just Wood Leicestershire CIC £575

With three young children to handle, Nina needed an area for the energised kids to run around. With all our gardens we wanted the children’s play zone not to feel separated and be a part of the garden and to enhance the space in a gender neutral way. The inspiration of park life once again came into play here. A very natural feel was required to bring that park feel into the garden. A tepee made from recycled pallets was the plan of action to achieve this as it fitted well with all the other elements we made from pallets in the garden.

Episode one Walsall – Get the Look(5)Just Wood Leicestershire CIC was the perfect company to approach to build this item for the show. This company specialises in building child friendly products out of pallets – so no splinters in sight!

The tepee offered the perfect gender neutral play structure for the three children. It added a nice bit of height in the garden and along with the small trees, wooden toadstools, long grass and wild flowers, the park feel really was in this area for the children. Stars were cut out of parts of the tepee as some Native Americans believe that when you die your spirit goes into the sky as a star. This was perfect as the three young children were told that daddy is now a star. We added some colourful cushions to finish the tepee off and the children now have an inspirational space to play.

If you would like to see what else Just Wood Leicestershire CIC can do, please visit their website

Price: £575


49 comments on “Get The Look – Episode 1 Tuesday 23rd June 2015

  1. Please could you forward instructions on how to make the lovely shelves/planter out of pallets. Thank you

  2. hi i wondered where i can get the spiral silver fountain from not sure what episode it was on though thank you lisa parker

  3. Love the show you laid some pebbles then put sand on it made a resin finish how do you get that effect Pat Rawlinson

  4. Tina ive just got a pallet from my work, going to try making it will let you know how it goes, looks easy

  5. if you google it there is a you tube video of similar seating, im going to try the pallet plant hanger

  6. Can you tell me the name of the evergreen shrub that had white perfumed flowers please.

  7. would love to see the how to do herb shelves from pallets, love this idea and so many more from this episode, but really love the herb shelves. Hope we can get some put up soon.

  8. I want to buy some of the stars for a friend who’s husband built their garden from scratch and he died died last year. She’d love them but I’ve searched t the internet and can’t find any, were they made for the programme?

  9. Great show , I’m big fan of reusing pallets and would love to know where to get the plans to make the chair and table .

  10. Yes, we were told details of seating & raised bed with storage under would be on the web site. Come on Alan, see that they are.

  11. Brilliant show tonight well deserving family.Would also love to have the instructions on how to make the garden setting and table out of pallets please please

  12. Can you tell me where I can get the outside grey wooden framed settee and chairs.not used in the garden but showed in the programme.

  13. What is the name of the shrub with the white flowers used for the border around the teepee?

  14. Absolutely loved the programme last night. Loved the paint on the fencing but can’t recall if the paint & colour were named in the programme. Would give to know what was used.

  15. please could you post the instructions for the seating made from pallets, would love to give it a go thanks

  16. Hi Beverly, Try searching amazon for “stainless steel windspinner”. No stars but hearts and diamonds are nice.

  17. Hi Roger, Try searching amazon for “stainless steel windspinner”. No stars but hearts and diamonds are nice.

  18. My wife loved the mirrored stars and her birthday is coming up. Couldn’t find them anywhere online but if you search amazon for “stainless steel windspinner” you get loads of similar items. I bought some heart and diamond shape ones. Make sure you go for stainless steel (not normal steel) for the shiny mirror like finish.

  19. Lisa, I think they were Prunus (Cherry) and I thought the other one mentioned dappled shade with the lovely bark near the wall canvas was Betula Jacqmontii (Himilayan Birch).

  20. PLEASE HELP – I would love the plan for the bench and table from pallets – my husband has promised he will make a start on one for me this weekend as it said on the end of the show that everything you need to create the look was on this web page – but I can’t find it!!!
    This would be the first thing my husband has ever made for me – please help

  21. Please I too would love the plans for this fantastic seat. Something for my husband to do whilst I’m gardening.
    Thank you for this beautiful programme.

  22. Amazing programme, needed the tissues, what an incredible space at the end for the whole family!
    Watched the programme twice to catch the name of the lovely smelling white flowered plants that were put in as a hedge but missed it both times, can anyone help? Thank you!

  23. Loved the hanging mirrored stars-where is the material available for making them? Great programme.

  24. Gorgeous garden for a lovely family.
    What was the name of trees that produced dapple shade that were planted near the wooden tepee?
    Love the show!

  25. PLEASE PLEASE could I have the instructions for making garden seating from pallets as we saw in the first programme of the new series. What a fantastic idea.
    As pensioners this is something I would love to have a go at-I like to ‘potter’-when I’m ‘pottering’ the wife thinks I’m busy so doesn’t ask me to do anything indoors.
    Brilliant show,
    Brilliant garden
    Brilliant ideas.
    Yes, my wife and I love the show.
    It makes us cry, it makes us laugh but most of all it makes realise how fortunate we are to have each other

  26. Loved this garden and the beautiful family it was created for. Is it possible to have a picture/photo of the shelves made out of pallets? They would be perfect for a bare corner of our house. Thanks so much.

  27. Fantastic programme tonight. A worthy family. Hope they enjoy the garden for years to come.

    Would love to know if the mirrored stars can be bought anywhere, the effect in the sunlight was beautiful.

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