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  1. Dear sir, my husband has a very rare condition called mesenteric ischemia, he was in hospital last year for 8 months and missed our daughters 6th birthday and our son’s 1st birthday. We have moved in to a house with a large back garden but due to my husband’s condition he can not do the garden even through he loves doing gardening. My husband is fed intravenously through a picc line in his arm, he has a stomach drain as he has no stomach, he gets tired very quickly so doing the most simple of things tires him out. As a family we have been through the mill and come out the other end. I would really like your help in making my husband’s dream of a lovely garden come true and to have some where for our children to play.

    Many thanks

  2. My dads back garden is in need of a revamp as my dad cannot do it duty to his illness so please alan help me and make his dream come true

  3. Can u help me please alan as my dads back garden is in need of a revamp as my dad cannot do it duty to his illness so please alan make his dream come true for my dad

  4. My granddaughter and I are going to have to give up our home due to my disabilities and really, like so many other people, need a total overhaul to make it an enjoyable, wheelchair disabled friendly garden. I can’t find a place to rent because I won’t be able to afford to buy another home. I’m so lost

  5. Dear Alan, I moved into a new council house last Feb 2016, it was a very stressful move as we were moving stuff in a week after my Nan passed away and we wasn’t even given compassionate time to grieve. Although we love the house, and it has a massive garden for my kids to play in, which we didn’t have before, there is no boundary fences to the neighbours, and I’m left with dangerous broken wire fences and tree branches they can fall onto, and the council refuse to do my boundaries and I can’t afford to do them myself… the ground needs levelling and although we have a summery house there is no patio area we can sit in the summer…after losing my Nan who I helped care for and saw everyday… it will be a year since we lost her and I really would love a special place in my garden to remember her by… as we don’t have a grave I can visit etc. Anything you can do for us we would be so happy with… thank you for taking time to read this… love and best wishes miss Hannah Jordan xxx

  6. I am a hard working single mum and have a garden which cannot be used due to overgrown trees and uneven ground. The garden is a decent size and my 2 children would absolutely love to be able to make use of it. I however am not in a position to be able to do it on my own and would really appreciate a little help in getting my children a garden that they can enjoy. Fingers crossed I will be considered as this would mean the world to us.

  7. I am a very hard working man, my mom spent some time here trying her best to assist me in renovating my garden, but sadly she is no longer here after passing away last month. My gardens in total need of a lot of TLC, I’ve tried everything, from removing the large greenhouse to make a little more space and attempted to dig the clay soil. It really needs a total over hall starting from scratch. Following my leg problem still recovering from an Achilles rupture, I’m limited to carrying out some of the everyday work.
    I was ripped off 2 years ago buy a garden landscaper who started the work and disappeared with most of the payment, never to be traced, so its made me think twice about the traders from the newspaper.
    I work for a charity run organisation supporting the mental wellfare and health of people.
    would be great full if I was considered.

  8. I dont have a story or a background just need help to make my garden nice enough to sit in. please help, me and my partner work full time and some times even the weekends. We have two rabbits and a 7 week old puppy and i would love for them to have a nice garden to run around in. The grass is limited with lots of stones around the outside and its just awful! We have been in the house 3 years and still havent found the time or pennies to do anything with it! I would absolutely love the garden to have a make over!!!

    Many Thanks

  9. Hi Alan..Would love to apply for my garden to be made over..I was in a car accident on the 1st May last year and was trapped in car for 45mins before getting cut out by the emergency services..I am still under going treatment and have lost all my confidence.. and would love to sir in my garden and just chill on the few sunny days we have.. but as I don’t have strength now my garden is in a true state off s.i.s(save it’s soul)and mine

  10. I have just recently lost my husband to pancreatic cancer age 52. I need to work as my husband had no life insurance. I am a nursery nurse and would love to start my own childminding business at home but my garden would need to be made child friendly. I would value your help to do this.

  11. I was hoping you might be able to help us please, my husband, children and i have moved to a property that is adapted for me medically and my husband had wonderful plans for the garden and our allotment but unfortunately we have had to give the allotment up and my husband is now struggling to do our garden which is upsetting as all he wants is for somewhere for us to relax and for our children to have a play area this has been a huge shock for us all as i have had diagnosis for cfs, gout and chaiari one malformations, then my husband who is ex navy started with severe sciatica and there has been talks of operations then our 6 year old was diagnosed with autism so as you can imagine we are really struggling.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this x

  12. Dear Alan, I am writing this to you to ask for your help with my mums garden, my mum lives alone and has always worked hard at bringing up her family of 4 daughters she has always supported us in our lives with our children always being there to lend a helping hand when we have needed it.
    My mum has always been a dab hand at DIY and over the years we could always rely on her when we moved home to do the decorating or tiling of bathrooms kitchens even lay the paving stones in my garden, she went back to college late in life and educated herself to be a qualified hairdresser beautician and opened up a little local shop but the stress of it all and the hard work and long hours she had to put in finally took its toll on her and after years of using chemicals and sprays she fell ill to whopping cough and pneumonia and one night just after Christmas 2015 my mum had a lung hemearage and was rushed to hospital after extensive tests she was diagnosed with a very serious and rare auto immune disease called anti GBM negative.
    This disease has caused her to have three more heamerages during the year and has to undergo a cheamotherapy treatment to try and repair her lungs.
    My mum also now suffers from severe allergies that mean she has reactions to lots of different foods.
    Mums dream is to have a garden where she can have a greenhouse and raised beds and grow her own fruit and veg organically so she can better her quality of life but unfortunately this illness has really taken its toll on her and her and she just doesn’t have the energy or money now to fulfill also with high winds this year it broke down mums garden fence and has left her garden in such a bad state of repair that we are lost as to what to do, please Alan if there is anything that you can do to make mums dreams come true as I just want to give her back a little bit of what she’s given to us all over the years I would be forever grateful for your help .

  13. Hi Alan
    Can you please help me with my garden. My husband passed away last year suddenly at the age of 57 leaving me and his three kids the youngest being 8 at the time. We have quite a good sized garden at the back of the house that needs some work and I seem to get no time to spend in it to make it look nice again. If you could just help me tidy it up and make it easier to maintain it would be great.

  14. Hi please could you help my garden needs a lot of work as I am a carer for both parents (one is wheelchair bound) and now not able to make any stairs in house or outside
    and a single mum of one but now legal carer of two younger nephews which I took in after finding out they were getting left on there own while there dad was using….please susan

  15. Hi there I have very large garden front and back due to having 2 disabled children I have know time to do the garden. I would love to have some bright colours and sensory garden for the kids apart from the house the garden is where they spend time in the sunshine. This would be fantastic for the kids bring them a bit off happiness 😘

  16. Hi there I have very large garden front and back due to having 2 disabled children I have no time to do the garden as I need to attend to there care. I would love to have some bright colours and sensory garden for the kids apart from the house the garden is where they spend time in the sunshine and relax. This would be fantastic for the kids bring them a bit off happiness 😘

  17. Please help I’m single mum of special and beautiful 2 girls (7+14) both have problems esp my 7 yr old Bluebell she has severe autism, adhd, prada will syndrome she doesn’t talk or communicate and only thing she loves in life is being in her garden she loves grass flowers sensory items and trampoline I have a very big garden and nothing there for her to enjoy please help me to give her the thing she loves most

  18. Hello. I am the headteacher of a primary school in Uttoxeter. Last year one of our year 6 girls, 10 year old Imogen died. She had been fighting cancer for more than two years. Imogen was a fabulous pupil who never complained. She spent her last few days making badges to sell for cancer research. We all miss her dearly and her classmates still struggle day to day. We want to build a special garden in our playground. This would be for children to sit in quietly- especially her friends who miss her so much. Please can you help.

  19. I have 2 dogs 1 female and 1 male and my male keeps coking his leg up at all my plants that I grow I have a very big garden and I love my dog but I would like a few plants that can withstand his wee so it would b nice if u can give me my space and dog space please help I’m at the end of my tether I can’t be bothered with my garden anymore even tho I love gardening x

  20. Hello! We have a beautiful garden in South Somerset overlooking a stream. We had some building work carried out and the builders demolished our garden, leaving piles of rubble, mud and a broken shed. Our three children are desperate to get out and play this spring, please help us Alan!

  21. Hello.

    I have a very messy back garden that really needs a make over. My hubby has really bad arthritis and I have fibromyalgia. We both do love being in the garden but the work to get it to a good standard is too much for us. We have two young kids who play out there but it’s so muddy. We are also getting our first dog so that will be her playing ground.

    Please help get our garden functional.


  22. Dear Sir I am a working mother of 5 teenage children . My husband runs his own business and works away from home at least 3/4 days a week .I myself am the Company Secretary for his business and work Part Time . Due to the demands of having a large family still living at home . We have a lovely garden which is in need of some loving care . I myself have 2 herniated discs which limit me to doing gardening . My husband has arthritis in his knee so can’t do much digging . We moved into our house 6 years ago and due to working away and the house . He never stops sometimes his day begins at 4.00am and ends at 11.30pm . He is a very hardworking dad and husband . He started to build a pond but it is just a hole with water . It is our 25th Wedding Anniversary in May 2017 and I would love him to come home and find his garden is somewhere to relax in . Whilst enjoying a lovely water feature . Due to the nature of his business his job is very stressful and rarely does he get the chance to unwind and relax . I wanted to do something extra special for him as he is a brilliant husband who always puts his children’s needs , and other things before himself . Thank you for taking the time to consider my application . Kind regards Mrs Sharon Madgewick

  23. Hi my large garden is in need off some tender loving care. We adopted 3 children in 2012 after fostering them.we have used all monies on making the house nice and the boys getting their own bedrooms as they have ADHD and asperges and a few issues from a difficult start in life.I would love to make the garden winter and summer friendly so they can use up more energy and help their disabilities. Please consider our family for some help with design and development.

  24. Hi there, my name is maya dosieah, I was wondering whether you guys do makeovers for gardens? My mother who lives in a bungalow has quite a big garden which she loves very much, it was and still is her pride and joy when her flowers and vegetables blossom and grow.

    Both my mothers and father loved doing their garden together, sadly my father passed away and I have notice my mother struggles with her garden , I would love for my mother to get a garden makeover as she so deserves it, she always seems to be doing things for everyone else and running around after everyone, I would just live for her just to be able to go into her garden and just relax.

  25. Dear Alan, I wish to apply as I’m in desperate need of a garden we can actually step out into!
    My husband and I are a hard working couple with a 3 year old son who’s never been able to play in our garden.
    We’ve been in the house 7 years but the house was in need of so much work that the garden took a back seat. It’s quite big so very hard to all dig up and actually has an underground bunker in that we can’t get to which would make an amazing den for my son!
    Really hope you could help, many thanks x

  26. My garden used to be quite adequate, a lawn, a small patio a couple of fruit trees, but 2 kids and a cat later….14 years on my lawn is more mud, my two trees are stumps and the kids trampoline redundant.

    Love Your Garden, I want to love ‘my’ garden once again, can you help?

  27. After moving into our new home, we have had a multitude of problems, from having nightmare neighbours, leaks, all appliances breaking, a boiler that nearly killed us and then to top it off my partner lost his job due to having collapsed discs in his back.
    Our budget for the garden has been swallowed up to pay for his physio and keep our heads above water while he recuperated.
    Finally we are back on an even keel but have been left with a garden that has no light due to the 11 leylani trees boardering our garden. Originally we had planned to remove the trees ourselves but with my partners (now fiancée!) back so delicate we have no idea how we will manage this.
    All we want is to have a garden where we can spend our evenings planning our wedding with some daylight on the house to help with the damp!

  28. Hi I would like to nominate my dad Tony for a garden makeover. He and mum used to do the garden between them however mum was admitted to a nursing home when she was diagnosed with dementia 2 years ago. Before this dad was caring for her at home and all his time was taken up looking after her needs. He now visits her every other day and is lost without her. The garden holds no joy for him any longer as it was something they did together and it is now more than one person can revive. I would love for him to be able to sit out in his garden with his cats and enjoy it once again. It will remind him of the times he spent in the garden with mum I really feel it would give him the boost he needs to fall in love with his garden again

  29. Hi,
    We have a garden that gets no sun and is overlooked
    We work hard and have saved many years for our house, we would love our son to play on our garden but as it’s always shaded he can’t play, it’s always a wet boggy mess
    We can’t afford a garden designer and this garden requires a technical mind!
    Please help! We would love to love the space to be enjoyed and used but it’s just a desolate, wet, no go area used only for storage for our recycling bins!

  30. This is a long story so I’ll try and fit it all in. In july 2000 we tragically lost my sister and two of her 7 children in a house fire, this understandably ripped a huge hole in our family, my nephew Lucas was serverly burnt (75% to be precise) and the skin that was left had to be used for skin grafts, he lost the ability to walk due to muscles being burnt away in his legs and couldn’t talk due to heat damage in his vocal cords, he spent a very long 9 months in hospital, had to learn to walk, talk, feed himself and suffered brain injuries due to dieing 3 times in the ambulance. He was eventually released with a body pressure suit, face mask and splints for his legs that he had to wear for several years after, my brother in law passed away 6 yrs ago and the care and responsibilitys fell on to my niece Kelli (eldest child of my sister) to raise the family that comprises John Paul, Lucas, Melanie and Melissa. She put he life on hold and spent every day caring for her siblings. Then on 12th January this year (2017) Lucas was tragically knocked on er by a reckless driver at speed, he was rushed to Stoke hospital, he had sustained a shattered leg, bleeding to the brain which caused a stroke down his left side and a tear in his artery, along with several other minor injuries. It was touch and go for a few weeks, he had to have a stent put in his brain, major operations on his leg and facial reconstruction surgery, we thought we were going to lose him, after coming through and living with the affects of the fire this just seemed so unfair that he now had to go through all this. He has mad a miraculous recovery and going through physio to learn to walk again and therapy to learn to talk again after the stroke he at last is finally coming home today (15th March 2017) he has amazed everyone he met on his journey and is a testiment to the courage and bravery the whole family has shown during these very sad times. This is my way of showing them all what wonderful people they all are and above adversary they have come through this tough time as a unit again. It’s a long road again for Lucas he is still recovering and is continuing to astound us all with his will to live a full and happy life. They have a huge garden that is just uneven grass and wonky slabs so for them to have a garden to enjoy as a family and make memories would be my way of telling them just how proud we are of them all and the resilience they have shown over the past 17 years. Thank you for taking time to read this story and I have everything crossed that you can help this awesome family. Yours sincerely Kath Anson x

  31. Hello. We would love your help at our 40 bedded nursing and dementia home. We have a large garden area at the back of the building which isn’t really fit for purpose any more, the ground is too sloped and has had to be fenced off as it is dangerous for some residents who are at risk of falling. It could be such a beautiful space we just need a helping hand. Thank you

  32. Hi, are applications still being taken as the application form available states closing date December 2016??
    Kind regards

  33. Dear Alan
    I work at a care home and the garden is in need of a revamp, colour and a memorial for residents and families, somewhere just nice for them, to sit out on occasions where there is a bit of colour from March to September, with Rhodedendrums, varieted leaves, grasses, different coloured cordwainer, hanging cherry tree etc. We have 64 residents and I know this would bring a smile to them all

  34. I would like to nominate my mam for this show as she deserves the garden she would like – we would like her to be chosen as a gift from us for mothers day – she is a mother of 8 and we would like to wish her happy mother’s day and let her know that we love her loads – please choose our mam

  35. Hi

    Both me and my husband are ex military I got out on a medical discharge and my husband was made redundant from the forces

    We have two young children aged 4-5 and we have just moved into our own home but unfortunately we don’t have the time due to us both working to sort our garden out for the children to play I would love to take the stresses of trying to find time to do the garden away from my husband so when he is home it can be time spent with the children
    Help would be appreciated

    With thanks

  36. Dear sir

    Please could you help with my garden. We have watched your programmes for year and are so amazed at the beautiful work you do. You bring so much happiness to everyone you help I thought I may ask for your help.

    I have lived in this house with my husband for 27yrs. Our son gets married this year and my husband is 70 yrs of age and struggles with the garden. I would love to get the garden beautiful so we all have a social area to entertain our family.

    I am a paramedic working crazy shift and am useless at the garden. We have tried to get companies in but have been let down or try selling us things we don’t want.

    Could you help please.

    Thank you reading this email.


  37. Hi. I downloaded your application forms. The closing date said December 2016. When will the next one available?. Thanks andrea

  38. Hi we are a big family with a big garden problem we have made a start but the task to get our house and garden up to a decent standard is never ending we have 4 children and our oldest daughter has autism so we would really like a safe haven for our children to play. My husband works 12hour shifts and finding the time is almost impossible. It really would be a dream come true to have our garden sorted this year.

  39. HELP ….. we have the potential of a beautiful garden with a natural stream that runs through it…. but gardeners we are not 😳 Our daughter has 2 years before her prom and would like her pre prom party in the garden!!! We need help, I’d love some sort of patio/garden kitchen ….. but we are clueless and when it comes to planting even more so….. SOS

  40. I moved into a home with a very lovely and unusual garden, Abbey Wood London.
    The garden is tiered, and is part of the Abbeywood woods so lots of trees and shrubs. The garden is so beautiful and wild but despite it being somewhere around 70ft long it is unususable, because there is no flat part of grass to place a table or chair!
    I would love someone to give me the inspiration to bring this garden to its full potential.

  41. Hi there!
    We are in desperate need of some help with our garden please!
    We purchased our home nearly 2 years ago and have a spacious back garden, however it needs so much doing to it and unfortunately all our money has gone on fixing problems in the house that we had no idea about when purchasing! Our children would love a safe area to play and I would love an area in order to entertain- I’m having a big birthday this year and would love nothing more than to invite family and friends around for a BBQ!

    Thank you for reading 🙂

  42. My mother in law was always in the garden doing it up, planting flowers, mowing the lawn and playing with her grandchildren. But unfortunately on the 7th March 2016 she had a severe stroke which had led to her mainly being in a wheelchair due to loosing function of her arm and leg on her right side. And now her love for the garden has been put aside due to not being able to do what she could. I know it would give her a part of her old life back if you could do up her back garden so she can make more memories in the garden with all her family who she worships more than life itself. She really does deserve it & the smile on her face will be engraved into all our hearts when she sees what you would do! Thank you for your time.

  43. Hi Alan and team. Not sure if I’m able to nominate my best friend?
    Her husband was in the army but unfortunately died suddenly last July. She has moved into her first ever home that’s not an army house and has just paid a right cowboy to do her garden. He charged her 4 thousand pounds and left her an absolute travesty(i can provide photos) She’s crying about it as it’s so bad and she cannot afford to put it right. I’d dearly love to pay for it but I cant afford it either…..

  44. Dear Alan, I would love to have my mum’s garden made nice. My daughter and I moved in 3 years ago and have not been able to keep on top of it. It would be so nice for us to have a garden we can enjoy. I suffer from connective tissue disorder along with Fibromyalgia and Reynauds which prevents me from being able to keep on top of things.

  45. Hello team,

    I would like to apply for a lovely garden makeover as me and my partner have just bought our first home together. We have a beautiful space at the back of our house in Heswall, Merseyside and it would be the perfect place for your team to come in and work your magic.

    As you can imagine as first time buyers, we are stuck for any excess funds to turn our garden into a beautiful landscape. The house was built in the 1930’s (I still have the original deed!) and I think it’s about time your show rewarded some of the younger generation who struggle from the word ‘go’ due to increased house prices.

    I would be so grateful if you would give us the opportunity to benefit from your gardening expertise and look forward to hearing from you!

    Kind regards

    Robert Nelson

  46. My garden is quite large but has so much potential !!!! I need somewhere for the kids and grandkids to play somewhere for the dogs to poo maybe a shed or 2 BBQ area pathways kids claiming maybe a fairy garden lol I know not too much to ask please help

    After having read some of the please helps though I feel they are more deserving but here goes

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