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  1. Hi Alan,

    I would love for my mother to have the garden of her dreams as she very much deserves it. After working endless hours at work within and for the NHS, dealing with her own mothers illness – causing her to be up the hospital by her side throughout the night – and dealing with my sudden heart condition, everything has become so difficult at home and now that I’m getting back on my feet with an awaiting heart procedure and my Nan who is potentially having a new miracle treatment, My dad and I feel as though my mother really deserves a life changing experience as we’re also trying to re-do our house… this would be an amazing opportunity and an important way of our family saying a huge thank you to her.

  2. Hi Alan my name is Michelle and my partner is alan he has just come out of hospital and his kidneys are not in good condition we have a lot of problems doing the garden I am wondering if you could help me he is disabled and he can not do it anymore thanking u so much

  3. Hi Alan my father is 91 years old and has been such a supportive dad to I and my four siblings. He is really struggling to manage his garden and it is so hard for him to weed it but he is finding it hard to give up on it as he’s an ex army man who has a constitution of an ox. Please please help by making it low maintenance as currently it is the opposite and the weeding is endless.

  4. Afternoon Alan I am writing this from a dad and husband I will keep it a short as possible my Daughter grace was born with Kidney disease it turned out world upside down but we just hit it head on and started to fight the doctors told us that grace would need a kidney at the age of 11 well in the meantime we did a lot of fundraising for Alder Hey Liverpool well Grace and Emma did they do lots of fundraising for other children and families with Kidney disease and to this day we still do I would love to have our back garden looked at it’s not bad but we spend a lot of time out there and would love an outdoors area to spend time and a relaxing area for Emma my wife with Grace Esther William and holly the dog our garden overlooks a farmers field so it has lovely view Emma gets up every morning at 1 am to give grace her medicine that she needs to keep her alive she has done this since she was born and it’s way of saying thanks to her for everything she has done for grace and me also in September just gone 2016 the time come for grace for her new Kidney and I give it to her Dad I was off work for 3 months but it was the best gift ever for her she is well and continues to take her medication with help from mum and this was a way if you and your team would come in and put some life in to our garden as we love our garden thank you Alan for taking your time to read this
    Kevin Burgess

  5. Hi All, I am now unable to do any part of my garden.. 18 months ago I had a major operation on my arm, one of the side effects of anesetic caused a disc to protrude into my spinal fluid, I had an emergency operation but am still in pain 24/7, a few months after this I was diagnosed with skin cancer, which had been cut out.. then low and behold I had an emergency scan as I was in so much pain with my back.. they found a tumour as large as my kidney.. the kidney has now been removed.. but the pain remains.. my garden is small but i am no longer able to attend it.. I would love for you to help me so that I can sit and enjoy it once again .. many thanks for taking the time to read this.. I do not feel sad with what’s happened.. it’s life

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