Get The Look – Episode 8 Tuesday 11th September 2018

The Eden Luxury Gazebo – Crown Pavilions


We wanted to bring a usable and beautiful large outdoor living space and main focal point to our beach theme, large enough and suitable to accommodate Elijah in his wheelchair and his family as well as allowing good access in and out. The Eden luxury gazebo was a perfect choice, with plenty of space. With its open structure, it will allow the family to enjoy the surroundings and sounds of the rainfall pond, as well as having the comfort and offering Elijah a shady place to relax, protected from the sun. The Eden is also fitted with marine grade acrylic canvas blinds, so the blinds can be closed in poorer weather and for privacy, for flexibility and use all year round. The Gazebo comes complete with matching seating and table too, perfect for Elijah and family to relax, dine out and enjoy the garden. Topped with a beautiful cedar shingle roof, a perfect gazebo for the setting.


Crown Pavilions provide and install a range of gazebos and bespoke garden buildings to suit any space and to suit all your needs, to the highest possible quality and detail.


Crown Pavilions


£16,950 (please contact for options available)


























Composite weathered Driftwood decking – Millboard




In keeping with our beach theme, we wanted a decking that looked distressed like the boarded rustic paths you would find leading to a beach, but we wanted something that would be long lasting and very low maintenance for the family. Millboard decking is inspired by the beauty of nature but built to outperform it. Unlike conventional composite decking, it is moulded from selected timbers and hand-coloured in authentic tones. As a result, it looks exceptionally like real wood, but doesn’t rot, retains high slip-resistance even when wet, and requires little maintenance other than a simple wipe clean. We chose the driftwood board that has the incomparable look of sea-washed timber, perfect for our theme. Beautifully aged yet utterly timeless, their handcrafted Weathered Oak collection is moulded from 100-year old reclaimed oak timber, creating a distinctive worn look, but without the wait! We also used Millboards composite sub frame system. Their Plas-Pro subframe system, made from solid, 100% recycled plastic, needs no maintenance and won’t suffer from insect attack or damp. Along with a range of joist supports and self-levelling pedestals for easy installation, it is designed to last as long as the Millboard decking it supports. This was a perfect look to our garden and worked lovely with our post and rope balustrade and pond area.























Self binding path gravel, boulders and pebbles – Stone Warehouse


We wanted to introduce another hard surface into Elijahs garden. It had to be wheelchair friendly, but look right for our beach theme. With a soft natural golden finish Goldpath is ideal for use on footpaths and is popular for its durability, easy installation, low maintenance and great appearance. Self-binding gravel is different to other gravels –  most decorative gravels  have all dust removed, in contrast self-binding gravel contains significant quantities of dust to improve the self-binding ability. Goldpath binds and compacts to create a surface less susceptible to scuffing and moving around. We used this both in front of the Gazebo and in Elijahs beach area, perfect ‘sand like’ look, but compact and wheelchair friendly for Elijah.


We also wanted to incorporate boulders and pebbles in the garden in keeping with the theme. We used scottish cobbles and pebbles of different sizes, to look as natural as possible. With a mixture of lighter shades of grey and brown when dry, their colours really come out in the wet. The boulders and pebbles were used around the pond and are great for holding the pond liner down and to hide its edge and naturalise. We also used the pebbles of different sizes in the planting beds. As well as looking great with the plants growing through them, they act as a great mulch, to hold back weeds & hold in moisture in the soil, giving a lower maintenance garden for the family.





































Exotic plants and trees – The Palm Tree Company


A beach theme wouldn’t be exactly that without the correct plants and trees. We wanted to make sure we were bringing the beach holiday to Elijahs back garden! The Palm Tree Company supplied exactly that with their amazing range of different varieties and sizes of hardy palm trees, phormuims, bamboos and tree ferns. We planted large tree ferns in the pond area and main garden area, alongside trachycarpus, phormiums and bamboos. The plants and trees provide amazing height structure and texture to the garden, as well as looking tropical and bringing the beach theme to life. The Palm Tree Company source an amazing range of different varieties and sizes of Hardy Palms Trees, Olive Trees, Yuccas,  Cycads,  Tree Ferns, Large Specimen Cactus and Exotic plants, some rare and unusual, in stock. Coming from only the very best growers, selected and imported by themselves.










































Ezra Corner Set – Kettler


The Ezra Corner Set is part of Kettler’s Casual Dining range and brings added luxury while you relax. This modern, wooden garden furniture offers plenty of space for Elijah’s family and friends to sit in comfort. Ideal for an outdoor party on a patio or decking area as well as in a conservatory, the Ezra Corner set goes indoors and outdoors.

RRP £2699


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