Get The Look – Episode 5 Tuesday 21st July 2015


Company: Timco Wood UK Ltd
Product name: Grey solid composite board
Price: £48 m2

In the Iqbal’s garden we faced a couple of major challenges – no back access and the vast existing patio which was a bit of an eyesore. To combat the latter, we created the largest decking area ever seen on the show!
Timco Wood UK Ltd kindly helped us out with this providing their outstanding grey solid composite decking for the garden build. We wanted the decking to be a neutral colour to contrast dramatically with the bold, bright planting scheme and garden dressing. The great thing about Timco composite is the decking is made from recycled products like polyethylene, which also means it is extremely low maintenance, making it the perfect choice for the Iqbal’s and their busy lives. The decking will not rot and has a safe, anti-slip groove which makes it safe for children.

If you would like to find out more about the product and others like it please go to the Timco Wood website

Ikea furniture

Company name: Ikea
Product name: Äpplaro Outdoor sofa
Price: £196-£472

Ikea-furnitureThe Iqbal’s often hold big family gatherings and we wanted to give them a fantastic seating area which could not only fit everyone in, but also looked amazing. The Ikea “Äpplaro Outdoor sofa range” fitted the bill perfectly. The great thing about this range is that the pieces are sold separately, allowing you to add as many sections as you like to create the ultimate bespoke seating area. The rich colour of the wood complimented the colourful planting and other dressing of the garden.

To find out more please go to Ikea’s website


Company name: Wayfair
Product name: Summer gas BBQ 4 burners
Product name: £1070

BBQThe Iqbal’s have traveled the World and experienced many cultures. We wanted to give them a little piece of Australian lifestyle by providing them with an outdoor kitchen. This way they can prepare food and still entertain their party guests. Wayfair came forward with this mobile outdoor summer BBQ that was perfect for what we needed. The BBQ came with storage, a sink and a large area for cooking. David did have a little trouble constructing the BBQ as came in quite a few bits. But once he got going the BBQ was soon complete and ready to put into place. We did have to plumb in a hose line for the sink, but this was easy for our boys from Frosts. We finished the kitchen with a preparation area and a colourful flower beds and herbs.

If you would like to know more about the BBQ you can visit the Wayfair website

Water feature

Company name: Acanthus Cast Stone Products
Product name: Octangular pool surround
Price: £728

Water-featureWe wanted to give the family a stunning central focal point with a tranquil feeling. Acanthus Cast Stone are a company that produce beautiful stone products like the octagon pool surround they provided for this episode. Portland stone was used to clad the water feature, chosen for its subtle yet sophisticated colour. Firstly we made a breeze block wall to the right shape and size, and then added the elegant stone surround. We wanted the pool to be as reflective as possible, which is why we used the black water proof paint for the inside of the cast stone surround. The Catalpa trees Alan planted around the pool beautifully framed the focal point and also reflect in the water. For a bit of fun Alan added a water jet system to provide some movement and at the same time provide some entertainment for the children.

If you want to know more about Acanthus Stone products please visit their website

Colourful Parasols

Company name: Indian Garden Company
Product name: Paradise collection
Product name: £199 – £270

ParasolsFeel part of the garden and we wanted to created a space around it for the Sabina and Asif to relax after a hard day’s work. The landscapers built a small patio out of Bradstone paving slab. The patio was brightened up and given a little shade with the use of some stunning parasols from the Indian Garden Company’s Paradise Collection. These parasols are beautifully hand made and come in a range of bright colours. The company also make beautiful parasol stands out of stone.

To find out more about their products please visit there website

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