161 comments on “How To Apply

  1. We moved into our home in 1999 with 3 children. The garden surrounds the house and provided great space for them to play safe with trampoline swings and a playhouse. Now we have no children at home but 3 grandchildren who love to visit. The youngest is Tyler born with septo optic dysplasia. . That entails completely vision impaired, autistic and as yet no mobility. I work full time as a palliative care nurse in a hodpice and my husband for the local council doing disabled adaptions. R garden is so big and full of clay we neither have the time or imagination to begin. We have started with raised edges using sleepers but would love a safe area for r grandson to enjoy. Tyler cannot cope with heat due to temper control but loves to be outside when there’s a breeze or rain to feel on his little face. If you could help that would be fantastic. If not could please provide me with some ideas. Thankyou.

  2. Dear Alan I don’t think my request of June 25 ever got through. So, please allow me to try again. I would to apply on behalf of my daughter. Jenna has cerebral palsy, she is 28 and lives alone with her cats and new puppy in a bungalow. The bungalow has had internal adaptions. Access to the garden and getting around in her wheelchair is difficult. The paths are narrow and there is no ramp from the decking and a step from the back door. She has had a difficult few years with health issues and the loss of her beloved dog. A beautiful garden would really lift her spirits. She is a wonderful daughter and so brave I would love to be part of something really special. Regards Julie x

  3. If I did not mention in my comments mum has had cancer twice heart problems dieabetic gets very depressed . I do what I can to help but the garden is to much for me. So please.

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