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  1. My Husband a retired Paramedic suffers from continual back, spinal & neck pain. The left overs from a much loved job. He took early retirement last year with the hope his pain would ease. It hasn’t. I am 13 years his senior & up until a few years ago loved my garden. Over the years we have spent a fortune but have never managed to get things right. Not sure if its the soil or what. The fish pool my husband built twenty years ago & was a joy now leaks & needs replacing. Ideally we need someone to say No you have got it all wrong this is what you need. Get rid of this and that. Introduce this. As lovers of nature we are lucky enough to have many feathered friends visit our garden & we want to continue to encourage this. A pool for the frogs to move to. The one we have is making them want to move away I fear. A small pool for gold fish so they do not eat the frogs spawn would be ideal too. We are open to suggestions. Just want an easy garden that will almost look after its self. We have our first grandchild arriving mid June and would love a decent lawn for him to play on when he is older. Thanks

  2. Hi
    We are an Animal rescue Charity and there are 2 of us who run it and we have 2 very large gardens.
    The front one I can just about manage but the back one is a mess.
    I have Tortoise enclosures that are not looking good anymore and my grass has gone lumpy and bumpy and is hard to mower now.
    Can you help us?

  3. We have just moved to a beautiful new house my husband works 7 days a week to pay mortgage and bill. I am a stay at home mum of 2 girls. We have a big garden but it is bare at the moment. We can’t afford to do it and it is upsetting my husband. He puts everything he has in this house and I want to do something to make him happy. A beautiful garden for him and my little girls is my dream at the moment.
    Thank you.

  4. My mother is an avid gardener but poor health has left her with limited mobility and just not the energy she used to have. She had a vision for a garden with Japanese themes and fruit bushes, a water feature, ornaments and a load. of potted plants for colour. She has got there but a recent bout of illness and multiple stays in hospital has meant the garden has overgrown and got away from her. I would love you to reignite her passion for her garden with a more manageable but still beautiful garden.

  5. Hello. My sister just bought a house in Cardiff. We are all very excited for her as she is the first member of the family to own a property.we can now go to her and spend next Christmas in her house together. She has a garden with nothing in it and an ugly shad.naturaly she is left with no more saving. And I want to surprise her with a beautiful Persian garden please please I beg you to help me make my sister a wonderful dream Persian garden. Thank you so much

  6. My husband had a stroke in 2014 witch left him paralysed on his left hand side it had his his brain 4 times with the last one doing the damage .We had been together for 22 year and he was 15 years younger than myself but loved each other so much .We decided when he got out of hospital that we would get married on the 6th june 2015 it was the best day of my life .Since the stroke depression took hold due to the damage that was done to the brain.He was a hard working man and been told that he would never work again he couldn’t handle .I tried so hard to keep him but 8weeks after we got married on august 6th 2015 he got up out of bed and took his own life in his garage outside .My heart was broken and I still can’t get over it .We had a koi pond but it had to be knocked down as I could no longer afford to keep it .I haven’t been able to finish my garden and every day when I look out of my window all I see is a mess and I don’t no what to do .Thank you

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