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  1. Hi Alan and the team,
    Our friend Paula Moore has a severely disabled daughter who cannot access her garden because it is a mess! She is a single mum and could really do with some help, she lives on Mersea island in essex.

    • Paula’s daughter is 11 and confined to a wheelchair. She also suffers greatly with anxiety and going out is a problem for her, so it would be great to have somewhere outdoors that she could play with friends and feel safe. She has a hot tub for hydrotherapy but the ground is so rough it’s now become difficult to access it. She also has lots of medical equipment that needs to be stored in a shed because there is not enough space in the house.
      Paula and her son have had a very tough couple of years looking after her daughter and faced many obstacles in trying to get her the help she needs to be a happy contented girl. Having somewhere safe and suitable to relax and play would be fantastic for them all.

  2. Dear team
    Hi just like to make you aware of a very deserving cause for your team
    Paula Moore on Mersea island need a makeover for there disabled daughter hope you can help

  3. Hi Alan and the Team,
    My Great Nan is 90 and her garden isn’t suitable for her needs, she has fallen many a times on crooked paving slabs, somewhere safe and neat would be a great help, it would help SO much and would be appreciated

  4. Hi Alan and the Team,
    My Great Nan is 90 and her garden isn’t suitable for her needs, she has fallen many a times on crooked paving slabs, somewhere safe and neat would be a great help, it would help SO much and would be appreciated

  5. Hi Everyone,
    My great nan is 90, she does so much for everyone yet doesn’t get much in return, to show her how much everyone cares we really would like her garden done so it’s at least safe to access, we don’t feel it’s at all a nice environment for a 90 year old to feel safe

  6. Hi Alan and team, my best freind as just been accepted for a Guide Dog and they have told her to get her garden sorted out asap, my friend who is only 49 yrs old doesn’t no ive done this, i just thought it would be a nice surprise, she lives on her own and it would be a big help for her, i will even help u i dont mind getting my hands dirty, ohh and of course i will do you all a brew😃 hope to hear of you soon thankyou.

    • Hi Alan and team I am trying to do my garden up with garden furniture and accessories for two rabbits and plants

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  7. Dear Alan & Team,

    We have just bought a bungalow in Burnham on Crouch with a 120ft rear garden.

    There are quite a lot of pampas grasses and fruit trees to deal with and it is also an unusual shape

    We would love some help redesigning it and are more than willing to do all the work.

    If you could help us out we would be more than greatfull

    Samantha & Dan

  8. Hi Alan and team I tried to get my garden nice for summer but I’m in a wheelchair and I can’t access my garden to do it can you and your team help me please contact me I live in Manchester

  9. Hi my garden is quite overgrown and really muddy. Me and my husband foster we have a 16 year old boy who has been with us for 7 years and a 7 year old girl who loves riding her bike around the garden but unfortunately it is not good enough for her to do this, we also have a disabled dog and my 89 year old partially sighted mother has moved in with us, She likes to sit in the garden but she complains its to windy, as we are near open fields it does get quite breezy. I love the garden flagged to allow foster daughter to ride her bike around and my sheds at the back on the garden with a sheltered place for my mum to sit.

  10. Hi Alan and Team,
    I’m writing this letter sadly for my wife Linzi, hopefully to give her something to smile about, enjoy and look forward to. This is one letter I never imagined I would ever need to write, as we all think we are indestructible and nothing is ever going to happen to us. How wrong can we be!
    The past Ten plus years have not been kind to us both, as we have had many personal losses too personal and sad to talk about on line, resulting in a series of continuing issues to endure and contend with.
    The biggest problem currently is my wife’s health, which continues to deteriorate despite her positive proactive approach in trying to help herself. She had to retire on ill health reasons from a profession which she had given so much and loved dearly. She trained as a nurse Nurse, then became a much respected Midwife who worked her way up the career ladder over the years, eventually becoming a Midwifery Manager. She has loved her Nursing and Midwifery career but sadly realised she couldn’t do it anymore and had to finish her profession with ill health.
    There are just the Two of us, unfortunately we where never blessed with a live child but we not forget our dog Bobby our Lakeland Terrier, her beloved friend, who has helped her through many dark times.
    We have recently moved into a bungalow, due to necessity of Linzi having had two Strokes with associated problems. With this bungalow comes a larger than realised Garden!
    The Strokes after effects has left her with many functional movement problems and has resulted in a diagnosis of Functional Movement Disorder, she has also developed Chronic Kidney Disease (with the past 3 years spent trying to get this stabilised).
    Linzi very rarely takes pity on herself and tries to be positive about all her treatments (including 2 Chemo-type doses) and masses of medicines. As she would say ‘she just gets on with it’. I know and see what she goes through all the time, the pain, mobility problems and anxiety this gives to her.
    Linzi has always enjoyed gardening and the fun of competing with the neighbours as to who’s looked the best. When she went into the garden all the plants, flowers and shrubs would stand to attention, if you meet her you will know why. She has always been a strong willed determined person, especially when getting things done. If you needed to choose a team make sure she’s in it, so resourceful.
    Our new Bungalow is great, just what she needs, its private but not too far away from things if help needed and has big bright windows with good views (handy if she stuck inside when not well). The only problem is the Garden, its large, has been neglected and needs some work to bring it up to Linzi’s standards. It needs to be useable for her to manage, work-in and to enjoy with her mobility problems.
    I’ve already spent hours untangling overgrown shrubs, trying to remove brambles and nettles everywhere. The previous owners hadn’t done much in this garden for a number of years other than cut grass and the hedges, it really is a Large Blank Canvas to work on. The soil is of a very heavy clay type and can become waterlogged during periods of heavy rain (we get quite a bit living on the Lake District coast!).
    I would love to see her enjoying being outside in her garden, pottering about able to do little jobs in it again.
    I have tried to get on top of all of the things that need done for the garden but it’s going to take a considerable time as I have a full time job and also look after Linzi as well. I just feel Linzi needs to be able to have use of her garden now this forthcoming Spring/Summer, I’m afraid of what the future health and fitness may be.
    I would be so grateful if you and your team could help me put a smile on her face and make her life a bit happier, she loved gardening but is now so limited as to what she can do.
    This would be a fantastic opportunity (if we were lucky enough for your help) to give Linzi the garden she deserves, it would be a dream come true. The garden improvements would allow her to continue gardening safely, help keep her mobility and lift her spirits.
    A good garden is marvellous therapy.

    Look forward to hearing from you, kind regards,

  11. Hi Alan and team.

    My son and future daughter in law have had a very difficult and traumatic year with my daughter in laws mum being diagnosed with leukemia. The prognosis is not good. 12-18 months. However a bright little star has arrived on the horizon in the way of their first child. Due to the overwhelming amount of care for her mum and new baby their garden has to take a back seat. They live in the Welsh Valley’s with a difficult and challenging, undulating garden in urgent need of some tlc to make it safe for both her mum to visit and also the baby’s safety.
    Kind regards

  12. Hi
    I am after some help with a little a girls garden we are fundraising on gofundme and doing this in conjunction with 52-lives.org #82 Miriam ( as seen on surprise surprise and supported by 52 celebrities ) so any help you could give would be great even if only donations of equipment /garden furniture / turf / paving slabs
    Any help would be a big help thank you

  13. Hi Alan and Team,

    I’m writing to ask you to consider us for a garden makeover.
    We have spent every penny we have on renovating our house and now have barely anything left for our large garden.
    It wasn’t a priority as we needed to focus on a safe place to live, but last year after loosing my father to cancer (20 years after loosing my mother) we found out that I am pregnant. We never expected it as we have been trying for over 3 years (including expensive unsuccessful fertility treatments) we were told it was highly unlikely we’d be able to have children. So this one is a little miracle.
    However, the outside of our house is now unsafe and inappropriate for a child. Although we have put everything into creating a little home for ourselves we are now stuck with a large unusable and in places unsafe garden.
    We aren’t asking for anything expensive, but we don’t have the skill, knowledge or manpower to do anything with it.
    You’d make such a difference to our lives and that of our new little miracle family. Please consider helping us.
    Thank you.

  14. Hello

    Love your garden team… I am a primary school teacher hoping you will be interested in developing our school garden and playground a suitable place for the disadvantaged children at our school. We have children from lots of backgrounds who would love an outdoor area that will help them learn and develop happily in some troubling circumstances. A place for children to escape, think, engage and learn. We have a large boring yard and some grass area but with school funds being spent on the many other things needed for our children we just haven’t got enough left to develop the school garden and yard area to the way it should be. We hope you can help. Thanks Miss Steele

  15. Hello, I am writing to say that we have a very small courtyard garden around 10 meters by 10 meters perhaps slightly larger. Last year I found a baby crow unable to fly who has now grown to be the beautiful adult crow he is today. He goes by the name Kevin and has been desperate for an aviary with running water. I’m a lover of nature but our back courtyard is baron and small. Im struggling to see a way of finding a balance for him and ourselves as we only have a certain area where the sunshine hits that is our decking. I would love advice on how we can add a small rockery with a pool for him and cover as well as a space for us. Perhaps an aviary with sliding doors so we can be with him in the sunshine but then retract the doors back when we aren’t around so he is safe. He can’t fly and so potters around with us. If you are looking for a project where converting a small courtyard into a beautiful natural wilderness is in your sights then please consider us in Basingstoke. Nature is in my blood and I didn’t have the heart to have him put down my only dilemma now is providing him with outside space as well as a small retreat for ourselves.
    The smallest of spaces as you know can too be made beautiful I only wish I had the know how.

    Kindest regards
    Dawn Bowen Age 33

  16. Hi
    My ex husband used to be fireman and motorcycle racer, competing and doing well in TTraces here on the Isle of Man, as well as road races in Ireland and England, when he hung up his ‘race’ leathers he became a travelling Marshall for the TT and Mgp , attending to fallen riders during the racers. Unfortunately in 2014 on first night of practice (which was cancelled) but marshals were already out, in the wet he came off the bike on the mountain on his way home after cancellation was announced. He slipped on white line which sent him off over the mountain. Initially we didn’t think it too bad, but however he is now quadriplegic . He has limited arm movement, but no hand movement.
    Our kids ( in 20’s) now live with him, he has carers in morning, but due to cost the kids look after him at night, hoisting him to bed ect. They both work hard with full time jobs as well as try to have a life. Myself (still great mates) and his friends rally round in day , bringing food & making drinks as he cant even make himself s drink.
    This is where you come in .
    The garden is a challenge,
    Whilst it was ok and accessible when he could walk, now it’s just not . It is on two extreme different levels. One being over 6 foot higher than other which is only accessible via steps. So total waste.
    He used to love the outdoors and sun but now other than to use the patio to leave the house it’s a no go area for him.
    Please can you consider a make over. His garage is about to get made into bedroom wet room with hoist, so a storage shed is also required.

  17. I work in a residential home in Plymouth and our garden could do with a make-over, its a very large garden but we need it to be more dementia friendly for our customers and colourful. We do grow some of our own fruit and veg but need someone with a keen eye to re-arrange the garden as there is so much potential and wasted garden. It was actually one of the residents who asked me to get in contact with you as she loves the show. I thought it might be worth a try, many thanks

  18. I would love to surprise my husband as works very hard from 8am to 9pm and would be so great full if I could have some help in doing up the garden. Please help!

  19. Dear love your garden,

    We wish we could love our garden! We moved into our home 2 years ago and spent all our savings making the inside liveable, meanwhile the garden has become very over grown. We would love some help to make it lovable.
    We would love to teach our children to grow vegetables and would love to keep chickens with a safe place for our young boys to play but really need specialist help and advise to start us off on the right road.
    Kindest regards.

  20. My mother is in last stages of parkinsons and is about to move in with myself and my husband. We filled our swimming pool in to create a living space for her and my dad. In April 2014 my dad had a stroke so is unable to communicate well and had to give up driving. They have both always been a big part of our local community and I would love to give them a garden that they can enjoy until the end of their days. My mother has always been the keen gardener giving cuttings to everyone. My husband has worked every spare minute getting their annexe finished for them but there are only so many hours in the day and I want them to enjoy their last few years being able to get around our garden. Please please help us Alan!

  21. Please could you help me my best mate past away on Friday the last son out of 5 Brothers 1 got kicked when he was 5 he got run over
    Then 3 brothers committed suicide and on Friday my best mate her last sin of 5 died in leeds general infermary
    I wonder if you could do a garden make over she as a bit where she as all there stuff there I wonder if you could suprise her she’s never had that much and no good luck at all it would have to be a surprise a bench s she can sit n look at were as put all the lads thing and it lights up a little on a night
    Thanks for reading Micky

  22. Hi Alan and team, hope you are all ok.

    My mother in law is in need of a pleasant surprise in her life. She has devoted her life to others, she taught physical education to secondary pupils for over 30 years, cared for her mother for over 15 years who suffered a stroke and subsequently developed dementia. She has been retired for several years now and keeps her self busy by running her own community run gymnastics club. She is so passionate about coaching all the children in the gym, working long hours, mostly seven days a week just so that she can see them do well and go places in the sport they love doing the most. She gives so much and never expects anything in return.

    She also has her own health concerns which do cause her some physical limitations. We currently live with her to keep her company and support in any way we can, though my partner and I have recently had a new born baby who was born with complications and so we are fighting to stay strong in such difficult circumstances. I myself have tried to make the garden a better place for us all over the past few years, but soon realised how big a task it can be on your own and with such little time.

    It would be so nice if you and your team could make the garden a better place for my mother in law so that she can relax in it and enjoy her rare days off from coaching. It would make myself and her daughter so happy in these difficult times.

    Kind regards


  23. Dear Alan and team,

    My name is Zain and currently in my first year of college and I am writing to you for a special surprise for my mum and gran.
    My mum has been a carer for my gran for the past nine years since she suffered from a stroke and with four children to look after it doesn’t leave my mum much time to sort the garden out.
    My gran lost her only daughter a few months after her stroke and so doesn’t like going out much but I remember how she loved gardening and how she used to sit in the garden for hours.
    I would be very grateful if you and your team could help to give my mum and gran a special treat that I believe they so deserve.
    I sincerely hope that you would be able to help and hope to hear from you.


  24. Hi Gang

    I’d love to make our garden loveable for my fabulous husband. He’s an incredible man and works really hard to make sure we have all we need.

    But we just can’t afford to do anything with it. It’s in a terrible state and we are dire need of help or advice of how we might be able to make it usable on a tiny budget .

    Many thanks for your time

  25. Hi Alan and your team

    I would love your help with my back garden and front drive, my partner has been trying to sort it out for about two years now and doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere. I am due to have a baby in July and I would love nothing more then a beautiful back garden to go and sit out in and be able to invite family and friends round for teas and bbq’s and admire my surroundings, look forward to hopefully hearing back from you.

    Thank you

  26. I am an autistic adult and would desperately like to have a back garden that would be a quiet space for me to retreat to.

    I love trees and flowers and water.

    I feel that green can soothe your soul.

  27. May I ask you to consider my dear brother for a garden makeover? He lives in Moira Northern Ireland and he bought a house in 1986 and he has NEVER,EVER done anything with the garden. It is like a large overgrown field. He feeds the birds, and does lots in his home but the garden…………………..well there is no garden just a mess of weeds,and mud. The ‘grass’ has never seen a lawnmower. In fact I think it would die off in shock if it was mowed!! Is there a possibility he could have a makeover anytime soon?? Thank you Celine Docherty

  28. Hi Alan! Please help us! We live in an old croft style house in a little settlement of houses in the beautiful countryside in Aberdeenshire. We moved here just under a year ago and the garden has now visited the four seasons and it is just unruly!!!! The garden has many aspects and levels to it and has such potential, but we are barely able to scrape the surface. We have managed to landscape some of it, but need more expertise and imagination injected! We have three beautiful children and our vision was cottage garden/secret hideouts/birds and bees/mini beasts/vegetable patch/peace and serenity etc…..We’re desperate for our children to learn the value and experience of the outdoors/fresh air/nature/wildlife/home grown fruit and veg/peace from the stresses of life etc….. Sadly as many families are, our family too has been struck with cancer. I feel positive that todays way of life must have some part to play in the dreadful disease. One of the main reasons to move here was to try and change our way of life for the better. The garden/fresh air/tranquillity being the biggest denominator in this move. Please help us capture this!!! Thank you so much!! Jacqulyn Benton

  29. Hi Alan and the team my mum used to love gardening every home we have lived in she was very proud of her garden and wouldn’t let anyone near it but since her work accident as a carer for the elderly which she loved back in 2007 when she permanently injured her back she’s not been able to touch this garden. She now suffers depression brought on by her pain and discomfort also since having lost my nan and my grandad being diagnosed with Vascular Dementia who were both a massive part of my mum’s life I would love to give something back to her to give her something to be proud of again.

  30. Hello. Iv all wAys loved gardening but never really had the time or money am a Single mum with two children. My son lost his site in one eye age 19 As its been a difficult year . Comeing out of a 10 year relationship. Iv managed try and stay strong get my life back on track sometimes I together and having garden having a garden would mean the world to me with my spirits and somewhere to go when I’m feeling down. try and stay strong I got my life back on track Sundays I can get down and having garden having a garden would mean the world to me with my spirits and somewhere to go when I’m feeling down . Thank you for take ing time out to read my application .

    • Hello. My name is Helena I have to children. An love being a mum . Last year my son lost his site in one of the his eyes. I all so came out of a 10 year relationship . I can get really down at times. So have in a nice garden is like taking that metal stress away from me. Some were to go spend a hour keeping it right .would do my soul a lot of good. Not letting the kids c me down. I love nature flowers trees all natural things in the garden . It seems to calm me and make me feel as one . X

  31. Hello Alan I am 13 my mum is not very well , she has severe asthma and a rare white cell disease , she is a single mum and goes in hospital a lot , my mum still try’s to smile and make people happy she has aching bones and bone damage , plz could u make my mums garden so she can be a bit happy again thank you Alan x

  32. Dear Alan and the team, I work for a registered charity that provide pre-school sessions for children aged 2-5 and out of school clubs for children aged 4 – 11, as we are a registered charity funds are extremely limited and our garden is in a very poor state, it is in fact a very blank canvas, it needs a massive makeover to enable it to be a fun, exciting and sensory place for our children to play, we as a team have so many ideas to make it amazing but our finances mean we can’t make those dreams a reality, please could we be considered for your show, it would have such an amazing effect on our children and their families as our setting is at the heart of our community.
    Thank You x

  33. Hi team!
    My Aunt lost her husband very suddenly to cancer, she had to move from her family home to a smaller property, a bungalow and the garden is rather slot of concrete slabs, she really deserves a beautiful garden to enjoy. She now cares for her elderly father who is 96 in March and just has no energy or time to do anything in the garden. Her name is Elaine, she lives in Witney, Oxfordshire and she’s like a second mum to me so I’d really like her to be treated! Thanks x

  34. Dear Alan
    If you are up for a challenge which I know you are! We are an older couple with two young boys we left it late in life to move to parenthood. We now have 2 boisterous gorgeous boys who love the garden. We both work and have had no time to make the best of our largish lovely south facing garden. We live close to Leeds castle in the garden of Kent in a lovely bearsted village. If you can help our family we would love to hear from you! We would be over the moon love the nicholson family x

  35. Hello I would like to be considered for help with our garden so that my 3 children can play in it as currently is very unsafe .my partner was in a car accident so is unable to do anything and I have a slipped disk in my back hope to hear from you

  36. Hi Alan, sadly a few days ago my nanny was diagnosed with terminal cancer. With only months to live aged 63 she will be returning home soon from hospital. she is such an amazing women, and I know there’s nothing she’d love more than to be able to lay in bed and look out at a wonderful garden, and on good days be able to go out and enjoy it. She has done so much for our family and this would be a great way of us being able to give something back to her. It’d be great if you could help thank you. (Norfolk)

  37. So myarden is a mess and I am unable to afford to do it its unsafe and I hate it. I don’t want anything magical of anything special just a safe and secure area for my son to play on he has aspergers and loves to be outdoors he would be a different boy if had the opportunity for a seal garden thank you x

  38. Hi Alan and co. I am writing to you as I am desperate for some help with my garden.
    I have moved in just under two years ago as a married couple and soon fell pregnant!
    So now I have literally no time or chance to even attempt to get green fingered. My garden is big and I live in a corner house so please can you help!
    I am on maternity work till August 2016 and am willing to do the work.
    It would be great for my son to be able
    To play safely at the back as the front is facing a pub and a dangerous corner and not suitable at all.i live in Bolton and will stuff you with all Indian delights and a selection of exotics foods whilst you are here xxx I have never asked for for anything for myself and am 30 this year.. I think it’s time I did x I hope I hear from you soon xx

  39. Dear Team
    My dad has had two strokes In a year, the last one leaving him severely impaired. He is currently in hospital with a broken hip after a fall during a light excersise. His garden is awful and as my mom has severe illnesses it has become a battleground that cannot be used, It would be great if you could help this small garden become his pride and joy to sit in the summer and give him his pride back. Thankyou

  40. Hello Alan and team,
    I have just move out of my lovely home with my 2 Lil boys and we have move in to a new home where we do not no noone both boys have gone to new school
    We had to move from dv so as you kown we are up side down at the min new house new school new job it bin a head 12 mouths moving all over rathe place
    Anyway we are in a new home now but we have a garden so the boys are so so happy but there can not play in it as it need lots of work to do and not safe for them as the people who live next door have 2 dogs and the gate it brown so the dogs can get to my boys so I can’t let them out there and I have no money to do my garden at the min my boys would b so happy when there can get out there so can u please help me
    You would make my boys happy and have big slime on there faces
    Thanks u for reading this

  41. Good morning, I am contacting you on behalf of my daughters small village primary school, they have a beautiful outdoor space for learning but it cannot be used at it needs some TLC, could you help? Thank you


  43. Hi Alan and Team

    I am in desperate need of a garden makeover. I am a single parent of two football crazy young boys. We have a 120ft garden and would love to create a ‘football area’ for the children and a quiet area for myself to relax.

    Thank you, Andrea

  44. Hi love your garden, can you please help me with a make over on our garden. Steve my hubby had a stroke in may 2015 which has took his speech and is now in a wheelchair. I am currently waiting for 2 operations, and I can’t see me returning to work.
    It would be wonderful and we would be extremely grateful you can help with a garden make over to be able to sit out in the summer and enjoy a beautiful garden. Thankyou bev x

  45. Oh how I would love to love my garden 😄 We’ve been in this house for 3 years started to sort the garden out I weeded, put new fence up planted some little trees. Then had 2 babies 💕 and have had no time to sort the rest. My children can’t go out to play as it’s on a bit of a slope and I’m afraid they will fall. The weeds have come back and are spikey, neighbours cats think it’s a giant litter tray, and there is nowhere to sit. Would love to do this myself to be honest but have no idea where to start with the levelling of the garden etc. Would love for a professional to come give it a go 😆

    • Sounds like my garden. I feel your pain. We have so many huge stingers coming in from next door, as well as been on a slight slope which causes the garden to be boggy. Erghh
      It sure is a big job

  46. Dear Alan and team,

    I would like to apply for your show. Our garden is very big and most of it is a swamp. It is slight slope and we don’t know what to do with it. We have 3 children who currently can not enjoy their garden like they should. They love been outdoors and it’s heartbreaking that we don’t have a safe area for them. My partner works full time as a roofer and does not have the time, money or man power to complete (or even start) this major task.

  47. I would love to do a garden makeover for my dad because when he lost his wife to cancer and he was caring for her . My dad is 73 and you can’t manage the big garden anymore . It would be nice for him just to potter around the garden and to make it a lot easier for him . Me and my two little girls live with my dad said be nice for a little play area for them and A vegetable garden

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