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  1. Alan Titchmarsh we need your expertise!
    We are a couple of nursery nurses who look after children not plants – we have devoted our Saturdays to turn the waste land next to nursery into an allotment for the children. We want to nurture a passion in the children to get outdoors, learn how to plant and grow fruits and vegetables.
    We have cleared the ground of weeds, trees, bushes and roots, but now need help and advice as to how to make the beds and start the planting, and where best to get cheap low-cost top soil, as we don’t have a budget for this project.
    Please please come and help us make a difference to all these little people.
    Awaiting to hear from you

  2. Hi! I am called Myles franckel and I am an 18 year old going on 19 living at home with my mum and sister! I would love for you to transform my garden for my mum, she has a disease called Huntingtons and she finds it hard to do quite a lot of things aswell as being a single parent! she loves to sit in the garden and she used to look after it so well but now it’s not as nice as it used to look! I would much aprpreciate if you could transform our garden for her, it would put such a smile on her face and I’m not the gardening expert! Hope you can consider my thoughts

  3. Hi
    I want to surprise my mum with a garden makeover.
    I have been very ill and she does so much for me and friends and family.
    She is 63 and has always worked very hard.
    We have a decent size garden but she has always said she’d love to get it made over:
    She had just semi retired.
    Her name is Vicki Yerby

    Kind regards
    Sophie Yerby

  4. We are a secondary school in the heart of the Black Country. Our 6th Form area is in desperate need of a makeover. We have cleared all the bramble bushes and weeds to see a wonderful area for the students to relax in, but we’re teachers not gardeners and have not a clue how to make an area for 16 – 18 year olds. Please can you help. I fear it would be a very “sterile” type environment if we got involved. Were not scared of hard labour but need your brains and vision to make this a fantastic zone for them.

  5. alian titchmarsh, me and my family need your help!

    I’m doing this for my 74 year old nan, she is always putting other before herself! She has been thought so much in the past with oporations and illnesses, resantly moving house due to very difficult sercamstances, her old garden she spent most of her life getting the garden and her house lovey and fun for all of her 8 grandchildren! ! And 3 greatgranchild resantly moving her garden was just grass and after 6 months shes done wanted she wanted to do but just not there yet she’s still not happy I’m writing to you just to say she would love advice from you and your team!

    Awaiting to hear from you,
    Lexi Walker

  6. Hello, I would love for you to help my great grandparents, they were Foster careless for over 100 children and one of the first foster careers in London to take multidiverse children. They spent their whole lives looking after other, now my great grandad has pcos and is unable to walk very far, he used to love spending time and fixing up his garden before he was ill but now can not do it, and my great grandmother spends so much time looking after him that she is also unable to fix the garden. They are the kindest people I know and I would love to give back some of the love they have given out.
    Great grandaughter

  7. Hi Alan,
    We would to have our garden made over. I am a nurse and my husband works for the London ambulance service. We both work shifts so don’t get a lot of free time to work on the garden. We’ve tried to do a bit and last year had a large shed put on a concrete base. Unfortunately The garden is on two levels which means we often get flooded as our neighbours rainwater runs into our garden. Recently a family has increased and we are now proud parents to a puppy so having a flooded garden is not ideal. We would appreciate any input even advice would be greatly received.
    Many thanks
    Nicola Charles

  8. Hi I would like to ask if you would come and do my mum’s garden, she loves her garden but she has alzheimer and has not been able to keep her garden the way she would have. She was always able to trun the most rundown garden into something beauiful and it gets her down that she cant do anything with her garden, please please can you help she has always watched your shows and would love to have you do this … Thanks Pauline🙂

  9. I would like to nominate the local naval community centre in Portsmouth. Cockleshell community centre provides a hub for naval families supporting those with loved ones deployed. They are looking to revamp the garden with possibility of growing some vegetables etc. The club is run by our friend kerry who work tirelessly to assist those who need the centre.

  10. Make a wish come true please 😇

    Alan my grandma always watches your program and she loves you.

    I would love to apply for your help with my grandma’s garden. She loved gardening but is getting old and can’t do much with it. And I feel it’s now my turn to look after her and I would love to make her garden beautiful for her as she doesn’t have a lot and she does so much for other people is so caring and she deserves something back.

    Please please please

    Lauren x

  11. Hi Alan

    We have recently moved and our bungalow is in the process of being renovated
    I would love to surprise my husband with a garden makeover he works so hard and then evenings and weekends he is working on the house and I would like to lighten his load by the garden being done
    7 years ago he donated a kidney to our eldest daughter who was 11 at the time and has had 2 operations since when he developed hernias due to the initial kidney donation
    I would love it if you could help

    Pauline potter

  12. Hi alan I watch many of your gardening programmes, My name is scott lawton im 36 my mum wants decking at the top of the garden we have dug up the weeds they keep comeing back tryed weed killer everthing they just come back,
    And I cant do to much alan because I have moya moya brain syndrome, so I’d really be appreciated if you helped are got back to me many thanks

  13. I would like to nominate myself I moved into my house two years ago and didnt really think about garden but now my youngest is walkinh etc I don’t really like him out there as on slope and stairs bit dangerous and I’m at loss of what to do really as its just me and my two children 11 and 17 months really in need of help and would be so much appreciated as mental health isn’t good either I just want a nice garden for my children to go with nice house please🙂

  14. Hi I would like my son garden made over he as just got is own place but the garden is a mess he does work but he has one leg shorter than the other and he is waiting for 2 hip replacements he is 29 years old they will not do it till he is much older he needs his garden so his dog can not get out thanks

  15. Hi. We had a house fire in 2014 in the middle of the night and we lost everything but we all got out ok. Our garden was ruined too by the fire and water damage but the insurance only covered the house. Two years later our house has finally been rebuilt and we moved back in three weeks ago. The house is beautiful but the garden needs so much work and we can’t afford to re-do it. We have four children but they can’t play outside. We really, really need your help, please.

  16. Hi Alan,
    My name is Rebecca and I work at a nursing home. We look after a range of different medical conditions but mostly dementia residents. We have quite a lot of land but it’s all over grown and don’t have the money to transform the lovely woodland area into a woodland walk for our residents.

  17. We would love for you to help us transform our meadow in havant we are a day centre named chaos for 50 or so young adults with learning disabilitys and we share this space with a school we have not started this yet and would love to make a sensory place for our service users to be able to go and enjoy spending time there like bird feeders bright colours lavender attract butterflys and just make it a beautiful place for everyone as now it is just plain with nothing a few benches and stepping stones beautiful flawers wind chimes solar lights etc with have big ideas but a little budget to transform this area it needs to be wheelchair assessable too and at this moment its not please help us of you can thank you linsey a support worker at chaos

  18. Hello Alan,
    I am a volunteer at Bournemouth Blind Society which has a small amount of garden at the front which is not at the moment accessible to the members. What we would love to be able to do is add raised beds to grow scented and tactile plants, with maybe room to allow gardening as an activity for the elderly members who can no longer garden at home.

  19. My partner and I moved into our first home 9 months ago and totally love it.
    Unfortunately at age 26 he was diagnosed with a brain tumour and got very ill. I am currently caring for him until the next step is decided but would love for our garden to be done over while hes at home waiting to be made better. Our garden is big and has do much potential, it would be so lovely to have a place for him to relax while he gets over this nasty illness.
    I hope to hear from you soon!

  20. Hi there, I am writing to you on behalf of a little boy called Charlie Anderson and his family, Charlie was diagnosed with duchene when he was a toddler and becacause of this Charlie struggles with a lot and he can’t keep up with all the other children in the playground and if he could have a place where he could be the king of the castle it would make one little boy very happy! And it would take a lot of stress of his mummy and step dad as for over a year now they have been working on there garden and I don’t see any improvement just a big muddy mess! So PLEASE help this family needs you!!!

  21. I would like to suggest a garden makeover for a little boy at school called Charlie. His mum is Claire and their charity is A Chance for Charlie. He lives with Duchennes

  22. Please do a garden for “a chance for Charlie ” his family are amazing and he is a very special child they so deserve it x

  23. Hello,

    We’ve lived in our bungalow on the Romney marsh coast for 4 years now. We have gradually been refurbishing it as it was stuck in the 80s/90s.
    The last 18 months have been difficult for us with bereavement first, then family estrangement and recently a terminal cancer diagnosis and a heart scare causing us to cancel a much needed holiday with 48 hours notice. We’re exhausted and would just love the last piece of the puzzle in our refurb plans to have your input.
    We have a good size garden which is just too much for us having previously been owned by someone with very green fingers and a keen eye for landscape design. Sadly it doesn’t reflect this now and is in dire need of a makeover so we can finally enjoy it.

    Kim, Russ and Lucy

  24. My Great aunt used to live in a bungalow in that coast road, near to Dungeness. The little railway ran behind her garden. It was on shingle but over many years she made a lovely garden with a pond and wonderful plants. We loved exploring it as children. I often wonder what’s become of it now. Good luck with your bid.

  25. Hi Alan,

    I am writing on behalf of my whobwould really love to have a beautiful garden sanctuary that she deserves. She recently spent a lit of money getting the inside of her house done up as this is the first house she has ever.owned and she has worked so hard to get it. However the inside building work has ruined whatever previous effort had gone into making the outside what she wanted. She has spent years as a single oarent building her business from the ground up to provide for me and my brother she now has her dream house and one of the selling points was the garden she has always wanted. But between sorting out thw inside of the house and running her business full time she doesn’t have the time or kniwledge to make the most of the space she has. Both me and my brother left home this year; I am on the other side of the world. I would like to send you as a little gift to my mum to let her know how much I appreciate her.

  26. Hello
    I would appreciate it if our garden could have some TLC.. i have 2 children 5 and 18 months but my 18 month old was 12 weeks premature! She as a vary of complex needs that requires me to be visiting the hospital a minimum of twice a week to see specialists! Sometimes depending what specialist she needs to see it can reach to 4 times a week!
    I have just been told iv got to have a anterior lumbar interbody fusion at the age of 36! So i struggle to keep the garden at a level where i can manage it, its hard cause my children and myself love the outdoors what ever weather! But as you can imagine i cant do alot due to my health and having to take care of my youngest’s health! It would be fantastic to have your time to make my garden as beautiful as my children and what they deserve..

  27. Hello
    i work in a home for the elderly with dementia we have a large garden which is mostly lawned and would really like to turn it into a sensory garden for them. the only problem we have is not knowing were to start as we dont no much about gardening we would really appreciate it if you could give us some tips on where to start

  28. alan we need your help for our back garden me and my partner work fulltime and find it hard to know what to do with the garden and thats why am contacting you alan need your help

  29. Hello, my name is Ashleigh me and my partner have just bought our forever first home together we’ve got a 1 year old little boy and another little boy due in 4 weeks. Our house was bought and needed absolutely everything doing although inside is nearly done it’s not quite finished, but our gardens front and back are a death trap. Our little boy is constantly wanting to play out but we just can’t afford at the minute to do anything with it. Please help

  30. Dear Alan ,I watch your show and they are just fab. I have a garden . Say no more I desperately need your help please.B.T.

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