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  1. My names Ellie and my foster carer is in need of her garden doing she always helps me when I need her the most and took me and my daughter in and I have been with her for 2 years now! Her name is Linda and she is such a loving and caring person that I would like to give something back and try and help with her garden as she dosnt have time do it as everyone always needs her.

  2. Hi, my name is Ellie and my caring disabled grandma is in need of her garden to get redone but since my grandad passed away 3 years ago she has gone down hill and has had many medical problems. She used to love doing up her garden and I have so many memories with her doing it but without my grandad it isn’t the same. She is ex forces and ex police services and has given so much help to the people of the community so I thought it would be nice to give her some love back. Her name is Alison and is an amazing person but misses her garden looking how it used to and I thought that someone could do something to help her get her spring back in her step. She would love the help. Thank you

  3. Hi I’m Corey and I’m the son of the most wonderful parents but we are and ordinary family but my mom and dad don’t have anywhere to get away from us kids there are eight of us and you could imagine how hard that is to cook ,clean ,wash clothes and they never get to sit in the garden and spend time with us because they have something on there to do list but if we had a garden that was for the whole family then we would be able to spend time together and my dad is always been a person that loves his garden and plants and does try to make the garden as good as he can get it for us to be able to play in. I just think there is other people in the world that need it a lot more than we do but I believe everyone has a chance I understand that people have been in war and broken legs and no legs and people are blind and deaf and they don’t really have freedom. I know this probably won’t happen to us because you want to help people that really need it but we really need this as well in our house there is something always going on the garden isn’t in the best condition as we reacently just moved in and we are decorating and we can’t do the decorating and gardening at the same time. There are eight kids that are in the age range of 2-16. Thank you for reading this.

  4. I work in a community hospital in east lacashire. We need your help. We have an Inclosed courtyard that we are trying to rejunivate. Our Occupational therapy assistant Ali, who is amazing is trying to raise funds to get a growing garden going. So stroke and other rehab patients plant seeds or seedlings and then once grown we sell the produce to family friend or visitors to keep the process going. Our patients love the idea and asked me to put this forward X

  5. Hi my name is Cerian I’m from Cardiff Wales
    I’m filling this application out as a surprise for my dad, he’s always been a proud gardener and always busy creating something new in the garden but the last year he’s been diagnosed with bladder cancer and currently going through treatment, he’s such a proud man and he’s still working self employed as a taxi driver despite him being ill but he just doesn’t have the energy or time to keep his garden looking nice and it gets him down so hopefully with your help he can have the garden he deserves to rest and enjoy time with my mum and the rest of the family
    Thank you

  6. Hi there I’m 62 years old . I have know one to nominate me so I would like to nominate my self. I live in a 3 bedrooms bungalow it belongs to MEH homes. I rent the bungalow from them . My garden is very wide and follow what to do with it or ware to start to be honest . My garden is privert by flats being across the road. I suffer from Arthritis in my knees the pain is bad. I have Arthritis in my right wrist and fingers . I would love a garden make over . If i was chosen for a garden make over I would love weeping willow trees lots of flowers and beautiful different colours and the smell of all different types of flowers . Iv all ways wanted a cottage garden with lots going on. And some ware I can sit . I would love a garden fountain with flowers and rocks most of all it must be easy to maintain . I all so suffer from depression and when I’m having a bad time that’s when I would love to go and sit in a beautiful garden. Thank you so much for reading about my wish for hopping for a garden make over.

  7. Hi my name is Robert Gomez and I would love to surprise my wife Joanne who is disabled would really like a summer house, Joanne became disabled after the birth of our second child, she had spinal problems and had to have 3 very painful operations that resulted in Fibromyalgia and serve nerve damage, she is on very strong medication and can’t walk very far. The garden at the Moment is not wheelchair friendly so she does really ever sit outside, it would be a dream come true if your team could help us and make it become reality.

  8. Love some one to love my garden I have loved garden for 23 years my son was born with a double cleft palate I also had to work and look after me ageing mother lost my 2 best mates in 20 weeks my mum then my mothering law i love my garden but its really been neglected please think of me I would love a make over if can’t do it can you give me some advice x

  9. Hello my name is john i am 56 i am disabled i have a bad back i am in pain all the time and take high dosage of pain killers i lost my only son in 2004 he hung him self but in 2009 imeet someone she suffered from server mental health problems she gave birth to 3 children with me social services Where involved from the start and all three children ended up in foster care i had to prove the courts that i could look after and protect them especially from there mother after a year in courts a high court judge said that i had and gave me custody they have been living with me for 4 year now.All i really need is the garden to be safe at the moment it is not please can you help my children they need to be able to use the garden it is about 8 metres by 30 metres please help yours sincerely John wheeler

  10. Dear Love your Garden
    In July last year, we were a happy family of three with a lovely home, then our World collapsed as my husband of 26 years passed away suddenly in the night. Unfortunately he didn’t have life insurance so I had to sell the house because I couldn’t afford the mortgage.
    My beautiful 17 year old daughter and I moved in with my Dad in a little two up, two down ‘Dolly house’ which was very cramped to say the least but my Dad was terminally ill bless him and he lived in the sitting room.
    I had to change jobs and come off the road as a rep because the hours were too much with me looking after my daughter and my Dad because we regularly had the paramedics for him and I was permanently exhausted, often up all day and many nights.
    However, I eventually stopped working to look after Dad during his end of days because I didn’t want him going into a nursing home (too many horror stories) and Dad passed away in June this year.
    I have this little house which needs completely renovating and a huge garden which also needs desperate help! I’ve had some work done but I have run out of money and I’m just about to start a new full time job to keep a roof over our heads so time is something I don’t have either.
    It has been such a tough year, it would be so lovely to have somewhere to relax and watch the sun set… and breathe!
    Please could you help my daughter and I have this?
    Thank you so much for your consideration.

  11. Hi , I would really like to nominate my partner Tommy . We have just moved in to our own home after renting fir nine years . He works so hard and is crippled with arthritis and when he comes home from work as a mechanic he is so sore and tired. Our garden isn’t too big and our driveway at the front is such a mess. He never asks for help but I love him so much and would love to take this worry of his head

  12. Hia my nan and grandad have been working so hard on there garden since they moved to there bungalow 6 years ago the already have a pond but there getting older and I think they need some where to go and relax my grandad works all week and is only ever home on week ends I’d think it would be nice for them to have a nice place to go to

  13. Hi I have been ill on and off over the last 20 years and 2015 had emergency surgery and fought of sepsis for the 2nd time. I love the outdoors and would love s beautiful garden to sit in as I struggle to get out now. My children have been so good caring from me as when I first left hospital I could do nothing for mysrkf. I have got stronger but am in need of further surgery. Please could you help x

  14. Hello
    I would like to nominate the Oaklands centre as a possible garden make over for your show. It’s a residential unit for adults with various learning difficulties. They are a registered charity and rely on fundraising events to keep the centre going. They would love a sensory area for the residents with visual impairment and a better path for those in wheelchairs. If you visit them you would love the residents and staff they are so friendly and welcoming.

  15. Hi my name is George and I am the brother of a wonderful sister. Since the day she was born she has not been able to experience the pleasure of walking or moving unlike most of us due to the multitude of illnesses she faces. Every time the show comes one she begs me to apply for the show but it disheartens me to tell her she won’t get on the show. As she is wheel chair bound she has a limited life but unfortunately my dad and I don’t have the money to redecorate the garden for her. She tells me she just wants a wonderful garden with a parkour playground for me , which I believe is very sweet. I just wish u could reply back to me with the most wonderful news. It would make her day , life even, to hear a reply from you about decorating are garden. I just wish I could reward after everything she has done for me in terms of providing me with my best sister ever and the best live anyone can give . I don’t even know if these comments will be read to be put into consideration but please read and consider

    Thank yo so much

  16. Hi my name is Anita I’m from Rotherham I’m desperate for a new garden I spent 100s every year on it an it still looks bad I’m a carer in a care home I’m also a foster carer for my 2 grandchildren I’m 48yrs old an just don’t have time for my garden with working I work 44hrs a wk then when home I’m doing all house work an looking after my grandchildren

  17. Hi Alan I am writing this hoping you would consider us for a garden make over, both my husband and I have had to give up work due to health issues, I have fibromyalgia / osteoarthritis which makes me have pain through out my body 24/7. The main reason is for my husband who has been a massive support to me through my illness and been my rock, caring for me on my bad days. My husband had a hernia operation last year, he never fully recovere, we were up and down to the doctors and hospital because he was in constant pain and his stomach was very hot to touch this went on for 5 months, eventually on Christmas day last year he became I’ll we thought he was getting flu, on the 1st January 2016 , our doctor was caled out he noticed a red markmon my husband sthomach we marked atound it and kept an eye on it when ge got up the next day the red mark had spread right round towards his back the ambulance wasI called, we finished up at a and e, eventually the realised he had necrotising fascist, on the end Jan he was rushed into theatre for his dying flesh cutting away, this happened every morning for 5 days going to theatre, the surgeon did not think he was going to make it, he has been so brave and is now coming through the other end, he was very active but now he can’t do physical work so the garden has bee neglected it’s very embarrassing for us. We would loved to be picked for your show and hope to hear from you soon.
    Kindest Regards

  18. Hi I’m an 41 year old man who been with my partner for 14 years and over the time we have tried and get the garden looking nice but it don’t we spent a lot of money on it and it don’t look like we done any thing to it we would like you to come and see wot u think and wot u could do to help us please as we both are not well now and that is why I’m asking for you to help as I would to use the garden for next year when we tie the knot as it would be nice for the family and friends to come and join us in our special day and I would like to send my partner to her sister so this could happened so when she comes back it would be a very nice surprise for her to come back to and then we can have lots of fun in the garden for many years to come thank you and I hope you can help as we don’t have any thing like this happens to us thank you

  19. Hello thank you for reading we have a very big back garden my fiancée has tried to keep on top of it but due to family upset over the past two years we are struggling to continue with it . My partners son went missing last year and we have no idea where he is, this has caused a lot of upset with all the family. On 3rd July 2017 my partner was diagnosed with mouth and throat cancer he is currently undergoing treatment it would be a blessing if someone could help with our garden and have a bit of luck. Thank you x

  20. We have just moved into our new house. My husband and I decided to buy the house because we have never had a house with proper garden before and we wanted our little girl to experience the pure joy a garden can bring. I have no idea where to start and would love some help to create a sensory space for the family to enjoy.

  21. My name is Paige & I would love for my mum to get some help with her garden, my brother was killed 2 years ago and she always wanted a little memorial for him in her back garden. I would love it if she could have some help with her garden.

  22. My name is Linett and I would love if my immidate neighbour at 424 New John Street West B19 Birmingham could get some help withhis overgrown garden which has become an eye sore for the community of Newtown. All the residents would like to chip in and help.Please help as we dont know where to begin.
    Thankinh You for responding.

  23. Hello, we are Balmuildy Primary School PTA in East Dunbartonshire ,Glasgow. Over the past year we have been making improvements to the school grounds for the children. We have installed 3 tyres climbing features & built an outdoor classroom/stage.
    This term we are installing a children’s kitchen where we hope they will be able to host events such as Burns suppers for their parents & the wider community, enhancing their STEM education.
    As a school community we believe in the concept of sustainability and would love to convert a very neglected & overgrown orchard area into a garden where the children would be able to grow their own fruit & vegetables allowing them to sow it,grow it , cook it & eat it. The aim would also be to eventually grow enough produce to supplement the ingredients for the school kitchen and also provide further opportunities for enterprise.
    As a PTA our work is funded by donations & with all committee members being ‘domestic’ gardners we need your help to make this happen

  24. Hi my name is Rhiannon Jones and I am disabled , my garden is too dangerous for me to walk in as it is very uneven and I fell last time I took I went in the back garden, I cannot walk far and use a wheelchair when going to hospital visits, other than that I do not go out and would love to be able to sit in the garden. I understand you have very worthy causes to deal with and understand if we are not classed as one, my partner who is my full time carer is not able to do the garden due to sciatica and we wondered if we could get any help.

  25. Dear Alan
    I am requesting you consider my son and daughter in law for your garden revamp. They bought their house just over a year ago and desperately need help. They have 2 small children who just love being outdoors. But the garden needs an expert touch which they cannot afford. Please consider them.
    I await your reply in anticipation.
    Many thanks
    Jeanie (Mother and Granny)

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