5,431 comments on “How To Apply

  1. Hi Alan I have a son who works full time along with his partner, both do t have the time to do their garden, it is quite a mess in many places and could do with a make over my son as epilepsy so weekends he likes to get as much rest as he can so not to bring on a seizure I would be grateful if it was possible to tidy up his garden please. I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hi Alan.We recently moved into a different property with a longer garden to my previous home.Unfortunatly my wife and I are disabled and find it difficult to do the garden.We are now able to look out over the garden but not much to look at.Can you please help
    Ioan Richards

  3. Hi Alan, we have lived in our current home for 1.5 years but recently my Grandmother has passed away, and earlier this week my Mum has also passed away from Cancer. My family especially my Dad are doing it tough emotionally and financially, and our backyard is in a mess. I want to do something for my Dad so that he can enjoy the back garden and not be stressed about its current state. Could you please help.
    Anthony Caryofyllis

  4. My mum what a star lost my dad and then 5 years later lost her daughter my sister,
    Looking after her 4 granddaughters at the age of 73 life has been hard .so I nominated her for her garden make over just to make life a bit easyer

  5. My daughter has a disabled son who loves being out side but there garden is a mess she knows nothing about gardening and this would be a God send if you could work your magic on her overgrown garden.

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