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  1. I would like to nominate my daughter’s amazing best friend Melanie Kehoe. She is like a daughter to me. She watches every episode. At the age of the 24 she has made us all so very proud with her ambition and determination. She had bought her own first home. It needs so much work and slowly but surely she had started making progress. She has struggled all her life to be better than she thought she could ever be. We are so proud of her.
    She has given up so much to achieve her dreams and this extra help would mean the world. She is truly one in a million and I guarantee you entertainment.

    • I would like to nominate a friend who has 6 children One of the children is blind and wheelchair bound They need help to make the garden child friendly Thankyou Angela South 16 Ouesburn avenue York Yo265NN

  2. Please help my sister whom as been widowed and has a beautiful little boy aged 9 years old x she’s 55 this year & finally finding happiness with her husband he was sadly taken from them nearly 5 years ago 😢she has moved twice since & stugggles daily to keep a roof over there heads & as a widower life can be so hard 🤔she as been staying with us for the last 3 months & moving into their new house soon but money as run out again to do the garden & it’s been left half done 😢we all try & help her but she would really like her palms that have been up rooted twice now that she plants with mikes ashes❤️plans & ideas for a memory area & vegetable for our little Archie boy to grow his strawberries 😊we live Leigh on sea Essex & she moved to be near us about a year after mike passed away from a rare brain illness called adems 😢please help my sister sort this & finally enjoy some peace & relaxation 😊

  3. I am a teenager I have been in care with a lovely foster career since I was seven and now my carrier is my garden. She has been the world to me and made my life a dream in paradise all that I could dream of. I have had my ups and downs but she has never gave up on me. When I come to her I didn’t know nothing in terms of education. I didn’t even know how to write my name. I was very underdeveloped for my age. But rose my career was there and changed everything. I never know someone to be so amazing. Please I Need to say thank you to her for her help and for saving me from being mentaly insane and haveing mental health problems. This is the one thing she dreams off. Please help me with this i already tried once and i didn’t get anything this made me sad. It would mean the world to her. PLEASE REPLY

  4. Please my son is an amazing man,he has a boy and a girl aged respectively 16 and 12, thiere mum has a very trying time with breast cancer (double mastectomy) and other issues.main factor dad has been a wonderful support for all ,he does a full time job and finds time to entering his children,not so young I know but they have gone through so much over the past seven years,I would so like for him to have a treat. I’m asking as a mum to give home some thing back,thank you his mum xx

  5. Hi Alan, My name is Richie and I’m a chainsaw carver and I’m really passionate about art…. I really, really want to make a difference and was wondering if you’d consider including my designs/sculptures into your Garden designs! Im a great fan of your program (love your garden) and it’s inspirational the way you put a little love into people’s lives….. plz feel free to check out my FB page RB carvings.
    Regards Richie

  6. It would mean the world to my family and I if this happened. 8 years now since my dad, who had a love for gardening, passed away unexpectedly, my sister and mum are doing their best to cope whilst, keeping the family together. I know our garden could be transformed into a tremendous, tranquil place unfortunately, not having my dad here to do this makes the job too difficult for us. To have somewhere where we can all sit down and invite my dads family over (as we still keep in contact with them) would be beyond me. Thank you x

  7. For my sister and husband whom my sister has suffered several strokes leaving her disabled. They had to move to a bungalow as she couldn’t manage the stairs. The garden needs adapting to her needs.

  8. I would love a garden that I can sit in and just relax. My partner hates gardening so our garden is so dull and has no plants in it or any colour. I have esonophilic asthma, fybromyalgia and arthritis and my mobility is getting worse so I would love to be able to sit outside in the sun. I’m 48 and have no idea how to design a garden so this would be a dream come true. Thank You x

  9. We have a garden and it’s not very fun
    At all it’s medium small so would like
    Love your garden to make ours a bit
    More nicer

  10. Hi Alan

    We have a garden and it’s not very fun
    At all it’s medium small so would like
    Love your garden to make ours a bit
    More nicer my name is sophie

  11. My sister has had a horrible time at 21 years old with dignose with cancer in her neck with first child, she’s so young and I couldn’t live without her if she had a garden to relax with in the summer she would be utermty greatfull so would I Amy is such a good mum and with constant check ups it’s hard for her to be a mum and enjoy the garden she needs for the kids as the wooden floor is dangerous please help

  12. I would like to nominate my daughter she is a inspection, she has three son 12 8 and 7 and the 8 year old has severe autism, global development delay, seizures, toe walker in splints and pica witch is a eating disorder and it can be very dangers as he will eat anything from wires poo he’s own nappies sick anything he can so as you can imagine it is very hard for them. they would love to have a beautiful and safe garden for the boys and at the moment it’s not safe it’s all uneven paving slabs some are sinking. so even when it’s summer they are stuck in the house as it can be very difficult for her to go out with the kids when husband at work so having a garden would make a big difference for the family.
    many thanks.

  13. hi, my partner and I have lived in your house for 18mth, we would dearly like to have a garden makeover but because Paul works away all week and I just don’t have the physical strength, we just don’t seem to be able to get on with the garden, plus Paul doesn’t like gardening but I do. at the moment it’s just a flat grassy area and very boring to look at. we have a large family(most would be willing to help)but nobody has the expertise to know what to do . if you could help us we would be very grateful.

  14. Hello,
    I love your fantastic show and Alan and team.
    I have a serious non curable illness called Sjogrens Syndrome and had a spinal fracture in 2013 . I had to downsize and owned a large house and a Boarding Cattery then. It was very distressing as no time to sell my business as was too ill. Also lost my mum at the same time.
    I had a fabulous garden and state of the art UPVC Cattery that I managed alone, bringing up my 4 children as a single mum. All grown up now. I am passionate about gardens and plants and am distressed as too immobile and lack of money after not getting revenue from selling my business/ house.
    My garden is an L shape at the rear and is absolutely one of the worst you will have seen.
    It is too much to sort out and I feel very sad and upset as I love the space.
    Please would you consider my application that I will try to complete.
    Alan know my friend that I met after the programme Britains Best Back Gardens, her name is Maureen and she was on the programme with her council house garden. I then was able to visit her garden.
    Oh my age is 68 years young!
    Very Kind Regards
    Sue Phair

  15. Hello Alan,
    I am desperately needing access to my back garden and to be set nicely for my severely disabled 4year old daughter.
    It is a very big garden with a side area around the house too. I’m am a single parent and love to be outside in the summer with pool for my daughters and siblings it is very difficult as I have to leave my girl sat in kitchen in her special needs chair looking out of window wile I hang washing out, she is going to need access for her skills and development as she is very determined and uses standing frame and learning to use walking frame, I feel so isolated within our home due to this garden issue, please help…

  16. Hi my back garden an front garden are very plane an messy I want to surprise my mum an dad an my little sister cause she carnt do nothing in the house I hope use get back an help

  17. Hi , i would love to nominate my nan to have a garden makeover. In the past couple of months my grandad who she was married to for 57 years passed away suddenly. She was his carer and always done everything for him . A couple of months after that her sister died suddenly too. Even after these tragedys she is still the rock of the family. Someone with the biggest heart. She also has COPD so cant get out to do the gardening like she done in her younger years. My nan is a special person and deserves something that i know will make her world . Thank you

  18. Well where do I begin…my mum and dad was ready to retire and travel the world when she became ill with Huntintons disease at 58 😢there life’s transformed as he then became her full time carer,still fighting everyday they are both a shadow of their former selves!they took such pride in their garden/Home it’s quite shocking how they have let it go but understandable!i think they have honestly given up on life!she sits in the same chair day in day out he drinks a lot to get through to another day 😢and I honestly believe if your team could help and she could go to her garden for a sense of peace and different scenery it could be the miracle they both need to believe life can’t change but they could at least get some enjoyment still maybe a barbque they were both so sociable but it’s been 15 years since they had people/family round to eat every person entering this is deserving no doubt but please at least see the garden and the people behind this story thank you Lisa jones from morecambe Lancashire xx

  19. Please please please we need your help, we currently live in a Haig home for ex military, my husband served in the RAF for 20 years but suffered a spinal injury with has left him disabled and no longer able to do his job as an aircraft engineer. I have given up my career as a florist to become his full time carer. We have 3 boys & a house with a huge garden that once was a beautiful place but was left to ruin & become uncared for & overgrown by the previous occupant. We would so love it returned to glory a place our boys can play, that my husband can find calm & nature & enjoyment & somewhere I can enjoy my flowers again & grow vegetables with the family.
    Thank you

  20. Dear Alan & makeover team

    Hi there , I am messaging to enquire if you are looking for any gardening projects for future shows . I would love you to makeover my 82 year old mums garden for her as she has had such a tough year . Starting with a cancer diagnosis this time last year and major surgery . Even through all this she continued to support me, as I have had chronic pain for many years and now had to give up work . She had also supported regularly visited my younger disabled sister who needs full time nursing home care and who we sadly lost suddenly in August last year.
    We are still coming to terms with the sudden loss of my sister , particularly mum who devoted her time to visiting and caring for her . We were given the devastating news in the new year that mum now has secondary cancer , but she is determined to fight it by having more surgery in a couple of weeks ,
    I would love to give her a tranquil garden to recuperate in and to thank her for being such an amazingly strong lady and paricularly for all the love and support she has given me . She has been a widow for 13 years and in all this time has remained strong for us all . I’m so proud to call her my mum and would love to give her a lovely space to relax and enjoy whatever time she has left with us .

    I can send photos of the garden if it would help . It is not very big as she only has a small bungalow

    Kind regards

  21. My husband as been diagnosed with vascular dementia in September last year and I would love to have a garden makeover because he can do it no more plz consider us

  22. My mum has been in a home for three years now with Alzheimer’s and dementia. For years she lived on her own and was always in the garden she loved it. Even when she became ill and her memory was going I would find her weeding in someone elses on the street.When she came to mine she would do the same but most of mine was grass. I would love to have a place where I could take my mum out and spend some quality time with her. She can’t walk so she has to come out in a wheelchair. I have been taking her to Wentworth garden centre and I can see a change in her. Please could you consider my mum she so truly deserves it. Thankyou c Nicholson

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