83 comments on “Suppliers

  1. Where can I buy “metal-linked bricks” to form a flexible edging to a border, please?

  2. Series 4 episode 2

    Aired again 13th April 2018

    Where did they get the flower mesh mosaic centre piece !

  3. Would you please advise the details of the paint used for the brick wall in the programmed shown 6 April please?

  4. Where can I get a personalised sign like the one on the garden shed (a little Croatia in Hull) on the 6th April 18

  5. Where do you get the cedar wood sauna and the big jacuzzi in the small conservayory with windows that opened that was shown last night (23rd Feb) in the episode in Durham

  6. Hi,
    Could tell me where can I purchase the fluttering butterflies from tonight’s program
    Anne Doody

  7. Hello please could you tell me the supplier for the sail shade cover that was used a few episodes ago? It would be ideal to attach to the shed which goes across the width of the garden. Many thanks.

  8. Hi to all the team love your programme but where can I get the fence spraying machine from. Alan would love to meet you some time both myself and husband think your great.

  9. Cool, found it. Yes I know this one, check out Urban botanist. – think price range was £40-£100. Also try for another contemporary option. Or if you use Pinterest website there are many inspiration ways to make one of your own.

    Hope this helps 🙂

    Kind regards

  10. Watched last nights program 2/8/17 and was interested in the table and x4 chairs in the garden. Hopefully you can let me know. Thank you

  11. Just watched tonight’s programme. Loved the fire you used in the sunken seating area. Can you tell me where to get these please

  12. Hi, yes would love to know where the succulent plant frames come from. Thanks, Laraine

  13. Who is the supplier of the succulent plant “picture frames” on the first show of the 2017 series?
    Thanks in anticipation
    Steve Findley.

  14. Can you tell me where did Alan obtain the lovely stones with the children’s names on them? It was such a beautiful thing to do to give them to the parents, so they could have a fitting tribute to their children who they had sadly lost. I would like to do a similiar thing for 2 lovely parents thst I have sadly lost.

  15. I loved Francis high raised vegetable planters RSPCA lady .. Amazing garden such a great Team .

  16. Where can you buy very large trees to fit in a old Manor House where the tree are taller than the house.

  17. Anybody know where I can get my hands on the neat planting tool used in a couple of the episodes?

  18. Barbara Gray. I love this program 🙂 I would love to get hold of the beautiful plant in last week’s program it was called MONARDA `SQUAW’ can you tell me who supplied it. Is it easy to get? Thank you

  19. Name of suppliers of summer house roof that came complete just needed to be secured in place please.

  20. Where is the plant list on the web site ?What is the name of the bamboo in 7th July programme? Thank you.

  21. I would like to know the name of the substance mixed with the pebbles to make a hard porous surface?

  22. I would like to know where to get the star mirror from, for same reson, lost my husband a year ago, granddaughter thinks granddad lives on a star, would like to make some for her,

  23. Where can I get the wooden mushrooms in the last series of “Love your Garden”?

  24. Hi, I was looking for these too…found plenty on ebay described as acrylic mirror stars but they look the same. Hope this helps you.

  25. Your site is very difficult. I have a simple question re suppliers of the mirror stars.
    Please be kind enough to supply details..

  26. What is the make and colour of the paint used on the fence on Tuesday’s 12 August love my garden

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