Get The Look – Episode 5 Wednesday 26th July 2017

Artisan Serenity Paving – Global Stone

We chose the Artisan Serenity Paving because it has a textured finish with sawn edges, making it smooth and safe for Jack to walk on. It is a sandstone which is also very stylish and it’s contemporary look would suit most gardens. We chose York Green and coordinated the paving using Pathway Setts on the circles and edges, with accentuated the circles and curves in the design.

The Artist Serenity Paving retails at £39.99 per sq.m and comes in handy project packs of 7.2 sq.m

Global Stone have a huge range of top quality paving products, not only in sandstone, but porcelain, granite, limestone, slate, travertine, quartzite, clay and marble. They literally have something to suit any garden.

To buy the paving featured in Jack’s garden or any other products from Global Stone, please go to

The Studio – Malvern Timber Framed Buildings

We chose The Studio by Malvern Timber Framed Buildings because it has lots of windows and double glazed doors, which allow a lot of natural light in – perfect for a painter like Jack. It’s contemporary style also gives a colonial look to the garden, reminiscent of Jack’s happy days in Singapore before war broke out.

This handmade timber garden studio is available in any size and can even be customised to meet specific requirements.

It retails from £875 and is just one of many stylish garden buildings by Malvern Timber Framed Buildings. To order your own or for more information, please go to

Closeboard Garden Fencing Panels – Grange Fencing

We chose Closeboard Garden Fencing Panels by Grange Fencing for a seamless boundary around Jack’s garden. These are called  pressure treated green timber, which have a lovely natural look to them. These robust timber garden fence panels are manufactured using 100mm square edged vertical boards; the thickness of this particular timber closeboard garden fencing panel is 47mm, which makes them really strong – and able to withstand windy Eastbourne.

The pressure treatment applied to this traditional design of vertical wooden fencing aids in protecting the panel against the elements

They are available in 5 different sizes:

1.83m x 1.8m, 1.83m X 1.56m, 1.83m x 1.5m, 1.83m x 1.2m and 1.83m x 0.9m

The fence panel we used retails at £34.99. Grange Fencing also manufacture a huge range of timber fencing, pergolas and other garden features. For information on how to order this fencing or any other products, please go to

Thick Bamboo White Screening – Primrose

We chose Thick Bamboo White Screening rolls to clad the corner of Jack’s garden to give it a tropical feel.

This robust and eco-friendly Thick White Bamboo Screening Roll  makes a perfect practical addition to Jack’s garden. It is popular as a way to improve existing fencing and frame flower beds. The bamboo is strong enough to increase the height of existing fences. It can be used on its own or attached to an existing fence.

This bamboo screening is Ideal for disguising existing walls and fencing, it can also be used over arbours and pergolas, creating a soft shaded area beneath.Each roll is made of individual vertical bamboo canes. The average width of each cane is 25mm, varying from 20mm to 30mm. The canes are tied together with horizontal galvanised wire.

Primrose stock a huge range of products for the garden. The Thick White Bamboo Screening Roll retails at £49.99 per roll. To order this or other garden products, please go to

Contemporary Garden Arch –  Moore Designs

We chose the Contemporary Garden Arch by Moore Designs because it was stunningly stylish and framed Jack’s garden perfectly. These combine two horns for an elegant arch  – which can be positioned closely for an intimate effect or as Alan did to create a more expansive gateway.

Graceful and sturdy, this simple garden arch design is handmade by  in extra thick steel which was rusted. Their unfussy styles complement any style of garden and are strong enough to support even the largest climbing plant.

They are beautiful as well as functional, and will allow Jack to enjoy their sweeping shapes even during the winter months.

You can choose from two different finishes for your arch, a protective galvanised, or rustic oxidised steel. Both finishes are wonderfully plant-friendly. Their rough surfaces allow plants to grip easily and their colours blend beautifully with nature’s extensive palette. There’s no time consuming maintenance with their arches either, after all gardening is hard enough as it is!

Moore Designs create many other different and stunning arches, plant stands and garden features.

The Contemporary Garden Arch retails at £395. To order yours, please go to

York Electric Side Gate  – Gates & Fences UK & OGD UK Ltd

We needed to find a way of giving Jack access not only to his garden, but also to the front of the house, so he could get an electric scooter and gain back some independence. We chose the York Electric Side Gate by

Gates & Fences UK & OGD UK Ltd because they were able to come up with a clever automatic opening gate to fit in the fairly narrow side passage at Jack’s home.

The York gate itself combines the strength and durability of deep metal frames with the natural beauty of hand selected timber infill to create a truly elegant side gate, that really does “make an entrance”.

Expertly crafted by hand to any size in the UK.  Skilled fabricators and experienced joiners work on this prestigious gate.

It is available without automation from £539.

This electric side gate retails from £3500, worth every penny in giving Jack his freedom. To order yours or for more information on may other gates and fences, please go to or

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