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  1. Hi. Both my partner and i run a charity gor elderly and disabled people. We work very long hours and 3 years ago started our garden which has got no further than rubble and weeds. I would love to surprise my partner by having garden done for him as he works so incredibly hard at work and hes also working on the internal house as well. Thank you

  2. Hi Alan, I was wondering if you can help us,I have a toddler ,his name is Max, Max doesn’t speak yet , Max has Autism, he loves to spend time in the garden but the garden is in a terrible state at the moment. We have tried to clean it up and make it safe for him to play however it would be nice to make it a real haven for Max to play in..

  3. I would like to apply for a garden make over on behalf of my auntie and uncle they would love to have a nice back garden somewhere they can relax my auntie works 3 jobs and is 60 and my uncle also works and he is 60 they can’t really do much on there own and I would love to help give something back to them as they have done everything for all of us

  4. Hello, I was wondering if you could help with my parents garden? My dad has vascular dementia and this has had an impact on his mobility, he is unsteady on his feet and his judgement on things is affected. My mum has rheumatoid arthritis but still manages to be my dads sole carer. Both my parents used to love the garden but now it’s just an added chore for my mum, the paving is dangerous for my dad, so he’s not allowed out by himself in case he falls. I was just wondering if you could help please.

  5. My Grandma loves to garden and she has recently had a metal hip and she has been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis since she was 29. She is 56. I would love to surprise her by doing up her garden.

  6. I’m Mum to 3 daughters, 1 who is healthy, 1 who has Down Syndrome & 1 who was found in 2014 to have an inoperable (due to it’s location) brain tumour, which causes hydrocephalus (excess water on the brain). In the last 18 months she has undergone 3 x brain surgery to try and deal with hydrocephalus.

    I grew up in foster care so didn’t have the greatest start in life, but am determined to try and provide a good future for my children with the help of my husband. Unfortunately with the girls medical issues, time to do garden bits is rare.

    It would be lovely to be able to have help to create a nicer garden for the girls to play in & for us to be able to relax in at the end of a stressful day.

    Please can you consider helping us (we are in Hampshire UK)

  7. My mom works so hard and weve ploded on together shes had to tackle being a single mom and working despite being ill and suffering long term deprestion.
    She lost her mom at 17 dad at 21 n had a rough marriage she looks at the garden n knows what she wants but never gets there
    Shes been there for me helped me threw my operation id like to thank her by giving her her dream of somewhere yo relax

  8. Hi I am not sure if this is the right procedure to apply but I would like to ask if you could please help me. I live with my dad and just over a year ago we lost my mam to the horrible disease we all know as cancer, it was a lot quicker than we imagined. We have a large back garden and my mam loved her gardening, however since we lost her we have not been able to manage it. I would really like to give it makeover, with a lovely peaceful area and memorial area for my mam. So that we can sit and enjoy the garden again. Please, please could you help. Thank you

  9. Dear Alan and team
    I would like to nominate my twin sister for a garden makeover. She has five children at home and three of her children have ME which means that they cannot work and/or help in the garden and it has seriously affected their school and university opportunities etc. My sister works and has to cope with a lot and is one of the most generous people I know. Their living conditions are crowded and I would love to be able to give her a boost and create some outdoor living space that would lift their spirits.and be easy to maintain. I would be very grateful if you would consider her – she lives in Cambridgeshire. Many thanks.

  10. We have recently moved into a new noise with our 3 young children. We have a HUGE garden that has been left unloved and uncared for for many years. Both myself and my partner work long hours every week but just cannot do the work that needs to be done to make it a safe family friendly place for our children to enjoy. If you could help us to create the perfect garden for us all to enjoy it would mean so much to us all!! Thank you for taking the time to read this,
    Kind regards
    Stephen and Emma

  11. Hi allan my son currently lives with his partner and there garden is a mess, they have had some really bad times his girlfriends dad died of cancer and her mum year after was lucky enough to meet and marry someone else who’s house they all lived in, unfortunately he also got cancer and died then not long after her mum got cancer and died, really would like ti do something nice for these kids and give them a break, I know if thete garden was sorted it would give them great pleasure, and be one less thing for them too sort out, would love it if you could help

  12. Dear Alan I don’t think my request of June 25 ever got through. So, please allow me to try again. I would to apply on behalf of my daughter. Jenna has cerebral palsy, she is 28 and lives alone with her cats and new puppy in a bungalow. The bungalow has had internal adaptions. Access to the garden and getting around in her wheelchair is difficult. The paths are narrow and there is no ramp from the decking and a step from the back door. She has had a difficult few years with health issues and the loss of her beloved dog. A beautiful garden would really lift her spirits. She is a wonderful daughter and so brave I would love to be part of something really special. Regards Julie x

  13. If I did not mention in my comments mum has had cancer twice heart problems dieabetic gets very depressed . I do what I can to help but the garden is to much for me. So please.

  14. Hi Alan
    I’m writing on behalf of my mum and dad and there mess of a garden. They have lived in there house for about 15 years and never had a finished garden, my dad does what he can but it is a big garden. They are always helping there family out, what with 3 children and 8 granchildren, and my elderly nan. They just never have any time for themselves. I know it gets them down every day they look out there window. Please please help.

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