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  1. Dear Alan,
    Hello I am Jemima, an 11 year old girl from Essex. The reason I am writing to you is because my Mum needs somewhere where she can sit and relax. She has worked her socks off since she left school at 16 years old and it’s about time she gets a break. Over these years she has raised 5 children, suffered two major car accidents during one of which she suffered horrific facial injuries and had to undergo a series of operations involving reconstructive surgery. More recently she has looked after her husband, my Dad, following two major operations for hip resurfacing and replacement whilst at the same time working to provide an income for the family and also embarking on a degree programme to train as a midwife. She qualified as a midwife last summer with first class honours, despite during her final degree year,needing to help look after her parents who both became very ill. Sadly, her Father died just a few weeks before she completed her training and during a highly pressurised time when she was completing hospital placement, exams, portfolio of skills, dissertation and applying for midwifery roles. In between working 12.5 hour shifts she had to travel six hours per day to visit her parents and be with her dying Father, who had been moved into care out of our area. Of course, she still had to do the running of the house and look after us (the children). I am so proud of her because she has worked so hard and has never given up. She has managed to qualify as a midwife dispite very difficult circumstances. At the moment she has had to turn down the offer of employment within midwifery, which was such a difficult decsion, to be able to look after my Grandma who has dementia, although my Mum is still working within a role which allows her to be on call for my Grandma, when necessary.
    My Mum loves the outdoors and it would be great if she could have a garden to relax in and enjoy.
    I love watching your programms and love seeing whatv you do with them.

    I hope you consider this and I look foward to hearing from you. Thank you!

    From Jemima Rowden XX (I have provided my Dad’s email address).

  2. I would like to nominate my sister,she has recently lost her husband to lung cancer aged 53. He used to love gardening growing all kinds of vegetables. One of her sons has tried to take on the roll of keeping the vegetable garden going but the rest of the garden is getting over grown. Everybody works and its so hard to maintain the rest. She would love a garden that would be easy for her to maintain.

  3. The application form states applications for 2015 to be in by 30th November 2014 – is this correct or do we just email here?

  4. Dear Alan I uhh ave spent most of last year in hospital due to a fall where I broke both my ankles,and my husband even though he’s a shift worker came to see me when ever he could and when I got home I could not walk so my husband did everything I would love to surprise him by having our small front and back garden my way of saying than k’m s for being there for me and loving me I’m 57 and my husband is 61

  5. Dear Alan,
    Hi I am Corrine one of 24 grandchildren of my nan Christien, she is an amazing women and has worked so hard from such a young age and is still working now aged 70, she is such a roll model to all her friend and family and brought up her 6 children single handed until she meet my step grandfather who sadly passed away 4 years ago and she has never stopped to think of herself so I would love for you to come and make her garden into a haven where she can unwind thank you Corrine x

  6. Hi there all at Love your Garden. If you do find time to read this, I have a mum who Loves her garden. She has been keeping it looking quite good for many years, 30 yrs. since my Dad left and she moved into her house. She has never had good luck, she has had cancer of the breast, one was removed, she has osteoporosis,diabetes, and other medical conditions. She is unable to do her garden and can only potter around now. She would benefit her garden to be raised up and some of her plants moved to create a new look. Please could you consider her for this as this would be a make over with old plants being used and some new ones. This would also give her a lot of satisfaction in the years she has left, knowing she has made the best of her garden. Thank you. Her daughter kazz

  7. Hi Alan and team
    I have a son and daughter in law in much need of a garden makeover. There!s is quite tiny and they need some inspiration as to how it should look.
    My son works full time and also gives up most of his evenings for the sake of our grandchild so garden is neglected.
    We would help but my husband has prostate cancer and can only just about manage our garden.
    Please consider my son who lives in Windsor for your next series.
    Shirley Beck ….07948573245 …

  8. Hi team, how about a wee trip to Omagh in Northern Ireland? My mum will be 70 this year and I would love to suprise her with a dream garden but due to poor health I am unable to do so. Her garden is a blank canvas and needs a touch of magic.
    Thanks for reading. Blessings

  9. I would like to nominate my wife. She is 40 and has stage III malignant melanoma. She loves her garden but between childcare and work has really not had a chance to establish our gardening since moving to Glasgow just one year ago.
    She now faces the prospect of axillary node clearance, which is likely to limit use of her left arm due to lymphoedema and nerve damage. In turn this will make our new garden harder to tame.
    She is a keen vegetable gardener and wants to establish a flower bed. Whether we will ever manage this I don’t know given what she is facing. The median survival for stage III melanoma is only 3.4 years.
    This is hard to bear at 40 with two young children (our girls are 2 and 8 years old) – She also plans to establish a play area in the garden for the kids.
    We are both medical doctors and have undoubtedly invested much of our youth to the long hours we worked for the NHS. It is such a tragedy that having put off until we’re settled the things we enjoy such as our garden that now we’re of an age to do so this has happened and makes it look increasingly unlikely that achieving her dreams with the garden will be possible.

    I would be eternally grateful for any help you might give.

  10. Hi,
    I would love to tell you about two very special people in my life. My mum and my foster sister. My mum was a respite foster carer for 15 years providing a safe loving and stimulating respite home for many children. In 2008 she took in a 4 year old girl with complex needs for 3 weeks! It’s now 2015 this beautifully little girl is now 11 years old. The garden needs to be a safe sensory place she can enjoy, spend time in sadly and learn in. She loves bugs, soil and planting. Being outside calms my foster sister and she deserves a really special place to play as getting out in the community can be a frightening place for her at times. My mum has committed her later years when most people are beginning to slow down, to caring for my foster sister who can be extremely challenging at times. She needs a space were she can spend time with my foster sister and her gran children, and also a space she can relax at the end of the day, or during school weeks ether alone or with friends or family. Going out is difficult as finding a baby sitter is problematic.
    We have tried to get this space right for both of them but it really does not work for them at the moment.
    Please consider our unique garden needs.
    Thank you

  11. Hi Alan
    My Mother’s garden is a ‘Bridge too far’
    It probably wouldn’t make a good show . It is not a derelict wasteland/ blank canvass that could be miraculously transformed into a modern oasis. It has History.
    My mother moved into the house when she was 10 ….. next year she will be 80 . My grandfather was a keen gardener and a lot of what is in the garden was started by him. My mother loves being in the garden but her health is failing and her money has gone .
    So what makes her garden problematic ? I will list them.
    *A Terraced house whose only access to the garden is through a shared passage.
    *3 fruit trees …. in a small garden ……that she would insist on staying .
    *A magnolia tree that said ‘dwarf ‘ on the packet 50 years ago …. it lied.
    *Concrete slabs that some cowboys put down are now so uneven they trip her up.
    *All fences are only being held up by bind weed and ivy.
    *Some nice plants lost in a sea of weeds.
    *And then there is the shed . Build by my grandfather over 50 years ago …. with asbestos!
    *We have a hedgehog that hibernates in the garden ….. and we would like him to stay.

    Yes…. it is insurmountable .
    So why would you bother?

    Well….. maybe you would like the challenge of taming the wilderness with your indisputable skill whilst maintaining the integrity of the garden for the bees and butterflies that are drawn to the cacophonous mess.

    And failing that …. my mother is a star. My sister and I both divorced and moved back with our mum…. with our daughters . We told her it would only be temporary …. 10 years ago ! She has never had the quiet retirement she planned . Her garden is her only sanctuary.

    Kind regards


  12. I would like to nominate my mum monica for a garden makeover. She loves you and your programmes and tries so so hard to make her garden one you would be proud of. However, monica has arthritis in her feet and hands and is finding gardening increasingly difficult, particularly cutting the large expanse of lawn which she dreads doing!

    I hope you consider us!

    Thank you,

  13. Hi Alan
    Last September i took over the running of a failing care home with closure notice in Meltham. Working 24/7 and bringing in a new care team we have turned the home around and now have an excellent CQC report Infection control report and enviromental health the home is fully compliant in all areas. We are a small independent home set in beautiful grounds and surroundings of the Meltham West Yorkshire landscape. However our garden needs love and attention just like our residents. We are hoping to have a memorial garden in memory of the residents who have died and also a seating patio area for our residents to enjoy the views. Our garden area is in need of your help.
    please consider us for your next task. Our oldest resident is 101 and youngest 87 they are a lovely bunch and deserve the best.

    waiting in anticipation
    Christine Evans

  14. Dear Alan and team. We moved into our housing association house just uver a year ago and we are trying to get it together. To have a nice new garden would be a great help. I work in our local nursery on a voluntary basis band my brother works for babour at Jarrow. When we are both out my mother is on her own with the cat. We would live a multi purpose which we can sit in and listen to birds and watch nature go by. We would also like a kitchen garden where we can grow herbs, spices fruit and veg i imagine something like Beatrix potter insroeation

  15. Dear alan,
    Im georgia from bedfont, middlesex and i am writing to you for my mum. She is a very busy woman who is always first to help other people before considering herself. This year my dad would have been gone 12 years she has raised be on her own since i was 6 and i would really like somewhere for her to relax and where else better to relax then your own garden. My mum is a very busy woman while raising me she is a carer for a disabled girl aged 9 who is brain damaged, blind and has cerebral palsy, help mother, my mums friend sadly passed away after her battle against csncer, she is also a play leader at a disabled school and is a support foster carer, me and my mum rarely get anytime together and with help doing the garden i feel this will bring us closer and we will be able to spend more time together. She loves spending every bit of spare time she has doing the garden but its not really a place to sit and relax because of the rotted decking and brocken furniture.

    I would love your help as what you do to peoples gardens is unbelievable.
    I look forward to hearing from you
    Georgia cook

  16. Hi Alan,
    I would like to nominate my fiance lynne .She has just moved into a house in december with 2 young children.she is always putting other people before herself and helps everyone that needs help.she doesnt have much to offer people but is always there for advice and a friendly ear for people less fortunate than herself.she lost her mam at a young age and ended growing up in care, she has been through alot as her sister was found murdered in jan04,lynne managed to get away from 2 violent relationships which had resulted in her being strangled .she has still managed to put a smile on and be there for others while she had been suffering herself .she has moved in a house with a big back garden and is always saying she would just love to have a lovely garden for herself and children to enjoy. she has now found happiness with me and we are getting married dec this year.thankyou for reading this and taking your time to look over the basic jist of why i think she deserves a lovely garden as a happy haven for her .

  17. I am a single woman been on my own for 11 yrs brought 2 children up on my own.I work full time and found out 3 yrs ago I have got kidney failure I am on transplant list and waiting for kidney.I am getting weaker .I would love my garden doing not got the funds or the energy to do anything please can you help.

  18. Hi team, I am writing to you on behalf of knockagh rise private care home, we would love if you would consider us for a garden makeover, we are a new home recently open and would something and somwhere special for our residents who have Alzheimer’s and dimentia, we have a blank canvas to work with and would REALLY appreciate your help in creating a fab garden, many many thanks, Jacqui (activities co-ordinator)

  19. Hi Alan. .I live with my 2 daughter Millie an layla I work part time an try to rise my girls the best I can .my garden is so big I just can’t get to grips with it .millie who is now 17 with autism an mental problems stays in her room constantly I wish we had a place where we can sit an enjoy it .my layla who is 4 needs a place to play an at the moment the garden is a mess .millie also has temper problems an has lashed out an smacked me I wish I could afford to create a space for me any girls to enjoy but I just can’t afford it would so appreciate your help an forever be greatful, please help xx thks paula Wootton

  20. Hey Crew at love your garden! Big fan here, I have a mission for you! A garden that will look like a transformation in itself if it was just mowed lol but it’s got to a point here the lawn is so uneven that I can’t get the mower over it without wanting the cry! I want so much for it to be flat let Alone beautiful, we need your help! I understand there’s a lot of people applying who have got a sad story behind their appeals for their garden.. I just need help, I understand if you go for someone who’s just lost a family member etc, but it’s got to the point where I just don’t know what to do and all of us work full-time so it just can’t get done.. We will give you cups of tea and as much cake as you can eat, hey il cook you a steak if needs be.. Love always, a fan and person with a terrible garden that I’d love to love. Katie

  21. Dear Alan,
    I would like to nominate my mum for love your gardens as 6 years ago she had an accident causing her spine to start to crumble and as the years go on she is becoming less mobile she has no where she can go and sit and relax outside anymore. My mum is my hero she has helped me through so much in my life including my depression and chronic fatigue syndrome she’s also had to look after my sister who had a full spinal reconstruction and also has learning disabilities Aswell as looking after herself, I would just love to be able to give her something back and I no she would be so happy if she could go and sit outside again instead of being stuck in the house all the time, I want her to know how grateful I am for supporting me and my sister through everything we have been through I now want her to be able to live her life as much as possible before she becomes fully wheelchair bound. Please help us give my mum the garden she deserves.
    I hope you consider this for us and I hope to hear from you soon.
    Koren x

  22. Hello Alan
    I’m an 11 year old from Ayr and I would like you to come to my grans garden.
    My gran has lived in this house for 20 years, and she looks after my 86 year old Great Grandmother. There is 138 feet of garden and we would love you to come to her garden and give it a makeover, so my Gran and Great Gran can have a place to sit and enjoy the weather, a place for me and my sisters to play in and just a total new garden. I hope you read this and please my gran and my great gran would just be pleased.
    from Calvin

  23. Hello,
    I would like to nominate my father for his garden fixing.
    He has been in the army for 22 and a half years also been all over the world, Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan. He had to deal with my mother loosing her eyesight in 2003 after coming back from Iraq. He had constantly provided for the family and now he’s left the army he’s a wagon driver and away 6 days away most weeks. He just doesn’t have the time to do the garden. It would be lovely for him to come home on a weekend and just sit in the garden. We haven’t been able to look at the garden for 7 years because of the mess it’s in with having no time to do it. We can’t see an end to the garden getting done, hopefully you could help us out?

    Kirsty Reynolds

  24. Hello,
    My mum has just been diagnosed with kidney failure and breast cancer. She has been wanting to get a purglar built and the garden done. I was wondering if there is anyway you could help us out?
    Many thanks

  25. Hi Alan my name is tia westwood I, 9 years old and love the show
    my mum is 42 and is a remarkable woman and dous so much my mother has spineal wasting disses ,3dogs and 3 children . We all most lost kerry my sister last December she also has 12 prolapse discs and metal going down her spine she is my hero and will always be there for me she deserves a garden whear she can sit relax and watch me play kind regards tia westwood age 9

  26. I wondered if you are thinking of doing any programmes abiut how to make roof top gardens? We have a tiny garden and are going to make one on our single storey utility room attached to our house. There are no programmes on this subject to help with idead.

    Many thanks


  27. Hi team,

    I am writing to you as we need your help please!

    My lovely hubby has some great ideas for our garden but he works such long hours he doesn’t get a chance. I want to do something nice for him as he has been there for me through some very tough times and he looks after us so well.

    Not to bore you, but just to give you a brief background – 8 years ago I was 4 days off giving birth to our first child when my dad unexpectedly died. From there, we had a roller coaster 5 years, when my grandad also died, my mum got cancer and I had depression. Through it all he was my rock and then he had to deal with his brother-in-law dying at 38 of a brain tumour as well as his mum being really ill but not once did he dwell on it.

    All in all, I think my hubby is a superhero and I just wish I had the skills to give him the garden to relax in that he wants.

    I love your show and understand there are so many worthy causes but I thought I’d give it a go!

    Thank you for your time, Laura. X

  28. I would really like to nominate my very dearest friend for Love your garden to help her over come what has been a very hard couple of years.

    After surviving a horrendous car crash Debbie went on to Marry the love of her life where we spent two weeks in Cyprus celebrating….. Debbie, a carer, spends her days looking after everyone (plus some). Although her day job sees her caring for ill people ensuring that they can stay in their own, she never stops there.
    After losing her grandad and being the member of family that found him and stayed with him until the end she then comforted her mum through difficult times. A family holiday was planned with money her grandad had left to visit relatives in Australia. Whilst in Australia one of our friends died, leaving 2 young children behind. Debbie once again put herself to the bottom of the pile and became everyone’s rock!

    Looking forward to happier times…Another one of our close friends was expecting her first child. Very prematurely she went into labour and her gorgeous son Zachary was born. Debbie spent every day at the hospital even traveling after an early shift to a far hospital sometimes just to give our friend a hug before leaving.

    Debbie has recently moved into her dream country cottage and although it needs lots of work, it is the home she has always wanted and is always hosting little get togethers where she enjoys nothing more than inviting all her friends and family together and weighting on everyone.Debbie quite openly says she will be doing her cottage up forever but that it makes her happy!!!

    Within the last month Debbie has become very poorly and has been diagnosed with bladder cancer. I don’t know how she does it but she still finds the energy to smile and make sure everyone around her is positive.
    She really is an inspiration and an Angel!!!

    If I could give back to Debbie half the happiness she has given myself I’d do anything.
    Debbie loves gardening but currently just sticks to pots. I would love for you to give her the beautiful cottage style garden she deserves.

    Thank you,
    A friend in need!

  29. Dear Alan
    I would love my garden to be designed by your team. It is the garden of my former parents and I would love to make it more exciting. It is an unusual shape as the area the house sits on is a long triangle backed by a disused railway line. It’s mainly grass with an outdated patio and too many brambles where my Mum’s flowers once were. I am a very positive person having gone through breast cancer after losing both parents-all within the space of three years but I firmly believe life is for living and love being outdoors. I suffer with a bad back so large manual projects are difficult. I would love to create a garden for the future that reflects the lovely countryside I’m in.
    If it would be possible for my garden to be on one of your programmes I would be in seventh heaven
    From Su

  30. Hi there Alan.

    I am essentially at a loss as to what to do with my garden. It’s HUGE, full of bushes and trees, on a steep slope, and is basically an overgrown mess. I moved into this house 6 years ago, and it had been my grandmothers until she died. My partner and I decided to buy it, and at the time we had no children, two full time jobs and a relatively neat and tidy garden. However, very soon afterwards, we had two children (14 months apart), I had to give up full time work to look after them and now we have no disposable income to do anything with it. My husband tries his best, but it’s just a hugely time consuming and exhausting exercise for him. I have rang gardeners who come out, do a bit of weeding, chop hedges down, cut the grass and then NEVER come back. We’ve spent so much money trying to get it sorted, all in vain.
    I’d just really like somewhere we can comfortable to sit outside. And somewhere safe for my children to play. Please, please help us. I’m at my wits end with it (so much so, I feel like moving house!). It would mean so much to my mum and aunty (on my grandmothers behalf) to get the garden back to the pride and joy it once was.

    I don’t have a sad story to tell, just a desperate plea for assistance!

    Many thanks,

    Catherine x

  31. Dear Alan,

    I would love to suprise my mum and dad with a new garden! We are currently having our extension done and the garden took the rubbish so you can imagine what it’s like! I would love to make this one less thing they don’t have to worry about doing. We want to sit out in the garden and enjoy BBQ’s together and have a table and chairs to relax. I know you would make the garden a better place. Look forward to hearing from you.

  32. Hi Alen please could you help my daughter with her garden. She moved into this bigger house with a large garden which had been empty for 2+ years and was in a right mess. She has 4 kids and 2 step boys , she works between 40/60 hours a wk and not got time for her garden and I also don’t know where to start to help.Would you.? Please.

  33. Hi Alan.
    I’m 15 years old and I would like to thank my mum for all the hard work she has done for myself, my family and our childminding kids by creating her a garden to relax, enjoy, have a space to herself and for the kids to enjoy also. She’s been so strong for me and my sister. She got divorced about 5 years ago. Her father died in 2005 and she’s been so helpful to her mum/our nan. She deserves a garden that she can take time out of her hectic job and just have time to herself, which she rarely gets. She has helped so many kids as she has been a childminder since I was born, at least 14/15 years. She’s a rock to everyone and I don’t know how she stays so strong. I’ve recently just been through a huge moment in my life and my mum has been there for me. Accepted me and always made me and my sister feel loved. She spends all she can on me and my sister. Everyone who knows her appreciates all the work she does for her childminding children. Always has a smile on her face, even when their shouldn’t be one. So please please Alan, help me thank my mum in the best way possible.
    I hope you consider this and realise how much my mum means to me.
    Thank you.
    Ps, I’m a huge fan.
    Many thanks

  34. Dear Alan,

    I would love for my mum and dad to have their garden back! It recently has grown out of control and they both had such lovely plans for it including decking and a wonderful water feature they have bought. My mum has struggled with her health over many years but more recently struggles to move around and walk without a stick anymore. She needs somewhere to chill out and relax after working so hard (for the nhs) my dad always strives to get everything done himself but he too has a full time job so it sometimes is a little ambitious for what he wants to complete. If I could give anything back to my parents who have supported me and my 2 siblings over the last 28 years, then fixing up their garden would make a grand start!

  35. Dear Alan I don’t think my request of June 25 ever got through. So, please allow me to try again. I would to apply on behalf of my daughter. Jenna has cerebral palsy, she is 28 and lives alone with her cats and new puppy in a bungalow. The bungalow has had internal adaptions. Access to the garden and getting around in her wheelchair is difficult. The paths are narrow and there is no ramp from the decking and a step from the back door. She has had a difficult few years with health issues and the loss of her beloved dog. A beautiful garden would really lift her spirits. She is a wonderful daughter and so brave I would love to be part of something really special. Regards Julie x

  36. If I did not mention in my comments mum has had cancer twice heart problems dieabetic gets very depressed . I do what I can to help but the garden is to much for me. So please.

  37. Hi Alan
    I’m writing on behalf of my mum and dad and there mess of a garden. They have lived in there house for about 15 years and never had a finished garden, my dad does what he can but it is a big garden. They are always helping there family out, what with 3 children and 8 granchildren, and my elderly nan. They just never have any time for themselves. I know it gets them down every day they look out there window. Please please help.

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