Inspirational Locations – Episode 6 Tuesday 02nd August 2016

Today’s inspirational garden in Wylam, Northumberland belongs to Julie Johnson and was design by Sophia’s Gardens. Julie’s garden is much larger than the hunters, but the garden has been designed to make the most of the wonderful view in a similar way to what we planned for the Hunters. The use of natural materials, varied fencing and use of height in raising yourself up above the surrounding landscape to make best use of the view also gave Alan some tips that he brought back with him.

For more information or to see more of Sophia’s work please go to:

We also visited a number of gardens with Katie so she could see different ways of growing vertically:

DSC_0078 Firstly we visited Marian’s garden in Sheffield where anything that grows up had something growing up it! Marion uses a large variety of climbers to blur the lines of a formal garden and give the effect of a controlled wilderness. Marian opens her garden to the public as part of the NGS. For more information please go to:

Next we saw the fascinating garden of hanging hostas in Lindon, Hampshire. Here John and June hold the national collection of hostas and all in all have over 3500 plant in their modest sized garden. After floor space ran out, john turned to the tropics for inspiration and hung his plants from trees, towers and specially created racks which are both free-standing and fixed to the side of his house. John also opens his garden as part of the NGS and more information can be found here:

DSC_0084Finally Katie climbed up to the rooftop garden at the offices of Ark Design Management. What was previously a show garden designed by Ark, now has been on the roof of their offices for a number of years. At its centre is a large tower which features both wildlife friendly environments and green wall style planting of alpines. For more information on the garden or to find out more about Ark Design Management, please go to:

We also saw David taking the plunge and finding out more about outdoor leisure and relaxation:

We first saw David enjoying a glorious swimming pool designed, constructed and maintained by Tanby Pools. This glass fronted pool with adjoining spa pool fit perfectly with its luxury contemporary surroundings, and forms the centrepiece of a fantastic entertaining area. For more information or to see more of Tanby’s fantastic award winning work please go to:

DSCF6862Next we saw the beautiful cedar wood barrel sauna manufactured by Barrello. This handsome stylish garden feature allows you to have a spa experience in your very own back garden surrounded by the natural materials that David was looking for. For more information or to see more of Barello’s superb creations please go to:

Finally David relaxed in a fantastic swimspa in a garden in Sussex that was designed by Garden House Design. This fantastic Swimspa not only allows you to sit and relax like a traditional hot tub, but also is a wonderful space saving device, pushing a current against you to allow you to swim without going anywhere! For more information or to see more of Garden house Design’s wonderful work please go to:

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