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  1. Hi when we bought our house 5 years ago the back garden was so not child friendly but we were desperate to move to an estate where our kids could go out and play with other kids our previous estate had no kids my daughters best friend was the dog across the road.Now iv been blessed with a baby boy and would love for him to have a safe back garden to play in.Ours is far too dangerous for kids to play in .We lost so much money selling our last property that we just can’t afford to tackle the back garden iv tried my best but it’s still unsuitable.Help

  2. I would like to nominate my friend Julie Love for a Love your Garden makeover…where to begin! Julie lost her son abroad in a tragic swimming accident 2009 when he was only 24yrs old . Subsequently she set up a charity D.A.Y.N.A (Death Abroad You Are Not Alone) to help other families going through the same thing as Julie had, for her there was nowhere to turn and she found it really difficult with repatriation etc. This charity and website helps with all of that. She also got the Venezuelan Government to put a warning on their tourist website notifying potential travellers of the dangers of swimming off the coast of Margaritas Island, asked airports for a private waiting area for bereaved families when travelling abroad to deal with a death and lots more besides. She has also spent 6yrs campaigning for a change in the Scottish Law. Up until December last year Scots that died abroad were treated differently from English deaths abroad in that a fatal death enquiry was not mandatory, this has now been changed in the Scottish Parliament. There is so much Julie has done for others it just seemed so unfair when she herself was diagnosed with non hodgkin lymphoma last year. She is currently undergoing chemotherapy. She has remained positive throughout and now faces financial hardship because she recently had to give up her job. She has a small garden but it could really do with a makeover, she neither has the funds nor the strength to carry this out herself, therefore it would be a great way of giving something back to Julie, and I know it would be put to great use. Please consider Julie for this wonderful opportunity, it really would mean so much to her and it would be so good to be able to give her a nice surprise which she so thoroughly deserves.

  3. Dear Mr Titchmarch
    Three years ago my daughter and fiancé were in the position of finding student loan, cost of rent in London left them no money to save. My husband and I wanted to help so we sold our family home and bought a house that could be converted to acomadate us all. Now the youngsters are married, the house is almost finished. But the garden, needs help. The 90 year old couple who lived here before us created a well planted garden which now is overgrown and neglected . It cries out for your expertise . Thank you I hope you will consider looking at our garden.

  4. Hello, I’m 15 and would love too nominate my mum. She has been battling with severe depression for the majority of her life (from the age of 15 and is now 56). However the garden is, and always has been, her escape but while she works full time to provide for me and my sister she doesn’t have a great deal of time too make our garden the way she wants it which upsets me as I think the garden can often reflect her mood. I enjoy seeing her in the garden as she is a keen gardener and loves too care for her chickens. I’d love her too have a place for her too clear her mind and a place where she can be happy and enjoy the nature she has always loved. Thank you for your time:)

  5. Hi, i bought my house nearly 5 years ago and ive been really struggling for where to start in the garden. Its really quite big, its been so neglected and to be honest i really need help. I feel for my neighbours who have to look and see it everyday whilst their out trying to enjoy their garden.
    I have a beautiful 10 month old baby boy and a dog which is preventing me to be able to attempt starting it. But its really not safe and far to dangerous for them to go near. Im a single mum with limited funds. Id be so over joyed and emotional if i could have even the smallest bit of help in transforming it for my son to play out in. It will be a challenge but to see my son be able to run about and play where its safe and secure would truely make my day. Please consider us and help make me love my garden.

  6. Dear Alan,
    My husband is leaving the army on June 8th after 35yrs. He has been commuting to our home in Worcester for the last 14 Years on weekends only. This year we have been married for 30yrs.
    I would love to surprise him with what he calls a man cave and as he is a helicopter pilot would love to go along with this theme.
    Any ideas would be greatly received.
    Karen Boys

  7. I would like to nominate my garden for a fabulous makeover. We moved into our property over 3 years ago and sadly the garden has been forgotten about due to health problems with myself ( I suffer with Crohns Disease). It could be a lovely enjoyable garden but i have not had the time or money to put into it. It would be a pleasure if I was to be lucky enough to win this make over so I can enjoy with family & friends.

  8. Hi there. I want to nominate my husband for love your garden. In 2014 he got encephalitis and was seriously ill. He is still on a slow recovery and unfortunately he has been left with epilepsy. We have been housed in a bungalow which is safe for him but unfortunately the garden is unsafe for him to use. It would be amazing for him to be able to access the garden safely and maybe even grow some fruit and veg one day. Thank you for reading

  9. I live with my 93 year old grandma who has lived through pretty much everything from the war to a brain tumour. And came through the other end. He lost his son. My dad, his wife my man. His third live was his garden and lives nothing more than to sit outside on a sunny day and watch the world go by. But as he’s far to old to look after the garden now its gone down hill and I have no interests in gardening but would live to see him happy. Could you help? Thanks Steve

  10. Hi I’m writing this in the hope of being lucky enough to get a garden makeover.
    My son wife and 10 week old baby son have moved into a lovely 2 bed semi detached house in Breaston Derby , the house is their first home and the garden ……. Is a mess! It is full of lovey bushes plants trees and thousands of weeds rubble concrete etc! It could be so lovely but we have no idea where to start .
    As baby will want a nice play area for next summer we would love to get some help with sorting this out . Thank you very much .
    Sue Higginbottom 07969671627

  11. We have quite a large garden but it needs some character and love something which is low maintenance and that the 3 children would love to play out in I have children football and golf mad but we also love to entertain so an area for the adults is also a must:)

    We have a pizza oven in the garden so would love to have a proper food area as we love dining al fresco

    We are a family who work very hard both full time working parents. I myself work 2 jobs 9-5 and then 5-11pm we don’t get to see the children much during the week due to work commitments so being able to spend quality time with them at weekends is very important to us and sorting our garden would help us so much we made a start to it 5 years ago but never finished we have lived here for 10 years now.

  12. We have been in our house for 7 years, my husband has dissabilities and we both work the best thing is having our spare time in he garden, however this has become difficult of late.
    I have dug a driveway reseeded the lawn and taken down the overgrown shrubs and trees.
    The next stage was to add some nice flower beds, seating area and fencing. However over the last 12/18 mths my husband has deteriorated with his dissability now preventing him in getting up the slope which his heartbreaking to see him struggle, we have added tasks of stepping an area up to make it accessible. Our teenage son ahas done so much to help maintain and add things with me to try and give his dad the outdoor space he needs. It would be a dream come true for my husband to spend time in the garden again and not be stuck in the house.

  13. Hi Alan…I’m writing to you for help. I love gardening up to 8yrs ago where the increase of slugs population in our garden meant my plants and vegetables were eaten & kids/pets can’t enjoy running around in the evening without trotting & taking it into the house either on the shoes or hair. I’ve tried almost all safe children & pet friendly methods to fight it but to no avail.
    I would love to go back spending my free time doing my gardening & lounging in the garden with my family without having the slugs wondering all over our garden whilst eating my flowers & vegetables.
    Please help us Alan… I’ll just be greatful if you can advise me how we can stop the slugs from overtaking our garden.
    Thank you so much for taking your time to read this.

    Best Wishes
    I Lee

  14. Please help we moved into our home 9 years ago and for first 5 years i managed the garden come rain or shine it was my little heaven then i was ill for 4 months and couldnt walk or lift anything then we had bad storms and fence blew down and couple of trees lifted slightly i paid a lot of money out for new fence and had the trees removed but i cant seam to get back on top of it now i work all week in a dementia home for the elderly and so tired when i come home plus after 10 to 15 mins in the garden iam in pain now with server back pain

  15. Hi Alan, i have been i house for 3 years. my garden is about 100 feet long and 30 feet wide. i have a small child my garden is so hard to maintain so would like to slab most of it so my daughter can play safely without falling over grass and weed stinging nettles ect. i have suffered a great loss recently 2 of my children were removed from my care through dramatic circumstances it has been very difficult and emotional for me i am a single mum with a 1 year old and would like you help i am desperate . Please Please send your team to help .
    Thanks Nicola Willott

  16. PLEASE.PLEASE PLEASE….. where to start … my garden isn’t a garden it’s renamed the jungle each year just chopping it down and failing with weed killer the jungle reappears. I try hard to make it look presentable but I have no garden sense. It’s a gorgeous piece of land but needs and imaginative and inspiring touch. Today I blew up the flymo mower who knew when grass grows tall and there is random rocks you can’t use a.mower apparently it was a job for a strimmer I’ve now been informed after my friends stopped laughing. Oh well live and learn… please consider my jungle for a makeover as my neighbours have to keep looking at it.. and it’s not pleasing on the eye to say the least. A lorry load of pebbles and a few neatly placed plants in pots would make me happy I need a kick start and burst of inspiration and guidance as the maintaining is the easy bit it’s the starting or knowing where to start that’s proving difficult.

  17. I would like to nominate my good friends mum, Sonia for a garden make over.
    I moved to Reading coming up to two years ago now, and since living with my good friend and his family I have gained such a great bond- a family bond. A bond that can never be broken.
    Sonia is somebody that holds everything together. She is the rock to most and the household is held up to the highest of standards by everybody but without the help of Sonia, well, it just would not be.

    There has been times that the garden has been so over grown (we get so much stinging nettles) doing the garden and also fitting it around busy life styles- Sonia has a few days where the whole garden was done and she done a fantastic job. Since though, the garden has gone back to the same state it was in due to the fact of the fast growth of the stinging nettles and it’s at the stage now where it needs to be at a level of maintained state.

    It’s a lovely size garden and with a make over it would be so lovely maintained and will truly look wonderful with how much potential it really has.

    Thank you.

  18. I would like to nominate my sister.In 2012 our mum had breast cancer then Dec 2014 i was diagnosed with breast cancer too, my sister who has been my best friend all my life was helping me whilst going for tests herself for a pain in her back. At the end of Jan i txtd everyone on my way home from hosp to advise i d been given the all clear 5 yrs of Tamoxifin & 15 days of radiotherapy. My sister txtd me back & said im so happy for you ring me when u get a minute my news was not so good. I rang her immediately to be told she was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer, tumour on her spine & another on her windpipe. She goes for her 11th session of chemo Monday, she has had 25 sessions of radiotherapy & 4 internal. I would love for her to have a nice low maintenance garden to sit in. She lives on her own . and came home from one chemo session to find her P45 unfortantly her employers decided they could not support her illness any longer.All her life she has put everyone else first and I would just like for her to have something nice done for her. She remains possitive and is more worried about how her illness is affecting us than what the future holds for her. She lives over 200 miles away and although we try to visit every half term.we speak 2-3 times a day.

  19. Hello, I have a back garden that is just a hill!I am at a loss as to know what to do with it and have been quoted extortionate amounts to put in in levels. I also have a patch of land at the side of my house that is crying out to be paved of something. For seven years my husband has said next year we will get a few people to all come over and dig it as it is to expensive to get somebody in.
    I am still waiting for the arrival of the mystery diggers!

    I love watching your makeovers and would love to see my garden finally actually look like a garden. If you could help I would be pretty ecstatic and so would my worn out husband and family. Here’s hoping:)

  20. Hello
    We are a military family (Navy) and have finally left our married quarters to put down roots and have just bought our own home so our two young boys (3 and 1) have a lovely home at last.
    When we purchased the property we were aware that the garden needed some work to be made safe for the children but we didn’t really appreciate the extent of the work that needed to be done. We do have a large garden (and the children have lots of outdoor equipment and toys that they are eager to use in it) but we are at a complete loss as to where to begin to get it ready for them.
    As my husband is military he is away a lot, and I am utterly clueless when it comes to gardening.
    Our family would very much love your help.

    PS. If it would make a difference to your decision making I will offer bribes. Endless chocolate/tea/coffee/biscuits/marmite on toast to whoever can makeover my garden has and my 3 year old has offered free goes of his remote control postman pat van.

  21. I would like to nominate my best friend Sarah for a garden makeover.
    She is a single mum of two, Spencer (8) and Lexie (1). Her garden is not very child friendly, it consists of uneven concrete slabs and a LOT of weeds that are very overgrown!
    I know that all she wants is a nice place to relax in the evening after work and for somewhere safe for her children to play without the worry of them getting hurt!
    Sarah is such a loving person who would do anything for her kids or anyone else for that matter, she has been there for the many tough times in my life and it would be so good to see something good happen for her for change!

  22. Well it came into my head to request your assistance as I sat here in tears on having spent another sunny day working hard in the garden. But not being able to achieve all the things I wanted to do when I came out here at 7.30 am. It is now 10 hours later!

    I have a large garden, 100′ X 50′ and have spent the last 15 years trying to get it into some form of order without success. It has lots of extremely large conifers and huge bushes along with a weed problem that no amount of killer will resolve.

    Now I am 15 years older and the wrong side of 50. I work 8 am till 5.30 pm Mon-Fri, pickup my Grandchildren 3 nights a week from nursery and school so that their Mum can work and not rely on benefits. I also look after my housebound Mother.

    I just can’t find the time to stay on top of the garden and don’t have the funds to employ some one to do it for me as well am currently saving to replace a large rotten 5 large window bay – the joys of owning your own home 😔

    It would literally make my life to have the garden transformed into a low maintenance oasis that I could actually enjoy on nice days rather than be working in it the whole time.

    I can see that there are lots if people with far more deserving situations who have also made requests, so can completely understand that I don’t fit into that category.

    Thanks for reading x

  23. We were lucky enough to find our ‘forever home’ last year. We have a managed to do quite a bit to the house but I don’t think we realised how much work and money the garden would cost for the upkeep. Not having a clue about gardening and with my partner being in the army it’s difficult to find the time to get the garden the way we’d like it. I would love the opportunity to have support in not only getting the garden looking it’s best but to get some gardening tips to keep it that way. The garden has so much potential but we don’t know where to start!

    Many thanks

  24. Hi there, myself, my husband Jaime, our two beautiful kids (Abbie 5 & little Noah 10months) and dog live in a 3 bed semi-detached house in the west of Scotland. Jamie and I got together in school and have been very blessed with two healthy kids and a lovely home in a great area. We used our savings a couple of years back now to get the back garden and driveway done. Something simple and family friendly, easy to maintain. Unfortunately the work was not done to standard and we have now been left with a garden that isn’t even half finished and is very high maintenance. I would love the opportunity to have our garden made over. We are very settled here and the garden is and would be the icing on the cake for us. It’s a small fortune that we simply don’t have. Jaime and I work full time and work very hard it would be great to have some family time with the kids when the weathers at its best & at the moment that just isn’t an option. Many thanks. Samantha 😊

  25. Hi Alan
    I love your work and garden ideas. They just mind blowing. We have bought a house an year ago and it has two gardens. My daughter is growing young and i want one of my garden done so that she can have some nature time. I would love it if can consider it and create some magic with it.


  26. Hi,
    For the first time has a couple we have rent our first house and it has all the beautiful charming and space that we need. The landlord of the house also told us that she is interested in selling the house when we finished rented. And we are interest in buying the house. So the house as a very lovely garden buy it is just in bad conditions. Me and my husband we did try to clean and do the garden by ourselves, but I was 6 months pregnant and now I have had a lovely baby girl and I am now in recuperation and my husband he works from 5 to 6 days a week from 5:30am to 9pm but he just arrived home from work 11:30pm or later depending how work goes on that day. The garden is our only space in the house that we have to enjoy a little beat from the sun and the nature and has we can not go no were in the summer because of our financial conditions we would like to enjoy of our garden in special for the children. I love my husband very much and I feel that he just work to much and that moist of the time he wants to do things by himself but the truth is that we do not have financial conditions to pay for someone to came and do the garden for us. My husband he loves her girls very much and the only time that he has off work this summer I would like him to spend more time with our children in the garden. I would love to help him and surprise him with something. And by surprising by fixing the garden it would be amazing. I really would like to do something nice and lovely for my husband and children, because they deserve better.
    Thank you

  27. Hi Alan and team.

    help… My husband and I live on a farm in Glenisla and now have a beautiful 2 yr old son. His 2 little years haven’t been easy as he was diagnosed with a very rare condition called intestinal ganglio neuromatosis from 8 weeks old, which means he has tumours in his bowel. This was the result of a gentic condition called neuro fibromatosis and due to this he has spent a long time in the Edinburgh sick kids hospital. He has been through several bowel surgeries and fingers crossed is on the mend and growing stronger ever day. His daddy has the genetic condition too and has problems with his leg as one leg is four inches smaller than the other and twisted to one side and his foot size is also 4 sizes smaller. As a result he is always in pain when walking and in particular he cant kneel down. At present the best we can do is cut the grass. We would love more than anything to have our garden helped so we have somewhere for our 2 year old to be a toddler and catch up with all the climbing he missed out on when was growing up. Since receiving the help from the sick kids hospital we started to raise funds for their foundation. We dont know how the condition will affect our gorgeous son as there are no text book cases written but we would love to see him thrive every day as much as we can.

    We would love to hear from your team and see if they can do our Harris proud xxx

  28. Hi there, Help! Our garden is struggling. It’s tired, gets soggy with even a little bit of water and has owners who don’t know how to fix it. Their 4 children aged 7, 5, 3, 1 are outdoorsy children and love to dig, climb, jump, play and its a tricky place to do all those things when the garden is crying out for help. Can you rescue this sad, unhappy patch of earth?

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