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  1. hi alan my mum and dad work hard and are shattard after workin twelve hour shifts they would like there own quiet area ln the garden and a quiet area for me and a area for my parents grand children there are four grand children and l want my area suitable for me and my verry special baby dolls they are reborn babys lve got learning disabilities behaviour problems club feet lupus rhumatoid arthritis and thyroide problems l need wheelchaire access ln my area ln our garden as my arthritis ls bad

  2. Dear Alan And Team

    Our community garden at Rusheyfields Recreation ground Leicester needs attention,the community spirit is lost among ourselves.The garden is left desolate and neglected.
    The council doesn’t pay any attention either so we need your help so that we could spend quality of time and relax,soothe our mind.

  3. Hi Alan
    I have moved into a bungalow just over a year ago as I have IBM and my mobility is getting worse. The bungalow is great but the garden is so big my husband is struggling to keep on top of it and I can’t get into it not that I could help much. My children are only 11 and 9 and we have 2 dogs they love the garden but we need to try and make it good for them, accessible for me and low maintenance for my husband please help

  4. Hi Allen we always watch your show and say how great it would be to get a knock from you. Our garden is layer out on green slate and a small seating area where we can sit .my husband can no longer enjoy getting out to tend his pots hanging baskets and his fish pond .Roly my husband has parkingsons asbestosis and diabetes, the parking is making mobility very difficult for him so can no longer get out to enjoy the garden as he nends a flat even ground to be able to use a wheelchair on .so a knock on the door from you and your team would be just what he needs .

  5. Hi Alan I’m a single mum of 2 and my garden is not child friendly and the council won’t do anything about its covered in weeds with more soil than grass.it’s all uneven and its the only place my children can play is there anyway you and your team can help me pls there is nowhere to plant flowers with the children and its something I wud love to do as we like getting our hands dirty so I do hope I hear from you soon.

  6. I am writing on behalf of my daughter, she is a single mother of two young girls. She has a large garden that is just too much for her to do she has asked the council to help but they wont. My grandaughters have to play on the concrete path outside the back door and when i visit and i am disabled ihave to sit at the back door as there is not really anywhere nice to sit. I would be so grateful if you could at least consider the application. Thank you

  7. This year my life was turned upside down , by a simple viral infection, I lost my speech and having to have phyisotherapy to learn to walk again … My vision is limited .. My daughters loves the garden but being told I have functional neurological disorder …I am unable to get into the garden , which makes me sad … I want to Give the children a little bit of heaven back … Tonia 20 ,chloe, 14 and keiran 8 years old ..

  8. Hi Alan. I would be desparate for a garden makeover, I only have a small yard with over growing mint and it’s a tip. Me and the hubby work full time and still don’t have the money to do it up as the house needs attention. We have four grown up kids still and home and one grandchild with another two on the way. I am a carer and look after people but never get time for the garden. I would love a seat in area to relax with a glass of wine. I don’t think you could do much with such a small space. I would like to get rid of the shed. Please can oh help, I would be forever in your debt. Thank you. Gina. Xx

  9. I am a single mother of two boys I have adperagers and my son has ssperagers I would love your help with my garden. I have tried to sort it out myself but unfortunately not being able

  10. Hello
    I would wish to nominate my mum for your programme, I feel she is the ideal lady for you to give her a beautiful garden, her garden is her pride and joy and loves to spend time in it as much as she can
    My mum suffers arthritis in most of her body, surgeons say she should be in a wheel chair but she’s so amazing, very strong and a fighter, I would love to do this for her as I know how much she would appreciate it
    Thank you

  11. When my daughter Nadine was 24 she went for a normal contraceptive pill check, little did she realise she had high blood pressure. After various tests it was diagnosed that Nadine had a form of Cancer called Multiple Myeloma, so cancer of the bone/blood.
    This was a terrific shock to us all at such a young age, this kind of cancer can affect the organs, and well for Nadine it did attack her kidney function. Over the period of 6 years Nadine has been such an inspiration to others who have also been diagnosed, she has gone through Chemotherapy for nine months, had a stem cell transplant, has successfully given birth to a beautiful boy who had to be premature because of her illness, he is almost two now and she is an amazing mum to Zach and wife to Brian. Nadine has been a bride through all of this and also a bridesmaid she has remained at work through all her treatment taking just the odd day here and there to get back some of her strength and energy.
    Nadine has now been on Dialysis for about 7 – 8 months, but as a result been told she is only allowed to work part time, especially as she also has to look after her little son Zach. Brian her husband has been her rock and her carer and managed to keep his full time job and look after the family.
    I live across the road, but also have to work part time, Nadine is so desperate to have a lovely back garden that she would love to share with her family, but unfortunately both the cost and the time is just not on her side. She has managed to obtain some second hand windows and doors for which she has waited more than a year to have someone come and turn it into a conservatory just so that she can have a dining table and eat meals as a family, and it is quite upsetting that when I go over to see her, despite all her illnesses this is perhaps what gets her down the most. We have tried to make it a little easier for them all, but with us working full time and devoting as much time to them as possible to help them through their day, time is not always on our side. I remember very much when Nadine had to have her stem cell and Zach was just 4 months old, she was not allowed to have him visit her for more than three weeks, which was very painful for her, and despite how she felt, she always gave comfort to those in hospital around her, making sure they stayed positive, one man actually asked how she managed to do her blog on face book, as he too would find comfort from this, so she explained that before a blog can be uploaded for all to see, he must first speak with his family as they were not aware of his illness, he did not know how to approach the family and Nadine helped him through this difficult time, and also he came back after to thank her for all the help she had provided for him. She truly is remarkable, and I truly would love to be able to give something back to Nadine, as she always puts others before herself. If you could help with her garden, `I know she would be made up forever and be the most appreciative person on the earth.

  12. My daughter has a 7 year old boy who has cerebral palsy. He has learning difficulties, impaired vision and asd.

    He doesn’t have any concept of depths. There garden is in different levels and the house plot is on a angle of three triangles due to a road running behind the house.

    My grandson crawls around the garden as is sight is poor and is full of splinters from the wooden decking.

    Can you help please

  13. Hi Alan my brother is 47 years old and seven weeks ago he suffered a brain ruptured aneurysm along with a stroke which has left him unable to speak or walk or talk he can only move his right arm and leg we have a very long road ahead of us. He started the back gaden but is unable to carry on. It would be lovely if you could do a make over for the family to relax in thankyou for your time there is a lot more to tell you about his condition as he is in salford royal at the moment it’s just to cheers my sister in law up his wife only she lost her mum at Christmas also .

  14. Hi I was wondering if there any chance to help wiv my bk garden there lot to do I would like to have a nice back garden

  15. Hi Alan and the team, I would love to give my son a garden which he feels safe, he is 17 years old, he has a disability , and vision Impairement, he has had loads of serious falls, now he won’t go out in the garden, even to level it and make it super safe and to make my precious son at ease in his garden… He never complains but this makes me sad as he can’t go out in the garden for fear of falling … Thank you

  16. I am writing on behalf of my daughter who has recently moved into a local authority house after a difficult few years. She has three children on the Autistic Spectrum and although is working very hard to make a nice home for them has no idea or money on how to create a safe and secure outdoor space for them. Her 6 year old daughter is non verbal but loves outdoor spaces and climbing. She also has Sensory Perception disorder and prefers to not wear either clothes or shoes. Im not sure if they are someone you can help but even if you can’t it would be great to get some idea of the best kind of garden to make for them. The children are 7, nearly 6 & 4.

  17. Hi Alan, my mum is a single parent of four and has mental health problems ever since I got took into foster care 3 years ago, now I’m 13,she has suffered from depression and only one of my sisters still live with her as the rest have all moved out,but we all still visit regularly including my niece and nephew who are aged around six months and the other ones turning 5, she is a really good mother but she doesn’t think she is and she buys us all stuff that we don’t need and is very generous. The only thing that she ever asks for is a garden that her grandchildren can play in and that she can relax in. I would love if you could help her and are family asap as her birthday is coming up soon. Thank you!

  18. Hi Alan, my mom and dad bought a house 5 years ago with a humongous garden that’s like a jungle they’ve been watching your show since its been on TV the have fought so hard to keep the house going and make it a loveable place for me and my sister who has diabetes type1 and I would love you to message me back about it as I would like our house spruced up in your normal brilliant fashion thank you so much Tayler

    • My mom suffered with cancer when I was younger and still has some trouble with it please I’m begging you make our garden a love your garden site to behold thanks again Tayler

  19. My family have just moved and dont have the money to do our garden my dad is really stressed when he comes home from work and so is my mum.my mum loves the garden and loves sitting out side on our table but all she looks at is a meesy horribal garden we are all stressed over it and upset so please make our gardes beautiful as all the other ones have watched please. I hope u can find the time thank u

  20. My grandson has an unknown syndrome. He wears glasses and hearing aids. My daughterer is unemployable as Alex, my grandson sometimes has 3 appointments a week. No employer would give her the time off. The field behind my daughters house has been sold to a housing development and my daughter has been given 12 feet of extra ground. She needs the garden developed into a place where she can use the wheelchair. She has a wheelchair swing but it has not been put up. the ground needs to be levelled and paths installed so they can wheel Alex around the garden. A bit of help would be greatly appreciated as they only have one income.

  21. Hi my name is Lisa Evans I would like your help we have a large garden and not been able to do anything to it for the last four years as our eldest daughter was Diagnosed with cancer and therefore we were unable to do anything sadly I. August last year we lost our daughter and now would like k do a memorial garden In her memory so we have somewhere to plant her roses which have been named after her pleas pleas help I also have another daughter who ready has not had a garden to do anything in

  22. Hi Alan I love in a bunglow iv tried my best to do my garden I have a disabled son who canning access the back garden and is stuck inside when we want to go in the garden iv asked the council for help and they refused could you help me I’m a very shy person and worried about being on tv

  23. Hi there, our garden is itching for a makeover, I’m a stay at home dad now, looking after my 3 young boys,which is relatively new to me, and my partner constantly at work,but with not much time or finances we are struggling to do anything exciting in the garden other than a few reduced flowers we come across lol.Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you would like to meet my family and help us create something wonderful to enjoy that would be fantastic.

  24. Hi Alan I’m an 18 year old girl that’s looking to help her hard working mum as she’s happy to put others first and I’m proud to call her my mum but no one ever returns the favour for her and my mums dream is to have the perfect back garden and front garden and if you could make this happen you’d make my mums dream come true and make her the happiest woman alive and would mean so much to see her dream come true

  25. Please help us we are oaps we have a large shared garden we have neither the skill or the knowledge to be able to make this space fulfill all are requirements.

  26. Hi
    I would love a garden makeover. I have a relatively small back garden which had been wrecked due to building work going on with the garage, which I’m getting converted. The conversion has left me with no funds to restore the garden area after the builders have a lot of hidden extras! Therefore a makeover would mean the world to me and my family to have a safe and functional garden would be amazing

  27. Hello Alan I love your programme I’d really love you too visit my garden and help.me.with advice as to.what I could do with it I try improve garden each year and little bits at a time to keep.costs down but I really struggling with working full time and hubby working nights I think we will.never get the garden done in our lifetime even If you could come.and draw me some.plans and over my lifetime.so i cam.emjoy my life and relax i.could.do a bit at a time as I love spending time in my garden such a relaxing place ifi had a clue.what to do many thanks for reading

  28. Hello Alan🙂

    I was wondering if we could have your help please with the garden as it is a funny shape to do much with , we have got some plants growing in pots and tried to get the ground going but as my mum is working on shifts it’s hard work finding the time and energy at the moment to keep the place as nice as we know it could be and would be very grateful for some advice or help about it Thankyou very much🙂

  29. Dear Alan and the team Me, my husband and our 2 young boys have moved to a lovely bungalow in Kessingland. Unfortunately our front and back garden was not cared for and has taken us a good while to clear and make safe for our family. As a keen gardener I am desperate to get it beautiful and functional for our family to enjoy. I just don’t know where to start. We saved a few plants that are special to us from our previous property but I am having gardeners block as I call it and don’t know where to go from here. Funds are an issue as you would expect after moving home. We would love and Grateley appreciate any help in making our garden the kind of space we could all enjoy for outdoor play, veggies and gardening and somewhere to soak in the sun all day. Thankyou

  30. Hi Alan, I’m a mum to 2 wonderful children, my son who is 5 has autism and speech problems, and my daughter who is 1. My son sees no danger whatsoever and runs away at the first opportunity, so he has never been in our garden as its not safe. It is a large garden and extremely overgrown as we don’t leave the house and I have to go down a flight of steps to get to it, an there is a drop either side of the steps which my son would definitely try and jump. He loves being outdoors so I drive him to my mothers so he can play outside. I just wish he could play in his own garden with his sister.

  31. Hi, can u please help me ? My name is Sylvia, 56 live on my own. Ruptured knee 18 months ago 2 ops later, still walk on stick. This is it forever. Lost my job. My garden, my world
    First thing every morning back door open let the world in. Sadly neglected but trying my best. Need help to create a low maintenance garden. Am I allowed to nominate myself. Please can u help, I’ve looked after this garden the best part of my life and it hurts to see the way it’s fading like me.

  32. Hi Alan. Please help if you can. John, my other half is disabled. He has COPD and a degenerative spinal condition. I am his carer and we aren’t getting younger. I can no longer manage him, garden and house . So the garden has to go. I need an area to enable John to get around to on his mobility scooter to be outside with his dogs, a good book and feel sunshine on him. He has worked hard all his life and needs to enjoy what time remains. Local traders haven’t turned up order tried to take us for a ride. I am demented and just want some quality time with my soul mate and love. Thank you, Carol

  33. Hi Alan and Team,

    For years my best friends parents have wanted to sort out their garden, they are so giving and caring that they always put others before themselves. Unfortunetly my best friends dad has suffered with 3 heart attacks and now back issues which prevents him from doing the garden and everyone works such long hours that they now don’t get the time to do it. They are very social people when they are not working and would really like a patio area, and just a nice place to sit in the evening and safe for kids as they have a new grand child. I hope you can help or give some advice.

    All the Best

  34. I would love you to come and do my friend val garden she love her garden and she always put everyone first never ask for anything

  35. Hi Alan

    We have a small back garden which until recently was grassed and full of plants. My 5 year old was given a trampoline for his birthday so we decided to change the garden to accommodate the trampoline. We gave the job to what turned out to be cowboys who took our money and in return stripped the garden of plants and grass. They also completed a small area of paving which was very poor quality. Trading standards are investigating but we are finding it very difficult to find anyone willing to take on the job of putting things right. They come out and look at it and either don’t follow up with a quote or quote a ridiculously high price. It is also hard to find anyone trustworthy after our experience.

  36. Hello Allen.
    I have quite the story for you.. My dad has severe back problems, which cause him to have many other issues. he had many problems, he has tarassic outlet syndrome, the roof of his foot is collapsing and he has sciatica which causes him a lot of problems. Hes on medication pretty much every day of his life, he sometimes can’t walk. My dad loves to spend time in the garden, sun bathing, barbecues, and family time. He is one of the most important person in our lives. He does so many things for so many different people, he does everything he can to help, and he’s a great cook! We ask for you to surprise my dad in making our garden his heaven. My mum my brother and myself would love to surprise him and make his year! Please get in contact and help us make his dreams come true. Thank you Alan!

  37. Hi Alan and team, I would like to nominate my mum to be on the show as she is most caring person who gives all her time and attention to other people and I really think she would love a garden That has a lovely place for her to relax after a long day. This is where I would extremely be thankful if you could help transform our boring overgrown garden into a calm, relaxing, dream garden for my mum who is devoted to giving her to time to others. This would be a dream come true as there are issues at Home sometimes and she gets fed up but she has no where to be on her own and relax. However, Our garden isn’t that big but I really want to give my mum a brilliant surprise for everything she has done for other people and her children. Thank you!

  38. Good morning Alan. After many years of bad health with my husband and having to give up work and me not working then. Then me getting a job but after trying ten years of trying to get back on our feet with me working long hrs 12/14hrs a day. I developed breast cancer. I went back to work after10 mths off. Garden still not having care. 😔 five yrs down line cancer again getting weaker all the time. Went back to work back started feeling v week diagnosed 18 yrs down line with matatastic cancer in my vertabrae which came to light with a fractured vertabrae then spread to my liver. I have finished work now because i just cant cope and the dream of doing my home and garden up when i retire shattered. I need a lovely garden more than ever now to relax and b at one with nature. Id still Like an easy maintenance garden because id like to carry on as long as possible. Twenty years of my working life dedicated to welsh blood service. X garden minimal. X my husband potters in his veg plot in his own time. X please help us. X

  39. I would like you to come and help my sister and brother in law with there garden my brother in law is ill and can’t even mowed the garden now. The Drs said he only had about 2years to live but he’s still her with us .dont want anything to hard for them to do yours sincerely Tracey Heaven ps we live in Mansfield Nottingham

  40. Please help me. Im a single mum of 3. Always worked full time but struggled with post natal depression and was in a mental health hospital. Home isnt the same anymore but i cant move house. Id love a nice garden to sit in and listen to some peace and quiet. Im 29years old and dont have many people who can help me with a perfect garden.

  41. Hi Alan My husband is disabled his health has become worse over the last three years as he suffers with epilepsy haemophilia a heart condition and through his treatment for haemophilia contracted hepatitis c which causes pain his only just turned 40 which we had a little party in our garden with friends and family we love our garden We spend a lot of time I It as my husband doesn’t go out much because of his condition his lost confidence so he likes to be at home I would love to tell him that the garden is having a makeover as it would be lovely for somewhere for him to relax

  42. Hi, my husband has always helped the family with house and garden. We moved house in May and in August I came back from a walk to find my husband Nigel collapsed on our patio. He has been home from hospital for just over a week and he is a changed man. Very tired and a garden and hose to sort. He loves gardening but this is su h an ordeal for him. I would so my h like your help to give him a garden to relax in, please help

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