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  1. We bought a house with a lovely large garden 5 years ago . Shortly after our 9 year old son was diagnosed with Cancer- after a gruelling 13 month treatment Jack was in remission devastatingly 2 years later it came back and we lost him 11 months after.
    We have two other children who are so sad the three if them used to play in the garden all the time- I want it to be a happy place again.

  2. We live in the beautiful countryside surrounded by fields. When we moved here 6 years ago, the only reason we bought this house were the views. The house was in such a bad state that we spent every free time in redoing each room, therefore apart from having an amazing views, our garden needs complete make over. We love contemporary style designs, however in low maintenance as we have two little children that keeps us very busy.

  3. Hello

    We bought our house 9 years ago and it has a very large garden but we have never got round to doing it and it’s in desperate need of a makeover.having three the boys who love the outdoors our wish is to spend time in the garden as a family having bbq’s playing football planting some flowers even our own vegetable plot and to have
    fun with the family 😀

  4. We bought our house in September and have concentrated all our efforts making indoors homely. The garden isn’t huge but is a complete blank canvas apart from 2 willow trees the neighbours have already been asking us to chop down!! My son is a keen footballer who plays out whatever the weather so at the moment we look out onto a bit of a mud bath! Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  5. 3 years ago My daughter was born with 2 rare life threatening conditions, which turned my life upside down, being a single mum I had to make choices which meant selling up and moving to a new place and across England that i could afford, the new place is a work in progress but Rumer’s conditions mean she is either in hospital or spends most off her time at home, the garden is to bigger project for me tackle alone with out skill’s and knowledge, and the time and to be honest, being her full time mum carer – up most nights treating her medically thru the nights & days my energy levels are low, i would like an area for a veg patch for Rumer for her diet, colourful plants and a place we can enjoy and share memories. A place were kidney failure & her other conditions dont take over her life. And we can forget our worries, be happy, laugh, play and build memories. Something dreams are made off. X.

  6. My 3 yr old granddaughter was born with 2 life threatening conditions and is in kidney failure and spends a lot of time in hospitals. Her mum and her have moved to a flat in a small village however the garden is in need of tlc. She has to have 24 hour care so to have a place we’re we can all spend time with her would be amazing. She is such a brave little girl who smiles all day long and takes it all in her stride. I am actually writing this sitting by her bed as she was rushed in last night once again in crisis. It is important to have a place for her to play as she is unable to travel far to go on holiday . She loves the birds and wildlife that come into her garden and has a pheasant who appears every day for for food that she calls Philip. One of her favourite things to do in the evening is to look at the stars and moon with her little telescope and binoculors. Her mum is a single mum who devotes all her time seeing to her daughters medical needs. So has very little time for herself. It would be truly amazing for them both to have a place to go play and unwind together. It would be so lovely to spend precious time with her in a place thato is safe and nice.

  7. I would love you to transform my small back yard, we have 3 dogs and would love to make it a space to include our 3 kids..we live in a council house and find it hard to do anything with the yard as its very small and we wouldnt have the funds to do anything proper.two kids have lots of energy and need to exercise.

  8. I live in a housing association flat, which is in a large house. There is two one bedroom flats and a 3 bedroom. I’m on the 1st floor and the man beneath me is a little older but has direct access to the unbelievably massive garden at the rear of the house. The person above has 3 young children with no where to play. Last year I dug up the front garden on my own and laid grass seeds. It has worked (abit overgrown through winter) so I am so pleased with my self. I tried the back garden all last year and I got no where as its too much for someone with limited tools. The housing association won’t help us as its probably too big an too expensive. Hopefully u guys can.

  9. My mum is paralysed from the waist down through a multi organ shut down she loves her garden but it is very big and she is not fit to keep it maintained although all in life she would love is a beautiful garden could you please help.

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