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  1. Dear Alan
    I’m writing in for our friend …she doesn’t know it’s a stab in the dark… Karen she 51 in sept 2013 she had eye cancer and had her eye removed she works as a nurse and is always helping others …she has lots of stories..we even witnesses her saving the life of a man having a heart attack and collapsing on holiday… any way this year her last scan revealed that the cancer has returned and is now in her liver and just this week a melanoma was found on her back .. we are waiting for further test results to find out what treatment can be given… We may be being premature but we have no time to waste … a possible treatment may be tables that have many side affects the one that is our main concern is that she will not be able to expose her skin to sunlight…. Karen and her husband Paul moved house in 2014 and have not had chance to do the garden but Karen has plans and wanted to make a pallet seating area with a Moroccan theme and dreamt of a Hot tub!! the garden isn’t big.. but it is so important she is able to enjoy the sun and her garden safely..
    We are desperate to have this happy place for her and her family and friends to enjoy it with her this year…our other option is us all getting together and doing it for her .. but that could spell disaster!!lol
    Living in hope Bryn, Julia, Jeff, Clare, Pete and Jenny

  2. Hi Alan
    I am writing to you for my partner Shaun…
    He has done so much for me and our family and I can never show how much he is appreciated, we moved into our first home last August and our garden was left in such a mess. We have two little boys and he always thinks he can do everything but there’s just the garden I would love him to have help with! We can never agree what we want but I’m hoping you could help us out and let us enjoy our garden with our family!

  3. Dear Alan
    We would be grateful if you would consider my mum and dads garden for the next series of love your garden. My mum at 78 has always been a keen gardener but since my Dad was diagnosed with cognitive vascular dementia 18 months ago is now completely housebound with my mum as his sole carer the garden had had to take a back seat her day and night is filled with looking after dad with no respite the garden bring her refuge but she is unable to get him into it Can your team help regards Bill

  4. Hi Alan

    I am writing to you for my mum she is the most amazing woman in the world and she so hard working and when she gets home she can’t sit in the garden with our 2 dogs because its such a mess and it’s something we have been trying to achieve but never got round to it as we both work full time and it would make her so happy to be able to come home and sit in the garden as a family

  5. Dear alan im 14 and in care and I want to thank my carers for looking after I would love you to do their garden but I want to surprise them

  6. Dear Alan,
    Me & my partner are expecting our 1st child in November and have spent a fortune getting our home ready for the for the new arrival! However we have run out of money to do the garden, it’s a mess and I would love somewhere for our little one to play!!!
    Kind Regards Charlie

  7. Dear Alan,

    I am writing on behalf of my sister and her family, she moved to her new home a year ago and the garden is a complete mess. She has three children one of whom has autism and many other medical issues, this has resulted in my sister not being able to work therefore no money to do up her garden. Her children are not able to play in it which means she is forced to take them out all of the time, especially in the summer months! You would not begin to believe how much this would mean to her and change her families lives! Please consider her for your next show, I couldn’t think of a more amazing gift for her, thank you.

  8. I would like my to nominate my parents, soon to be, garden in their new retirement home. My parents have helps their children all their lives, to the extent where financially they are struggling to achieve their dream garden because they have not only helped my sister, my brother’s family with their sick baby, myself and my partner by providing a roof over our head in desperate times and giving my partners brother and sister a loving home to be apart of, due to having awful parenting themselves. Please can you help me to give my parents a tranquil place, with exciting pockets of nature to enjoy. My mother has always wanted a secret garden like her favourite children’s boon! Please can you help us to give my parwnts

  9. Dear Alan,
    I would like to nominate the best parents in the world, as they deserve the best garden in the world for their soon to be retirement home. They have always shown 100% support for all their children, including helping lift my sister through a horrible divorce, my brother and his wife and four children through their poorly baby, myself and my partner by supplying a roof over our heads while we set up our business AND have taken my partners brother, sister and her son due to very neglectful and abusive parenting, even providing a roof for the brother. Due to all their help for all of us, my parents are now missing out on their dream garden, for lack of funds. Please help me to show how much they are appreciated and loved by all. They have a strong love of wildlife and would like to have a beautiful haven, with secret pockets of natural delights! Like the secret garden, suitable for a wheelchair as my mum has chronic arthritis and will one day need a chair. They have always been a huge fan of you and your creative ideas, please help us to make their dreams come true!
    Thank you, Janet 😊

  10. I am manager for a supported living accomadation with individuals with physical disabilitys who would benefit from some sensory items in the garden , it would be amazing if you could help us .

  11. I’m doing this on the behalf of my mum and dad who I think desperately need a garden makeover. My dad hasn’t been well and can’t do the garden and my mum recently lost her mum and I think they both deserve a nice garden they can relax in and enjoy because they have done so much for us and the family and we would like to pay them back somehow

  12. My wife is disabled and I have had heart surgery which makes it impossible for us to do our garden can you help us please.

  13. hi.please can you consider my mum and dads garden.it is in a state and i am a single mum living with them.the garden is not safe for my 18 month old.they have helped me out so much through though times and i would like to say a huge thank you to them and could not think of a better way than a new garden.they would love it.thanks very much.

  14. Hi !!
    I would love your help to give me a beautiful garden as I am hopeless at gardening and don’t know where to start !! Haha. Have always watched these programmes in total aure and dreamed one day my garden would look some what flowery, but they just never seem to grow! Although I do in nominate my partner Shane as for 5/years since we moved here and got a mortgage at age 19 we have promised every year we are going the become gardeners but yet again for this year failed miserably. I would love to thank him some what in return for all the long hours he works to pay for our lovely house and babies and give him a lovely garden to relax in


    Kaylee Ethan and Jensen

  15. Hi Allan,

    Unfortunately I don’t have an impressive story of strength or courage to tell you in order for our garden to be made over, but I can tell you this; we are a young married couple who adore our house, small as it is. We have a cosy garden and are at a loss as to what to do with it. We have lived here for three years and still have just the lawn, that was laid when it was built. Although it is fading fast! We love being outside- and I do love pottering about in the garden, although I am only a 28 year old amateur! At the moment I tend to enjoy the front garden more than the back!

    Please come and make our garden beautiful and somewhere we can relax after work with our lovely dog. We would be eternally grateful!

    Rebecca x

  16. I would like to apply on behalf of my son Jack. He is suffering from a terminal illness and for the past two years we have been cooped up in a flat with no outside space. This summer we finally have a garden for jack to enjoy as well as the rest of the family however it is not enjoyable or relaxing at the moment and I am too busy caring for Jack and my other son to do anything with it (even if I was green fingered!) we would just love somewhere tranquil for us all to relax in the summer as this May be his last so please please please consider making over our garden. Thank you.

  17. Hello my son is autistic and loves being outside we have recently moved to the country and have a large garden (fenced with chicken wire at themoment )unfortunately i can not afford to improve it . Can you please help ? It would really make a difference to a child that suffered a lot of bullying in school and has lost a lot of his confidence .kind regards Elaine and Leo ( my son)

  18. Dear Alan,
    I’m hoping to apply for my sister, she and her family have recently moved into there new home and has exceed the budget with decorating the house, which now leaves two very big gardens to landscape, would she be applicable for your next series of ‘love your garden’?
    It would be very important to her and her two young children to have some kind of outdoor living space,
    Please could you help
    Krissy Beal-Warren

  19. hi my name is karen im writting to ask if you can help with my garden i dont have a lot of funds as im a 1 parent family but a few weeks ago i lost my fatherinlaw then a week later i lost my son i no he wud have loved a nice garden but never got to see it im not in the best of health so carnt do alot pleaze can you help me then when i look on the garden i no matt wud have bin proud karen

  20. Hi … I have a 12 year old Littel girl with disability’s and is always in & out of hospital having op’s…
    She fined it hard 2 walk at time’s
    And with her age she is wanting to be more independent
    And for mum and dad to let her do things her self
    So with a safe and relaxing back garden
    For her to go in that I know she could not come to any harm
    I could let her go and play like over Littel girls her own age would do
    And not have to watch over her in are garden ….
    And would make all of are life’s more happier …
    It would be amazing if you could just give us a Littel help …
    Thank you .

  21. Hi Alan,
    We have recently moved in to our new home and spent all our savings into doing the whole of the inside up every room to make it nice for our 3 boys. Unfortunately the garden was last on our list to do and as time went on and money went thin it didn’t really get touched and could really do with a professional makeover which would make my wife’s dreams come true. The house has been in the family for over 50 years and when my wife’s nan and granddad died within a year of each other we decided to buy it and make a future home for our kids and keep the memories alive , it would be with greatest appreciation if you could help us fullfil our dream and make us a garden to be proud of and for a nice place for the kids to play in .

  22. Hi Alan
    I’m at my wits end with what to do with my garden. I work long hours and am constantly thinking of things to do in the garden but never have the time. It is also a real unusual project which I hate to admit but really need help an ideas with it. I’m desperate to have somewhere for my wife and son to sit and enjoy the outdoors. I hope you an your can help and fancy the challenge.

  23. Dear Alan I don’t think my request of June 25 ever got through. So, please allow me to try again. I would to apply on behalf of my daughter. Jenna has cerebral palsy, she is 28 and lives alone with her cats and new puppy in a bungalow. The bungalow has had internal adaptions. Access to the garden and getting around in her wheelchair is difficult. The paths are narrow and there is no ramp from the decking and a step from the back door. She has had a difficult few years with health issues and the loss of her beloved dog. A beautiful garden would really lift her spirits. She is a wonderful daughter and so brave I would love to be part of something really special. Regards Julie x

  24. If I did not mention in my comments mum has had cancer twice heart problems dieabetic gets very depressed . I do what I can to help but the garden is to much for me. So please.

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