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  1. I would like to nominate my daughter and her husband to win your garden makeover. They have two little boys and she also has her stepdaughter that’s lives with them. My daughter has been very hard working from leaving school she is now 35 life has not served her well. She has had lots of heartbreak in her life and suffering with post natal deppresion, she has just moved in to a home that was very run down and has spent a lot of time trying to bring a home together. She has a large garden there is not a day that goes by were I hear her say I’d love to be able to sit in the garden and let the children enjoy, unfortunately the garden is over grown and not child safe. You might say why they not doing anything to help the situation the reason for this is her husband works 7 days a week and on a very low income the children are 6 months 2 years, and stepdaughter 8 years so her life is very busy.
    Many thanks hope to here from you soon

  2. Hi Alan
    Just wondering if you could help me. I am a brother to three sisters and my mum has been a widow to my dad who drowned back in 1975. My two elder sisters have both been diagnosed with cancer and the eldest Kerry has been diagnosed as been terminal with cancer in her bones and liver. Currently Kerry and her family and Donna with her family are holidaying in Disneyland Florida through the help of sponsered cycle rides I have done and other donations fron the Rugby League Express and other help from Thanks Giving and also generous people.
    Now my youngest sister Sarah who has four children, with three of them living at home. Sarahs two youngest are 6months and one being a year old. Sarah is a single mum as her partner has recently walked out on her.
    Sarah has also been diagnosed with the BRCA Type 1 gene and now has to undergo a full breast removal and historectomy to reduce the chances of being diagnosed with cancer and this will put Sarah out of action for three months. I have just cut Sarah’s grass and the garden is in a very difficult situation as the house is in a very difficult location which requires some good planning. I am willing to help in anyway I can including manually and financially.



  3. Hi Alan and all the team, I would like to nominate the children’s home in which I manage. We offer care, support and accommodation to the most amazing resilient young people who have been let down time and time again by the people who should be providing them with a safe, secure and loving environment. Whilst we as carers provide a loving safe, secure homely environment for our young people who we view as our extended family we are lacking in garden design knowledge and know how, your expert advice and guidance would not only help to create a much more welcoming space to be enjoyed it will be s place where happy memories are created and this is one thing our young people don’t have much of😦 we have medium sized garden but very miss matched in design. It has the potential to be a magical and inspiration space. Kind regards.

  4. Hello Alan – I really hope you can help this truly lovely lady and her family – I myself met this lady whilst I was on children’s ward staying overnight in hospital with my own daughter and she was such a shining example of how to be positive and upbeat when things get tough and things got much tougher for her and that is why I wish her and her 18 year old disabled son Joe to be nominated for a garden makeover because they deserve it 110% and really don’t have much money at all.

    Her own story in her words on a just giving page she has set up to raise funds – “We have had a 14 month battle for adapted housing to accommodate my son, Joseph’s disabilities.
    Our journey has been an exhausting and emotional one and we have finally been awarded a house, which can have the necessary adaptions for a safe home.
    It will be totally uncarpeted and we therefore need to fit our own to a good standard as he crawls to move around upstairs.
    Joseph has also never had free access to the garden in his wheelchair – we will be able to have a ramp now and would love to make it a fun sensory experience for him to enjoy.
    Joseph has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, epilepsy, microcephaly, severe learning disabilities, no speech and is wheelchair dependent.
    My 11 year old son, Matthew, and myself, Mum, are his day to day carers – along with a couple of angels we have gathered along the way.
    Thank you for any help you can offer”

  5. I would like to nominate my little family. I am a single mum of twin four year olds who love more than anything to be out in the garden. I have lived in our house for the last 12 years and the garden is looking tired and unfortunately since the twins dad left when they were 4 months old, every penny I earn has to go on other things. I would love nothing more than to give my beautiful babies a garden they can play in safely, they are at their happiest when they are plying games together outside, and being a working mum time is precious with them.


  6. I’d like to nominate my wonderful partner and father to our 2 (soon to be 3) young daughters. We moved into our house 2 years ago and he has worked tirelessly since then to make our home a lovely cost place for our little family. We still have a long way to go however and as I suffer with a long term condition I am unfortunately unable to help him. He has just finished sorting our front garden but the back garden is huge and I fear our daughters may well be leaving home before we actually get it sorted!! Our girls love to play in the garden but it’s not at all child friendly with brambles and overgrowth completely out of control (something the previous owners left us with) and also a small pond that obviously needs dealing with before the girls can run freely in the garden. I’d love to be able to surprise and thank him for being so fantastic and for working so hard to look after his girls. Thank you.

  7. Hi team,

    I would like to nominate my friend Gemma for her garden to be done. She’s a single mum to Len who has autism and she works so hard for him! He has just stopped self harming due to the murder of his aunt and Gemmas little sister, just 3 years ago. Gemma has tried so hard to keep it together and stay strong. She’s at university and just won an inspirational woman award for her work about consent and healthy relationships. She does so much for so many and she deserves somewhere to escape to. She deserves a thank you.

  8. Hi Alan
    My name is Liz Groombridge, I live in Scarborough. About a year ago I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful, amazing family. In this family is Mum Olivia, Dad Iain, twin boys Evan and Charlie, 7 years old.
    They are incredible little boys. Charlie has cerebral palsy. He can’t do anything for himself. They have fought for everything, they have a lift in the house, they have tracks to lift Charlie. They are having their bathroom done at the moment. They don’t get much funding. Iain works very hard. Obviously Olivia is with Charlie so can’t work. Both their parents are amazing and do help when they can.
    I was wondering if it would be possible for you to help with their back garden. They would like it leveling out so they can wheel Charlie straight out into the garden. They would love a hot tub for Charlie. Unfortunately funds won’t allow. He goes to a hydro pool at a school in Scarborough. It’s the only time Charlie feels relaxed. He absolutely loves it. It would be fantastic if they had 1 and he could go in every night. He wakes up a lot in the night but he’s more relaxed after a hydro session. Evan is a lovely brother to Charlie. So wondered if you could do something special for him too. Anything you and your team could do to help this wonderful family would be amazing and much appreciated
    Thank you
    Kind regards
    Liz Groombridge xx

  9. I would like to nominate my friend Mel. Her martiage unfortunately broke down and with it left a building site of a garden that her children are unable to play as it is dangerous. She works full time and has a 2nd job cleaning to pay the mortgage and bills etc and provide for her children. The garden has been like this for 6 years as it was promised that it would be done. My friend is the kindest nicest most generous person you will ever meet. I really really hope you can help.

  10. Hi Alan and team,

    Just came across this website…i would like to nominate my family. I am deaf mum with two kids one is 2 and one is 9months. They always want to go out in the garden and play but i refused to let them as its not child safe and we cant afford to do it up nicely for the kids there is very steep patio and steps also no railings – garden is looking very tired and worned out. Only my husband is on low income and i am full time mummy dont get much help in benefits at all. We have been unlucky with things in the past. Anything you and team could help us build a lovely child friendly garden and also would make our kids dream come true. We would forever kindly appreciate it. Please contact me. Many thanks.

  11. Just moved into a house and my garden is big got 4 children and don’t know what to do to make it a good garden and child friendly can you help ASAP I can fill this post will sadness and joy but all I want is a garden for my children to play in and for us to sit out in thanks


  12. Hi Alan, my name is Emily and I am 12 years old. My older brother Alex is 19 and has severe cerebral palsy. I really want to create a sensory garden for him but desperately need help as I don’t know where to start.
    I hope that you can help me,

  13. Dear Sir/Madam

    We are family of five children aged 8, 6 and 3 years. We have a huge back garden which is like a football pitch… Mainly grass …. We have no idea how to divide the garden up or design it to its potential. We are both working parents , moved into this house 2 years back and was in a terrible state all our little savings we had went on to the house to make it habitable. The garden has so much potential just not having the time with three children. Would love if we could be given an opportunity for you and your team to come and have fun making our garden look and feel amazing and mainly a place for our children to enjoy , play with laughter and want to be outside instead indoors on iPads. Would appreciate to be shortlisted. Welcome to come and view the garden or happy to send pictures.
    Many thanks for reading my post.

    Look forward to your response.

    Kind Regards

    Mrs N Hoque

  14. Hi i would like to be considered for some help in my garden it’s quite small with a small patio I have 5 children, 3 whom are disabeld and it’s hard to take them out due to their disabilities and would like our garden a place where they can have fresh air but be in a safe and relaxed in a environment. my son who is 12 has epilepsy and gdd my 9 years old son has cebreal palsey and gdd and my 7 year old daughter has autism thank you for reading

  15. I would absolutely love to win this! You have no idea how much of a difference it would make, we are in desparate need of a little positivity in our lives. If I were to write the past few years for us you wouldn’t believe it and topped off last week by me wakening to a burglar in my bedroom while my husband was away.
    We have two young children and the house we have just moved back to (one which we were leasing out before all our financial stability went out the window), the garden is now ruined and a mess, with fences in peices and the gate off the hinges (how the burglar easily entered), and with no money to repair, its just feels unsafe.
    I would love somewhere safe and enjoyable for my children to play.
    I don’t wish to play on my life downfalls, I just have no words to explain how much we would love and appreciate this.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this. I wish everyone in the competition luck and keep all my fingers and toes crossed.

  16. Hi
    I wouldn’t normally do things like this however I feel that getting my garden sorted out would be of massive benefit to my mental health. I moved into a new property 17 months ago and we had to spend 30k to get it into readonable shape meaning we had no funds left nor available to tackle the large front and back gardens. I have suffered from PTSD and PND since having my son and at times it has been a real struggle. I feel if we managed to do something with the garden it would be great to get outside more in the fresh air and be somewhere for my son to play as at the moment it is just too dangerous for him. This really would mean the world to us.
    Thank You

  17. Hi, I would like to nominate my mum for a garden makeover for your show. She is 90 this week and having always been a keen gardener, she can’t garden any more. Her garden which used to be beautiful, but was rather high maintenance, became quite overrun with weeds (despite the occasional blitz by the family!) Last year she spent the last of her savings (£4000) on a supposed makeover but was ripped off. They took away most of the long-established shrubs, put dark grey slate chippings down , which she can’t walk on, instead of gravel, built one large raised bed which nobody (least of all mum) can reach the middle of, and which they refilled with the same weed-infested topsoil….and didn’t plant a single plant. It’s all very depressing. So now, instead of having a lovely new garden to enjoy again, it’s really ugly and she never goes out there. It’s broken my heart to see her disappointment and it would be the most wonderful thing to surprise her by making it beautiful again, so she can enjoy it once more. My mum would do anything for anyone when she was able. It would just be so great to do this for her. I will keep my fingers tightly crossed.

  18. Dear Alan, I would like to nominate my father. He is my hero, I hold fun, loving memories of playing in our garden as a child. My father adored being in the garden, he loved growing different plants and looked after them very well. It saddens me to now see my father not being able to take care of his much loved garden as he has now been diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis. Since being diagnosed, my father struggles to do things for himself. This means he is unable to maintain his favourite place (our garden) I do try, but unfortunately I’m no expert (even in his eyes!). It would mean the world for my father and myself to once see our garden come back to life so that we can build more happy memories.

  19. hi!I would like to nominate my school! Just wondered if you would be interested in doing a school project?I work at a small rural school in north Lincolnshire and would like the children to see anything in life is possible and from small beginnings anything can happen! We have tried different approaches and used different ideas over a number of years but cant seem to find the right combinations to make our outdoor space used to its full potential! We are very lucky to have the space we have and i just want to see it getting used in the best way possible to inspire our children of now and the future in every aspect of their learning both socially and academically! Its a fantastic blank canvas that i would like to see turned into an everyday,every season outdoor learning experience! We just need pointing in the right direction!

  20. My husband has recently passed away and I need to revamp both my front and back gardens.They are only small but the main problem is that I need cat houses and runs because I breed Maine Coon cats.I also need the garden to be cat proof so they can’t get out.
    I still want the gardens full of colour and imagination but it is not something that I can do myself.

  21. Hi i would like to nominate my mother to be choosen to have a garden makeover. When i was a little girl my mother lost her left arm in an accident she is a single mother to 4 children we are all older now and we have a 5 year old brother my mother works in child care and has been to the doctors cos she has problems with her back and it unable to look after her garden and can not afford to do anything with it at the moment as money is always tight. We have lived in tasmania hobart for 10 years and not much has change my mother is such a loving and caring person always puts others infront of her and makes sure her children dont go without i would really like to give back to my mother for everything she has done and would like your help.

  22. Hi! I would like to nominate my Mum to have a garden makeover please. She will be 86 in September and has always enjoyed gardening. She bought a property three years ago, but the developers laid poor quality turf and the back garden is on a slope. The earth is full of clay and we have not been able to get this rectified by the developers. Mum has had to look at weeds and a bare garden ever since. I’d love to help out too if possible. It would make her so happy to have a lovely low maintenance garden to look at. Thank you

  23. I would like to nominate my daughter, Michelle, for a love your garden makeover. She has 3 children aged 8, 9 and 12. Everything she does is for her children. She never thinks about herself. She recently did a council house swap and the house was an absolute mess. I have been helping her to decorate the inside of the house but the outside could really do with experienced professionals to make it child friendly with maybe a small area for Michelle to relax. Both Michelle and her son have on going medical problems which makes it difficult for daily living, but Michelle just gets on with it, never complaining, or asking for help.

  24. My son suffers from autism anxiety and don’t like to go out front door would love a nice quiet relaxing place in the garden for him to chill out and calm down in .i gave up work 4 years ago to help him as he tried to take his life I just don’t have to know how the money or strength to do the garden please help us

  25. Hi Alan, id like to nominate my family and I. we have a massive tiered garden and we just want to have a space that our 2 boys can enjoy playing in and my husband and i can find peace in. we are right behind the national forest so we have half a forest in our back garden. the garden has loads of potential but at the moment its just not child friendly and we just need a bit of help.

  26. Hi Alan I would just like to ask if there is eney chance I could get a garden makeover. My my lovely husband he is a very hard working man. We have to grow up children. we have hade a very hard time for the last 14 years. we have Ower 14year old grandson liveing with us. And now we have Ower 20 month granduter liveing with us now. my husband has just lost all site of doing the garden for. hope Ower granduter to play in she has hade a bad start in life. But is doing well but wants to play out all the time. so that’s why I’m asking for help.
    Thank you Deborah

  27. Dear Alan, I’d like to nominate my husband Rob for the show as over the past few years he has and is still having to care for me and the garden is somewhat neglected. I suffer with complex post traumatic stress disorder and type 1 Brittle asthma. I’ve had numoourous admissions to hospital for both conditions and in the past year had 14 admissions to intensive care to be ventilated; even on Christmas day. Rob works full time as well as caring for me and visiting me in hospital, so he doesn’t have the time to do anything in the garden let alone have time for himself. The garden itself needs a complete makeover. It needs the land clearing and starting again. We can’t sit in the garden as its like a building site. Whilst we have the money to do the garden we simply don’t have the time.
    With regards to my mental health, I have completed the first year of my treatment which includes mindfulness. I’ve two more years of treatment, however the mindfulness skills are particularly important in helping me cope with PTSD and the treatment I’m having. The garden would be an ideal place for me to use my mindfulness skills as you use the sensory skills as well as distraction techniques and self sooth skills. The garden for me would be an ideal place to use as a place of healing and it would also take the pressure off Rob if I were somewhere safe and happy. Rob deserves much more than just a garden, he deservesd somewhere to relax and enjoy as well as seeing me happy. Best wishes Emma

  28. I would like to nominate my amazing wife for a garden makeover. We have had a tough few years and things have finaly started changing for the better except for our garden! We have a rescue dog who has managed to destroy the lawn and I have made failed attempts to rectify the damage and tidy up the rest of the garden. We now are faced with another summer in which we cannot enjoy what should be a lovely garden, even feeling embarrassed to invite people over.
    Please help!

    • Dear Alan

      I would love to win a garden makeover. I have worked really hard over the years as a single parent to raise my daughters and work full time and create a nice home. My daughters have left home and I live alone. I have MS and moved into a bungalow 4 years ago as I kept stumbling and falling down the stairs. The garden was overgrown as the property had been empty for some time but in its day was well established. I have paid for the garden to be tidied up but the trees and shrubs were difficult for me to maintain due to their height and density so sadly had them removed. I have tried to dig and weed the garden but it’s an ongoing battle as I need to rest between each task and it’s taking forever. I’ve not planted anything yet because i would like some help to design and get my garden manageable to enable me to enjoy it. Please help. Thank you.

  29. Dear Alan and the team,

    My wife and I love watching your program. It wasn’t until the birth of our 3rd child (a beautiful baby girl to compliment – I mean boss around – our 2 boys) last week that we have had time to sit and chat (paternity leave) about what needs done in the house etc. The garden soon became top priority as it is large and not entirely safe for little ones.

    We live in Scotland, a town called Newton Mearns. We moved in 2 years ago (when we only had 1 child!) and bought a lovely 200-year old tollhouse just 2 miles from the main town. This allowed us more space for the family. Having always promised my wife I’d get round to doing up the garden, 2 kids later, I never have.

    I’d like to nominate my wife for the garden makeover as all 3 pregnancies for her have been, well quite frankly, hellish. Out of the 27 months being pregnant, she has been off work sick with severe hyperemesis, or in severe pelvic girdle pain (and often both) for the majority of the time. She has been unbelievably strong and resilient to come through them all while maintaining her positive attitude and being an amazing mother and wife at the same time.

    It would be fabulous to have a safe place for our children to grow up in and get outdoors often and to try and make it a more manageable space to maintain while juggling 2 full-time jobs and 3 children between us.

    In addition to the above, we feel that our garden offers incredible potential for your show to look at ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots. There is so much that you could do with it with lots of different areas to be creative.

    I would be delighted to hear back from you if you think it appropriate.

    Many thanks,

    Colin – doting husband and tired father of 3:)

  30. I would like to nominate my own garden for a make over, I like gardening but after my knees have let me down by dislocating I can no longer get down on my knees and can barely manage mowing the lawn. My garden lets my neighbourhood down I am ashamed of it and my dogs have taken over ruining what design I have tried to maintain. I came home to Scotland with my 2 girls after fleeing an unfavourable marriage with only the cloths on my back and a big of cloths for my girls back in 2004. I was so lucky find a man who took on me and my girls and we got Married in 2007. It has not been easy starting again and I hold down 1.5 full time jobs to make ends meet but it is just never enough. Never enough time and before you know it everything has passed me by including my garden. I can’t do it anymore and would love help in getting it to a man able level. I am willing to pay but just exhausted and loosing love of gardening so if you can help Please do.xx

  31. Wow it would be absolutely amazing if you could work your magic on the small yard/back garden at my little grandsons place. My son finally managed to get on the property ladder and became a father at the age of 26. His baby boy Lincoln is only 7 months but has been diagnosed with rare brain and epileptic conditions. For you to come and create a space for his little family to enjoy would be simply amazing!

  32. I would like to nominate my family. i have 2 children, one is 10 the other 13. Both of my children are autistic. We have lived in our home for two years and have managed to sort out the children’s bedrooms and our front room, these are the areas used the most.it is important that the children have areas that they feel comfortable in. My husband tries his best, he has had two heart attacks, but still works full time. We have a very small garden that looks wrecked, the children don’t go out there at all. I would love to have a sensory haven that we can all relax in after a busy day at work and school. We all try are hardest at everything we do but the garden has beaten all of us. We would love your help if possible. Thank you.

  33. I would like to have a garden make over, me and my partner purchased our house a year ago while expecting our first child. Our little one is now 8 months old and I’ve had to return back to work full time as my partner sadly lost his job. It was be fab to win a garden make over as our garden is fully concrete and isn’t very child friendly for when our little one grows up.

  34. I’m nominating my mum and dad they need help big time and my mum needs a peace haven where she can relax and have her time,she has just been through breast cancer and lost her mum dad siblings aunts and uncles her whole side of family have passed away and my mum cared for them all,od like something good to happen to such a caring person and some one I love to the moon and infinity please do this for my parents.xxx

  35. I would like to nominate my partner Charline for a garden make over, she has degerative arthritus and suffers alot of pain. She spent many years working in hospice, has dedicated her life to Geriatric patients and and now wants to spend more time in the garden. she wants a quiet calming environment, a place where she can do crafts and generally enjoy the outdoors watching birds and listening to other wildlife.

  36. I would like to nominate us for a garden makeover. I don’t have a big sob story just we work 10 – 12 hours a day and having just moved into a new house in October all our money has been swallowed into doing up the house. We are exhausted and skint. We won’t get on holiday so would really appreciate some help so we can spend our time in the garden. Your ideas are amazing and we could never do what you do so once again any help would be fab. Here’s hoping. Xx. Ps garden has loads of potential and would make a great tv show x

  37. Hi Alan,
    I would like nominate my mum for a garden make over. She is 76 and lives on her own in a little lakeside bungalow in Boston, Lincs. She moved to the house 4 years ago with plans to renevate the bungalow and refresh the garden, unfortunately due to ill health it is turning out to be more of a challenge than she can handle. It has such a lot of potential, she currently had two lots of ducks nesting in the garden, one has just hatched off 15 duckings. Having lost around 80% of the use of her right arm and suffering from lymphoma after having breast cancer in her 40s she has gone from being extremely active to really struggling. My sister and I live away now so try to do as we can when we come to visit. But along with renevating the house time is scarce and life is moving quickly. We would love your help transforming her garden.

  38. I use to love gardening and still do in my head however I am suffering from a bad back & right hip I am awaiting my results from a MRI scan fingers crossed it will be something that can be treated & that I can return to enjoy my favourite hobby. I am a 57, single working women but am ashamed of my garden both back & front at present. A few years ago I was the envy of my neighbours who use to compliment me how lovely my garden was. I would be so grateful if you could give me a low maintenance garden makeover so whatever the result of my MRI scan my garden will always look presentable

  39. Hi Alan & the team,
    I’d like to nominate my mum for this. She has been a single parent since I was 3 (I’m now 23) and has strived to do her best for me ever since.
    The last few years have been especially tough on her, she now has vertigo and tinnitus and due to some botched carpal tunnel surgery has limited use of her fingers. She works so hard that she’s always tired but when she gets home she always has time to look after me. I have ME, fibro, PTSD and clinical depression and as such can’t do much. I’d love to be able to give her the beautiful garden she deserves, this is the woman who spent a night “sleeping” in one of those awful hospital chairs (despite having back/neck problems) when I almost died and never once mentioned how much pain she must have been in.
    She constantly goes above and beyond for me and will put herself out for anyone. I only wish I could do more for her but a beautiful garden designed by the man we’ve been watching ever since I remember would bring such a smile to her face. Vertigo or not, I daresay she’d be dancing for weeks.
    Thank you for reading this:)

  40. Hi ,
    I would love to nominate my great nan for the garden makeover, she loves your show so much, yet has a garden not suit for her access , if you were able to make her garden easier for her too use as well as bringing a smile to her face every time she opens the door we would be ever so grateful .
    Many thanks xx

  41. Hi!
    I would like to nominate my mum for a garden makeover,
    She lives at home with my little sister and her 14 month old son.
    Neither of them have much money as my sister looks after my mum and they can’t do any garden or house work properly.
    I would love my mum to have a nice garden she could sit in and watch her first grandchild play in. He is 14 month old and had yet to step foot in the Garden as its not suitable for him to be in.
    Many thanks
    Anthony burns

  42. Hi I would like to nominate my wife to win a make over for our small garden. My wife would adore a fairy garden to provide magic and excitement for our two young children. My wife works hard to keep everyone else happy and strong but has suffered great loss in her life and through this has endured anxiety attacks. A result of trying to stay strong for too long.Her garden is her savour in times of distress. Please help me make my wife a small heavenly haven she deserves.

  43. Hi I am trying to apply for this for my niece who is registered blind she has a condition achromatopsia and nystagmus is extra long sighted and extreme hyper mobility which affects her joints an.d son its harder for her to manoeuvre the garden she has she can’t play out in and isn’t safer for her all we want is to have a safe garden for her to play in

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