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  1. Hello if lives in a bungalow for 20 years with a 100 ft by 60 ft I’m patalized from chest down.
    Unable to get down into garden I have 7000£ to spend on the garden can you help or point me to someone who can it is really getting me down now.really needs sorting as it is a huge uneven garden with steps down into it well it is a mess please help me .
    Broke my back when i was 16 I’m now 40 please let me enjoy my nature haven.

  2. Hi Alan I’m looking for your help and expertise please ..we have 3 children 2 with autism 7 and 6 plus young daughter 3 I’m trying to find some help for my husband he loves being outdoors and messing in garden erecting decks and digging ponds .but is struggling to create something sensory in our garden..we are currently swapping our 3 storey house for a smaller property but 4 times the size of our current garden just for our children they are very outdoorsy hate being inside ..our new garden is a blank canvas nothing in it at the moment ..I’m asking for help as well as the house will need decorating and caring for the children he is gonna be extremely tired and worn out to do any gardening I myself suffer from joint hyper mobility and not very green fingered..he always saying would love to meet Alan as he has all the old garden force episodes and love your garden episodes tries to copy the ideas but have to admit he not good with the plants …would be extremely thankful for any help and dream come true for my husband to meet Alan

  3. Hi,

    I really would love for you guys to come and help out in my mums garden. She’s based in a nice little village called hardwick based 10 miles from Cambridge. She works so hard and I think now is the time for her to have a little back.
    She lost her dad a few years ago. And recently lost her beloved dog Barney.
    I would love for your team to get in touch and possibly help out.
    My mum was voted 2nd best jam maker in Britain. So toast and tea will be good. Her name is Alison Landels if you want to look her up.
    Please get in touch.
    Thank you
    Jason Landels

  4. Hi there. We have a tiny back garden and our only excuse really is time, money and skills to do it ourselves or we would. There are clearly people who need and deserve such a gift from yourselves but theres no harm in asking

  5. hi im a single parent to a fabulous 19 year old son. im a disabled 42 year old mum with numerous health problems. i have a lovely house but a terrible garden which attracting rats really bad. ive gt a half patioed and half grass the grass part is full of dog faeces.i just would love it all to be patioed with a few pots of fliwers and plants. i have had my house 5 years and havent even sat or sunbathed out in the garden in 5 years. i have priced to have this done and it will cost nearly £2000 whivh is a hell of a lot of money when your only have £750 a month to live on. i would be over joyed with happiness if my garden was done. it would be a dream come true to sit out the back garden and stargaze omg thats sounsa amazing please a single parent mum im need.

  6. Hi I would really like you to help my friend who has Terminal Cancer. change her garden to make her life easier. So it’s more accessible and relaxing. She is only 50 and my best friend. She is my inspiration and never complains. It would make her day and help her tremendously in having that chill space. Fresh air and tranquility so please be inspired and do this challenge for her. Here is my name if you want to contact me

  7. Hello Mr Tichmarsh and co. Please please could you help me, after 2 strokes and problems with type 1 diabeties I’m unable to keep my garden from over growing, unfortunately the rear garden is also sloping which also makes things difficult. I have tried my local council and charities but have been unable to gain any help. I’m very embarrassed and anxious to ask as this is the first time I’m hoping for a good outcome
    Yours anxiously

  8. We live in a Victorian Terrace house in st Ives, Cambs with a very small back garden. I have a wonderful husband Bruce who does a lot of things for me as I have a chronic back problem.

    We’ve had a hard year with my husband losing his brother to suicide and my father being diagnosed with terminal cancer and Bruce can’t deal with the sorting out of the garden. His brother put the crazy paving down but it just doesn’t look a very happy garden. We also have a gorgeous little Jack Russell, Ron,who doesn’t help the plants! It would be so nice to have something lovely to step into and enjoy without the worry of tripping up.

  9. Hi Alan I have suffered severe depression all my life but I cope on my medication , I go to University I have two girls two grown up boys, but my garden is nothing to come home too after a busy day, I would like a themed garden with a little river and rocks on the side and a Chinese like bridge to walk over. And lots of flowers to attract wild life.It isn’t a huge garden, but I have never been able to say I’m going home to sit in the garden because I hate it Allan. Please please help me.x

  10. Dear Mr Titchmarsh
    Please can you help I married my wife mandy on my birthday on 8th june 2016.
    I am Mandy’s carer she as osteoarthritis from head to toe she was born with congenital hips and she suffers bipolar and other mental issue’s I am Mandy’s 2nd husband her first husband passed away 11 year’s ago they have two sons that were 10 and 11 he died aged 39 and it as been really hard on mandy with the love and help from her mom and dad I do everything for mandy being her carer.
    Where she lives is her own house but when her husband died the mortgage was not paid in full so she is paying the interest which is being paid through benefits as I said I do everything from cooking to cleaning even help her get dressed when things are to bad we have a really big back garden which I try to keep up on I have started to build a fish pond for mandy to sit and watch and relax the garden just needs leveling and new fencing so our dogs cannot get out ha ha
    If you could please help with anything even some advice would be very grateful I know nothing about gardening but willing to learn
    Yours most sincerely
    Simon hill

  11. Hi , I’m Kelsey , I have applied to love your garden for my Nannie ! I have applied because my Nannie is not a regular Nannie , she’s been through more than expected . She lost her granddaughter jade in 2013 , my sister also. She was disabled and had a 1p chromosome and more other disability’s she couldn’t walk , talk of eat ! Months afterwords we lost out grandad … She was very sad. And she has work all her life . Also she has another grandson that has autism Harvey . He’s 12 years old . Also there are 7 grandchildren all together ! It’s a large family you’d think but it’s very small .
    Anyway my Nannie deserves it and please get back in touch .

  12. Hi I would love it if you and your team could help to sort out my mum’s garden. My dad died in July after a tough battle with cancer. The last year of his life my mum and dad Haven’t been able to manage the back garden. My mum is also a full time carer to my brother who is severely disabled. She deserves this so much after all she has done caring for my dad and brother. We all as a family spent a lot of time in the garden having bbq’s and get togethers. But now it’s a bit of a mess. My brother uses an electric wheelchair and has trouble getting into the garden. This would make my mother so happy. As she loves your show. We always watched it last series and my dad would say to me write in and see if they can do our garden. It would be wonderful if you could help.
    Thank you

  13. Hi Allan,

    I can see from stories that here a people more in need and far worse situation but I need to ask.
    Mine and my sons dream was to have a garden to we swapped our flat for a house with a garden but when we got here it wasn’t garden for a 5 years old to play in. I will never be able to do anything with it, I am single mum, paying bills and that’s all I have money for.
    My son dream is to have a garden where he can have a swing and catch bugs which he loves.
    Please help.

  14. I’m trying to fill a form online, I’m not very good at this, my careers here are busy but I would like to enter our communal garden, it is extra care housing, we are all mixed regarding our illnesses, and the vulnerable too ,
    Please help
    Thank you

  15. Hi, I’m trying to apply for your show,
    I’m not very good on these email online forms, my carers are busy. So cannot help,
    We are an extra care home, for disabled and the vulnerable,
    We need lots of help in our garden as it is depressing,
    Thank you mrs clayton

  16. Hi Allen I am looking for your help, my father inlaw is disabled and struggles to get up in the garden and there fore my mother in law is left to deal with the garden with a bit help from the family. Talk about bad luck as my mother inlaw went out to Cyprus for a break she has ended up in hospital with a bleed on the brain, at the moment she can’t talk walk or move properly. I am writing this as they are good people, they organised trips for the elderly, fed the homeless with there own money and I think they deserve a bit of good back. As this garden causes a problem which is approx 25ft x 40ft and is raised and stepped. Kind regards Peter Little

  17. Hello Alan need your help I’m paralized from the chest down due to car accident when I was,16 in which I broke my neck so I am wheelchair bound my garden is100 ft by 70 ft in which is uneven and down hill over grown and surround by trees.
    Iv lived on my bungalow for 15 years in which iv never been able to explore my nature haven please please help I watch your shows and I dream it was my garden you are working on please help me I’m 40 now.
    My garden deserves attention.
    Best wishes.

  18. We have a massive back and side garden with loads of potential ! Cud even build another house on there but we would rather have a lovely family area for spending time quality time together. This is definitely no little task for the shy and is probably the reason why we don’t know we’re to start in it!
    Hope to hear from someone who dare take on thus challenge !!! 😁

  19. Dear Sir Alan Titchmarsh
    I know a single mom , friend of my wife . Who’s gardens are a real mess,and she has x3 children , one who has autism. Mathew who has autism can not play in his garden due to lumps and bumps etc . It is a real shame that Mathew can not play outside . The council should be ashamed to allow Claire and her children to move into those conditions . Please help !

  20. Dear Alan and co

    Please can you help me and my 3 children to help us finish my garden, we have lived in our house for 4 years and we have nothing but bad luck to the house being full of damp, to the children loosing their grandad to me constantly trying to sort the house and the garden out, I have tried single handedly with the garden and I am not only making my self I’ll due to doing it I am unable to spend quality time with my children, I have a large uneven garden to the front, side and back if the house it is far to much for me to deal with. It would make a massive difference to me and my children if you could help us, not only would my garden be a great place for my children to play in, my youngest wants to grow her own little veggie patch, I am trying to achieve this but its hard doing on my own 😦

  21. I lost my mother in 2015 and had to find somewhere to live and I moved to clacton on sea in a ground floor flat
    I have done what I could with the flat why I still deal with my loss but after dealing with the bathroom and kitchen
    My patio area outside the kitchen needs doing so that I can sit outside and just relax please can you help me as the weeds and my bad back doesn’t
    Mr robin g blay

  22. Hi I have a wonderful brother and sister in law he as a few disabilities but she has so many they never conplain or expect help I wish I lived closer to help out they loved their garden its hard to imagine how they feel I guess we take for granted how lucky we are not just to sit and enjoy but to tend our garden I feel she must feel she is a prisoner in her home my wordsnot their wish I could change their lives thank u for reading my letter sheila turnerClive

  23. My mum died in a house fire…and I would like to get our garden looking like it did when our mum was alive..we’ve had the house rebuilt but the garden is a mess

  24. Hi I would really love for you all to give me some inspiration for my garden. Have been in the house 3 years and just not found the time or had enough money. I now have money but not a clue what to do
    Thanks Kerry x

  25. Dear Alan my dad has done a lot for me and my brothers as well as other people too. He is now 81 and has trouble keeping the garden in control. Would you please have a go of it with your usual splendour

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