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  1. We moved into our home in 1999 with 3 children. The garden surrounds the house and provided great space for them to play safe with trampoline swings and a playhouse. Now we have no children at home but 3 grandchildren who love to visit. The youngest is Tyler born with septo optic dysplasia. . That entails completely vision impaired, autistic and as yet no mobility. I work full time as a palliative care nurse in a hodpice and my husband for the local council doing disabled adaptions. R garden is so big and full of clay we neither have the time or imagination to begin. We have started with raised edges using sleepers but would love a safe area for r grandson to enjoy. Tyler cannot cope with heat due to temper control but loves to be outside when there’s a breeze or rain to feel on his little face. If you could help that would be fantastic. If not could please provide me with some ideas. Thankyou.

    • Hi I have just moved into a 2 bed mid terrace house with a nw facing back garden wich has a breeze block concrete shed and a heavy pebbled lawn area . I work full time in
      pharmacy and am asking for help while spring is just starting out.
      I am 32 and single family lives in Derby and London

    • Hi everyone my name is lindsay and I’d like to apply for a garden make over on behalf of my amazing hard working husband. Our garden is an absolute embarrassment. My husband 2 children and myself have no outside space to enjoy as a family. My husband has been trying for 5 year to get our garden nice but every time he gets somewhere something knocks him back like work, bereavement, and my health. It would be amazing if I could thank him for all of his support and everything he does for our family with a garden make over it would b 1 less thing for him to worry about. And perfect for our family to have quality time together. I hope to hear from you soon for more information.
      Kind regards for taking the time to read this lindsay xx

  2. Hi Alan me and my family would benefit from you coming to make our garden child friendly I have 6 children I foster 3 of them I have a child with cerablepulsy he carnt ride a bike or scooter so carnt play out the front like his twin brother I’m a single person and wouldn’t no where to start in a garden I would love to make it nice a safe for josh and the rest of his siblings to play in xxxx

  3. Dear Alan, I would like to apply on behalf of my cousin Nicole. Nicole and her partner, Shaun, have a beautiful daughter, Kacie Martin. Kacie was diagnosed with SMA Type 1 when she was only 6 months old. This is a terminal illness and the doctors didn’t expect her to see her first birthday. Kacie is in and out of hospital with pneumonia and collapsed lungs. She wears a bipap mask to assist her breathing and needs regular chest physiotherapy. She cannot sit up unaided, cannot support her head, and has no movement in her legs, but is always smiling. Our Kacie is a little fighter and will be celebrating her 3rd birthday in April. She is getting a special wheelchair built for her through donations from family and friends, and tireless fundraising. Their house has been adapted for Kacie’s disability, but the garden needs to be made “Kacie friendly” so she can use the outside space to her advantage, and to be able to safely play out with her friends and her older sister, Ava. Nicole is fundraising to afford for the work to be done, but time is obviously of an essence, and I know that everybody involved would be so grateful if you would consider “Kacie’s Garden” a worthwhile challenge. Thanking you in anticipation.

  4. Hi Desperately seeking help , a week before we moved to Great Clacton On Sea in 2011 we were involved in a car accident (caused by an armed robbery) I was cut out of the car and my husband hurt hes back badly , we did move here but couldnt start work for months , getting us into debt , we did eventually start work ,everything was going well then a year later my husband lost his job. Not letting me down he took a job at the pier which he hated but kept going, .Then in 2013 took the leap of faith and started hes own decorating business , hes no spring chicken at 60 bless him but refuses to give up on our dream to retire by the sea …… this one thing we cant change is our garden its a 90ft long with 70ft of Clay, membrane and shingle which just floods , weve done out best since we moved in but everything we plant just drowns , please please help me make a garden for my hubby to thank him for all his hard work and give him somewhere to to rest and enjoy sometime between
    working to relax

  5. Hello Allan me and my family would really benefit from a garden makeover. I have a 4 year old son who has ASD his also being assessed for ADHD and has PICA which means he eats none food objects. My youngest son who is 2 years old is also being assessed for ASD. The boys have so much energy but our garden is just not safe for them to play in. My oldest son struggles with going places and seeing new people so we can’t just go to a local park as it’s always busy and my son has a meltdown. I couldn’t begin to tell you what it would mean to be able to open the doors to the garden and not have to be constantly worried about what my oldest is up to. We would appreciate it so much. You would give my children a new lease of life. Many thanks xx

  6. I live in the beautiful brecon beacons, we have just moved house before Christmas and we have a large garden but sadly it is a mud bath!! We have a river running along our garden but it is not fenced off and it’s worrying for my two young children I have. There is also no play area for these as I know they love the outdoors but sadly it’s unsuitable for them to play. its a blank space and I really need your help . my daughter is two and my son is three months old. 

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  7. Hello Alan,
    There is a very special lady in my life, My Nan.
    She has always put others before herself, she has fostered, given so much to the people in my community and is such a caring strong woman.
    She adores her flowers and even grows some of her own vegetables, I just thought I’d apply. She’s worked so hard all of her life and I just want to give her something back for all of her hard work, a thank you from all of us for helping so many people.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this,

  8. Hi Alan i wonder is it too late it enter ,, knowing me it is ,,, i give all my time to my job and any other time to my family. ~in my other time i love to buy second hand things to fill my home . I am a mum of 4 grandma of 4. I work with victims of domestic violence at risk of serious harm or homicide and i give my all to help protect and make safe adults and the children … i sit often thinking i wish someone would think that im worth a treat and enter into a competition as i do everything myself – i only have me to rely on – trouble is everyone else relies on me too and i think they just see me as a person that copes and does everything –

    i have Oct 14 moved house and been making it a home for 6 months and now the back garden scares the life out of me – a mid terraced house , garden on 3 levels in a beautiful spot of the south west – and has the potential to be a beaut ,, but i am never going to be able to tackle it without help .. nut no one will offer support .. because I have been my own worse enemy – everyone just expects i will do it somehow.

    i have watched many programmes and think oh how lovely to have someone nominate you for such a treat but i wont be nominated because no one thinks i need help – so i nominate myself – i give so much help and support to all around me and wouldn’t be asking for help with the garden if it wasn’t for the fact that i am overwhelmed by the task or even by looking out my back window – have no idea where to start all trees were previously massacred and dumped on the 4th tear of the garden by previous people,

    is it selfish of me to ask for a treat for myself ??
    Many Thanks

  9. Hi Alan, when my grandparents passed away their once loved gardens have become so overgrown and after having a flood in the house costing my parents a fortune to re do we are struggling to do much to the garden that won’t cost a fortune! I have recently had a little boy and would love for him to have a nice safe garden to play in! Thank you :) xx

  10. Hi Alan I would love it if you could help me, my dad was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when he was 18 it hit him hard in his 40s and now into he’s 60 he can barely walk or understand things. He used to love doing the garden work as it was relaxing for him however now he cannot walk without assistance, please help me give something Back to my dad after all he has given me. I have tried to tackle the garden myself but it is seriously over grown and needs a lot of work done I don’t have time to do any work with it with myself and 64 year old mum both working full time to provide it can be a stressful thing, we would just like somewhere were we can relax as a family again and enjoy going outside and having our garden to use. Please help I would be extremely greatful you would be helping out a family in much need of a place to Love.
    Katie keith

  11. Dear Alan I would love for you to come and do my back garden I moved in my home 4 years ago with my partner and two children my partner is amazing and has done most of the inside of the house but due to him having 3 heart attacks in the past he has had to slow down he’s a hard worker and I would love to give him the garden of our dreams to say thankyou for being such an amazing partner he’s been my rock as i to have health problems which stops me working and coping with normal everyday tasks I really hope read this and consider helping us yours thankfully julie

  12. Hi we love your showand would love you to come and help us! Our garden is too big for us to know we’re to start..we have 3 children and one on the way and would love to just have a Lushes garden to just sit and relax and for the children to be able to play safe and sound..please help xxx

  13. Hi
    We moved in to our house about a year and a half ago and have had nothing but problems. We are hoping to start a family now regardless of everything seeming to go pear shaped. We have not been able to do anything we want with our property as if yet but high on our agenda is sorting the garden, it’s massive a right tip. As we want to start a family we want the garden to be safe for everyone. If only we could upload pictures you would see just how much help we need. We love having bbqs and inviting the whole family round but the state is just embarrassing. I hope you would consider helping us and Turing our luck around.

  14. My dad is in a small care home in Buckhurst hill Essex they have a small garden I’d love your show to make it better for the residents who live in the care home

  15. Hi.

    We have just managed to buy a place in London with some outdoor space! We are a late 20s early 30s couple (not yet with children) and the garden is large (for London – c 30m by 8).

    Garden had been left un managed for many years and also includes (albeit access now blocked) a historic Anderson war shelter.

    Between the two of us we have been doing many trips to the tip and back evening and weekends for a few months but the journey ahead of us is still VERY long. There are man houses overlooking our urban space and we are desperate to make it a joy to behold for both us, our neighbours and friends and families (future and current).

    We both work long hours during the week so would LOVE some help.

    Anouska and Martin

  16. Would love my grandparents to have a make over on there garden they’ve always been there for the whole family and will do anything for anyone my grandfather always says how he’d like to do it but due to ill health he can’t do it and I think they realy deserve to have something back they’ll appreciate and when all the granchildren and great grandchildren come over they can play out the back with them which they’ve never been able to this would mean so much to my grandfather thank you

  17. Would love my grandparents to have a make over on there garden they’ve always been there for the whole family and will do anything for anyone my grandfather always says how he’d like to do it but due to ill health he can’t do it and I think they realy deserve to have something back they’ll appreciate and when all the granchildren and great grandchildren come over they can play out the back with them which they’ve never been able to this would mean so much to my grandfather thank you

  18. Hi Alan and team,

    I’m writing to you because i’d appreciate your help so very much. My name is Tracey I have 3 children aged 10,8 and 2 and we have recently got our first house the children’s first garden!! We are so fortunate to have a wonderful 200ft back garden but I’m afraid I just don’t know what to do.

    Before I moved in an elderly man lived in the property and he hadnt tended to the garden for over 6years. It was an over grown mess myself and family have managed to cut the weeds back and maintain the grass!!

    When the kids got a garden I believed it was going to be amazing and I wish I could offer the whole potential of this wonderful space. My middle child loves planting and we are ‘trying’ to grow our own veg. 😃

    I’d really like to give my children an amazing space that I know you and your team would have so much fun creating…

    Thank you for your time

    Tracey branch

  19. Hello .help me please !! I had a liver transplant .moved home .split from my partner and just been told my son has autism ….my garden is an empty mess and I would love a place to enjoy and for jess play in safely .I watch your programme and im always in awe of what u do .albeit with a jealous twinge .

  20. Hi. I would like to nominate myself. As I am sick of hinting to my friends and family. I think, they think I am joking.
    To explain my situation. I am a single mum with a son on the autism spectrum. He is 4 and wonderful. Had a bad start in life as born premature and had bad luck from the start. Not because he wasn’t loved. But because of the care he received. He recently has been unwell again. Had to have a emergency operation. And again was let down by the care. I know how he feels as I had meningitis myself 3 year’s ago. Amongst other problems. We recently moved to a house as we were living in a one bedroom flat. The house needed alot of work. Which I am lucky enough to have a family that helped. The garden on the other hand. Is impossible to use. A really funny shape. Not to big. I don’t know where to start. Would love to have a low maintenance garden that me and my son could enjoy. A sanctuary. X Thank you.
    Miss Jacqui Stephen

  21. Hi Alan,
    I do not know if i am doing right by posting here but cannot fill in application form as it does not allow to fill in!! Anyhow my husband and myself and Lulah our spaniel moved into a bungalow in July last year, it was very run down( not been lived in for 12 years) and we certainly had our work cut out getting it habitable! We have lived in it while doing it up which has taken it’s toll on the both of us. It has been very stressful and we have both now been going to hospital for tests as we have both been poorly!! My husband has been very run down and had chest problems,wheezing,and fluid on his lungs,which is being investigated… I have been having heart checks as been having palpitations and shortness of breath,i have been told i have a heart murmur (small) but still undergoing tests. We have a quite big garden that is so big a job that i know my husband is dreading doing…. but he would do it!!!!! no matter what…. I just wish that you and your team could help with this mammoth task,so that my husband and i could just enjoy our bungalow now it is finished and have a lovely garden to sit and enjoy now the weather is starting to get better. We both love to sit outside and just enjoy the simple things in life as the birds singing is just beautiful. I love my husband so much and would just love for him to be able to relax now,instead of worrying about the tasks in the garden that need tackling…..
    Yours Hopefully,

  22. Hi alan I am applying on behaf of my gran shes a lovely woman so kind she watches your show and thinks aboutvwhat you can do to hers would be my grans dream to get the garden better to look at my gran and my grandad loved there garden they wer out in it ever chance they could get sadlay my grandad passed away 4 years ago and my gran has been dignosed with cancer so the garden is a mess now as my gran cant manage it herself and theres alot of work to be done I would aprecheate it if you could do your fantastic work on her garden if not would like to get some great idears from you thankyou for takeing the time to read this hope to hear from you thankyou lyndsay mitchell

  23. I am a disabled woman aged 62 .my gran daughter aged 9 livrs with me. I have a 100ft garden long but narrow. I am unable to walk much distsnce as I also have emphasima. My garden is an eyesore as. I cannot do what I would like. I would love to have a beautiful garden to sit out in and relax

  24. My Mum lives in the North East and only really has her garden to enjoy I have been trying to find a landscape gardener to completely make her garden more friendly for her. Since Dad died we have tried to keep the garden as he left it and it helps us all to see parts that he created, but Mum not being to mobile has led to changes needed for her to continue to enjoy it. I have only been able to find gardeners that tidy up cut lawns etc but know it would need someone to come in and design the planting and advice on the upkeep. Its Mums 80 th birthday in July and we would like to get it done for her how can we go about finding a recommended gardener to carry out this work. She has recently been conned by a someone who said they would do all she wanted but unfortunately again just done the bare minimum. Know very little about plants soil condition etc. Thank you for any help you can give in finding someone

  25. Dear Alan I don’t think my request of June 25 ever got through. So, please allow me to try again. I would to apply on behalf of my daughter. Jenna has cerebral palsy, she is 28 and lives alone with her cats and new puppy in a bungalow. The bungalow has had internal adaptions. Access to the garden and getting around in her wheelchair is difficult. The paths are narrow and there is no ramp from the decking and a step from the back door. She has had a difficult few years with health issues and the loss of her beloved dog. A beautiful garden would really lift her spirits. She is a wonderful daughter and so brave I would love to be part of something really special. Regards Julie x

  26. If I did not mention in my comments mum has had cancer twice heart problems dieabetic gets very depressed . I do what I can to help but the garden is to much for me. So please.

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